Mr. J: Hey all

Danny: Hey

Renesmee: Hello all you lovely people

Danny and Mr. J: Hugh?

Renesmee: I will tell you what I want I really, really want

Mr. J: (falls to knees and covers ears) No, not again. I blocked out that part of my life.

Danny: What's with him?

Renesmee: I guess he had a sister who listen to Spice Girls

Danny: Who

Mr. J: (jumps up) what do you mean who? They were up there with N'Sync and Backstreet Boys and 98 degrees. Dam kids and their music today. Oh my god more flashbacks, (falls back to knees and starts rocking back and forward)

Danny: I guess it was good music?

Renesmee: I like it, but something tells me that his sister played them way to much.

Danny: Oh, well ok then. On with the show

Renesmee: I hope Mr. J will be ok soon


Danny and Renesmee were in Georgia at a peach festival enjoying the entertainment. Renesmee was sitting on a bench while Danny was getting them some pie. She was people watching and noticed all the families enjoying themselves.

She didn't notice Danny walk up with her pie with vanilla ice cream. She watched this family walk by that looked like they really loved each other. It took her a while to notice that Danny was there and half way through his piece of pie. (If you cant tell I'm craving pie rite now).

When she finally realized that Danny was there he asked her what was wrong. She told him that she was starting to miss her family. Of curse being the smart awesome guy Danny is, he came up with a plan.

He suggested that the call their families on burn phones that he just happened to have. So they went back to their hotel and got ready for the calls.


Danny looked at the phone and remembered reading the news paper. He didn't remember any mention on Amenity Park. So he figured he would call his Cousin Danni first.

Danni: Hello?

Danny: Hey Danni its Danny

Danni: Hey, how is your vacation going? Having fun?

Danny: Yea I am. I can't tell you how relaxed I am. Rite now I am in Georgia. So far, I've gone north to Washington and headed east and down the Eastern sea board to Florida and now headed West. I plan to hit all the continental states.

Danni: Well that's sounds like your having fun.

Before he said anything else he asked Renesmee if he could tell his cousin and sister about her. She said that was fine as long as she got to tell her aunt Alice and aunt Rose about him which he agreed.

Danny: I also have a traveling partner….who also became my girlfriend.

Danni: WHAT! OH My God, what is she like what is her name is she there, can I talk to her?

Danny: Woe there. Um she is really great, beautiful, amazing, great looking, and funny. Her name Is Renesmee, and she is a halfa like us. No she can't talk right now, she is talking to her family.

Danny looked over and Renesmee was giving him a loving look and blew him a kiss and he blew one back.

Danni: Really a halfa. Wow, what are the odds, I thought you would end up with….Sam.

As soon as she realized what she said she smacked her head. She just remembered that he and Sam broke up after Sam saying that he has changed and was no longer the same person.

Danni: Sorry Danny

Danny: Its alright, she didn't want me so her loss is my girls gain.

Danni: Oh your girl hmm. Good for you Danny, you deserve to be happy.

Danny: Thanks, well I just wanted to check in, I got to go. I will talk to you later. Love you Danni.

Danni: Love you to Danny

Danny hung up and breathed out a sigh, one down three to go.

The next person he called was his sister Jasmine or Jazz as she liked to be called. So he called.

Jazz: Hello?

Danny: Hey Jazz, how is my favorite sister

Jazz: Danny, Oh my god were are you. I came home and you weren't there and Mom said you were taking a vacation leaving her with all the hard work? What happened?

Danny: Well right now I'm in Georgia. I needed a break. I cleaned the lab like I was supposed to and Mom said that I didn't, but she didn't realize that she used the lab after I cleaned it.

Then she said it wasn't like what I did was hard or anything.

Jazz: Oh no she didn't

Danny: Oh yes she did. So I told her that since it is so easy, that she and Dad shouldn't have a problem while I take a vacation. Before you say anything I let the ghosts know that I was taking a vacation and even they said I deserved one.

Jazz: I was wondering why it was quiet. Its been the small new ghosts but mom and dad have been going almost all day and most of the night. Valery has been helping out so it hasn't been that bad. Also, yea, you do deserve a break. So how is traveling?

Danny: Well its going good. I headed north to Washington and met a traveling partner…who became my girlfriend.

Jazz: What, what is her name, what is she like?

So Danny told her the same thing he told Danni including Renesmee being a halfa. Jazz was happy that her brother was moving on with his life and was looking forward for him stopping by so she could meet Renesmee.

After that Danny called his parents who sounded exhausted and weren't begging him to come home, but were implying that the faster he could, the better. They did comment on the big name ghosts not being there. Danny told them that he told the ghosts that he was on vacation so they decided to lay off for a while. His parents let out a grateful sigh at that.

So Danny talked with them a little more He told them that he was in Georgia and headed west. They were a little to happy to hear that in Danny's opinion. So Danny hurried up the conversation and ended. It was interesting that his family wanted him to get home so fast. But he had time so he was going to enjoy it.


As Danny was talking to his family Renesmee was going to talk to hers. She already told Danny he could tell two people about her and that she could tell two people about him. She decided Alice and Jasper.

However, she decided that she would get the hard call out of the way. Jacob, that was going to be a hard and interesting phone call for her to make.

Woman: Black residence

Renesmee: Hello is Jacob there?

Woman: One minute

Renesmee heard the woman shouting for Jacob and asking him why a girl was calling him?

Jacob: Hello, what do you want

Renesmee: Well Jacob is that any way to talk to an old friend

J: Nessie?

R: Its Renesmee, I'm not a monster you mutt.

J: Sorry. Are you ok, were are you, I will come get you. You need to come home, your parents said so.

R: I'm taking my dam sweet time and don't tell me what to do. So who was the woman?

J: You need to come home….and she is my mate. It turns out I only did a familiar imprint on you, not a mate imprint.

R: No shit. I'm fine, I'm headed west and that's all I'm going to say about that. Well it was nice talking to you Jake, I got more calls to make to everyone. You were the first I called but I guess you are busy. Have fun with her Jake, I'm having fun with my mate after all.

She hung up as she heard Jake holler what.

The next person she would call would be her grandfather Charlie. She was always fond of him and she could probably have a good conversation with him.

Charlie: Hello

R: Hey grandpa

C: Renesmee, are you ok?

R: yes, I'm fine. I just needed to get away from everything. They wouldn't let me do anything with my friends without supervision and they knew that Jake did some kind of imprint on me. It turns out it was a familiar imprint, not a love imprint.

C: Yea, I saw that. I tried to talk to them, but in their words 'since we have been around longer, we know better'. Even though none of them have had to deal with a child before. I wish I could have done more for you Renesmee.

R: I know grandpa, and I thank you for all you have done. Now let me get you up to date.

So she told him everything that her and Danny have done on their vacation. Charlie was a little apprehensive about her being with a boy, but Danny being her mate and him being a ghost.

Charlie was happy that his granddaughter was having a good time. He wanted to have a word with this Danny but he was on the phone with his family which showed Charlie that at least Danny had some priority.

After a few more minutes of talking Renesmee decided it was time to call some more people. So she and Charlie said their goodbyes and Renesmee got ready for her next call, to her other grandparents Carlisle and Eseme.

First she decided to call Carlisle.

C: Hello?

R: Hey grandpa

C: Renesmee? Were are you, you need to come home, you don't know what might happen with you out in public.

R: Hey grandpa, nice to here from you to, what's that, oh I'm doing fine thanks for asking.

C: Sorry dear, its just that we are worried about you. You have no idea what might happen and we don't want the Volturi to get wind of it.

R: don't worry about them

C: what do you mean?

R: don't worry about it. Anyway I'm checking in with everyone. Anyway, you don't know what will happen and don't know what has happened when I was in public. I have handled it well.

C: no complications?

R: No, none at all. Anyway how are you

C: Nervous, and so are your parents, are you going to call them?

R: Eventually, they will be the last people I call

C: Who else have you called?

R: Some of the others

C: Well that is good and all, but you do need to come home ASAP

R: what is wrong with you people? I'm doing fine so stop harassing me and telling me what to do. Anyway I'm headed West and that's all I'm going to say. I will talk to you later grandpa.

Renesmee hung up shaking her head. What was with people. Next was her grandma

Eseme: Hello?

R: Hey grandma

E: Renesmee is everything alright?

Renesmee was glad that she was worried about her and not were she was at the moment.

R: I'm fine. Thank you for asking. The others that I have called so far are just telling me to come back now and I don't know what I'm doing.

E: well that is the difference, I care about you and I trust you.

R: Thank you grandma, that means so much. So far its been you and grandpa Charlie who have understood I needed to get away for a while.

E: I saw what was going on, you needed your space. I knew this would happen. So anyway tell me about your trip so far.

So Renesmee told her about their trip and all the places that they have been. She also told them about the people that they met along the way minus the Volturi, Jay and Bob and Danny. She just said that Danny was a traveling companion and has been great to her.

Eseme was glad that her granddaughter was having a good time and was surprised to hear about a talking dog. Sure she has seen shifters, but a talking dog, not so much.

Soon Renesmee heard noise in the background of her parents rushing in the house. She heard her dad ask if that was Renesmee, then she heard a scuffle for the phone and her dad come on the phone

Edward: Renesmee Cullen you get your but back here now! Were are you if your not going to come we come get you.

Renesmee: I was going to call you later but I guess I will talk to you now father.

Danny heard what she said and laid down on the bed next to her and held her hand to show his support.

Renesmee squeezed his hand thankful for his support. She knew this was going to be a hard conversation.

Ed: Well your talking to me now. Jacob called us and told us you talked to him. You should have called us first young lady

R: Well I was going to call you, I didn't have a list on who to call first. Also don't treat me like a child, I haven't been treated as a child so don't start now.

Ed: Don't take that tone with me, I'm your father and I know best.

R: yes you are my father, but you are also being an ass. Guess what, I have been in public and nothing has happened, no slips.

Renesmee obviously wasn't going to tell him about her change in diet. She was going to leave that as a surprise for when she got home.

Ed: don't cuss at me! You are being so disrespectful, when we get you back you are not going to be out of anyone site.

R: We will see about that. Well I have other people to call who I hope aren't going to be an ass when I call, so adios.

She hung up and curled up into Danny's side and let him rub her back till she calmed down. Danny saw the phone light up and saw it was the last number called so he hit the ignore button and just held Renesmee.


Half an hour later Renesmee was calm enough to talk to Danny. She told him that it hurt that her family didn't trust her and were treating her as property than a being.

Danny told her that he knew how she felt, well not the family part but the world thinking him as a lowly being who should have no free will.

So after that they saw that they were talking on the phone for a few hours. So they went and got some food.

On their way back to the hotel, Renesmee decided she wanted some blood and went into an alley were she saw a homeless person and got her blood and they went back to the hotel.


When they got back Renesmee went back to calling. She decided she needed to her aunt Rose.

Rose: Hello?

R: Hey Aunt Rose

Ro: Renesmee are you ok honey, I heard what happened earlier and you are right, your father is being an ass. I'm glad someone said it and proud of you for standing up for yourself.

R: thank you, it means a lot to hear you say that.

Ro: no problem honey. So is everything going ok?

R: Yes, everything is going fine. I've never been so happy to be out and about. Me and my traveling companion have been doing well.

Ro: Traveling companion? And who pray tell are you traveling with?

R: Well I met him in Forks, he isn't from there.

Ro: He? Scandalous

R: well he is nice and sweet…and kind of my mate

Ro: What? Honey are you sure?

R: Yes I am. He and I complete each other in a way. What I am about to tell you, you have to keep to yourself, I'm going to tell aunt Alice after I'm done talking with you so you two can talk with her. So can you keep it quiet?

Ro: Of course Honey my lips are sealed and with the necklace you got us, so is out mind.

R: Well he is also a hybrid.

Ro: What? How is that possible, another half vampire?

R: No, he isn't a half vampire. He is half ghost. Its Danny Phantom

Ro: Shut up, seriously?

R: Yes its him. Like I said, he understands me and has helped me through some stuff.

Ro: So you are traveling with him, are you staying in the same room? Same bed?

R: Aunt Rose! Yes we are staying in the same room, just different beds. We don't want to move things to fast, even if we have seen each other in our underwear. And let me tell you something, I got my self a hunk.

Danny blushed causing Renesmee to giggle and kiss his cheek.

Ro: Really seen each other in underwear. Well I trust you and I bet he loves seeing you.

R: Yes he really does, but with him its not all about body, he also keeps complement my mind and all of the subjects I know. He really is amazing.

Ro: well I'm glad you have someone who appreciates all aspects of you and not just your cute ass

R: Aunty!

Ro: What you do have a cute ass

Renesmee blushed so hard and Danny just happened to hear that comment and agreed with Rose.

R: Well thank you, and Danny agrees

Ro: Again I am happy for you. Now go call Alice so we have something to gossip about.

R: alright I will. Love you aunt Rose

Ro: love you to sweetheart

After she hung up Danny pinned her under him and they made out for about half an hour.

Danny told her that she was so beautiful and was so lucky to have her by his side. She snuggled into his side and they just laid there for a while before Renesmee decided to call her Aunt Alice

Alice: Hello Renesmee, about time

R: how did you know it was me, and what do you mean about time?

A: Well Rose just told me you just called her and had something to tell me, and that was almost an hour ago. Well anyway, how are you? Are you having fun without the ass of a father?

R: yes I have something to tell you and yes I am doing fine and having fun without him finding myself.

A: So what's up? Rose told me to promise you I won't tell anyone about our conversation so I know she and I have something to gossip. I promise I won't tell so spill girlfriend.

R: Ok. Well the person who I am traveling with is my mate. He is so sweet. He thinks I'm funny, smart, amazing and smoking hot.

A: Oh really. Have you two been behaving? Who is he? How did you meet?

R: slow down, ok first I met him in Forks, but he isn't from there. He is like me, a hybrid, and not a vampire hybrid.

A: who is it?

R: its Danny Fenton also know as Danny Phantom. He knows what its like to be a hybrid and he has helped me through some things. And yes we have been behaving….as much as we can anyway.

A: Oh really?

R: yes we do stay in the same room, but have two separate beds when we sleep in motels, if we sleep at all that is….Not like that. We don't need much sleep so sometimes we just drive on through the night. Also sometimes we sleep in the car. And yes we have seen each other in our underwear and before you say it, yes I know I have a cute ass, aunt Rose said that and Danny agrees.

A: Well she is rite, it is cute. Anyway so in your underwear how does he look?

R: he is a hunk. And like I said he thinks I am amazing and he is fun to talk to. It feels so good to be able to relate to someone. Also the adventures we have had.

So she ended up telling her about everything minus Jay and Bob, she wasn't sure how she would react about the drugs, also she didn't say anything about drinking both kinds of blood.

So after talking about some of her adventures she told Alice to go gossip with Rose. Alice said that Rose was outside the door waiting so she was rite.

After hanging up she called her two Uncles Jasper and Emit. She told them everything as well minus the underwear and Danny being Phantom and Jay and Bob.

After she hung up she realized she still hasn't called her mother. She thought for a few minutes of what to say. After figuring out what, she gave her mother a call.

Bella: Hello?

R: Hey mom

B: Oh god Renesmee I'm so sorry about everything I said, I miss you.

Renesmee had to be careful about what she told her mother

R: I miss you to mom

B: is everything alright?

R: yes mom I am alright. I am having fun traveling. I have met new people and made new friends. I have had no slip ups, but you all will be surprised when I get home and that's all I'm going to say on that subject.

B: I wish I was with you though, I know I can be overbearing but you are my special girl.

R: thanks mom. So why don't you travel?

B: Because your father wouldn't allow it.

R: Why do you always listen to him like he is god? You are your own woman. Yes he is your husband, but he doesn't own you mom

B: I know honey. But it is something about him.

R: Mom I want you to listen, you are your own person not dads property. He may not always be right. You need to stand up for yourself mom. You need some self Respect. Can you do something for me?

B: what is it honey?

R: I want you to go with Aunt Rose and Alice by yourselves and go somewhere. Don't tell dad were you are going, just that you are going on a vacation. You need some time away from him

B: well alright.

R: Thanks mom.

B: so is there anything else you want to tell me?

R: like what?

B: Well Jake told us something about a mate?

R: Um….I'm coming to a tunnel. I'll talk to you later mom

Renesmee hung up and let out a shaky breath, she isn't ready to talk about Danny to her mom.


After hanging up she looked and saw it was already eight and decided to go for a walk.

As they were walking they came upon two vampires who were out for a stroll as well. As they got closer the two recognized Renesmee.

"Renesmee, is that you?" The man of the couple asked. The woman looked closer and said that it was.

So The two couples walked up and it was Peter and his mate. They started to walk with each other and talking. When they got to a lit area, Peter and his mate were surprised that her eyes were a mix of red and gold.

After explaining they were happy that she was living her life and not that of her family. They promised not to tell them what they knew. Even Jasper who was their best friend.

So after visiting with each other they parted ways and Renesmee and Danny went back to the motel. They had to admit, it was good to call home and it would be interesting when they got there.

After they got back to the motel they looked at a map their next stop would be Louisiana it had rich history and they could see the swamps.


Mr. J: I want you back

Danny: he still having flashbacks?

Renesmee: yes, but I think I know how to get him out of it.

Danny: how?

Renesmee: GO 49ers!

Mr. J: (jumps up) HELL YEA

Danny: welcome back

Mr. J: It was a dark time, when boy bands roamed the earth. Also that is when the news started to find celebrity crap better news than what is going on in the world

Renesmee: those bastards

Mr. J: Dam Strait. Anyway, until next time everyone

Danny and Renesmee: (waves goodbye)