A Change of Fa(t)e InuNekoLexi

Summary : On Kenzi's journey to become Fae she is lead astray to a town that has been experiencing its own breed of Supernatural for years; Beacon Hills, California.

A dark shadow runs on a black road, the Morrigan's car a humming blur of speed from the Canadian border; it's occupants headed towards a dangerous destination, home to the only creature that could turn a human with a higher probability of survival than what The Druid had said he could promise. A beast Kenzi had feared as a child and briefly thought she had found years ago but turned out to be something else entirely.

"You need to slow down," muscles bulging, the hand pressing into the ceiling of the car was curled tight, fingers trying to find purchase on the smooth interior of the expensive car, "We'll get there when we get there."

"Uh, hello, indestructible." Fanning her fingers clockwise, kneading the dash, Kenzi's fingers slid the smooth surface with a growing smile, "Besides, engine loves to purr."

"Only as long as it is on your person," light reflecting from the top of his head, Bruce gestured at her pocket as she slowly let off the gas,

"Well if you're going to get all technical…"

"What-"Erica spun back, looking over her shoulder at her fellow wolf, "are you okay?"

The broad shouldered figure grasped tightly to the tree his body leaned against, dark skin covered with a sheen of sweat from their run, "Yeah, I just need to catch my breath."

The woods echoed with the baying of wolves, the sound filling the betas' ears, the two moving side by side as shadows separated themselves from the forest. Lips tight in a thin line Boyd was the first to move, pushing Erica just slightly behind him as his large frame shielded her from the sight of those coming at him, only those creeping up from the way they had come spotting the golden tresses of the female wolf. Sharp nails protruded from her thin fingers, the claws gripping her friend's jacket, "Boyd…"

Shoulders bunching, the young man shivered as he watched the intruders eyes change to red one after the other and a low rumble sprang from his chest, his hand shifting from Erica's directing her before he charged, "Run!"

: : : : : :

Two followed suite behind the Beta as she ran, the sounds of a fight giving way behind her as the large black figure tackled the group encircling him, arms swinging around the taller man that thrust himself into his embrace. Nose twitching, she pushed off the tree nearest detecting blood in the air, the scent gone nearly as soon as it had blossomed. A small flare of hope burned in her chest knowing it was not Boyd's before she pushed farther, past the boundaries of her limits to catch his unique smell. Only the thick forest and feral smell of predators chasing her clogged her senses and with it came uncertainty. The youths were awash in fresh blood and it shook her in a way not even her leader had. These were Killers, not just wolves – not just a stronger pack as she and Boyd had thought but murderers. If giving chase was any sign, they were not looking to recruit; they wanted to hunt.

Pinprick pain flickered up her ankles and calves; her thighs aching on the outside as she continued to run, the woods seeming to draw no closer to an end. When she realized she was not headed towards town but away from it, a sickening fear began to swell. No help lay beyond Beacon Hills, no familiar faces to offer her help or to know what was chasing her before it would be upon them. The faintest thrum of an engine ahead caught her ear; far now but…. The scent of asphalt accompanied it and she grinned, only two cars in town had the power to call to her, and one driver was on a plane to London, Derek!

With the prospect of salvation came a renewed sense of speed, the fleeing Beta now running toward hope rather than away from fear. Please forgive me. Save me; I'll be better. Thoughts, promises, prayers; each passed through her mind as she pushed on, desperate to beat the vehicle to the place the woods must end and meet the road before it would pass by and take no notice. Please, please – The taste of copper filled her mouth, no, no, no. She bolted out of the tree line just as the tremors stole down her spine.

"Holy sh-" the crack that resounded from the windshield did the long lines that formed at the point of impact equal justice, the human's reflexes nowhere close to allowing her to miss the girl that had bolted out of the woods. The thick sole of her stiletto slammed onto the break, tires screeching as the rubber burned impressions on the surface below them allowing it only enough time to lurch into park before she ran out, clutching her jacket closed, "Don't be dead, don't be dead, don't be-

Bruce!" The large man, already attempting to get out of the vehicle, ripped the restricting seatbelt that had refused him to leave and lurched up from the car. The automobile rose up a few inches as he abandoned it, moving with surprising ease to her side where she bent holding her victim's shoulders back against the ground, "She's seizing!"

Bruce brushed his friend aside to keepfrom holding the woman down, slipping one arm beneath her head as he used the other to roll her on her side, fingers loose on her elbow to keep her in place, "Give me your jacket."

Pulling off said clothing, Kenzi fought the rush of anxiety; she had killed a girl: No, she's not dead yet. "Shouldn't we call somebody?" Leaning down she almost missed the sound of branches breaking but it was so reminiscent of the accident she paid it special attention and glanced over in time to see two sets of rubies watching the scene. Bruce took the jacket without incident to slide behind the blonde's head, his back to the car and the creatures behind it.

The twins stood close together, their chests moving in unison, deep breaths and thick racing pulses as they stared at the sparkling set of crystalline blue watching them. One began to move ahead when the other pressed a clawed hand into his brothers chest, taking in a breath; the familiar musk of wolf was high on the breeze but was not the sharp tangy scent they had followed from the Beta they had been chasing, rather a subtler version wrapped around a chilled martini. The raven haired moonchild moved slow to shield the Beta they had been after but neither made a move besides glancing at each other. Deucalion, they agreed and disappeared into the darkness once again.

: : : : : :

Shivering, Kenzi turned back to Bruce and the now still girl, "Is she okay?"

A raised hand checked the girl's breathing, relief flooding the large Fae as he felt breath escape her airway and be drawn back in shortly after, nodding, "She'll live," looking back at the young mortal he accompanied he made sure to give her a good view of the girl, "And she's fae. We've found them."

Next Morning…

Isaac stood on the burnt out porch of Derek's old family home with paint brush in hand, moving the bristles over the door in strong, thick strokes of red covering the Alpha's symbol. A thin sheen of sweat had built up on the back of his neck over the hours of training outback with his Alpha and Peter, the thin film drying under the rays of the sun and cooling breeze that blew over across the edge of his grey T as he attempted to keep his mind busy with work. So engrossed in the swishing sound of the hair running over wood boards that the young man did not notice the slowing sound of tires until a car had appeared, rolling slowly down the back road driveway, coming to a stop nearly halfway down. As the last thwip of paint flicked from the brush, Isaac turned from the door to set the handle down along the can he drew from to face what could only be lost out-of-towners hoping for directions. His suspicions were confirmed at the vicious body of the car until he noticed its occupants.

In the passenger seat sat Erica, her bright brown eyes staring up at the Hale home with a new appreciation as though she were seeing the house for the first time: then again they had stayed at the train station for months and only been to the Hale property twice since they had become pack. It was not anything to look at in Isaac's mind but what it symbolized, a place for family – an ability to start something new in the remains of the old, yeah it was important. The Beta knew though that Erica had never looked upon the two story with that in mind and he questioned what she thought of it now.

What had changed her mind since she and Boyd had taken off the night before? He glanced at the driver's side expecting to see the large Beta but found his complete opposite instead.

Heart picking up, Isaac swallowed at the beauty behind the wheel; long dark hair, a sharp chin and thin nose. Glittering eyes of a color he could not define from the distance where lined in charcoal and focused on him making him straighten and run a hand through the thick curls of his own fluffy mane. A swallow was still caught in his throat when they exited the vehicle, breeze carrying their scent away. Confusion swept across the pups face taking in his friend's clothing, the blood on her shirt, the tears in her jacket and jeans, he moved across the yard alarmed, "Where's Boyd?"

Erica's face crumpled, all semblance of normalcy falling away to reveal the girl the teen use to be, the apologetic unsure mess she had grown from, arms wrapping around Isaac's neck, lip quivering. The bright blue eyed creature his friend had arrived with stared at the two a minute before looking up at the house, apparently decided in his place among the pack she had come to find, "Is your Alpha here?"

Isaac's nose twitched breathing in the odd mix that rose off her skin finding a strong odor of animal musk blanketing another smell he could not decipher. Already he could hear the sound of fist and flesh slowing in the backyard, their voices having been detected by the two elders sparring behind the house and he nodded, "Yeah." Squeezing Erica he moved to walk them towards the porch, "Come on."

Circling the house a man thick with muscle beneath a tight black shirt and jeans appeared, salt beading along his brow and arms causing him to glisten. Behind came a second man, taller and thinner but more intimidating to the newcomer in some way. The girl shifted her weight from one foot to the next as she studied him trying to assess the shirtless man, he seemed more dangerous; a true wolf somehow and she filed it in the back of her mind to keep an eye out for that one. Arms falling to her side to demonstrate a lack of weaponry she pale youth raised her chin, baring her throat to the two, "Nice place."

Both sets of eyes fell on the intruder, one in a dark smolder the other with intrigue. It was the girl's luck that each impression was from that opposite of who she wanted it to be. She slipped her hands into her back pockets as they approached, the stockier one glancing back over his shoulder where the youngest of his present pack led his shaken up she-wolf and he growled low, "They send their emissary to deliver messages?"

The thin one wrapped a hand around the thick bicep of the man crowding the deliverer's space, "Derek, don't be rude," not-Derek looked at the girl with a slow grin, "Please excuse my nephew. I'm Peter."

The trespasser nodded at the information offering her hand, "Kenzi."

With learned formality from attending countless pack meetings with his sister, Peter shifted so he could guide Kenzi towards their home, "Let's talk inside shall we?" He gave his nephew a meaningful glare, the Alpha stalking after them.


Kenzi sat perched on dusty cushions, running her fingers over her phone as she hit send, slipping it into her pocket. From his place leaning against the door frame with his shoulder, the youngest one, Isaac, watched her, "Who's that?"

Kenzi rubbed the outside of dark pants, fingers scratching back down her legs, "A friend." At his tilted head she pushed her hair back, "He didn't want me here alone but I doubted he'd be well received."

Looking over his nails as though they suddenly held more interest Isaac considered, long lashes throwing light shadows of the top most portion of his cheekbones, "Your lover?" The girl sputtered,

"Excuse me?" Her eyes were huge to the wolf, the white surrounding the beautiful Beta color drawing more attention to the shades within as she swallowed, mouth mish gaping a moment in surprise, "No. No. We're friends, just friends."

"You sure don't smell like it." Despite the implication, the pretty face's words did not drip of sarcasm, merely observation. Stepping further into the room of the girl he was to take charge of while Erica was debriefed by Derek and his Uncle, Isaac settled himself on the arm of the couch closest her, his skin radiating a tawny hue in the afternoon sun that managed to filter through the broken shudders of the house, "Is it unrequited or…"

The newcomer blushed, a sure give away then shook her head, leaning into the cushions and crossing her legs to stretch one long limb out, folding her fingers over her knee cap, "He knows how it is. Anyway…" She glanced around the place, taking in the charred remains of the burned out home, studying the bare rafters and knocked apart doors, "You live here? No offense but this might even be worse off than me and Bo's place."

"Bo?" The fondness in the young woman's voice was picked up on by the Beta and he found himself trying to sort out all the little bits of information she did not seem to mind leaking. Running around Beacon Hills High he knew plenty of people, but the amount of people he was intimate with on a day to day basis… he was really limited to just the pack. Finding her to know so many people well was odd and reminded him of changes he still needed to make, "Sister?"

Kenzi nodded, swinging her arm forward, hand clenched, "Bestest buddies. She's the uh," she glanced out briefly, thinking, "shes got me on the right path. I've never really known anyone like her before." The lost quality wasn't missed by the young wolf and his gaze softened. The way she spoke, even if Kenzi looked tough, there were bits to her that were still vulnerable underneath,

"She must be special."

Painted lips turned into a full smile, "You have no idea."

: : : : : :

Erica was a statue on what remained of the decrepit kitchen counter as Peter looked her over, lifting her eye lids, checking her teeth and asking her to move her neck. She felt like a show horse, stripped from her jacket and pants as they searched for wounds left by the Alphas' claws. She had not processed it at the time, but when Kenzi's guard had hefted her into the car he had murmured about slashes down her back, nicks on her neck. Adrenaline had pushed the pain to the back of her mind as she had run and she had attributed it to the branches she broke and the rest to the accident. Most had been shaken from her memory during the seizure sparked by the fight or flight stress. Derek listened to her speak as Peter assessed the job the strangers had done cleaning their pup up. Nodding to the Alpha, Peter stepped back his arms folding over a now clothed chest, "They did a good job."

Derek ran a hand over his face, a poor job I've done with my promise. "So she's not part of the Alpha pack."

Erica shook her head, reaching for the jacket on the counter out of habit rather than any kind of embarrassment at her partial nudity. Pack life had bestowed her not only with the confidence of knowing her body but also the freedom of closeness within the pack. She doubted she would care if anyone but the Ex-Alpha were nude to her. Not that she wouldn't appreciate a long look, "I don't know that she's even wolf. She's… confusing. Her friend though, he's definitely not human."

"But he's not a Were?" Peter's voice was high with interest in the large hulking man she had described with tattoos, "A guardian? The girl obviously lays with some wolf, perhaps he is a means of assuring her safe travel through other territories."

"She was looking for us," Erica spoke quietly, thoughtful.

Derek's wondering attention focused on the living room where he could sense his Beta had moved closer to the mysterious visitor, came back to his second turned wolf, "She was?"

The blonde nodded, dropping to the floor, bare feet dispersing dust as she lifted her pants up to slide back on over sore hips, "Yeah, I heard something about being found. The big guy seemed relieved." As creases appeared on her ex-interest's forehead she covered, "But she honestly seems to want to help. When I spoke about Boyd she explained a bit about what she does, her friends an investigator – not the one she came with, but who she works with."

Peter's mind seemed to wonder and it was only as Derek directed his Beta to rest that he came back to the present to watch her the returned woman pause in passing the room Isaac and the girl were in. No doubt noting how close the other Beta had moved to her.

Spotting his friend heading up, Isaac straightened, glancing down at Kenzi with a little charm of a smile before following. A small flicker of disappointment surprised Kenzi as she watched them go, waiting until the two eldest wolfs turned into the room,

"Guess it's just us big ballers, huh?"

Silence filled the room momentarily before the man Kenzi had dubbed Hotness swallowed a gruff sound in the back of his throat, arms seemingly glued folded in front of him, "You think you can help us?"

Immediately Kenzi sprang forward, elbows on her knees, finger pads pressing together, "I can show you where I found your girl, and I imagine if your anything like D-man you can track us backwards to where they were before that."

The floorboards creaked under The Creeper's feet as he moved, "So the large one is a werewolf?"

Kenzi smiled shaking her head, "No Bruce is… just really muscular. He's not a wolf. I meant someone back home."

"The one you smell like," An uneasy feeling welled up in Kenzi as The Creeper reached to run a hand through her hair, the Hawthorne sensing no danger allowing the action, "Such a peculiar fragrance you have. Where are you from again?"

Kenzi glowered, "Out of town," she swatted his hand away looking back at Derek who made an odd humming sound she couldn't quite catch that forced the other one away, "But I can help you with the numbers, since you're one down until you get your pack back together. I know people give me the short end of the stick for but I can handle my own."

How like Stiles this one is, "I'm sure you can." Creeper's voice was really grating on her nerves and the leering sound was not appreciated but at least he wasn't reaching out to touch her again, "What do you think, Derek?"

Long pregnant pauses were the man's thing and it took a few seconds before the burly man nodded, "I'll let Isaac know we are heading out," he glanced over at the girl seeing her hands itching, "You can call your friend if you'd like." With that he bounded up the stairs, jumping the banister and then taking them two steps at a time, creaking all the way.

Kenzi looked up at Peter in his absence, "Continue to invade my bubble and you will wake up with some very interesting changes to your anatomy."

Steely eyes glittered before changing to a bright blue equal to the human's, claws reaching up to trace under her chin, "Such sweet temptation." The human jerked her head away, standing and moving out the door to wait, furiously texting Bruce about the new developments then checked her inbox: nothing new, not from any of the bunch. A stone dropped into her belly, heavy with weight and she pressed the off button, whatever was going on back home she hoped everyone was all right.

Cell buzzing, Bruce pulled off the tiny spectacles adorning the bridge of his nose, lowering the book he had been reading from his spot in the plump armchair and lifted the device from its spot on the desk table. Squinting at the writing, Bruce slid the glasses back on to read, "Bruce, out w the pack, check the spot where we hit blondie if don't hear from n few hours".

Shutting his book, Bruce set the paperback on the desk table beneath the lamp the cellular had been charging and stretched, preparing for the walk he would have to take to get there. Watching out for that girl was a full time job, he knew he should just assume the worst.

: : : : : :

Trekking through the woods and following a trail directed by someone's nose was nothing new to the Russian. Kenzi's balance nearly on par with the supernatural duo she was following considering the amount of experience she had navigating over roots, rocks and unexpected dead bodies over the past two years with her Bo. Still, it'd be nice if you boys would hold up for girl.

Running at the front, Derek's eyes glowed with his status following the fear Erica had scorched into the land as she ran, a hungry aggression bleeding over it in two lines fanning out behind her ghost. Nostrils twitching he followed it back to the source where his Betas had been joined, Boyd's smell permeating the ground; drying splotches of blood coating earth, leaves, and twigs. Peter rested a hand on his nephew's shoulder, expression fierce, "Focus, whatever's happened is already passed. Anger won't help here."

Already surveying the area by the time Kenzi caught up, Peter had declared there to be 5 originally present in the attack, 3 staying behind to deal with Boyd while the other two chased after Erica. Glancing around the clearing created by the fight, Kenzi paused, "There were 6, and two didn't participate at all." Kenzi leaned down, moving her hand an inch above the land she was focusing on intently, "Here, see?"

Circling closer, Derek bent down, clearly able to see the indents made by a set of shoes but there was a mark much lighter that he had dismissed before that even Peter sounded surprised at now finding, "Of course, this one must have been depending heavily on the other. I wonder why…"

Derek looked over nearby and flicked what he had thought to be a nibbled on piece of leaf showcasing beneath it a small defined hole, "A cane?"

Peter's frown deepened, his thoughts pulled back in time for a moment before stepping back, "Deucalion."

"Deau-whation?" The human stood fast, brushing the bottom of her pant legs clean of debris.

Derek's lips pressed grimly together at the information, he remembered the rumors, the wars amongst the other clans that ended in his mother banning the rogue from their lands. The wolf in question had gone feral, killing his own pack and turning into a monstrosity that posed a danger to all who use to know him. He shook his head, "I thought he was killed by hunters some years ago."

Peter took a deep whiff to confirm the evidence, sighing as it supported his fear, "Apparently his demise was exaggerated."

"Well that's what I like to hear on my first day, Zombie-wolves, great." Arms flailing high, Kenzi flicked her bangs out of the way and turned to glance around again, stopping when she thought she saw…

The blaze of red disappeared a moment later and the young girl shook her head clear. She was sure she had seen it though was positive alerting the enemy by shouting would not be the best route. Instead the young sleuth turned back to the pair and crouched down beside them, a hand placed on each of their shoulders for their attention.

Looking up Derek was caught off guard by the proximity of the girl's delicate features, pulse fast beneath the length of skin tight along her neck. His canines grew beneath his closed lips, fangs pushing against the inside of his mouth, such wonderful prey… An electric cackle began to hum in the air between them, startling him from his state and back to normal. The flair of ozone disappeared from detection and the younger Hale frowned, focusing again as the girl gestured subtly over her shoulder mouthing "This way."

: : : : : :

The tiny waif was distracting to the ex-Alpha, her scent, motion, skin. Such skin, Peter tried to keep his mind from focusing on the paleness of it, smooth cream with not a hint of blemish in sight. The elder Hale a slight streak of self-vanity before his scarring and subsequent coma, but after waking as a shell of himself he had discovered he had become obsessed with the beauty of others. The former mental patient had not been lying when he complimented Scott's mother, but even her russet coloring was nothing like the beauty of the fiery breath of air before him. Truly a great addition to be had when they decided to expand their– Derek's pack.

Sensing his distraction, the Alpha looked over his shoulder at his Uncle, catching him staring after the human. Shifting so the girl lead the way Derek's posture indicated his displeasure with Peter's actions and the man looked ahead instead. There would be time enough for that, should he get his chance, now the issue was finding Boyd.

Kenzi paused as they began to curve back towards town, slowing when she felt something in the air, a hand pulling her back. Slender shoulder blades met a well-defined chest, Kenzi looking up at Derek who met her with eyes back to their human state. A finger raised, he signaled silence, and looked forward again; the woods opening up to look over the town, the buildings closest to the edge abandoned.

Though Kenzi could not hear it, both Peter and Derek caught the slow swish of doors closing; not every building below was unoccupied, "We'll need help."

Peter nodded, hand raised to stroke fingers along his chin, "Scott?"

Derek shook his head, "I called to see how things were but his mother…" His Uncle rolled his eyes, sighing,

"Ah yes. The trivial matter of family dynamics." Twisting his wrist, wiry tendons under the surface of fair skin, "She'll get over it. Had he joined me this wouldn't be a concern you know..." Derek rolled his neck, head swinging loosely to face the man with an expression reading clear in exasperation, Now is the time to do this?

Peter sighed with another suggestion, "The strange one?"

The crinkle that Derek's face broke out in made Kenzi decide she had to meet whoever this guy was before she left, but the idea was dismissed, "For now we'll keep watch." Derek jerked his chin speaking to Peter, "Find a place to watch from, safely. You brought your phone?"

The Second nodded, resigned to the situation and looked overhead, "It'll be dark soon, don't let her wander off."

Kenzi smirked and Derek moved only just realizing that they had kept pressed together during their discussion, "This is an order Peter, don't abandon your post." The older Hale saluted before he let the youngster and the human leave. Looking around, Peter began to search for a less exposed place to watch from then directly above the buildings.

: : : : : :

Walking back, Kenzi kept a good six inches between herself and Derek, her hands sliding over the cotton of the white long sleeve she wore, squeezing her elbows when the temperature started to drop. They had parked a half mile down from where the accident had occurred, weighing the risk of finding something dangerous against alerting said danger and deciding the car would make too much noise. Now though, Kenzi found herself cursing through her teeth for not grabbing the jacket she had given Bruce the dayprior.

Derek frowned, though he could see the car down the road, he did not need to hear about an ill cared for mate in his presence should the girl return with a cold. The Alpha shed his trademark leather and slipped it over her shoulders, a surprised look passing her features before she snuggled into it, "Thanks."

The brooding man nodded, hands slipping into the front pockets of his jeans as he continued down the road with her, "Maybe you'd like to tell me now what you came down for? Now that it's just us."

Kenzi held the jacket shut by curling her fingers around the lapels where the zipper would slide up instead of just sliding her arms through the sleeves, glancing over at the man debating and then speaking once she was looking ahead again, "I need to change."

An amused expression appeared on the man's face, slightly confused wth the vagueness of her statement, "Change?"

Kenzi chewed the inside of her mouth, stopping ahead of him before they reached the car, one hand moving out to connect with his chest, "To change from human." She stepped back, fingers leaving a cold spot under his shirt where they removed from, "I need to be like you. Turned." Her gaze locked with his, all frailty gone; determination replacing every other emotion, "I need the bite."

Derek stared and the girl pushed on, rambling as she ran hands over her hair in frustration,

"I cannot continue to run around, human and weaker than the rest. I need to be able to protect my friends, not just be protected." Kenzi paced, her shoes clicking loudly over the pavement as she moved back and forth in front of him, arms bent at the elbows in front of her, gesturing wildly, "Do you know what that's like? Watching your friends head off into danger? To see them throw down again and again and only be able to watch? Or when you do act you end up getting hurt, or contracting some weird flesh rotting foot disease," her nose squinched in a manner the Alpha found slightly cute before shaking the expression off,

"I have some seriously bad shit coming to blow through and I can't just sit back this time." Coming to a stop, or maybe running out of breath, the girl took a minute to collect herself reaching a fist up to brush over her cheek and rid herself of what Derek smelled suspiciously like tears before daring to look at him, "Sorry."

"You came down here… to be turned?" When the girl nodded, Derek paused contemplating, "Are your customs different there? Can you not be turned by your mate?"

A deep frown marred the young woman's features and she slapped the sides of her thighs, "Why does this keep coming up? What mate?"

The Hotness moved forward into her space and this time Kenzi didn't balk at the invasion of her bubble, his eyes flaring a light red as he took a slow whiff along her cheek, nose brushing her skin and sending tingles of awareness from the top of her head down her neck, "Hey- hey now, whoa."

Derek chuckled, brow raising as he pulled his face back just enough to look down at her, not moving from his close proximity and noting how she didn't actually step back despite her protests, "You smell like wolf; old, strong. It's not you, but it is there; mingled with yours. That doesn't happen by accident, not just by wearing one of our shirts." He fingered the large button down she wore, knowing it was the wolf's she claimed not to be with.

Comprehension settled over feline features and the girl blushed a shade of scarlet that his wolf reveled in causing, "Dyson's not my mate."

A low rumble began in his chest, angry at the blatant lie and the girl jumped like a rabbit but his hands caught her upper arms, "You deny your bond?"

"Let go." Kenzi's heart beat hard in her breast, faster than a caged bird, harder than a jackhammer. Shouldn't he not be able to touch her? She knew earlier she had felt the Hawthorne's power, had felt its power rise when she'd seen him lean forward in the woods. Why wasn't it working now? Sharp pains began to find place in the rhythm her heart beat out.

Derek's rage grew in response to her continued dismissal of her mate. Even a human pairing with a wolf was serious; his own betrayal only added to a situation any wolf would find disgraceful, "Do you Deny Your Bond?!"

Trying to pull back Kenzi flinched then caught herself. She was not lying, why couldn't he see that? "I'm not mated!"

The truth in each beat of the human's heart pounded in Derek's ears, the red in his eyes lessening as he continued to stare into her eyes, defiance meeting him. Uncertainty, fear – the emotions washed over him now that he paid them, and not just her scent, attention. It took a conscious effort to loosen his fingers from her arms, closing his eyes and blinking away the last of what must be a blood haze, "I'm… sorry."

Kenzi shook his touch off, reaching her fingers up to run over the spots where they had been finding they ached but did not hurt as much as she thought. Wrapping her arms around her middle she tried to keep how shaken up she was from bleeding through, attempting to stave off any tremors in her voice, "Forget it. Let's just, get back." They walked the rest of the way in silence.

: : : : : :

Camaro eating up the pavement, Derek stiffened in his seat at the sight of the overworked out man on the bike coming towards them and Kenzi cursed in her seat beside him in a language he didn't know before telling him to slow down. Looking over at her as if she were nuts, he took a minute before obeying, foot easing on the gas so she could lean over,


The large figure set his feet down on the road, no helmet to obstruct his hearing and the bike came up off the ground, the man holding on by the handles to let it raise up while he stood holding it as the engine wound down. Cutting it off, the man leaned over, looking into the vehicle, "Kenz?" Derek tried to piece together the soft voice with the man before him and found himself faltering, unable to hold back a sound of surprise.

Abashed, the girl smiled in apology, "Sorry I didn't text, things got busy. Where'd you get the wheels?"

The brute smiled, the action still soft for the girl seated in Derek's car, "Told a guy I needed it. People just tend to lend things to me." Derek didn't doubt it, knowing his own strength and eyeing the man holding the several hundred pound motorcycle like a toy. He could only imagine humans reactions to his presence,

"I bet." The baldheaded man looked at the driver as though seeing him for the first time, smile dropping and looking to Kenzi for direction.

Picking up on the exchange Kenzi reached smacking Derek's chest, "This is Derek. Derek, my friend Bruce. He did all the cleaning up for Erica."

Beaming at the praise, Bruce's ears changed color, "I hope she's alright." The normalcy of the conversation struck Derek as odd considering what they had been doing that day: what Erica was, not knowing what this guy was and the fact they were just out in the middle of the road out of town in the evening like no one might drive up any minute,

"Yes? Yeah, thanks."

Kenzi looked back and forth down the road as though just picking up on it herself, "Listen, just follow us alright?"

Bruce nodded, setting the bike down and moving to restart it as Kenzi nestled herself back against the passenger's seat looking to Derek, "Well?" Camaro revving, Derek pressed his foot down on the gas and the sports car started off again.

: : : : : : :

Hearing the familiar rev of the Camaro coming down the road, Isaac began to untangle himself from Erica's slumbering limbs; the girl having nodded the majority of the day. The conscious Beta stroking loose hair from the sleeper's face as it fell with every turn she would make. Slipping from the bed, the young male stood beside the window, waiting until he saw Derek pull into the drive, noting that as they exited, Peter was no longer with them.

Isaac had almost stepped away from his viewing place when the rumble of a motorcycle rolled in after them, a hulking figure atop what under a normal being would have been an impressive set of wheels. The fuck?

The lithe figure looked back at the girl still curled in bed, debating whether or not to leave her to dreams, but as Erica did not stir as the car doors closed he chose to let her continue and headed down the stairs. Below the unlikely group was filtering in, the pup stopping on the bottom stairs assaulted by the confusing array of scents between the female and Derek.

Kenzi apparently had been marked in the Alpha's scent during their time gone, and a brush with Peter. Too much was going on with the large man following them for the pup to follow and he had to stop focusing with his nose to keep from getting a headache, Kenzi made room for the man to enter, the large figure actually having to turn sideways to get through the door.

"Isaac," Derek's voice anchored the kid's thoughts and he introduced the man as Bruce, a name the kid kept from commenting on the appropriateness of as Kenzi took to the couch, the large man preferring to stand.

"Did you find him?"

Derek nodded, moving to lean his back against the frame of the door, much like Isaac himself had down earlier, only with his spine instead of his shoulder, "We followed them back to their hideout, Peter is there now."

Isaac's head bobbed at the news, Derek moving past him to collect lamps for the evening, battery operated of course. Isaac positioned himself as far from the big man as possible while still keeping his body facing Kenzi, "Did you see them?"

The young woman shook her head, long ponytail swinging softly behind her, "Not really. The-" she paused with a flash of a secret smile that the were thought she might laugh at before continuing, "guys did most of the work." The look the body builder gave her gave Isaac the impression that he was missing out on the joke as well but did not seem to mind as much as the teenager did.

"So… Do you have a place in town?"

A rough sound, Derek cleared his throat from further down hallway as he made his way back, lantern on the dimmest setting for the moment. His Beta grinned unabashed, shrugging at his questioning seeing nothing wrong with it,

"You said they are going to help, right? Wouldn't that be easier with them here?"

Derek glowered, it seeming to be the only expression his otherwise neutral face knew to make as far as Kenzi could tell and she looked up Bruce for his thoughts, the gentle giant thinking much along the same line as Isaac though he wouldn't suggest it. A house full of werewolves was not the place for a human girl, even with her current spell of invulnerability, "I don't like it Kenz…"

The holder of his attention waved a well-manicured set of nails, "Reel it in Bruce, we are setting up shop." She eyed the broken banister and cracked stairs, "Might do this place some good too." She thought of the few fixer projects she'd taken on back at the shack, "I've learned a thing or two I think this place can benefit from. Starting with spackle, and maybe some planks. Nails would be good," she began to move down the hall, making a mental list as her friend and the pack stared at each other.