A Change of Fa(t)e 16


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: : : : : :

Dyson was speaking again by the time a fully dressed Kenzi entered the room, the young lady taking in who else was in occupancy before situating herself at the side of the island between Homeward Bound and Call of the Wild. Instantly her brow knit together, lips pulling to one side as she caught on to the very incorrect version of the story he was weaving together,

"would've noticed the change but he was so busy, he didn't even show to help me track her to the foxes den." The soft grimace that followed was unmistakable, guilt. The Scott bowed his head, shoulders drawn down for a moment before shaking his thoughts clear of the memory, "Finding her was a relief. Inari had played her well, but when she didn't want to take the case at the camp..."

The object of his musings was still, Kenzi's head fuzzy with a growing numbness that spread to the ends of her toes. Wrong, all wrong. "No, that's not-" tiny fingers curling she whipped them off the counter to cross and hold against her chest on opposite sides, "Bo got me out way before that. That kid, the Tikbalangs boy was a serious nut job but we got him."

The man that was Bo's love was staring at Kenzi as though he had no idea as to whom she was referring, perplexed by her statement and almost… concerned as he leaned one elbow on the counter to push his body in her direction, "You were dehydrated, we had to tell you time and time again after-"

The fingers of the new Fox were curled so tight the skin along the bones were all white; Derek was amazed the nails had remained clear and unclawed. At his side, Isaac shifted uncomfortable at the certainty in his friend's gaze that she was in the right and something was clearly very wrong with her companion. Shoulders squaring, the лисица cast them a look neither could decipher but left them both with the sneaking suspicion they were not meant to witness it. Like bystanders of a crash, they stood unmoving knowing full well they should be reporting something to someone but no control of their limbs to do so.

"No, no, no, no, no," almost every ring of the word was punctuated by thin arms flailing, raising a finger to point accusingly, "You killed her. You killed Inari when her faux sexy Sucu-wanna-be act failed but Bo was already on the way because Bo knew and you didn't believe her," the tiny frame shook; anger, perhaps … Beta and Alpha chanced confirmation at their senses pain, the memory she was drawing on was difficult – seeping from her pores, voice raising, "You didn't see she wasn't me!"

The woman was wailing before him, dread prickling at the hairs along his arms and neck; his wolf told Dyson she was honest, but his memories told him she was delusional. Recollections of Fae going insane struck the man suddenly, there were tales of men who lost their head over the centuries; those who must not have evolved to the point of being able to handle such a lengthy time falling at their mercy of their minds. Had Kenzi's human psyche been pushed too far, here among the strange Fae? What had gone on before his appearance, during the time before the bite? Dyson stood to hold his friend, center her but she backed up a step – arms raising to hold him back a step. Behind him the Scott was aware of the two other wolves bracing themselves in solidarity; Kenzi having earned herself a spot amongst their ranks enough to warrant protection if they became concerned of her well-being.

Despite the cautionary gesture, Kenzi did not speak for a moment or two, instead trying to get her trembling body to still long enough that she could pull herself together. Lashing out at the man had not been her intention, but it was like talking to someone from the other side of the guy's mirror – all the pieces were in the right place but the story was turned around. Things missing from the framework. "Tell me why you came and not Bo." Thin fingers grasped the point just over his wrists, holding his arms instead of the other way around, "Tell me she's okay."

The man did not fold under the pressuring gaze of the youthful sprite as Isaac fought to hold off clearing his throat, watching Kenzi's pale cheeks tighten when she was offered no reply. Gentle pressure was applied to the side of Isaac's arm, the kid looking down at Derek's hand as he held his Second back for a moment, keeping him from stepping between the two foreigners. As emotions continued to swirl in the room, threatening to overpower the Hale members and pull them into the dispute, Derek slowly began to pull back on Isaac's arm and lead him from the room. No outward sign of acknowledgement led the Alpha to believe either noticed their departing but the hairs along his own arms, and that of the back of his pup's neck, dropped as soon as they made it beyond the kitchen's walls.

Concern, confusion; Isaac only voiced his thoughts as they made it out of the house to which Derek quickly replied, "I doubt Bruce and Kenzi are remembering wrong. No something has to be wrong with him."

Agitated, the pup paced the porch with his arms folding and unfolding before reaching to run a hand through his hair, dragging strands to curl haphazardly between his fingers, "What do we do?"

- - - - - -

The mimicry of privacy was appreciated, though a hollow gesture when Kenzi could still hear her new friends as clearly if they were still in the room. The brief change in Dyson's mask depicted the same reaction, but he clearly shook it as he sat back down on the stool, covering one side of his face with his hand, a disgusted sound rising from his throat, "Something must be wrong with the change – you're not thinking clearly."

Becoming as irritated as she beginning to feel scared, the woman's spine straightened, stopping herself from coming any closer than she had already and place one strained limb on the counter to cool heating skin, "No, I really, really am." A soft hiss escaped her lips as she exhaled a portion of her anger and collected herself, "Why don't you – why don't you tell me your version of things and then I'll go over mine cause at some point we've stopped seeing eye to eye."

Doubtful of how helpful such an act would be the Detective hesitated before throwing his mind back to the beginning. Back to the call that had come in over a static laced line carrying a shaky voice and a heartbeat he could hear through the phone.

The girl's voice was high, the tight sound of stress and panic with just the slight slurring of something off. Hale, always ready to save the damsel was first out the precincts door and first on scene, Dyson trailing behind him slightly; no indication of this being a Fae case and therefore less interesting to him. Still, entering the basement parking his nose had twitched expectantly long before the scents emanating from the tiny elevator could repulse him. Through the thick grease of hair gel and sweat a sharper, feminine smell exuded fear and confusion. Standing in the doorway, both detectives had glowered at the body of a man slumped over, still grasping a pair of sheers and taking small breaths.

It had taken a while to find their caller, the girl having abandoned the scene to lick her wounds elsewhere away from her attacker but Dyson located her further down the lot; short blonde wig pulled off and hanging in her grasp, thick eyeliner smudged by the thick thumb of the man now wheezing before Hale and muttering about treatment. Disgusting. "Miss?" The man gave her credit for not wincing, unsure if she was still altogether there or if the shock had set in shortly after her call. Humans were funny things, equipped to handle a range of emotions and respond in kind but each person's limit was different. What was hers?


Going to trial had taken some time, the youth an enigma with various identities already in the system; filing a report with the correct information had taken some time and when it was lost shortly after the verdict was read Detective Hale had only given him a sheepish grin as to whether or not he knew what may have happened to it. After that Casanova had slowly begun to taper off his advances on The Dahl's clientele, limiting his interactions with only the most alluring of Fae women which he may or may not have had something to do with. When Dyson addressed it, a sigh and a few murmurs about a Lil Mama that Dyson knew nothing about caught his attention and his interest; something occurring he planned to get to the bottom of.

Shortly thereafter, Dyson had found Hale and a familiar dark haired beauty in a café sipping coffee and not too long after that, the man he had called friend for more than a decade was sitting moon eyed across from him at their shared desk. "She's not one of us, man."

It didn't matter what he said, or what reasons he gave for them not working out – even if their relationship had yet to progress, his friend was hearing none of it. It wasn't until a few weeks later that the woman would garner the scott's respect and dangerously their secrets.

The college had already lost 3 students before the Ash passed the case through their channels to them. The detectives showing up at the campus and interviewing students and teachers, the security guards and the house where it seemed the problem was originating only to find someone in place doing their job. Bimbo blonde, pink high heels, and a complete lack of her patented dark façade Kenzi was on the uppermost floor of the Sorority, inhabiting the first victim's room.

Hand swinging out to stop the storytelling, Kenzi straightened from her hip cocked position against the island and demanded his attention to the present, "As interesting as this all is, I can see that whatever is going down in loony town is rewiring your brain." Muttering an oath, the Russian spun away to pace the room, shoulders quaking as she debated whether or not to have him continue and how much more she could reasonably listen to, rubbing her forehead she signaled for him to go ahead and continue.

- - - - - -

Sparring, Derek and Isaac kept themselves busy from just before noon to the approaching dusk; their once one sided matches a thing of the past as Derek had given not to the staunch position of the past but actual helpful teaching. Despite the difference in size, now that the pup was not attempting a head on attack, Isaac found himself doing much better with grappling against his Alpha then before though he came out on the losing end more often than not.

Stamina and speed would be the kid's leading points, he did not have the strength to pin Derek the way he would to finish him but the elder man was showing him that one crushing move was not necessary to defeat an opponent. Several well placed, smooth and too fast to be deterred, moves could be just as effective if maneuvered properly. With nicks in place of the slashes that Isaac would inflict on an enemy, Derek found himself for the last time on the ground with a sharp edged claw to his throat and a breathy teen above him, sweat dropping from his brow to the ground by the pack leader's head.

"Good," the blood rushing past his ears would attest to the job that Isaac had done in – well not kicking his ass as Derek would never allow such a thing, but beating him and ending their match, "Better." Standing he brushed the back of his pants and shook off the dirt that had been ground in there, doing little as the rest of his clothes were equally dirty, "You'll be paired with Erica tomorrow, start her off with the first moves I showed you. I'll work with Boyd."

Suddenly anxious the two waited in the yard, glancing toward the house where voices still mingled from the kitchen as they had all day. Rubbing the back of his neck, Isaac swallowed, hesitantly inquiring, "Think we can head in?"

Focusing, Derek was able to pick up on the line that the two 'Fae' had begun to travel down, brow knitting together, "She's returning home."

Surprised, the teen stepped back; mouth open, brow line high, "But, she just-"

Fingers curling into a fist that he kept at his side, Derek tried not to let the spasming muscle of his arm twitch or flex up independently, "Kenzi came here for the bite, she offered to help us in exchange for it." The words were harsh, too rough in their honesty, "Whatever wolf he is, they can't do that because she had to come here." Eyes flashing brazenly the man looked at his Beta and then away quickly, "We don't mean anything to her."

Another man, another wolf, Isaac may have hit him for the blatant denial but Derek was his Alpha and despite having just bested him in their last match, would probably take a swing back at him if he tried. Instead, the dirty blonde shook his coils of fluff with a toss of his head and pointed out what Derek was trying to refuse, "Cut the crap, you know she's pack now."

A gruff sound of denial did nothing to full Isaac from Derek's opinion and the man just shook his head as his ears caught the low rumbling sound of Bruce's borrowed wheels, "It doesn't matter. They'll still be leaving." She needs to know what's going on with her people as much as I still need to train her before she goes.

The pair walked around the house to greet Bruce as he pulled to a stop, Erica hugging the large man around the middle until it came to a full stop and she popped off the seat with a smile, helmetless with a belief her balance and strength could keep her seated well enough, "Boys!"

Isaac offered a lopsided grin while there Alpha only nodded his head in acknowledgement, watching as the bike lifted drastically when Bruce's weight was removed from it as well, "Where's Boyd?"

Already Erica could sense something had shifted the mood of the house again by Derek's tone and posture. Head cocking she let her gaze travel up him, assessing as she rolled her shoulders back in a shrug, "He's staying with his mom. Or," a small purse of her lips, "at least enough to show he's alive and well enough that she can call off whatever search she might have had put together for him."

On Hale property a lot of things were put on the back burner, checking to see if Vernon's name had come up on a missing child flyer or as a runaway had not been priority. Besides, generally if things did come up with either of the packs Stiles was always prepared to mention it. Running a hand across his stomach in mild hunger Derek began to turn inside, "Cora's with Deaton."

Essentially left from the conversation, Bruce had already ascended the steps at the head of the porch and entered the house, the downstairs empty from the doorway but the sound of furious mutterings and the sharp snap of heels on wood led him to believe Kenzi was in the back room. Passing the living room and ignoring the kitchen, the large figure's mass took stock in the young woman's room's entryway, "Kenzi?"

Stuffing the few items allowed to have become comfortable around the place, Kenzi was moving back and forth across the floor, her whole body tense and reading displeasure. Only the half a minute away from tears expression gave way to the turmoil of her inner thoughts as she looked up, "What Bruce?" Half a beat she paused, wrapping her arms around her middle and rocking back from the balls of her feet, "Sorry, yea?"

Looking around the place, the giant tried to shrink himself down somewhat stepping inside, "We're going back?" His friend began to nod, then stopped herself stepping closer,

"Dyson needs my help Bruce, he just doesn't understand it yet." Thing fingers scraped her scalp, pulling her strands separate with agitation, "Somethings… wrong. He doesn't know Bo – he doesn't, he says," laughter choked its way up her throat, insanity from the very statement, "He thinks I'm the investigator and that the business is mine. That I am who, who he might love." Blood rose high in the youth's cheeks, not excitement or flirtation but anxiety; fever, "I mean what kinda world is that?"

"Have you tried The Dahl?" If anyone knew what was going on, Bruce would think it to be the bar keeps owner, always knowing more than he should. So much information passed through the neutral ground it was possible he was aware of much more than he ever let on.

Kenzi nodded, but her frame still shook before him, "Trick sides with him but he shouldn't even be there Bruce. The way we left it, it's like…" Clammy, the sweat along her palms did not much more than misplace the beads that had begun to trail down from her forehead, "Like town slipped onto star on the X-Files or some shit and it's Twilight-Zoning the universe."

The reference did little for the Fae, never one to indulge in Television but rather books. Confused the man stared down at her and Kenzi only smiled patting his chest as she tried to calm herself back down, "Never mind. Look," pulling a separate bag of things from her own stack, the young woman brought it back to him, "I need you to keep going. Stay here or just keep traveling, but be careful. Even if the Morrigan's gone-"

The reminder of Ebony's passing hit Bruce again, the conversation on the phone at the Hospital so off-putting he had tried to stuff it in the back of his mind. He was free then wasn't he? No battle needed to pass him from one owner to the next – working only for Hale's benefit because he believed it right to do, not out of allegiance. Still taking Kenzi had gone on during his revelation,

"no idea what could do this I don't know where that puts us. You." Head shaking Kenzi stopped herself from continuing and then gave the bear of a man a look before hugging him closer, arms wrapped around his sides and tucked in against his elbows. The swift change took a second to process but her friend hugged back, wondering what all their friends had gotten into in their absence.

: : : : : :

Laughter, it seemed appropriate, if impossible, for the wounded man's situation. Honestly however could someone care for one such as himself after all he had done to ruin them. Not knowing probably has the most to do with it. Staring at the Veterinarian's ceiling, a sight he never before would have thought possible because Deaton was surely not going to have let him inside his building under any other circumstance, Peter thought back on the past decade of his life and the events that had led him here; chest sewn together and body wrapped tight to keep his innards where they belongs. It was humorous, the majority of his time had been occupied tried to heal from wounds that were a result of his own actions.

Even the fire.

Peter pushed that dark reminder from his consciousness and buried it back amongst the lies. Derek had played the largest role along with Kate, but if he were honest (something he tried very hard not to be) he could acknowledge that there had been another subtler story wound in the path leading to his families' undoing. Aware of his niece's gaze, the former Alpha tried to stay focused, it would do no good to begin mumbling to himself the way he did sometimes when things were too entertaining to contain. No that wouldn't do at all.

Instead he swallowed the past and made motions over his bandages, hands ghosting the soft gauze but not daring to touch, "I should be able to move soon, if the good Doctor wouldn't mind unraveling me."

The touch too high, satirical wit bled through in his tone, and Cora rolled her eyes at her Uncle, leaning back as if she weren't concerned for the only other family member she had left, "I doubt it. Deaton doesn't want you moving for at least the rest of today and you definitely aren't getting up before he gets back to untie you." Rattling, the blocks of Mountain Ash set over top the Beta's legs reminded the man not to move, and Cora offered her own smile, "Not like you have much to look forward to back at the house."

Keeping his heart beast steady was one of his Top most used and best abilities, it was done without thought or any conscious act at such a point in his life and Peter merely cast the youth an inquisitive glance, "Oh?"

Folding one leg beneath the shin of the other, Cora propped her elbows on her thighs, "Pretty sure Scott getting away wasn't your plan."

As though aghast at the insinuation, Peter reached to touch his chest, "Why would I want to harm Scotty?" The look the little one gave him was enough to show the great manipulator his lies would be falling on deaf ears so he tried another tactic, "It wasn't him I cared for, I'll admit that killing the other Twin brat crossed my mind." A high arched brow bated another chunk of from him, "Fine, more than crossed my mind. Scott protecting him that was surprising."

Face turned away again Cora looked outward the window belatedly, "Every Alpha needs a pack. He just expanded his. Ethan should be grateful." Deaton's words ringing from her lips as she thought about their own reminiscence of things while patching up the man. Speaking with her mother's previous advisor opened the young girl's eyes further to how dangerous her relative was but Cora could not hold too much against him. For all the wrongs he had done the family, and all the lives he toyed with Derek still stood and so did she. They could not slay another of their little remaining blood.

: : : : : :

The soft clang of silver emanated from the table behind them, Stiles circling the table with wares in hand; watchful, Ethan moved in congruence with him, opposite the table as he was finishing gathering glasses and plates. Despite the domestic look to the two, the more muscular figure seemed to be eyeing the other's hands warily. Spotting him, the spry teen gave a roll of his eyes, "You are so unbelievable. This cannot hurt you," moving as though to poke him with the fork, Stiles pulled back his hand at the last second – Ethan casting him a look, "How do I know more about you than you."

Dinner was looking to be a nerve racking affair, Melissa waiting stir crazy wanting to know more as her son ladled soup into bowls before her as she cut bread. Their actions the same as any other night a week ago or four months ago, 3 years before that. Stiles explanation of what he had been told by Ethan had filled the better part of an hour, talking while Scott had meandered quietly through the house, listening unobtrusively as though having not been a first person participant. The nurse recognized he was drawing in on himself, protecting himself, but she did not attempt to draw him out right away.

"Sounds familiar." For the first they had seen that evening, Scott cast that sheepish smile over his shoulder and grinned, teasing. Turning with supper in hand to distribute over the table, "Hurry up, I'm starving."

Gawking, Stiles only took a minute to share a look with Ms. McCall before quickly folding himself into one of the chairs, Ethan following with more grace.

: : : Addition : : :

Rarely had goodbyes been shared on good terms under the house's roof: many said were sad and many came too late (if at all) but there were a share of them tonight. The newest member of shifter brethren was leaving the Hale household most suddenly after her first turn, her older Fae friend at her side while Kenzi's large companion was hanging in the back-round as though to stay.

Neither of Derek's attending pack seemed thrilled with the change of events. Isaac scowling from his placement leaning in the doorway opposite the lithe figure, Erica masking her loss with her usual hard exterior, "Yeah well, least they have one of us to liven things up."

Moxy, Bo would like her. Unfortunately, Bo was the problem – or was having a problem, and that was the whole reason Kenzi found herself hugging the blonde tightly to her despite faux protest. The young woman knew she needed more time with the pack; not to learn about her new nature because she could do that better with her familiar community up north but being around them she had felt small changes happening between the group. Although Kenzi could not be certain, she wanted to say that their bonds had strengthened with her presence. Being with them had certainly helped her own view on what a family could be like. Should have been like…

The sprite shook her head clear, swallowing as she stepped back from Erica's finally returning embrace to squeeze her upper arm, "Just don't let the big guy stray back to brood town. Took some work digging him out." A fond punch found the Alpha's shoulder as he rolled his eyes, looking away.

Throat clearing, Dyson reached out with his hand to snag Kenzi's elbow, gently disengaging her from the small trio, quoting their flight time. The marker was not exactly true, but he knew ignoring the other 30 minutes available would get them there safely within their time limit. She was the one after all that pressed him for an immediate return trip.

Annoyance flared fleetingly across the woman's face before her mind settled on the same thoughts his did. The quick action of Dyson's call home had procured a flight sooner than she anticipated. Honestly if she had just had time to see Stiles… Glancing at Isaac as she hefted her bag she pointed, "Don't forget, ok?" The kid she had struck a chord with the most nodded, remembering her request and before he could say a word again the pair were out the door – Boyd walking them to the Scot's motorcycle.

Arms around Dyson's middle as they rode, Kenzi kept her eyes closed, face pressed against the space between his shoulder blades – breathing deeply the scent of leather and wood. There were so many extra things she could pick out now but the top two she had always been aware of still stood out the most and were the ones she chose to focus on otherwise her new olfactory senses may go haywire with everything the road had to offer her. Scolding herself for the abrupt departure, the tiny Kitsune put all her energy into drawing up a list of persons possibly responsible for Bo's disappearance and her friends' tampered memories. Kenzi came up blank.

Peering at the curling locks covering the back of Dyson's head she could only hope that whatever it was, her knew form would help in defeating it. If I get to remember. Shivering for reasons other than the cold, Kenzi pushed the thought away, it had been a topic she had not been able to share; fear that proximity to the problem would ensnare her as soon as it realized she had been left out of its equation. Hope lay with Bruce in that instance, the single man of the group still recounting her friend's existence, and backing up her story through the night following her argument with Dyson.

Despite being easily traced back to the California location that Dyson had collected her from, Kenzi hoped Bruce stayed with the Hale pack a while longer. No matter Derek's remaining wariness of her friend's oddities, the pack was a safe place for the gentle giant and she wanted neither to feel abandoned. Soon as Bo's home… I'll be back. We'll be back.