First of all...ty so much all of you for all the guys r my reason for writing, so this is for all of you :D let's begin the final to the Severa/ Percy trilogy.


2 months before the war...

Nothing exciting is happening at camp. The weather has been changing dramatically. A LOT of powerful storms. Nobody knows what the Gods are doing right now.

All that's going on is training. It's not fun at all. It feels like bootcamp x100.

Right now I'm back home...going back to school...trying to have some sort of normal life.

I looked at my clock and it read 8:00 pm. I sighed as I just laid in my bed and thought about...can you guess who?


I wish I could have said goodbye properly and touched her beautiful face one last time.

A knock on my door sounded , after my quiet come in, mom walked in with blue cookies, smiling.

"Hey honey." She whispered.

I gave her a small smile,"Hey mom."

She sighed sitting down next to me on my bed. I moved my legs over and sat up, bending my knees draping my arms over them.

She took my hands in hers,"Honey, I know you're broken over...what happened. But you have to listen to Chiron sweetie. She would want you to live your life happily."

I rolled my eyes,"I know mom...she was...amazing and so unselfish that way."I whispered looking down.

She sniffed and wiped her eye, she loved Severa too,"She was an amazing girl, and most of all, she made you happy."

I smiled, nodding as she hugged me. The rest of the night, we sat there, eating blue cookies and laughing, sometimes even crying.

Yeah, I'm a total momma's boy.

1 week into school...-

I had a picture of Severa and I in my binder as I was sitting in History class and flipping through my history book.

"Hey dude, who's the babe?" A boy came up to me, smirking at the picture.

I quirked my eyebrows,"What?"

He rolled his eyes,"The hot chick in the picture."

I stood up,"Dude, that's my girlfriend...So I'd appreciate if you'd back off."

He chuckled,"Nice man, I bet she gets a lot of wolf calls though. She's flipping sexy."

I couldn't take it anymore, I punched him square in the jaw.

He fell on the floor and I sat down and watched as everyone crowded over him.

He stood up glaring at me, his hand over his now bloody lip.

"I'd watch it if I were you, Jackson."

I rolled my eyes...he had nothing on me.


After school!

I was walking home when my phone buzzed.

Rachael: Hey Percy, wadup?

I sighed and texted her back.


Rachael: im doin good, wanna do somethin l8r?

I didn't respond, I had to think this through. Was I ready to hang out with another girl? I mean, Annabeth is different, we were strictly friends...Rachael...I don't know.

I walked into the kitchen and saw a note on the fridge.

Hey honey, stuck at work. Spaghetti in the fridge for you!

Love you,


I smiled and put the note down and went to my room dropping my backpack on the floor and plopped down onto my bed.

I took out my phone and responded to Rachael.


Rachael bought the candy and I bought the popcorn and drinks.

We walked into the theatres and got seated to watch "VAMPIRES SUCK". Her choice, but I heard it was funny, and I hate

She smiled at me and I smiled half heartedly back.

The lights went out and the movie began.

After MOVIE~~

"That was hilarious!" She laughed, as we walked out of the movie theatres.

I chuckled as we walked outside to Phil's car, he let me borrow it.

We got in and she smiled,"I'm glad we did this."

I smiled a little"Me too."

She smiled and leaned in and I froze.

She closed her eyes and kept leaning in closer and I just sat there.


I just sat there, but when she got close enough, I pushed her back and cleared my throat as I avoided her gaze and started the car.

She looked at me with a hurt expression and sat back in her seat and buckled her seatbelt.

I sighed and backed out of the parking lot.

It was an awkward silence...I think a gay baby was born...

I breathed in and spoke,"Rachael...I'm's just that I don't like you that way and I'm still-"

She put her hand up,"I know Percy, you're still in love with your dead girlfriend."

Those 2 words stung me...I swallowed my tears and shook my head,"Yeah...but we're still friends right?"

She sighed, looking out the window,"I guess that's all we'll ever be then."

I sighed and nodded,"Yeah."

She didn't understand what I'm going through...I don't think anyone ever will.

I pulled up at her driveway and walked her to her doorstep. She rang the doorbell and I smiled slightly at her. She smiled slightly back and went inside when the door opened. I said goodnight and she closed the door with a little more force needed.

I ran my hand through my hair and walked back down to the car...I didn't act like a douche did I?

I walked in the door,"I'm home!"

My mom came out from the living room with a smile on her face,"Hey honey!"

I smiled a little, "Hey mom."

Her face fell, she knew something was wrong. I just shook my head and walked into my room. I jumped when I saw Grover on my bed.

"Grover?" I whispered and he smiled,"Hey dude!"

I laughed as he hugged me.

"What are you doing here, man?" I smiled and he shrugged,"Taking a break from my search."

I smiled,"What about camp?"

He rolled his eyes,"Boring without you and Annabeth and Sev-" He stopped talking looking down...

I nodded my head and looked at my shoes.

Well this is awkward.

"Go on?" I sighed. He shook his head,"Sorry man, I forgot. My mouth just kept...yeah. Umm, I was saying that all everyone is doing is training...Nothing new."

I cleared my throat giving him a small smile.

Grover and I just pretty much hung out in the apartment. Watched TV, played video games, now we were just sitting on the balcony drinking lemonade.

It was quiet until Grover finally spoke.

"Hey know the night when know." He looked at me and I tried not to scream from the pain in my heart when he brought this up.

I just nodded and stared blankly at the city.

He went on,"What did Zeus mean when he said that the "ritual wasn't over"?"

I shrugged and took a gulp of my drink and looked at him,"I don't know, but whatever it is, I hope it means Severa is still alive."

Then my mom came running out,"Percy, pack up! You're going back to camp!"

I looked at her,"Why?"

"It's under attack..."

I quickly packed everything I needed, but I kept Riptide out. My mom gave Grover and I some Persephone's Pearls. We stepped on them and let them take us to camp. When we got there, it was terrible. Buildings were on fire, campers were running around, looking for battle gear. I threw my bag down and clicked my pen. Grover got his dagger out. We put on some armor and I ran up to an Apollo kid named George,"What's going on?!"

He turned to me with a panicked face,"3 hyrdas and 3 drakons!"

I cursed under my breath. Campers saw that I was here so everyone gathered.

I began shouting out orders,"10 campers go to the lake! Hold off any other monsters that might be coming. If a hydra comes, don't chop off their heads, burn, drown or stab its chest!" They nodded and ran off.

I looked at the remaining campers,"I need 3 of you to start IMing other campers and Chiron's cousins, we need all the help we can get. 5 of you, put out the fires! Everyone else, you come with me!"

Everyoen nodded and ran to their positions. I had about 30 campers with me.

I saw a hydra blowing fire at the trees.

I led everyone to attack.


Everyone began talking about who was going where. When 15 ran off, I led the remaining to the hydra.

Everyone began slashing, avoiding the heads but going for the heart. Apollo kids began firing arrows.

I looked over to the lake and saw the 10 people fighting off a drakon. 2 drakons down, 1 to go. 1 Hydra down, 2 to go.

We wouldn't make it that long.

I saw more campers filing in and sighed in relief. "Hold it off guys! I'll be right back with more help!" I shouted.

Everyone nodded and I went up to George who was with me,"You're in charge while I'm gone, don't do anything stupid!"

He nodded and I ran off to get the campers who looked scared and confused. I counted them quickly, there were 11. We had a lot more campers to come. I prayed silently that they'd get here quickly.

"Okay I need all of you to get suited up, get your weapons and go fight off the hydra near the battle arena! Go!"

They all nodded and ran to get ready.

I ran back to where my group was and continued fighting.

I felt someone tap my shoulder and saw Annabeth. Oh thank the Gods!

I smiled,"Hey, feel like helping?"

SHe shrugged rolled her eyes,"Nothing better to do."

I chuckled as she ran at the hydra, sword raised. I looked behind me, the fires were being put out quickly. I looked at the lake, they were finishing off the drakon, I saw it drop.

Things were going pretty good. But we had 1 more hyrda and drakon to go.

I ran over to the lake,"Guys, go get the other drakon, it's somewhere near the Zeus cabin!"

Zeus cabin...Severa's cabin...I would not let that burn down. I shook my head running back to the hyrda.

Annabeth went in and quickly threw her sword into the hyrda's heart. It roared in pain and dropped, as it turned to dust.

We all sighed in relief and quickly took in our surroundings.

Annabeth pointed as we saw the rest of the campers come in with panicked faces.

Annabeth and I ran up,"How many?"

She quickly counted,"17. Everyone's here." We had all 76 campers here, thank the Gods.

Annabeth began giving everyone orders and strategies, they all nodded in response.

"I need 3 Apollo kids running around and gathering those who are badly injured." She finished. 3 Apollo kids...Peter, Mark and Kate nodded and ran off.

Everyone else was taking out their weapons and armor. Everyone was getting tired, and it was obvious. I looked around for a way to help everyone out...then I saw the lake.

I smiled and concentrated...then I felt a huge tug at my gut.

I opened my eyes and saw a huge wave before me. Everyone, including the monsters, stopped fighting and looked at it.

"EVERYONE LURE THE MONSTERS TO THE WATER!" Annabeth screamed. Everyone obeyed and began pushing the monsters back.

The remaining hydra and drakons began roaring and hissing as they backed up.


I let it go.

The wave took the hydra and drakon...and that was that. The water went into the camp, but not enough to hurt or damage anything or anyone. That was the last thing I saw before I blacked out.