1 Week Later

Everything has pretty much gone back to normal. Everyone's returned to camp, training and working on last minute fixes with the camp.

Kronos is, well, who knows where. All we know is that he is technically not dead. But by the next time he arises, most of us will be dead by then.

It's been a pretty crazy...3 years?bits insane to think its been that long! I've went from Demi God,Royala neried to Goddess back to Royala neried! Throw in being a slave a few times and you have the next best seller!

I was sitting on the pier that was by. Percy's cabin when I felt hands cover my eyes .

"Guess who?" came that voice that I loved so much.

"Hmm, can you give me a hint?" I smiled and heard him chuckle behind me.

"The boy who is crazy in love with you."

I pretended to think and then I removed his hands and turned around,"Well look who it is, Percy Jackson."

He smirked and pulled me into him and our foreheads touched,"It's so amazing to have you to myself from now on."

I smiled and tore my eyes from his lips looking into his seagreen eyes that I've become so familiar with,"It is. "

He smiled and leaned in to kiss me. I stopped him placing a finger on his lips.

He pulled my hand off his mouth only to softly kiss my finger tips instead. He said,"You do know what time it is right?"

I smirked at him looking away,"Maybe..."

He pouted,"Severa!"

I laughed and hugged him,"Happy Birthday Perce."

He smiled this time actually getting to kiss me. I whispered against his lips,"What do you want for your birthday?"

He shook his head mumbling,"I already have all I need."

I rolled my eyes pulling away,"Don't be so corny, come on." I pulled on his hand toward the dining pavilion.

I cleared my throat. The torches were lit to reveal everyone jumping up shouting "SURPRISE!"

Percy smiled and shook his head looking down at me,"Did you plan this?"

"Hey! We helped!" I turned around and saw Annabeth and Grover

walking up to us.

I turned back around hugging him around his waist,"Happy birthday babe."

He kissed my hair and chuckled,"You really are amazing."

I shrugged laughing,"Dayum straight."

I heard Clarisse clear her throat in a microphone,"I believe the birthday boy should get a dance with his girlfriend?"

Percy's smile grew wider as he took my hand and we walked to the middle of everyone.

We wrapped our arms around each other as Finally by Fergie began playing and we just swayed to the music.

I looked up at him and saw him smiling. I smirked,"What are you smiling about Jackson?"

He shrugged and smiled back,"I'm just going over all the reasons I love you."

I rolled my eyes but blushed,"You're quite the gentleman yourself."

He kissed my nose and I smiled,"We've had some crazy times, eh?"

He chuckled,"Definitely. But it was all worth it. I got you."

I kissed his nose this time,"And I got you."

He sighed happily,"We'll never have a normal relationship, huh?"

I rolled my eyes and shook my head, we were still swaying to the music, as others began dancing around us I answered,"What do you think?"

He snorted shaking his head. As the music played on we just stared at each other for a little bit.

"Can you believe how much we've been through?" He whispered and I shook my head resting my head on his chest as he held me close. "But it was worth it." I whispered back to him.

I heard the smile in his voice,"It really was, Severa. It really was."

The End~

Wahhhhh it's over! I'm somewhat sad to see this one finally be over :/ but I figured I would leave with a bit of fluff. I really hoped y'all enjoyed these stories as much as I have! And mad thanks to ALL of my reviewers from " Over Your Shoulder." "By Your Heart, I'm Here." and "I Am The Storm." Some of y'all have stuck by me from beginning to end! I appreciate that sooooooo much you have no idea!

Love ya!