'I'm scared, scary vampire is going to eat me.' I can feel him as he drinks my blood, I hear him as he slurps up every morsel I have in my body eventually draining me until all I can do is lie there and cry. My heart is racing, tonight he isn't hesitating like he usually is. Kana..Me.. I say weakly, 'are you scared Yuuki?' Kaname asks softly. I stare at him blankly for a moment then I shake my head. He lowers his head again, I feel his sharp fangs pierce my soft neck his luscious lips touching my neck as he begins to drink my blood again. I can feel my world spinning out of control and getting a bit light headed. A flashback of when I was younger suddenly came to mind. It was only brief, and I wasn't even sure if it was actually a memory or something I had just made up. It ws Christmas Eve and Kaname Senpai was just about to leave on one of his journeys, but before he left he gave me a small gift and said Merry Christmas and left into the cold winter's night.I opened the present and it was a small photo frame laced with purple and blue butterflies and inside was a photo of Kaname and holding Yuuki around the shoulders. On the around the sides of the frame it said 'family never forget each other' in big fancy writing.