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The Tiny Closet and Its Occupant

There were doors, not many mind you, but there were doors that gathered energy just by existing. Whether a Scarer scared the children who occupied these rooms or not they would give energy until the child who belonged to that door got to the age of about eleven and the energy collected slowly petered off for a few years until barely anything was transmitted and they blinked out. No one knew why this was but they were grateful none the less because in times of great need these were the doors that kept the emergency systems powered. It was for this reason, and this reason alone, that they were never destroyed when the child was no longer afraid of the "monster under the bed/closet/etc.." The unafraid children's doors were just put in the back of storage, silently collecting energy and forgotten until the day they were no longer useful… That was until the new "green energy" which came from laughter was discovered. It not only provided a new and better source but it also made available these doors that just been collecting dust and residual energy.

Another interesting thing about the children who came with these doors was that they were always the most dangerous children to collect from and not in the propaganda that human children were indeed toxic way but in the fact that strange things always seemed to happen when they were scared. The dangers ranged from thrown objects to exploding windows and, in the more dire cases, hurt monsters but the energy collected from such a reaction was so great that the risks were undertaken and handled by only the best Scarers. So when laughter became known to cause an even greater source of power with a lower risk of a horrendous reaction from these special children their doors were eagerly pulled from storage.

After a few trial runs, to make absolutely sure that these doors were safe when converting to laughter, they went for the one door that had broken many records with nary a scream from its occupant. They had sent a total of one monster to test the waters and he returned with a shrug saying the kid just wasn't scared and had in fact just raised an eyebrow at his appearance before returning to sleep in his unusually small room. So the unusually small door for the unusually small room for the unusually small but unafraid eyebrow raising boy had been put back into storage gathering a great deal of energy. They thought if fear couldn't get through to him perhaps laughter could so they sent in their new top employee, Mike Wazowski. It was only a bonus he just happened to be the right size.

"You ready for this Mike?" Sully asked curiously. There had been a large crowd gathered as they wanted to see potential history being made.

"Of course I'm ready for this big guy! What do you take me for? I'm the greatest collector around! Just you watch, all sorts of records are about to be broken. Just let me at 'em." Mike said enthusiastically. His over confidence playing no role in this whatsoever… According to him.

"Alright then, good luck." Sully gave Mike a supportive pat on the back.

"Luck? I don't need luck! This is all skill!" With that he walked up to the door that only he and few others were even able to fit into before turning one last time and with his parting remarks gave a grin and said, "I'll see you in a few minutes with the all time laugh record in the bag."

Mike silently entered the room and gently closed the door behind him only to find about an inch or two between him and the rather small but occupied bed. Mike was taking a look around when a young and tired voice startled him out of his thoughts.

"If you're here to scare me then you might as well leave." The kid still had his back to him but he was now obviously awake if the tenseness of the body had anything to go by it.

"I'm not here to scare you. I'm here to make you laugh kid."

"I find that hard to believe from a creature such as yourself." The kid still laid facing away from him and there was no mirror that he could see.

"Geez, sorry to break it to ya kid but Monster's got out of the scaring business. How'd you know what I was without looking anyways?" At this the kid finally turned around to reveal a thin face with green eyes that weren't entirely focused, messy black hair and just peeking through a fringe of hair was a lightning bolt shaped scar. What he noticed the most however was the pointedly raised eyebrow that had been left in the reports.

"The only ones who've ever visited my cupboard are the Dursley's and a chameleon like creature who tried to scare me a few years ago. Seeing you are not the Dursley's you had to be some sort of creature." From a child's point of view the logic was flawless. "If you aren't here to scare me why are you here?"

"Like I said kid, to make ya laugh! Work with me here." Mike was putting together an unpleasant picture of what this kid's life must have been like in his head. The boy just stared at him unimpressed.

"Then you might as well leave. I have chores to do in the morning and I need my sleep. Good night." With that he once more turned his back to Mike. He caught sight of a bruise on the back of his neck poking through his shirt. He started to understand now why he hadn't screamed the first time. They really weren't scary to him and apparently he wouldn't even give him a chance to make him laugh.

His eye softened as he thought for a little while on how to respond and try to get the kid to open up. He was about to speak again when suddenly the door was opened and he was pulled back through by familiar claws. He heard the door slammed shut behind him.

"What was that for?" Mike asked indignant.

"You're time was up and with no energy being collected we were worried that you were caught! What happened in there?" Sully was very concerned and when Mike didn't respond right away to his questions but instead got pensive look on his face his concern only grew. This whole situation was very unlike Mike.

"It- I- What can I say? He just raised an eyebrow at me before going back to sleep." Mike didn't know how to handle this situation. There was never any protocol made on how to deal with human problems other than in relation to monsters. As a monster he should leave the human problems to the humans. Right? Right.

"That's it? Are you sure?" Disbelief was prominent on Sully's face as well as the gathered crowds'.

"Yeah, big guy, I guess there are some things not even I could do." Mike patted Sully's large furry arm before he started to walk away. "I need to go for a walk and clear my head a bit. I don't recommend sending anyone else in. It won't do anything for him."

Mike walked away deep in thought. He silently pushed some of the crowd out of the way as he made his exit. For a long while Mike thought of what to do but in the end he didn't do anything and when the little door blinked out completely after a few days of massive surges rather than its normal slow decent of gradually losing energy when the boy turned eleven Mike took a few days off. It didn't necessarily mean anything but his mind leaped to the worst conclusion and the thought of the boy with the raised eyebrow would haunt him from time to time.

A/N: I always wondered where accidental magic/ leakage kids let off went so I'm just going to say it went to the monsters and the energy they gathered was just some residual magic until the kids got it under control when they're teenagers... I hope you liked it... I might post an epilogue... Maybe. No promises what so ever. Seriously though this turned out waaaaaaaaaaay more depressing than I had planned. In my head it was just like a two hundred word dialogue of Mike trying to make Harry laugh and Harry having none of it. Also if there are any mistakes please point them out.

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Published: 9 August 2013