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Mike made his rounds once again and on today's roster was the kid who reminded him of Randall. Edward,* or Teddy as he had been asked to be called, was a very unique child from one of the very unique doors that would sometimes appear. He hadn't seen the other monster since his exile but the things that this kid could do would always remind him greatly of that damned chameleon. Luckily though this is where the comparison ended as Teddy was a fantastic kid to know. He was sweet but mischievous and absolutely adored changing his hair color to match Mike's skin every time he came over. It was flattering really. He also helped inspire many of the jokes he told the other children he visited and was going to miss him when it was time to say goodbye for good because Teddy had outgrown the need for him.

Ever since that one disastrous door all those years ago Mike had changed his ways when it came to the children he visited. He got involved, to an extent, in their lives and they became friends. He learned their names and he told them his. He usually passed himself off as an imaginary friend, but a friend nonetheless, that would joke around and laugh with them but made it clear that they could also talk to him if they really needed to. He didn't just give up on them, not after the exceptionally small door to the exceptionally small room blinked out much too soon. He had learned his lesson. So he had stayed with them, befriended them, until they were getting too old for him and made his own sad farewells before disappearing from their lives forever.

His method of energy gathering wasn't exactly condoned, well it wouldn't be if they knew because it did present a large risk of Monsters being discovered by the adults, but he held the all time laugh records for many years now and no one had questioned him in a concerned manner yet. He hadn't been caught so far and what Sully and the rest didn't know wouldn't hurt them. It was his little secret and Mike thought it would stay that way as he walked confidently out of the closet of what he had expected to be a routine visit. Oh how wrong he was.

It was close to midnight when Teddy's door came around. He knew that Teddy's bedtime was around nine p.m. and his godfather, who was his guardian, went to bed around eleven. Midnight was an ample time to visit as Teddy would be refreshed from a short nap and his godfather would be fast asleep. What he hadn't planned on that night though was that it was May the second. Had he known the significance of the date he would have realized that his Godfather would be feeling the need to be near a living family member and hold them as to reassure himself that the people he had lost so many years before on this date hadn't died for nothing. If Mike had known that the second of May was a horrible anniversary that lead to an over protective parent he would not have come that night. However, he did not know so he treated this as any other day and walked right in without taking any precaution when entering.

He was halfway to the bed when he noticed something was amiss. Teddy wasn't in his normal spot but instead someone much larger was. Some adult sized large. He quickly looked up see an adult man, presumably the one he had heard so many good things about, holding a sleeping Teddy gently and looking at him curiously with one eyebrow raised. If Mike hadn't been in shock at being caught he would have noticed something eerily familiar about this man but he was frozen to the spot trying to think of how to escape with the least amount of damage done.

"This is a dream. You are just dreaming of an incredibly handsome Monster is in the room. Go to sleep." He said this in a mystic voice while his fingers wiggled in a silly fashion as he slowly backed his way to the closet.

"So this isn't the creature that Teddy goes on about so often? Or visited me as a child?" The man's voice was curious and his eyebrow still raised pointedly.

By now Mike had calmed down enough to really process what he was hearing and seeing. He stopped moving to examine the man more clearly. He had dark messy hair and green eyes that he could still make out despite the glasses. The man gave a slight chuckle at being stared at in such an inquisitive manner by a small green monster and ruffled his hair which revealed a faded lightning bolt scar. That triggered something in the back of Mike's mind and when he looked at the man's face as a whole again he noticed the raised eyebrow. He had only met one person to raise an eyebrow in such a way but it couldn't be him. Could it?

"You're him. I mean you're alive!" Mike suddenly burst out. "You're alive!"

"Yes, death hasn't kept me yet," The Man said somberly. It was an odd choice of words but Mike let it slide as he was too awed and relieved that the boy hadn't died. That he had over reacted to the door blinking out. "Why would you think I had died?"

"You're door light, it was gone after your eleventh birthday. I had worried something terrible had happened." The man obviously hadn't understood what he meant but Mike was too far gone in his relief to notice. The thought of this boy had haunted him for so many years and to find it was truly just a nightmare and not reality was a lot to handle.

"Oh, alright then, if it's something to do with doors I changed rooms' right before I started my boarding school at eleven if that helps." Actually that did help. If he had changed rooms and then left not long then there wouldn't have been a buildup of energy in his new room while his old one would lose it's reserves somewhat quickly without small but constant additions.

"Alright then… Keep this to yourself would ya? I can't have this spreading around. I have a reputation to uphold you know!" Mike would have liked more of an explanation but knew he should leave but not before covering his tracks.

"That's fine just keep visiting Teddy and keep making him happy. If you could come around a little earlier though that would be great. Your late night visits make him incredibly tired the next day. I promise to try and not interfere."

"Thank you and I'll see what I can do." He turned to leave and when he was halfway through the door he turned back around and said his parting comments. "I'm glad you got away from those monsters and if it's worth anything I'm sorry that I didn't help you back then. It is truly one of my biggest regrets."

"Me too but that was a long time ago and I have since moved on. There wasn't much you could have done anyways. Goodbye creature."

"See ya kid."

With that Mike left a much changed creature once again. The first time he had left the boy he had later learned from his mistakes and this time when he left the man he had learned that perhaps he could prevent future ones. He learned that not all things needed to end sadly. Perhaps the children he visited, at least some of them, wouldn't outgrow him. After all they've been through together he couldn't just leave his human friends to wonder what happened to their funny monster in the closet and potentially worry about him needlessly. Friends didn't do that to each other and perhaps things would work out just fine. Maybe adults weren't that bad. They were people just as kids were. The others at work wouldn't understand but maybe this too would stay a secret just like what had happened to the exceptionally small boy who only raised his eyebrow.

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*Can you believe Teddy's real name is Edward and not Theodore? I was shocked when that bombshell was dropped not to long ago.

Published: 11 August 2013