Chapter 1: Haunted


The young dog demon prince soared above the sky following the foul scent of iron mixed with the intoxicating scent of flowers. His long white hair flowed with the wind, his eyes hints the color of red, expressing frustration that for once his impeccable speed didn't go as fast as he wanted it to. He spotted a vast field of white camellias and there she was, sitting in a pool of red that contrast perfectly with the with the white flowers among her.

He stepped lightly and he held his breath as the foul scent of miasma assaulted his sensitive nose. He studied her for a minute. She looked like she was lost in her own thoughts, her body grew weaker as the miasma consumed her wounded body. She didn't seem to notice his presence until a strong gust of her element caught his scent and when she finally met his eyes, she was almost sure that she had already died for she didn't expect him to be standing there in front of her. The pain throbbing on her side validated the other half of her intuition that there was still a little life left in her and that he was infact standing in front of her.

"You…you…came…" she choked out as her now beating heart raced for the first time and her stomach churned of million butterflies fluttering all around as her red eyes feast on the sight of the handsome prince she longed to hold.

"I followed Naraku's scent and miasma," was his pathetic excuse.

"Oh… you thought I was Naraku…" her eyes fell in sadness and his heart ached for the first time. He couldn't understand that strange feeling he has towards the woman before him. He couldn't explain why he let himself go to her when he knew she was dying. What is she to him? A friend? A foe? Was she so important that his inner self told him to see her one last time?

"No, I knew it was you."

Sesshomaru looked down to his young charge as she skipped towards him. She smiled her toothy grin as she offered Sesshomaru three freshly picked camellias.

"Lord Sesshomaru," she grinned up at him.

Sesshomaru plucked the flowers from the little girl's hands, she smiled once more when Sesshomaru gave his silent thank you and she skipped back to Jaken. Looking up, he ordered Jaken to prepare for dinner and announced that he will be gone for the night. He then transformed into a ball of light and quickly disappeared before Jaken irritate his nerves with unnecessary questions.

The war with Naraku has finally ended. Along the way, Sesshomaru gained an arm and an impeccable sword forged from his own aura. His own sword. He is stronger than ever, his aristocratic air unchanging, but there's something about him changed over the past few years. He wouldn't admit it out loud but deep inside the death of a certain wind user had created a void inside of him and he's uncertain why after all this time her dying face still haunts him. Maybe because her death marked his first defeat. He tried to revive her, that one time he was willing to use his useless sword, that one time he felt protecting someone, it didn't work. Although he's not sure what ailed him to want to save the woman. If he had succeeded on reviving her… then what?

He rested under an ancient tree with one hand on his knee, letting his guard down while mentally recollecting memories he had of the wind user. She would always ask for his help to set her free from Naraku. An act Sesshomaru originally thought foolish though in the end a part of him wanted to save her from Naraku but it was already too late. He sighed, there he goes again thinking about the past.

Suddenly, the wind changed and he immediately placed his mask on. He knew this scent everywhere. He stood and touched the hilt of his sword.

"My, why so hostile, son?" a sultry voice came from behind him. "It's just me, your mother."

"What do I owe this visit, mother." he had faint memories of her as a child. Though he has an estranged relationship with his mother, he still respected her enough to call her mother.

Sesshomaru's mother now stood in front of him. Her long silver hair collected in two long pigtails, her face mirrored the image of her only son. She stood proud in her noble air, a large moko-moko wrapped around her waist, fingers adorned with jeweled rings, and around her neck was the meido stone entrusted to her by her late husband. Her own name, Matsuhime, befitting a princess on her own right. She was a true image of royalty. She was the queen consort to her late husband and now ruled over the demons of the west. In time, Sesshomaru will take the throne as the rightful heir of his late father's empire.

"I'm glad to see you well, my son." she rolled her eyes at her son, he was still arrogant and distant.

"What is your business here." he stated flatly, surely it was something important that she had come all the way from her palace to see him.

"It is time, Sesshomaru." her face serious. Sesshomaru knew what she was talking about and knew that it was coming, his mother is only a consort to his father and could not rule any longer. He stayed quiet and waited for her.

"As you know many years ago, your father had ended the war between our land and the east by creating a pack with them. Though, you may not remember every detail since you were just born at the time, your father promised that one day you and their first born daughter will be married to seal off the union between the two lands and bear an heir to the new empire."

"Oh! Sesshomaru!" she linked her arms around Sesshomaru's arm. "Please do your mother a favor and honor your father's wishes!"

Sesshomaru stepped away from his mother and pierced her eyes that resembled his own. It was like looking into his own reflection. As the eldest son of the late dog general, it was his duty to protect his family's name. It was an honorable thing to do, specially after the scandal his father left his mother. Sesshomaru respected Matsuhime for ruling his kingdom after what his father had done to her by betraying her with a mortal woman and bearing a son, a half demon that is.

Matsuhime was the only person that could read Sesshomaru's blank face. After all, she birthed him, she smirked to herself already knowing her son's response to her pleads and sensing that soon she will retire as the temporary ruler of the western land.

"The night of the full moon, come to my palace and you shall meet your bride." with that she gathered her demonic powers and transformed to her true self and once again ascended into the heavens back home.

Sesshomaru's mind raced to an image of a certain image of a wind user's face with the mere mention of the word "bride" her eyes glowed fiery red mirroring her own personality of fierce and rebellious. Her black tresses collected neatly in a bun supported by two feathers she used for her magic. Her skin pale and in contrast with her unique wine colored eyes and lips. He shook his thoughts of her then punched a tree in half to release his bottled up frustrations that longed to be released.

Author's note:

Hello readers! This has been brewing in my mind lately, and today I finally set it freee! Kindly please let me know what you think :)

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