"D-do we have t-to do this?" asked Ninetales as she saw Sonic scuttling around in the plane.

"Yes Ninetales, we do," replied Pikachu, who was staring out of thw window. "I don't understand why they picked us to do this! Can't REAL people do this instead of us?!"

"It makes no sense!" Miles Prower, or Tails, screeched. "And Sonic, calm down! We'll be out soon!"

"And Luigi, stop being such an idiot!" Mario snatched the spaghetti that his younger brother was holding, opened a small window and tossed it out. "There! No more spaghetti for you!"

"Does anyone even know where we're even going?"

"Dunno, I just heard that we're going to an utterly deserted island."

"I was right in the middle of collecting evidence for my next case!" screeched Phoenix Wright. "I can't believe this has happened..."

"Yeah! Unfair!" said Apollo.

"Shut up, Apollo. No-one said you could talk."

"... darn you all."

"...don't you feel the sunshine... does it brighten up your day..." Sonic whispered.

"Hey guys!" cried a cyan pony. "Can me and Rarity be in this because we were in the MLP: FiM mobile app?"

"Defo," replied Pikachu. "If ur in a game, sure."

"Can we maybe get this started now then?"

There were way too many people cramped up in that plane - all from different games.

"Please will everyone put on their parachutes?" asked a flying squirrel called Buttons as she walked in. She's my character. DO NOT STEAL, completely original. Honest. Apollo opened his mouth to speak, when -

"LOOK, LISTEN!" cried Navi as she fluttered over.

"Naviiiii!" Link shouted. He grabbed her and threw her in a bottle, where he closed the lid shut.

"Oh, this is ridiculous!" Rarity objected. "Why are we even here, Rainbow?"

"Because I wanted to be here, 'k?" replied the rainbow-pony. "And I'm gonna do a Sonic Rainboom!"

"Hey, Rainbow!" said Sonic, coming back to his senses. "haven't seen you in a while. Wanna go down together?"

"Eww, no Stormie!" Rainbow jerked her hoof away.

"Aww come on, you know I'm only playing."

"(Playing like I'm your girlfriend... that's not like you.)"

"You guys! Get ready!" Buttons shouted. "OPEN THE DOOR!"

"This is it, the big jump..." Phoenix said as he began sweating and his hands began sticking together. Everyone could tell he was horrified, and so was Apollo.

"I'm NOT DOING IT!" shrieked Apollo. He fell back and banged his head on the wall.

"Aww come on," said Ninetales. "You chickens!"

"I-I'm n-not a ch-chicken!"

"Mr Justice and Mr Wright, if you don't get ready to jump off, I will have to push you off!" shouted Buttons. "And believe me, I have a STRONG push for my size!"

Sonic looked at Rainbow, who looked back. They both grinned, then backed up. As the two attorneys put their parachutes on properly, they giggled a bit. "CHAAAARRRRGGGGEEEEE!" they both screeched as they rammed into the humans and they fell out.

"Ohmigosh..." Ninetales said as she stared, mouth agape, at the two now tiny figures falling. "...That was the funniest thing EVER guise!"

"I know, right?" said the blue speedsters.

"I just hope that they know how to activate the parachutes..." Banjo whispered before Kazooie pecked him on the head a few times.

"Hey, BIRDBRAIN!" Sonic screeched. "Stop that!"

"What'cha gonna do, freak?" asked the breegull. The two began staring at each other instensely. Suddenly Kazooie whapped Sonic with her wing and he went flinging out the open door. Tails followed shortly after.

"Okay, everyone else may go now... after that ruckus."

After that, everyone else took turns to jump out. Some fell faster than others, some fell slower than others, and some didn't even fall because they were floating or flying. Button jumped up and put her arms out.

"Island, here I come!"