Darien led the Generals to the area that the scouts have always used to train while on the temple grounds. He'd taken the time to share some battle stories with the men to kind of boost up their allies in the minds of the generals as well as to reassure them that they would be able to help them with their current enemies.

"And they've been able to do all this without their memories of the past?" Jed asked with just a bit of amazement. He knew very well that believing in all of this, without the foreknowledge gifted by his previous memories, was more than just difficult. It was very close to impossible.

"Yes. None of us have been able to fully recover our memories, though I've had some of them resurface throughout the years through dreams and their guardians seem to have most of their memories and have helped when possible with connecting the dots." Darien knew that even Luna and Artemis's memories were spotty regarding certain issues but he figured that it was best to not point out their shortcomings at the moment. "They've been able to face many enemies over the years. They're more than willing to help with the Benu."

Malachite saw the respect that his prince had for the Sailor Scouts and instinctively knew that he, too, could trust them. His prince has spent years in this time period fighting alongside the women. If he felt that they could be relied upon then they could be. He looked ahead and saw where four women and one man were gathered and appeared to listening to a black feline who appeared to be a guardian. As they approached the group one of the women with short hair greeted the prince and his generals.

"Darien, we were just filling Kyle in on what we've learned so far regarding the Benu," Ami glanced toward the generals and noted that the woman who had been the catalyst for much of that knowledge didn't appear to be among them. "Where's the woman? The one from the hospital? I was hoping to see her again."

Darien glanced back toward the men with him which spurred Malachite to respond.

"She wasn't too keen on returning to the temple. She has instead elected to spend her time meditating to learn more on the Benu's plans for their next strike."

Rei smoothed back her hair as she thought back to the first time she saw the mysterious woman in the fire reading room. "I guess I should apologize to her about all that. It's just when I saw someone using magic, especially right after Darien informed us of suspecting that a new threat was on the horizon, I assumed that she was that enemy."

"Yes, well..." Malachite eyed the woman who he now knew had attacked Hattie when she'd been here while searching for the prince and the generals. "Hatsu prefers to remain on her own, anyway. Even without that unfortunate meeting she likely would not have come tonight."

"Maybe next time." Rei said with a smile. After all, if she had indeed been the palace oracle as Darien had shared with the scouts then the two of them likely would have a lot in common, power-wise at least.

"Now," the feline spoke up from her place. "I believe that Darien and the Generals are all here train. So let's dispense with the chit-chat for now."

"Wait," Kyle spoke up in confusion. "There is a topic that I think that the other men will want to discuss."

Darien eyed the man whom he'd gone from despising to respecting in the last year. "What topic would that be?"

"Zoisite." As soon as he spoke the name the other four men attention was focused keenly on him. "I know where he is. And I know that one of you reached out to talk to him about a week ago."

Jadeite eyed the man that seemed familiar but he couldn't place him. His prince had informed him that one of the Moon's Palace Guards had been found and had joined the Scouts. Had even told the Generals of the fact that he and the princess were no longer together; partially due to the palace guard. Jed couldn't believe that the prince and this guard were on friendly terms after knowing that fact. But first and foremost, Jadeite wanted to know how this guard could know about his meeting with Zoisite.

"How do you know that?"

"In this lifetime, we've been friends since we were children. He came to see me after your encounter. He was having some disturbing dreams; memories. Your meeting triggered them. He's still coming to terms with them. I was sort of hoping that we could give him some more time to adapt to the thought that what you told him could be true. It's a lot to take in, you know?"

Nephrite spoke up, "We have a potion that will return all of his memories so that he won't have to be confused any longer. If you tell us where we can find him-"

"We can discuss going to see Zoisite later," Darien interrupted. He'd still hadn't expected Kyle to have a direct connection with his only remaining general that still needed to be brought into the fold. Still, he wanted a chance to talk to him for himself. He would give the option of the potion but since he himself wasn't sure if he wanted the memories of his past life he wanted to give the choice to the other man. "We need to practice. Or more specifically, the three of you need to practice. In this lifetime you've not needed your fighting skills. So we need to fine-tune them back up. The Scouts are willing to help with some mock battles and Kyle," Darien motioned to the other man without looking at him, "can help you with your swordsmanship. He's pretty good and can hold his own."

Kyle lifted a brow at the compliment. He didn't say anything though since he knew that the sign of respect was something that he never would have thought he'd hear only a few short months ago.

Lita spoke up as she loosened up some muscles. "We figured we'd start while powered down. Then once you've gotten your feet wet we'll up the ante a bit. We'll have you fellas back in fighting form in no time."

"Watch out for that one," Darien smiled to show that he was joking. "That one fights dirty."

"Sometimes the only way to fight," Lita joked back. "Now, let's get started."

Serena had decided at the last minute that she wasn't quite ready to watch the others train while knowing that they were preparing for a fight that she couldn't join. Instead, while Brutus went with Kyle so that he and Artemis could get reacquainted, Serena instead decided that she'd spend the evening with her sister-in-law. Wendy made them each a cup of hot cocoa and handed a mug to the former scout. They'd been discussing the night that the Benu had attacked the charity event.

Serena watched with a bit of amusement when Wendy discussed certain parts of the story and finally probed her sister-in-law a bit more regarding one particular detail. "What I want to know is how you just happened to have been there with Darien." Serena giggled at her sister-in-laws discomfort. "In fact, you've mentioned him quite a bit lately. Anything I should know?"

Wendy looked very uncomfortable as Serena asked. After all, not only was she her brother's wife but she was also Darien's ex-girlfriend. How was she supposed to talk about the man to her? "Like what? I'm not sure I know what you are talking about? Darien had mentioned that if I needed any help to call him. I needed an escort and he agreed to help me out in a pinch. It really is that simple."

Serena found the blush that her husband's older sister was trying to hide to be adorable. "And he gave you his number after what? You said that you two happened to run in together in his neighborhood."

"Yes, what of it?" Wendy wondered what Serena was getting at.

"How often do you go all across town just to go to the movies when there are a lot of other theaters between here and there?" Serena couldn't hold back the giggles when she saw a look of embarrassment on Wendy's face. "You may not have realized what you were doing but I think a part of you was hoping to run into Darien at sometime on those weekly trips to the movies."

"I-" Wendy paused as she tried to remember just when she'd started going to that particular theater for her weekly entertainment. To be honest, most of the movies that she'd gone to watch hadn't even been those that she found any interest in. But she'd still gone.

"Hey, don't worry. Darien and I may not have been a good match for this lifetime but I'll be the first to admit that he's a great guy. If you are developing feelings for him you owe it to yourself to act on them."

Wendy looked off to the side, far too uncomfortable to continue the conversation. After a moment she decided to change the subject. "You never did tell me why you chose to come here for a visit instead of to the temple where the others were meeting up, tonight."

Serena took in her sister-in-law's face and saw that she wasn't willing to discuss her and Darien's potential for a relationship any longer. She then looked away before she admitted, "I wasn't ready to stand by to watch them train for a fight that I know will be harder because I'm not Sailor Moon any longer."

"Serena, it's not your fault."

"I know you are trying to make me feel better but we both know that isn't true. Not really. I feel for the Shadow Scouts ploy; hook, line, and sinker. But, I knew that this day would come eventually. I just didn't think that it'd come so soon." Serena pouted as she mentally tried to steady herself for the coming days. "Well, since you don't want to talk about Darien and I don't want to talk about Scouts, why don't we do something to both of our minds off of everything? Let's go shopping."

Wendy laughed and nodded her head. "Alright. Shopping it is."

After a couple of hours the men and women training at the temple called an end to the day's activities. The women bade the men goodbye while Kyle joined the other men in their planning on how to bring Zoisite into their team.

"I can go back and talk to Michael but I'm not really sure if he'll be ready for all of this just yet," Kyle said as he took a towel to wipe his brow.

"So we can just what Jed and Mal did to me, just give him the potion and-"

"No," Darien interjected. "Kyle and I will go talk to him. We'll take the potion with us but it has to be his choice."

"But the Benu?" Malachite wasn't too keen on the prince heading off without any of the generals who were charged with his protection. "If they attack while you are alone."

Darien smirked since he hadn't thought that he'd ever say this, "I won't be alone. I'll be with Kyle. And in this life, his sword skills are the best from among us. And from what he's said, Zoisite is an excellent swordsman, too. I'll be fine. Now the potion, I'm assuming that Hatsu has it?"

The three generals all exchanged glances with one another before nodding. Jadeite then added, "She'll be the only one that will be able to activate it. It's her magic. She'll have to go with you to see Zoy."

Darien nodded as he turned toward Kyle who still looked a bit stunned after hearing him boast of the man's skills to the generals. That and the implication that he'd trust Kyle with his life. "We should go and get Hatsu. We need to do this today. We don't have time on our side."

Kyle recovered from his shock and agreed with Darien. "I'll send Michael a message telling him that I'm in the area and need to talk to him. That way he'll be expecting us- Or at least me."