A young woman ran along the edge of the ravine her long black hair flying out behind her like a flag as she pushed her body to its limits and beyond trying to make it out of the clear dome that en-circled the village where the girl had lived her whole life. She was the only one left, the only living proof of what had been going on in that small town in Scotland and she couldn't stop she had to let the world know what had happened, what those people had done to the innocent villagers. The woman gently put a hand to her stomach as she ran along the ravine, this would be her proof, her life and the downfall of those arrogant enough to think that they could get away with the murder of a whole innocent village. She would keep hidden, keep safe and then one day she would tear down their world, her and her proof.


Jade smiled as she finished hacking into the banks newest vault, it had only taken her twelve seconds and that was on the first try. Jade took a packet out of one of her hidden pockets and poured some of the content into her gloved hand before blowing the contents into the safe. The red laser lights became visible and Jade immediately calculated a way through the lights to her prize, knowing that the way in wouldn't be the way out she gave the room a careful once over before taking a deep breath and letting it out as she begin to dance through the laser's, contorting her body away from the lights while continually moving forward. She didn't stop while she grabbed the box that she considered her prize, her monument taking her to the wall and up a foot before her specially made foot-wear came into play and she walked up the wall towards her exit while she checked the box's contents, after seeing exactly what she wanted she put the box into the back-pack that she had brought just for that purpose before leaving the vault and the bank. As soon as Jade cleared the bank, she pulled out a cell phone and sent a quick text out the only number on the phone before continuing on to the agreed drop-off place.

Screaming, blood. Where was she? What was going on? People of all ages and races were running around. A loud growl rumbled out from somewhere behind her, panic, the lights flickering, darkness, pain then bright lights, freezing cold then burning heat. A face, a name, darkness, what was going on? Who was she? Where was she?

Jade shook her head startled at the suddenness of the flashback, a headache begin to form pulsing so badly it caused Jade to stop moving and lean against the chimney of the roof of the building that she was now on. "Maybe someone in the building below would have some aspirin that I could filch." Jade thought before she silently slipped down the roof-top and hooked her feet on the spouting and leaned down to see if anyone had their window opened. A curtain moved in the breeze and Jade gave a pained grin, she was in luck. Jade pulled on her specially made gloves and touched her hands to the side of the building before un-hooking her feet from the spouting and climbing down the side of the building to the open window, however out of habit she pulled looked through the window to see how to make through the apartment. At the sight that greeted Jade's eye's she decided that sticking to the ceiling would be the best way to get through this particular apartment. Jade decided it was safe and she silently climbed into the window, and attached herself to the ceiling, she begin to look around for a medicine cabinet but not finding one she figured she was going to have to get down from the ceiling and look around on foot but first she had to secure the apartment.

After a quick tour of the apartment she found one person, a guy by the state of the apartment, asleep in the apartment's only bed she waited in his room only long enough to make sure that he was asleep before she began to check out his apartment for some headache medicine. Jade didn't find any medicine but she in the fridge alone she found a severed head and a jar of eye-balls, human from the size and looks of them, there was also what appeared to be a jar of fingers all of them pinkies. Jade was curious and checked the freezer wondering what he had in there. She wasn't surprised to find a foot from the ankle down in what looked like to be the early stages of frost-bite, as well as several plastic bags filled with different liquid in a half-frozen state. By the time Jade had explored the whole apartment her head-ache was a long forgotten memory, and her curiosity was piping hot. "What kind of man would have real body parts stuck in his fridge?" Jade wondered to herself, just then her phone vibrated on her hip reminding Jade that she was expected half-across town at the abandoned factory to drop off the goods she had picked up. Jade silently slipped out of the apartment the same way she got in she made sure to take a mental picture from the roof before running towards the drop-off point.