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Later that same night there was a huge car wreck, six people were killed and fourteen were taken to the hospital with severe injuries. Among the fourteen was a man named Anthony Mullens who turned out to be a female to the surprise of the ER workers. The back of her head was bleeding severely and there were lacerations all over her body which already had several scars marring it. Not an hour into the surgery to get the embedded glass out of her head and body several people entered the ER and forcibly started to remove her from the hospital. One of the men showed the main doctor his ID and the doctor backed down and allowed the removal of the female Jane Doe with the male ID.



Nightmarish dreams of rotting mutilated corpses that resembled a macabre mix of animal and human parts sewed together like modern Frankenstein monsters haunted me as I slept. I tried to force myself to think of anything else to get rid of the images and stenches that were pervading my dreams but the last thing I remember was seeing a car spinning out of control towards a child and thinking, "I need to save her."Nothing else would come to mind and so I was forced to relive horrible things that I was beginning to fear were past memories.

I slowly began to force myself awake each day clawing my way up the blood and gore filled mountain's of decaying flesh in my sub-consciousness and pulling myself up one level at a time from the pit that was slowly causing me to lose my hold on sanity. When I finally awoke I found myself strapped down on a cool metal table in a white room that had few items in it besides me, the table I was strapped to a heart monitor machine and a machine that seemed to be pumping a sleeping gas into my body as it was covering my face like an oxygen face mask.

The room was swaying as I was still being influenced by whatever I was breathing I knew that I was too weak from whatever the poison was that I was breathing so I decided to go with a different way of escape. I took a deep breath and then held it, the machine that was monitoring my heartbeat continued on as normal for a moment and then it began to slow down. My ears seemed to pound with the rushing of my blood and I could feel my body starting to shut down when the machine finally went off with a shrill beeping noise that caused the door to the room to fly open and several sets of footsteps to come running towards me.

The heart monitor is now going crazy and several voice's fill my ears sounding more like distant roar's then actual words as my body continues to shut down. Finally someone removes the mask on my face, just as another removes the straps on my arms and I inhale the fresh with a furious gulp as I make my body respond to my mental commands. Killing came to me with such ease that I was scared for a moment and simply sat there surrounded by the four dead bodies before shaking off my fear of myself and slowly making my way to the door where I paused for a moment to circulate more oxygen into my lungs and get rid of the linger medication in my veins. After a few moments I was almost steady on my feet so I opened the door to the room.

I wasn't surprised to find myself surrounded by people with guns, several had short-swords attached to their back's making those men and woman my main focus. I wasn't surprised to see the clear glass rooms that held several grotesque and severely deformed looking creatures that weren't quiet human but not quiet animal things mostly dead but three seemed to be alive. I had accepted that what I had been seeing as nightmare were in fact memories of my past before I had fully awakened and I was calm and my mind was blank except for one thought, "Kill them all."I walked out calmly and then as soon as the first finger tightened on its respective trigger I went into motion. The walls, ceiling and floor was covered in blood, I myself was covered from head to toe in blood, most of it wasn't mine but some of it was as I took three bullets and four knife wounds to my body.

I heard a phone ringing and picked it up from where it was clutched in a severed hand, first having to pry off the cold dead fingers. I called Molly and told her that I didn't know if I would be coming back so if she didn't mind she could live in the home that we had decorated together when she had stayed with me before. I made sure to tell her where the deed to the house and grounds was as I had made it out to her the day after I bought the place just in case then I told her to tell John to find happiness and to never let anyone push her around again before hanging up the phone and pulling out the battery and breaking the SIM card. Then my mind was back on a one track mission and I was prepared to never stop until I had completed it or died trying.

THREE YEARS LATER; Somewhere in Scotland:

I calmly looked through my sniper scope and put the bead on the head of the person who had started everything. It had taken me a while to find her since she was now living it up in the same protected village my mother must have escaped from however with some electrical devices I was able to disable the shield and enter. "And now she pays." I thought my lips curling in a sneer of disgust at her as I slowly squeezed off on the trigger. I watched with satisfaction as my specially made bullet made its way through her skull, effectively putting an end to her. The people around her began to scream and the large commotion caused almost all of the guards outside of the large castle like mansion that had been set up right in the heart of the ruins. I smirked and began to pick off the guards outside of the building as the doors and windows blew out of the mansion, smoke curling high into the air as the multiple bombs I had snuck inside of the building went off killing everyone inside. After taking down the last guard I walked down to the building taking my time as the fire burned furiously hot from the chemical compounds I had used. Upon reaching the burning building I heard a groan coming from my left, pulling out one of my Glocks I put a round through the guy's head and then there was silence except for the crackling of the flames. Satisfied that everything was finally over I turned and left the ruins heading back to where my home was, London, England. "I wonder if Moll's has kept up the cottage that I gave her? I should really stop by the other one that I kept and see if it needs anything fixed to…"


I glanced around the shadows that veiled the forest and most of the house, my sense's taking in everything I could hear, smell and see before I decided that the way was clear of any obstacles and I crept out of the shadows and up onto the porch hesitating only a minute before knocking on the front door. I shifted my feet restlessly as my eyes continued to sweep the yard and forest for anything out of place as footsteps came towards me from inside the house. The front door swung open and the smell of a nice Thanksgiving meal flooded out of the door.

"…Is that really you Jade?" Molly asked softly her heavily pregnant body catching me by surprise, "Yeah, it's me molls." I said softly leaning against the door frame to keep myself upright from all of the information I was getting from the smells that were coming off of Molly. I saw Molly starting to open her mouth, no doubt to holler for John who was farther inside their house with the rest of their family but I stopped her with a finger to her lips. "Shhh, Molls. It's okay, I've been gone for three years I never expected him to wait for me. I'm glad you found happiness, don't stress yourself it's not good for you or the little ones. Also thanks for taking care of Ajax and Ramon, I can tell you love them and they love you so I won't try and take them back. I'll see you guys around sometime, and Molls…live a long and happy life ok?" I said with a grin giving Molly a kiss on her forehead before turning and leaving.

I walked to the forest and got under its shadows before I began to run as fast as I could, moving around all the obstacles and trying to shut out the small voice that was cursing Molly and John for finding happiness and being able to settle down and have a family when I was unable to do that. However I managed to shut that voice up by reminding myself that I was now able to do that If I ever found the right person…well at least I would be able to have a family I don't know if I would ever truly be able to stay in one place for the rest of my life as the restlessness of my body and mind would tug at me.


I knew Molly, John, Mycroft and Mrs. Hudson planning something but I was at a loss as to what it was, it didn't seem to be something that would put me in danger so I decided to just ignore it and focus my attention on James the oldest of the twins Molly had had several months ago. Sherlock was sitting beside me holding Rachel, James identical twin sister surprisingly he hadn't been forced to hold her he had actually wanted to do it. At least that's what everyone else thought, however he and I had a bet about how long he could actually stand to hold her and deal with her crying and or dirty diaper whichever came first. I bet that he would bail on the changing her diaper and he took that bet and returned it, which is why we were sitting beside each other practically being burned hole's through by the four pairs of eyes that were watching us as we gave each other knowing looks.


I stared at Sherlock, I deliberately raised my left eyebrow in a way to show him I was un-amused by this. His reply was a shrug of his shoulders and his eyes responded "I didn't set this up." Everything clicked into place then and I let out a long sigh as I realized that this was what Molly, John, Mycroft and Mrs. Hudson had been planning. "Apparently they think we need someone, each other, preferably to them." I said as I moved forward and settled down onto the plane seat across from Sherlock. I saw the realization cross his face as I buckled up my seat belt, "I was wondering why John had had a meeting with Mycroft a few days ago." Sherlock said his fingers folding together. I said nothing but leaned back in the seat and closed my eyes letting my ears rest in the blissful silence as it was only Sherlock, myself, the two pilots on the small plane.

When we finally landed one of the pilots told us it was just to re-fuel so we could stretch our legs and use the restroom and meet them back at the airfield in an hour. Sherlock and I nodded stood up walked off the plane and then proceeded to leave the airfield with no intention of returning. It was just my luck that we had stopped to refuel in Spain as I had double-crossed one of the Loco's gang leaders a few years ago when I had been doing some 'work'. So needless to say Sherlock and I had to do a lot of running and day's quickly turned into weeks as we began to enjoy the chase and slowly each other's company.

And after four months of running, hiding and misleading certain people as we each had many enemies while hiding in an empty crumbling castle in Scotland as it poured down rain I decided, "Ah the heck with this!"And shoved Sherlock up against a nearby wall and began to kiss him. After a few seconds of no reply his hands wrapped around me and he began to almost shyly kiss me back, growing bolder as he changed our positions and slipped his left hand up the back of my sweater. That night our relationship changed for good, the intensity of our passion seemed to just add fuel to the fire as we made our way around the world running to and from people.

We solved mysteries, found many people and 'lost' just as many, we exposed certain organizations that stole from normal people which led to them being shut down and the money taken being restored. We put nasty people behind prison bar's and helped innocent people get free. Months quickly passed us by and before we knew it two years had flown past us and we were quickly approaching the third year of our 'relationship'. We both knew that we were not the type to settle down, buy a home, set up a white picket fence and have children however we agreed that if we did have kids we would revisit the idea of having one permanent residence to live in and come back to after whatever escaped we went on.

Not three weeks after we had talked about settling down I found out that I was pregnant, having not been back to England since we had left it that one day by plane and besides sending a single postcard to let Molly know that we were alive once a year at Christmas time we had had no contact with the small group of people that we had come to consider family we decided to surprise everyone. And since I still owned the one house, England was the perfect place to set up our 'home front' as it were.

As I sit here typing up my story I am in my fourth month and to Sherlock's surprise and mine own I have found myself to be pregnant with quadruplets something tell's me that Sherlock and I will have many more stories to tell in the future but for now my story has ended with me finding love with a man who I definitely never thought I would, having full knowledge of my past and a joyful hope for my future with family and friends and an actual home.