Alpha & Omega _ Special Relationship

Chapter 1

Rated: M

A/N: So this is my first Omegaverse - Fic, I only read a few fics and I hope everything's correct ^^

And also be patient with my mistakes, I come from Austria and speak German


It was a normal school day, boring as ever.

Arthur though behaved a little weird, keeping his distance from Alfred, his best friend ever, for some reason. Sometimes even asking, If Alfred wasn't feeling well. When Alfred assumed him he was feeling fine and asked him what was wrong, he would just say everything's alright, Alfred knew him too well and could tell, when he was lying though. But what could he do? It was stubborn Arthur we are talking about, so Alfred just let him be.

As history class started, the American started to feel weird and could feel Arthur's eyes on himself. He tried to ignore the feeling, which kept growing inside his stomach.

It wasn't a very unfamiliar feeling though, but in the moment he couldn't remember what it was. It felt like his brain had shut down.

He still ignored it and waited eagerly for the bell to ring.

Alfred sighed in relief, when finally the bell rang.

Before he could even stand up, he felt an arm on his shoulder. He looked around to meet Arthur's worried face.

"Arthur, I told you, I'm perfectly fine." He lied, as the feeling grew stronger, just as he felt the Alphas touch.

"Definitely not, I just can feel it."

He wasn't a very good liar, especially when he was trying to lie to Arthur. He sighed.

"Are you maybe…", now Arthur was only whispering. "Going into heat?"

Now everything was clear. He was going into….heat?! Already?! When was the last time he was in heat? How could he forget to count the days? How could he be so stupid?

The American looked up shyly nodding.

"I think I am. I didn't notice in the morning though, guess I got used to the feeling…" he whispered.

"Alfred, you know it's not good for Omegas to go to school, when they are going into heat. You could get in big trouble." The Briton warned him.

"Yes, yes I know…" the American sighed.

"I think the other Alphas did notice too" Arthur said, as he looked around, shooting suspicious glares at the other Alphas.

The American looked around a bit nervously.

"Guess I should go home then…" he laughed nervously. "I'm coming with you, to make sure you get home safe. You can never know what some of those Alphas are able to." The Briton looked around.

The American knew Arthur wouldn't give up, so he just shrugged.

"Just don't make a big deal out of it. It's not like it's my first time. You don't need to play the overprotective Alpha." He joked.

Arthur just rolled his eyes and stood up. "Let's go."

Alfred just nodded and followed him quietly, hoping that he wouldn't attract too much attention.

Though it was just naturally for an Omega to stay at home when in heat. Still he hated that whole heat stuff, he hated being an Omega. Omegas are weak after all, not more than giving birth and rising children in their lives. He'd rather be an Alpha or at least a Beta, that's what most people actually thought of him. He was thankful for at least having that left.

But he didn't want to think about this again. There was enough time later, when he was in his room, suffering for at least 5 days.

So there they were. As they were walking, Alfred noticed the glares that Arthur shot any Alpha who crossed their way. Who was behaving like they were…bonded. Alfred shook his head.

'He's my best friend and just a bit overprotective, that's all' he thought.

There was an awkward silence, till they finally reached Alfred's house.

"So here we are…" Arthur said.

"Yeah, thanks for bringing me home." Alfred smiled.

"Will you be fine?"

"Sure, it's not my first time. It's horribly uncomfortable, but hey…I'll survive it." The American joked.

"Then bye…"

"Bye" Alfred waved at Arthur, before the Briton went back to school.


It was the third day of Alfred's heat, third day he wasn't in school.

Somebody should think that Arthur should be used to being alone at school during Alfred's heat…no, he missed him.

He blamed it on his overprotective nature, but he always worried, though there was nothing to be worried about.

Arthur knew well enough, that Alfred's parents took good care of their "baby" during these days.

But still…

He'd always catch himself at looking at the empty seat beside him.

What he didn't expect though, was a phone call on afternoon. He was just finishing his homework, as his phone wrong.

Surprised at seeing, that it was Alfred calling, he picked up unsure.

Normally Alfred didn't call during his heat; probably because he didn't want to show how bad he felt during these days.

"Hello Alfred? Is something wrong?" he asked alarmed.

"Of course, I'm in the middle of my heat…" he joked, trying to hide, how uncomfortable it was.

"Idiot…" Arthur mumbled. "Did you just call me to joke around? If that's the case, I'll hang up."

"No no no, sorry. I just wanted to be distracted, sorry if I'm wasting your time."

There was definitely something wrong, when Alfred talked like that.

"You're not wasting my time. You're my best friend, so you can tell me anything." Arthur said gently.

There was a long sigh and then silence for a few minutes.

"I think my…heat cycles are getting stronger. I don't know why, but it's…it's awful…And I thought I could maybe distracted myself, by talking to you…" he sure didn't sound very well, that was for sure.

"Stronger you say?"

"Y-Yes, since you walked home with me…it was calming as you were near me, but just as you left…I can't tell…"

Arthur thought for a moment, before replying.

"Maybe it's because there was an alpha near you. You know how this scent thing works. Especially when you're in the heat…" this conversation wasn't comfortable for neither of them, still Alfred was glad to have someone who listened to his problems.

"You're probably right…" the American sighed. "Thank you…I wished you were here…" he mumbled, not knowing what he was saying. As he realized, his heart stopped beating for a moment, his cheeks changing into a dark red. Thank God Arthur couldn't see it.

There was an awkward silence, both of them were blushing madly. Neither of them really knew what to say, to break the ice.

"Well uh…yeah…good bye…see you soon" Alfred mumbled, knowing it would only get worse, when his next heat wave would start.

"O-Okay…bye." Arthur stuttered before hanging up.

Now that was weird.