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Anastasia was a simple, engaged woman that worked in a quiet library in Seattle. Everything seemed to go well in her life but faith revealed other plans, when one spring afternoon, Ana discovers her long-time boyfriend and fiancé, José, cheating on her. After the dreadful revelations that ended definitely their relationship, she feels the need to have a scenario's change. And what's better than Sin City to start all over again?

She gets a job working as a bartender on a Hotel but her self-esteem is downright low after seven years of no appreciation that turned her into a shy, self-conscious girl. With no acquaintances or friends in the new town, she decides to fight her loneliness by doing something completely out of the ordinary. In a rash moment of craziness she decides to hire a male escort.

After paying for the service she starts to get doubts again and ponders to cancel the whole thing until she opens the door and her breath stops. Christian Grey is the escort she gets and her life is about to change drastically after than one, sinful and unforgettable night. They're two opposites, with different goals and aspirations and only one common attraction – the one they share for one another. Will they manage to overcome that?


In for a penny, in for a pound.

I fanned myself with a small piece of paper and wandered inquisitively around my house. It didn't felt like a home just yet so I was trying to evaluate how much time I'd need to spend in order to make it look not only livable but inviting too. I had finally unpacked everything on the first floor, my new house was two stories in height but it was fairly small with only one big bedroom and the others regulars divisions a house's supposed to have. I sighed, upstairs things were done and I just needed to fill my overly-spacious closet with my little amount of clothes. I wasn't one to relish on material goods and that meant my style could be a questionable thing.

I wander a little bit more through out the rooms, I felt the need to plenish the space. It seemed to be a void and I certainly didn't like that feeling. I had moved exactly to run away from that helpless sentiment I had contracted back in Seattle. I sighed again and went to the kitchen. I needed to fill my food-stock, otherwise I'd be totally starving.

I was feeling quite the tiredness so I opted to just order some take-out, maybe Chinese would be a good option since I hadn't eat it in a while. I opened my laptop and searched for numbers of restaurants with a take-out service, debating for the longest time if I should eat Italian or Indian or Sushi but in the end I went for my first instinct and decided on the Chinese. Through the middle of my food research an ad popped out on my computer screen and sinful silvery letters gave a simple information that made me blush all shades of red and hastily close the website.

I forgot all about that when I made my meal-decision and order it; and it never came to my mind while I unpacked my final bags and poured them into my closet; and I most definitely didn't thought of it when I was quietly enjoying my Chinese food but somehow along the way, after opening my fortune-cookie, those same silvery and shiny letters popped in my mind again.

Unfolding the frail piece of paper from my fingers, I read it once more. It could have remitted me to anything in the world, but for some reason, my mind was diverted to that damned advertisement.

'The longer the night lasts, the more our dreams will be.'

"Hmm," I mused to myself.

My nights did have a tendency to last long, way long than they should and they were spattered with unfulfilled accomplishments that haunted my mind. I wanted to shrug those feelings away but at some point in my life, I should take risks, right? After all, wasn't Las Vegas the city of lust and opportunities and rather rash decisions?

Perhaps once in my life I should do something rash too, maybe that was the thrill I needed, the change I secretly craved. Or rather not so secretly, since I knew all about it.

Reluctantly I opened my laptop again, tipping the letters I remember seeing in the page and writing them in the search-motor. Soon after clicking enter, the tittle came along: SilverKnights, it read. I blushed once again, uncertain of my own thoughts. I clicked warily on the link that appeared and covered my eyes with my own hands.

"Oh god," I whispered.

Peeking through the slits my fingers formed, I began navigating on the page. After a while I gain confidence enough to drop my hands, only instead of having them rest on my lap, I had them covering my gaping mouth. Those were some really hot male specimens.

I roomed through the website and made up my mind the moment I laid eyes on one particular guy. "Fuck it!" I shouted after picking up my Johnny Walker bottle and drowning down a couple of shots. I picked up my phone and dialed the number before I could have the chance of regretting my actions. It ringed for a moment but I was too hyped up on adrenaline to notice how long it took to be answered.

"SilverKnights Escorts at you disposition, what can I help you with?"It was a male smooth voice.

I giggled, the alcohol was already kicking in. "Hello," I drawled and giggle again. "I wanted to hire your… services."

"Certainly, for when do you wish it?"

"Tonight." I stated boldly. It was possible, wasn't it?

"Okay, that's a last minute call. Do you have an escort picked?" The man on the other side was being particular nice and it made me feel all special and fuzzy. I nodded to his question, completely oblivious to the fact that he couldn't see me. He continued though. "I can see if he's available but if that doesn't verify I can indicate you someone that's uncommitted today."

"Yeah, I'd like that," I said firstly only then realizing I needed to tell who I had chosen. "Oh, I… Well, is Grey available?"

"Grey… Grey…" As the man murmured the name I could hear him tapping in something I deduced to be a computer's keyboard. "Well, yes. He is available." The man sounded more surprised than me but I didn't make any of it. "Will you require his services?"

My conscience entered me again and I gagged, my temporarily-flimsy drunkenness fleeted away so I was feeling insecure all over again. "Yes," I blurted out before my brain could function correctly. Rash it is, then.

"I'm gonna need your informations, Miss."

"My informations?" I stuttered a bit, I wasn't acquainted with the procedures and I certainly didn't want them to have any personal information about me.

"Well yes, I need a name and an address to send to the escort." Oh, I relished on the fact they didn't need any real, private informations. I considered briefly going to a hotel and have there my affair, but that didn't suit my personality so I simply gave them my address and my diminutive name.

"You'll need to perform the payment firstly and then Grey will go to your address at any moment."

"Okay," I said meekly, realizing the finality of this all.

After having all the informations required I grabbed a jacket and went to the closest ATM to pay the company. I didn't trust Internet enough to do my payments through there. I went home afterwards and only then did the reality sink in.

"Oh my god Ana, you're receiving a freaking male escort at any moment now!"

I began pacing around, quietly panicking about the situation. What the hell I had gotten myself into? I ran to the bathroom and planted myself in front of the mirror. What if Grey didn't find me attractive? He certainly was way beyond gorgeous while I was just… plain. I analyzed my figure over and over again. My skin was too pale – worst than a wan ghost; my hair didn't held any shine and had the most regular and un-sexy cut of all times; my eyes were bigger than they should and kept making me look like a freaking doll – an not in a good way; my boobs weren't big enough and my legs weren't long enough to be sensual either.

I shook myself and repeated my words, what have I gotten myself into? But then again, I forced myself to accept that male escorts probably had more regular/plain clients than beautiful/model ones, so I should be good. I'm sure he was used to it by now. Unless he was new to the thing than it could make us both uncomfortable. Ugh! I needed to stop with my thoughts, they were just getting out of control.

I had paid for the service and it had cost me a very big amount of money, so I was damn well enjoying it. I ran again, only this time to my closet, and decided I should at least try to look decent. Ever since I started dating José my clothes' choice became too simple. He always made me believe there was no point in going around all dolled-up. My self-esteem was pretty wracked due to him and though I was conscious of that, I couldn't do anything to change it either. I just felt depressingly unattractive… that's why he cheated on me, right?

Tears prickled on the corners of my eyes but I shrugged them away. It wasn't the time. I picked my only set of lingerie, which consisted on a pair of black-lacy bra and panties, put it on and covered it with my navy-blue dress. It was the best looking thing I had, it was velvety and it reached just above my knees. It had a round neck that hadn't much cleavage at all but to compensate the cut in the back was very low. It was so low that it showed the bra and after too much deliberation, I decided I wasn't keen on that, so I took it off. Fuck it, if you're in for a penny might as well be in for a pound.

I wore my hair down but decided to clip the front locks with some cute hair-pins I had. I wasn't one for much make-up nor could I even apply it correctly so I went for a simple look. I used some mascara and a cherry lip-gloss I had abandoned in my purse.

Looking again in the mirror I evaluated my figure, I guess I was… okay. I felt a little bit better and smile because of it. Now I was sure that Grey wouldn't find me ugly nor would he be thrown-off by my unremarkable features, he would just find me pretty normal. And I was okay with that.

I was about to go around the house, fixing things a little bit more, when the doorbell ranged.

"Fuck!" He was earlier than I expected or maybe I took longer than I expected, but either way I was beginning to feel a turmoil in my stomach.

I went down to the first story and timidly got close to the door. I placed my hand on the doorknob but contemplated not opening it. The bell ranged again and I jumped in surprise. I guess that didn't make any sense so I fought my nerves and tried to open it calmly.

It wasn't until the door was totally opened that he stepped inside. My breath got caught up in my throat and I was sure to be ogling him shamefully, but yeah, that was kind of what he was hired for, so I'm sure he didn't felt weird about it. At least not too much.

Grey was tall, very much tall, way over 6' foot. He was very well-built too, lean and rippled, under his white t-shirt I could see all of his muscles and that made my insides twitch. He was way behind gorgeous too, he was just simply beautiful. He had a strong jaw-line, a manly yet slender nose, high-cheek bones that would make any woman envious, a pair of lusciously unholy lips and the most mesmerizing eyes I had ever seen. They were light-grey with strokes of oceanic blue. Damn.

"Grey," He stated simply, extending his hand. Even his voice was a sin, all hoarse and low and too sexy for anyone's good. It literately made my panties soaked and I'd have pounced that man right there if a car hadn't honked somewhere down the street, efficiently snapping me out of my trance.

I grabbed his hand and almost jumped out of the energy jolt I received. It was warm and it made me dizzy, my body was clearly craving this person. This person I had just met and didn't even care about that.

"Are you Ana?" He asked, a sensual smile spreading on his lips. That made me blush and I was sure to be the color of a tomato.

I nodded at first, trying to regain my voice. "Come in," I whispered once I managed to find the strength.

"Thank you Ana," Grey spoke softly. My insides twitched again and I understood then, it was going to be a long night, and I was going to enjoy every penny I'd spent on it.

I guided him to my living-room and motion him to sit. He kindly obliged and while he did it, I took the opportunity to take him in, all over again. He was dressed casually as if he was coming to a friend's house; he wore some dark jeans that gave away his long legs and swung teasingly on his hips, a simple t-shirt that was too much tight and way too sexy on his body and a leather jacket that was now, resting on top of my puff.

"Aren't you going to sit as well?" He asked raising a stupidly sensual brow. "I need some company in here." He purred. He fucking purred. This man was too much to handle and my knees would have given away in the moment if I wasn't so close to the couch. As I was, I simply let my body fall in the seat.

I knew I should say something but words were failing me. I guess no-one would say I had a major on English judging by my lack of eloquence. I felt the pillows of the couch sunk lower around me and when I looked at my side Grey was way closer than I remembered him to be.

"So…" I said fidgeting with my hands. I adverted my gaze, I felt too hot.

"How old are you?" Grey asked, confidently, breaking the ice.

That I could answer. "Twenty-five. You?" I figured I might as well keep the conversation floating.

"Twenty-nine. Are you from around?" He waved his hand and I found his gestures too cute. I blushed deeper when I realized he was looking intently at me.

"No, just got here almost a month ago. I'm originally from Seattle."

"Long shot," He mused still smiling sensually. "Why did you move?"

I gulped and fidgeted with my hands once again. Now that was something I wasn't sure I could answer. Grey must have felt my hesitation because he came even closer – as if that was possible! – and whispered, "We don't have to talk about it if you don't want to."

His hand came resting on top of mine, in one casual movement. My heart began racing frenetically on my chest and I'd do anything to prevent him from hearing it. I'd even talk about uncomfortable affairs, so I did it.

"No, that's okay." I blurted anxious to break the silence and change my nervous demeanor. "I needed a little change of scenario. I broke off with my boyfriend of seven years, well, he kind of was my fiancé but anyways," I was rambling but who cares? Grey seemed to be focused on my speech because he said nothing more. "I found out that… he was… I caught him cheating on me and I discovered he had been doing so since we started dating."

"I see," He whispered again, starting to rub his thumb on my wrist. If my panties were soaked before, they were drenched now, and the feeling of his manly, long finger stroking my skin was the most exciting thing I'd ever experienced. "He's an asshole if he did so but it's his loss anyway."

I flushed, more due to his action than his words, "Don't know about that…" I was too distracted to care about anything.

"I'm sure of it, in fact I'm quite glad you broke off with him and that I have the chance of being here with you tonight."

He leaned even closer and dipped his head between my neck and my shoulder, kissing it lightly. A shiver ran down my spine and I was sure as hell that he felt it. If what he was saying was the truth or simply a part of his job I couldn't know nor care. I liked it regardless. His lips began their precious work, nibbling and sucking on my collarbone, making me all gushy inside. This man was more than an Adonis, he was a sex-god too.

Fuck me.

"Your wish is my command," He whispered in my near softly. Had I say that out loud? Apparently I did because he continued with his administrations, only it was even with more passion. "I was thinking about getting to know you a little first, but either way sounds good to me."

His voice was just so hoarse that my panties felt like they were on fire and I should take them off for safety. I giggled out of my thoughts, the whole scenario seemed pretty surreal to me and even though it was happening it felt like a dream and I most certainly didn't felt like myself.

"I like the sound of that," Grey whispered, biting my earlobe and gaining a moan from me. "Why don't you do it again?"

Just on cue, obeying him like his wishes were commands to me too, I giggled. Again and again, mainly because he decided it was a good moment to start tickling me. After I couldn't take it anymore, he stopped with the tickling session but his hands never left my body.

His right hand massaged my back while the other hand brushed my tight sensually. My brain was obviously in a haze and when his hand trailed up towards my neck and then upper, grabbing a fistful of hair and forcing me to turn to him I couldn't help the moan that escaped my lips, it was louder than I'd like to admit. His eyes were just too much deep and I felt as though we're having some sort of weird connection that made my stomach do all sorts of backflips.

"You're beautiful," He said looking me straight in the eyes. I blushed and tried to advert from his gaze, I wasn't used to any kind of praising and I wasn't really comfortable with it either. "Don't try to hide yourself," He cupped my chin, efficiently keeping my face in place. "It's true. I feel very lucky right now."

I tried to shrugged it off but he didn't let me go, instead he mumbled something about having to show it to me just how he felt. And let me tell you, he felt veeeery good.

His lips came crushing down on mine and my mouth seemed to eagerly accept the pleasure he was giving, because I met his need in every move. Where he licked, I sucked. His lips were warm and soft, yet demanding and controlling at the same time. I could kiss the hell out of him all day long and all insecurities I felt about my make-out skills were threw out the window due to the overdrive my senses were having. My hands began a rubbing for their own, demanding more skin on skin contact and quickly tugging the hem of his shirt. A shirt I gladly pulled off, stepping away from his embrace to fully enjoy the view.

He allowed me to do that and let me say – well, actually let me yell – about what a view it was! Grey looked like a Greek sculpture, every muscle perfectly designed on his body; his chest was broad and his abs were more than a touchable sin. I felt my mouth watering with wanting, so I threw my inhibitions right along with my insecurities and got down and dirty. Literally.

I ran my nails along his muscles lines and craving more and more contact, I decided I should try it with my tongue too. Grey seemed to enjoy that plenty because he was making some satisfaction-noises of his own. I liked that, I knew he was there to please me but seeing him so gorgeous and downright edible just made me want to please him as well. For some unknown, insecure, jealous reason I wanted him to remember me after our night.

I unbuttoned his jeans and Grey did the favor of stepping out of them, I should probably had waited a little longer before demanding him to take his boxers off too, but I was already on the depravation path so I might as well stick to it, and seeing the bulge on his underwear, I wouldn't be able to wait much longer.

My fingers got to his waistband and I rolled it in my hands tugging it hard, I lifted my head so that our eyes would be making contact. He was looking at me with complete lust so I wasn't able to take it anymore; I pushed his boxers down and let his mast loose. And damn, what a mast it was. I'm sure it could rival any of the most potent mast-ship on the planet. I gulped, that was a very big penis, the biggest I had ever seen (not that I'd seen much anyway, but still) and it made me nervous as hell. I had only been with one man in my entire life and this was all out of my comfort zone.

My haze was fleeting away and picking up on my weird funk, Grey grabbed me by the arms and lifted me up from the floor.

"Here, let me help you," He growled, making me come back to the present once again. "I think we're in an unfair situation. You got to undress me but you're still fully clothed."

I blushed, all of a sudden I wasn't so sure about this anymore. What if my body didn't turn him on? It would be the death and burial of my pride and esteem. I was chewing in my bottom lip – a habit I had when I was nervous – and for some reason, a distinctly aphrodisiacal noise that sounded more like an animal growl erupted from his throat.

"Don't do that," He groaned pushing me against his hard body. Feeling his soft, smooth skin I forgot about my fears and was in the same state of bliss and excitement as before. "I wanna do that." He said.

I sucked in a big amount of hair. "Okay," I whispered meekly and it didn't take another invitation because he went immediately for my bottom lip, biting it ferociously with enough force to make me groan in response. I was so caught up in the moment I didn't realize when his hands began to strip me from my dress until the fabric fell in a puddle around my feet.

I blushed deeper, I was totally exposed and feeling rather vulnerable. I was in a position of being rejected and I didn't want to face that possibility. I didn't got to face it anyways because Grey seemed to like just enough what he was seeing, so much he growled loud and clear once again, and picked me up. My legs had a mind of their own so I wrapped them around his waist in one quick movement.

"God, Ana," Grey said brushing his tongue across my neck towards my chest. "You are beautiful."

My flush didn't seem to want to go anywhere but at that point, I wasn't sure if it was due to embarrassment or simple arousal. Either way, I closed my eyes and lowered my head, efficiently licking and nibbling on his neck too.

His skin tasted incredibly good and I couldn't separate my lips from that surface, I guess Grey thought the same thing because not for once, he took his lips from me.

"Here?" He growled low on my ear.

"No, to the bedroom," I whispered quite hoarsely myself.

"You're so fucking hot." He didn't waste anytime taking me to my bedroom as if he knew all about the house and its divisions. "Fuck, I'm so hard." Indeed he was.

We got to the bedroom and Grey laid me on the bed, pushing my panties out of my body immediately. His tongue darted out and beginning on my toe he started a journey southwards that turned not only my legs but only my body in a pure mess of dazed bliss.

This man was a dream turned into reality. I didn't know someone like him could actually exist.

"The longer the night lasts, the more our dreams will be." For some unknown reason that damned fortune-cookie came to my mind and I blurted out without even notice it.

"This night isn't a dream Ana," Grey said climbing on top of me, I appreciated his weight over mine. He placed himself at my entry, I was so wet my fluids were dripping down my thighs. "But I sure as fuck won't mind make it longer."

He pushed in and I gasped so loud I didn't recognize the noise as my own.

Indeed, we didn't dream that night, but it sure as hell was the longest, most pleasurable and unforgettable night of my life.

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