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Dirty Martini.

I woke up the next morning with the most thorough soreness of my life. My legs felt like they weighted tons, my hips were bruised, my thighs sticky and my privates swollen. It took me a minute to remember what had happened that had led me to that state of tiredness and destruction and – mainly – satisfaction. I sighed and eyed the clock suspiciously, it passed noon but today I wasn't working until late afternoon so I had nothing to worry about. I took my time stretching and recalling all details about the previous night and about my companion. I blushed.

I was sorry and rather upset to say it, but I could almost swear that Grey had ruined me for any other man. What he did I never believed it to be possible and never during my entire relationship with José have I ever felt such pleasure. Another sigh escaped my mouth and I figured it would do no good to be dwelling on those events because I'd probably never see Grey again in my life. Though he gave me an unforgettable night, I wasn't keen on making a habit out of hiring male escorts.

I blushed even deeper thinking about that connotation. I was glad no-one knew me around town or else I'd die from embarrassment if my secret ever came to light.

It was my first day on the job I'd fixed, I was serving as a bartender in a prestigious hotel – I'd earned that job due to my previous experience as a waitress through my teen years and early adulthood – and although I was in town for almost a month now, I had taken my time finding a suitable house and making all the necessaries arrangements for my life to change as smoothly as possible. I was glad I had taken care of that because for some reason, I felt incredibly good ever since I woke up and I had a sense of fullness I never felt before. I guess great sex really does wonders.

I was so perked-up and joyful I decided to pamper me a little before going to work; I wiggled my toes and decided to paint my fingernails. That was a habit I'd never had before but feeling rather womanly I thought it was a good thing to start doing. I had a small collection of nail-polishes I'd acquired during the years, most given by my mother in the hopes of seeing me more concerned about my exterior appearance. I hesitated between a pretty pale pink and a dangerously tempting dark-red, I was mostly inclined to the softer color but at the last minute I opted for the latter. It was something I wouldn't normally go for and seeing the previous night's events, doing something out of the ordinary seems to be good for me.

I walked around the house for a while, ate a salad and decided to learn how to properly apply some make-up with tutorial videos to truly start fresh at my new job. Being a librarian in Seattle didn't demand any effort on my part in terms of looks but being a bartender in a very popular hotel was a different story. And since my salary was quite agreeable I wasn't keen on losing the employment because I didn't look the part.

I decided to go ahead and try the uniform I picked up the day before, I could change in the hotel's locker-rooms but I wanted to try it first and see if it fitted well. The clothes were probably more reveling than anything I'd normally wear – not that they were trashy in any way, but they were too much tight – and every piece was black – I was one for softer colors as well; my attire consisted on a mini-skirt that reached my mid-thigh and had a small slit on the left and that made my butt appear quite the eyeful, a sexy bustier with boned princess seams that hugged my upper body as a second skin and gave an extra (and beneficial) push to my breasts and a cute little bolero that reach my waist and extended till my elbows with turned up cuffs. The shoes were left to the employees' account but I opted for a nice pair of black stilettos I had stored in my new closet.

I swirled on the mirror; it was kind of naughty yet classy. I liked it, in fact I liked it so much I decided to leave it on the entire day. When the clock announced it was already five, I was practically ready. It only takes about twenty minutes to get down to the hotel so I dedicated the rest of the time to fixing up my make-up, I wasn't a pro yet, so I went for a subtle eye-shadow that was a dark grey with a touch of glitter (I may or may not have picked that color based on a certain someone) and a soft red-lipstick to match my nails and new confidence.

I wanted a fresh start, all the way down to my style, my house, my job and my goals. If I was in, I wanted all, and if I lost some of my fears then I had to thank that Grey guy for it because he showed me just what I was missing out.

I got out of the house and drove straight to the hotel, the bar is located on the top floor of the building and it's named Allure. I thought it was pretty adequate to my new situation so I smiled and stepped in with more joy than I'd normally have. As soon as I stepped inside a pretty redhead that was aligning the bottles behind the counter smiled kindly at me.

"Hello," She said excitedly, waving her hand once I got close. "I'm Jessica."

I extended my hand, quite excited myself for the warm welcome. "I'm Anastasia. Do you work here as a bartender?"

"Yep," She nodded vigorously with her straight flaming hair bouncing all around her shoulders. "For quite a while now. Are you the new girl?"

"I guess I am."

"Good, let me get you started with things while Claude isn't around." She was all perked up and while she talked I got to admire her beauty, she was truly cute with green eyes and full lips and a rather blessed bosom that caught the attention of anyone who stood in front of her.

"Who's Claude?" I asked frowning, I was told I was going to speak with the bar manager, the guy that was in the place itself and controlled everything but I didn't know his name. So far, I had only talked to the hotel staff manager and hadn't met any bar employees.

"He's the manager, he's a little demanding and may appear like a tough guy but he's a nice boss deep down. I'm sure you'll get along." Jessica was full of energy and I realized right away she was a talker. I wasn't so forth-coming myself but we could get along anyhow.

I smiled, I didn't know how she was sure I'd get just fine with Claude but I appreciated the support anyway.

"So, let me tell you, 'cuz you're a pretty babe," She was grinning sweetly but I blushed all the same. I'd never been called a pretty babe by anyone. "You're going to get hit a lot, you'll just have to try and ignore the situation by being the most polite you can while declining the clients' propositions. At least until you're off work." She giggled a lot after that but I was too embarrassed, her assumptions were all wrong.

I shook my head. "I'm almost sure I'm not going to be hit at all, let at least a lot. But thanks for the advice."

Jessica frowned and quirked her eyebrow up, I knew she wanted to dwell on that topic but luckily a man came along, effectively interrupting us. He was mid-height but appeared incredibly strong with large chest and arms. His hair was almost back but his eyes were a light brown that contrasted with his olive complexion.

"Claude." He said extending his hand. I picked it up pretty quickly, determined to make a good impression.

"Anastasia Steele."

He nodded. "I'm glad you're on time, come to my office." He indicated me the way and I followed his steps. His office was behind the store and the lockers rooms. It was fairly spacious but graciously filled with files and papers, monitors and other gadgets I didn't recognized. "Please sit."

I did as I was told and tried to make myself comfortable on the leather couch he had on the left corner. I thought he'd sit behind his desk but awkwardly – at least for me – he decided to sit on the couch, right across from me.

"So, Anastasia, I read your file but allow me to refresh my memory. You're not from around, are you?" He was being gentle yet demanding as a boss would. I felt a little bit at ease seeing his business-like posture.

"No sir, I'm from Seattle." My manners kicked in immediately and he smiled. I fidgeted on my seat, nervously. "I came here a month ago."

"I see, and what did you do before you came around?"

"I was a librarian." I blushed, though I didn't know why. For some reason my previous job just felt so far away from what I was going to do that I almost felt uncomfortable comparing the two of them.

"That's awfully distinct from being a bartender. You do have previous experience, right?" I could tell he was suspicious about my aptitude for the job, which I understood somehow.

"Yes, I worked all the way through high-school and college as a waitress." I tried to be as reassuring as I possibly could, while showing my previous experience.

"Oh, that's good. You went to college?" I nodded and he went on with the obvious. "I'd think a high educated person would try another profession. What's your major?"


Claude chuckled though I didn't reach the reason behind his amusement. "That's really far away from what you're doing here. Why did you decide to go back to your college years and serve again?"

"I wanted a change." I was boldly firm and decisive. I wasn't looking forward to spill my guts to my manager and I had already gone through with the interview process so I wasn't feeling like repeating everything all over again.

"That's the best reason, I suppose." Claude mused to himself for a few minutes before turning to me again. "There are a few strict rules you'll have to abide besides the ones you already have on your contract."

I was waiting for him to say something more but seeing that he was expecting some kind of feedback I nodded meekly. "Okay."

"Okay," He echoed my words. "I won't tolerate lateness, ever. Time is essential and I can't afford to lose mine. Is that clear?"

He made a point of looking stern so I nodded courteously. He continued with his rules, "You always have to look presentable, your uniform needs to be spotless and you need to look good. Appearances matter a lot in this environment and most times men, and even women, come here to enjoy the view. It it's our job to provide the best view possible."

"I understand," I said beaming inside for taking the time to fixe myself up a bit more. Claude didn't complain about my appearance so far, so I figured everything was fine with me, otherwise he'd say something.

"Good. Now for the most important part, and I'm sure you're already acquaintance with that since you've worked as a waitress before, but I have to tell you anyway, the costumer is always right. The circle of people that frequent this place can be closed off and we need to provide for their needs regardless of what it takes. Sometimes men get carried away, I'm familiar with that, but you're not to disrespect anyone. If someone is giving you too much trouble, you have only to tell James or me, if I'm around."

I was absorbing everything he was saying. I got his reasons, this was mainly high-end clientele and he wanted to provide for the best service possible. We were not only representing the bar but the Hotel and its reputation as well.

"I think that's reasonable, but who's James?" I asked not recognizing the name.

"He's the security guy. There are others, obviously, but James is the head security."

I nodded again, I was beginning to learn this was very well structured, but that was comprehensible seeing that everything needed to function perfectly.

"Is everything clear to you?"


"Great, then you can go to Jessica and she'll show you the ropes. Any main doubts you have, you come to me. I'll be around the office."

"Okay, thank you sir," I said, my manners kicking in once again. I blamed my mother's southern heritage for that particular trait when I was nervous.

Claude smiled warmly and extended his hand, helping me to get up. He was a rather physical person – always close, unafraid to touch – and for now that was still something I wasn't comfortable with, but I appreciated his gesture anyway.

"Oh," Claude gasped when I was about to walk away. "Shifts and days-off are defined at the end of every month. You can't switch around as you please but if for some valid reason you need to change something you have to tell me before the beginning of the next month."

"I have two days-off during the week, right?" I asked just to be sure nothing changed since I signed my contract.

"Yes, that's right." Claude was smiling all kindly and friendly again, something that contrasted with his stern tone when talking business. "Oh, and a crucial rule too, you are not to involve in any kind of relationship with fellow employees."

I could almost laugh, that I wasn't planning to do. I was sure to be off relationships for a long time, plus we were in Las Vegas; gorgeous, perfectly trimmed girls were hanging around at every corner. Who would resort to me for a relationship?

I nodded one final time and exited the room silently. I was ready for my shift.

Hastily I risked a glance at the clock that stood behind the counter, a sigh escaped my lips when I saw it was just barely after midnight and I still got a couple of hours ahead of me. The bar was incredibly busy, filled with all kinds of people. Mostly were visitors but there were a couple of last-longing clients that came around very often.

I was supposed to stay behind the bar and serve the drinks to whomever came asking for them and Jessica was supposed to do the same as well but apparently some girl that served at the tables couldn't make it and we had to switch up. Jessica went to serve tables since she was more familiar with the rules and I stayed put in my position. Things were going just fine but then Jessica asked me to cover for her while she got a little break.

She was sweating all over – though that only added a little glitter to her skin – and looked pretty beat up so I decided I should go in for her, she had been incredibly nice since my arrival, so it would only be kind of me to reciprocate.

I grabbed her tray and went for the booths, serving a couple of new clients that arrived in the meantime. One of the new booths was occupied with two men, I could only see one of them and he was rather attractive. I'd blush but I was too busy with my work to care for that. I went close enough to their place when a strangely familiar voice resounded through my ears.

"I can't believe you've done that man, I swear I don't know if you're a genius or a dumbass sometimes." I stop dead in my tracks, something was ringing loud and clear in my mind yet I couldn't perceive it. I stepped closer, slowly.

"I'm always a genius," I could see the blond man smiling widely but the other one was with his back turned to me. "Anyways, how was your appointment last night?"

"It was good," And then it clicked. And I then panicked. And then I almost dropped my tray. Oh my freaking god! That voice belongs to Grey! "Actually it was great."

"That's good, was she your type?"

I was too shocked to react so I hide myself behind the booth that stood next to them. Not my most smooth course of action but still, I couldn't think properly.

"Yeah, she was attractive. She had a tiny framed body but it was perfectly sculpted, all voluptuous and smooth. She was really adorable,"

I blushed hearing that and felt incredibly uncomfortable to be witnessing their conversation clandestinely.

"Adorable?" The surprise on the other man's tone was palpable. "Bro, I've never heard you call that to a chick before. Hot, smoking, babe, sexy, tasty… that's common for you, but adorable?"

He chuckled in response. Grey chuckled and that noise filled my stomach with fuzzy and unwanted things. "Shut up Elliot, she was all innocent and dainty, I'd think I was her first but she didn't bleed and there wasn't any barrier. But goddamn, she was fucking tight, I…"

Oh god! I got out of my hidey-hole, rashly standing up. I couldn't hear anymore nor could I allow him to spread that kind of information to his friends. I walked into their booth quickly, effectively stopping their conversation. The blond man looked at me, analyzing me for a few seconds before a lazy smile spread on his lips. Grey still had his back turned to me and he didn't make any effort to turn his head around and see who his waitress was.

That was lucky of me and I breathed in relief, asking all gods that I could possible think off, to stop him from ever turning around.

"Good night," I was battling against my trembling voice. "What can I get you?"

"Hey," The blond man spoke, still smiling at me. "Where's Lorie?"

I didn't know who she was but I deduced it was the waitress that didn't come around to work. "She couldn't make it today."

"That's a shame, but you serve just as fine too," He winked at me and I blushed. I didn't know if that picked up line worked very often but it wasn't doing anything to me. I was just uncomfortable. When he saw I wasn't going to say anything, he continued. "Well then, we'll want two glasses of Bloody Bull."

"Okay, I'll bring them right away." And I run, I literately run out of their booth as if my ass was on fire. Well maybe not my ass, but certainly other parts of my anatomy. No, no, don't go that way Ana!

I chastised myself, I hadn't even seen his face and his voice alone made my panties drenched. That wasn't good. I just hoped they weren't frequent costumers.

"I'm back," Jessica grinned coming close to me and extending both hands to take the tray back. I happily gave it to her. "Thank you a lot Anastasia, I really needed a break."

I was too flushed to correct her and tell her to just call me Ana. "That's okay, here you go, the orders are on the counter."

I sighed in relief when I was safely behind the bar again. The night was going well and though Grey didn't left my mind for a minute, I wasn't worrying with them anymore.

The second time I looked at the clock I saw my shift was already ending and I smiled in appreciation. I turned around, ready to serve the patrons, all sparked up with a last punch of adrenaline, when my blood rushed out of my body. Grey was casually standing on the bar, leaning against the counter as the sex-god he is. Damn.

I looked around trying to find an escape but there wasn't anything I could do avoid serving him. In that moment he caught my eye and his stupidly sexy eyebrows rose up in that stupidly sexy movement that made my heart race faster than it should.

"Ana?" He asked disbelieved. I sighed and blushed all at the same time.

"Hi," I answered the best way I could, trying hard not to pass-out.

"You never told me you worked here."

I felt hot waves travelling through my skin while I remembered why I hadn't told him I worked anywhere. "You never asked," my voice came out weak and though that sentence could be interpreted as a flirty-response in any other context, it certainly wasn't used that like.

Grey chuckled and little shocks of electricity were released in my body. Damn this man and his sexiness. "Yeah, I guess we didn't get to talk much." The smirk that played on his lips showed me he was having the same thoughts as I.

I coughed unable to stand the heat I was feeling. "Wha… What can I get you?"

"A martini," His smirk grew wider and his eyes locked on mine. He leaned closer through the counter. "I like it dry and please," He purred. That man always fucking purred in the most inappropriate moments. "Make it very dirty."

I was obviously drenched before, but now I was swinging in a sea of my own wetness. There wasn't any form to explain my horny/embarrassed state. Grey seemed to enjoy my discomfort plenty because he was grinning like a maniac. And he still looked handsome.

I nodded weakly, all blood I had was now plastered on my very crimson cheeks. I made his drink as quickly as possible and handed it to him with shaky hands though he didn't seem to mind.

"Did you enjoy last night?" Grey asked out of the blue.

I nodded again but he kept staring at me, obviously expecting a verbal answer. "Yes, I did."

"Me too," His smirk kept on place. "Maybe you should hire me again."

"I… Well, you… what?" Yes, I was still the same blubbering mess of non-eloquence when he was around.

"You should hire me again," He said slower, more sensually if possible. "I liked you, you liked me. I want to have you again, you taste so fucking good."

"Oh," I fanned myself with my hands. Shameful I know, but to hell with it. Grey was sex on legs.

"Don't you think so?" He pushed the subject once again.

"I wasn't planning on it," I admitted a little more confident.

The smirk evaded his lips. He frowned. "Why?" His tone was no longer playful, it was dry and intimidating. Still sultry though.

I shrugged, more at ease with his non-flirty side. "It was a one time experience, plus I don't have the money for it." I smiled a little when his frown started to disappear. "You're awfully expensive, you know."

He smiled too and I relaxed just a tiny more. "I can make you a discount."

I scrunched my nose. "Still too much for my budgeted but I'll keep in mind."

"You really should, I swear the discount will be very generous."

"Perhaps one day," I said absently. I didn't want to tell him I wasn't keen on paying a man for sex too often.

He didn't seem too pleased with my answer but in that moment, his blond friend came along and patted him in the back, breaking our dialogue.

"Christian, you were taking so long I thought you were kidnapped by some crazy client but now I understand what was keeping you here," He turned to me again and winked for the second time. I frowned, not from his gesture but because I pictured Grey with other clients and that made me very jealous. I didn't even notice the blond had called him Christian until later on. "We have to go man."

"Yeah, I know." Grey's eyes never left mine even when his buddy came along. "Think about it." His tone was more demanding than suggestive. I nodded. "See you soon."

I waved at him while weighting his words. See you soon. Did that mean that he was confident I was going to call for his services one more time or did that mean he was a regular costumer of the bar? Either way the outcome didn't sound so good to me. I shouldn't and couldn't get involved with an escort. This was just business for him, it was his job to provide me with a pleasurable experience the same way it was my job to provide him with dirty drinks, but that didn't mean I was supposed to get carried away.

I sighed for the hundredth time and carried on with my shift. It was going to be a long night for me.

I walked through my threshold, and breathed in. It was barely three o'clock in the morning and I was exhausted. I was still physically drained from my activities with Grey and my new job was a lot more demanding that it appeared.

I was throwing my shoes across the living room when my cellphone ringed. Lazily I grabbed it from my bag. I frowned when I saw the ID, my blood beginning to race in my veins. Could it be something serious?

"Yes?" I asked preoccupied.

"Annie! Darlin'…" My mom drawled and though I didn't understand why she was talking like that, I relaxed a bit, at least everything seemed okay. And drunk.

"Hey mom, what are you doing up this late?"

"Oh, your father and I went for a little night out. It was craaazy! I'm telling ya I still have my shit working for me."

"Okay mom, I don't want to hear anymore." I stopped her right there since I knew she was entering territory I didn't wish to learn about.


"Really, I don't need the details. Why are you calling?" I didn't mean to sound rude but I was just too tired and wanted a peaceful sleep.

"Can't a mother call her daughter just because? A daughter that, by the way, decided to abandon her own family and move across states… I just miss you Annie."

I smiled I knew she didn't mean anything bad with her speech. "I miss you too mom, but you know I needed a change. I'm happy here." I was surprised after the words left my mouth, mainly because I found out that they were true, I was happy.

"You are?" Her words were slurred but I could tell she was surprised too. "That's so good!"

"I know. Do you need anything? I just go out of work and I need some sleep. I'll call you tomorrow."

"That's okay darling, ya go ahead and rest and be happy!"

I giggled, my mother was just too crazy sometimes. "Okay, I will. Say hi to dad for me,"

"I will, I will. Bye Annie," I was about to hang up when I heard my mother gasp on the other side of the line. I picked up again. "Oh darling I forget why I was calling but I remembered now. Your sister is getting married!" She squealed like the dement person she really was and my mouth hanged open in shock.

My sister was two years younger than me, she had been dating Jason for a while now, but getting married? I was too shocked to put into words.


"I know! Isn't it great?" My mother's voice was high-pitched and I could tell she was practically clapping her hands seeing one of her biggest dreams coming true – seeing her daughters (or at least one of them) get married. "I'm soooo excited. I've already called all my friends, everyone's delighted! It'll be in two months from now. They can't wait to get it all done!"

She was rambling but I could tell nothing could ever make her happier at that moment. I sighed. My younger sister was marrying before me. That may be nothing to others, but due to my southern education I was pretty aghast, I was taught that marriage is an important thing and now I wasn't the first child to do it despite being the older.

"Isn't that a little rash?" I was all on board of rash decisions now, but small ones, not big-marriage kind of ones.

"Oh no, they love each other! Why wait?"

"Perhaps because they need to get to know one another a little better, you know what can happen…" I fought the tears that were threatening to come out.

"Darling, you know not every man's like José!" Her words were still drawled but they cut me deep. She was right about that but her blunt speech and the way she dismissed what I went through hurt me somehow.

"I… I know…"

"Don't you have a sweetheart you can bring home?"

"What? No, mom…"

"But you said you were happy! Don't you have a special someone?" For my mother being happy depended on having a sweetheart.

"I just… I don't…" My heart was hurting and I didn't know how to put it. Everyone in my family would be expecting me to bring at least a date to my sister's wedding, if not a boyfriend, but how could that be if I wasn't ready for a relationship?

"Oh, don't be shy darling, you can bring him around. We'll be kind and nice, you can trust us."

"I'll think about it," I whispered just to end the topic. I really didn't want to dwell on that thought so I'd just keep it nice and clean for now.

"That's just good, you do think about it! I'll let you sleep now. Go ahead darling, kisseees," And then she hanged up on me.

I stared, disbelief with everything, at the beeping phone that stood on my hand.

Those news seemed surreal to me but the worst thing was to perceive what was about to happen to me when I got to that damned wedding. I'd pass a rough time if I didn't have a companion to bring. I went to bed with my head spinning with possibilities.

A thought flashed through my mind but I shoved it away. No way. I couldn't do that. Even if I'd only go home for a few days it was still a long time. I couldn't even afford another hour let alone a couple of days. Plus, he probably wouldn't want that anyways.

I shook my head. No, that was a stupid idea all together. Yet I kept thinking of it, unable to sleep.