Summary: The Jubi still existed with great power, though sealed into the Moon, and she wished to leave behind a legacy as her soul started to fade away. Using her power, she sealed all of it into the newborn Jinchuriki, Naruto. Her power, all of the bloodlines in the world along with their secrets, and a piece of her soul that would guide him into using it all before it too faded.

Warnings: Powerful!Feminine-ish!Naruto. (Eventual)MadaNaru

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Chapter One

The Jubi was once a great demon, a great spiritual warrior, and a powerful being in all. She went on a rampage when she saw the mortal clan she had guided for many centuries killed, and destroyed many village's before the Sage of Six Paths came to her and cut her into ten uneven pieces. Nine of them created demons, and the last piece was used to keep her alive. She was sealed into the Moon, where she rested for many more centuries. From her spot there, she created every bloodline, known and unknown, in the world and gifted them to human's. Only she knew the secrets of them all, and her very chakra held the power to use and gift them all. Many more centuries came, when her soul finally started to fade. Not out of existence, but out of life. After that happened, she would go to Hell, where she would spend the rest of eternity guarding the gates. Unlike most spirits and demons, she had gained more power than given to her meaning that Yami nor Kami had any power over her, since they couldn't strip it away according to the laws of the Universe. Her death had to be of her ways, as a third god of the universe she rested in. Before she finally allowed herself to go to Hell, she used her power to seal her remaining power, every bloodline she ever created along with all of their secrets, and a piece of her soul into a new Jinchuriki that was only hours old.

She had ultimately decided that her legacy would be of a child that would be raised as a living weapon. Of course, she made sure that the Kyuubi would never be devoured by her chakra. She wished that after her soul died, when Naruto took her place as her living legacy, that he would forever have a companion in the the Kyuubi. Last but not least, she healed his parents Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze. She was even able to convince the Shinigami King that her legacy deserved to know the ways of human familial love and care. He would have Minato's soul when he died, so the King did not oppose too much. He had also realized that the living legacy would need to have a sense of moral growing up, least he become a monster.

Jubi 'died' and became a dead goddess that guarded the gates of Hell. The child named Naruto would become the living legacy and form of the Jubi, a warrior that would live on forever until he himself faded and took Jubi's place as a guard with him creating a legacy, letting Jubi move on to an eternal peaceful rest, and the chain would continue forever.

Thus, this is where the story begins.

Naruto Namikaze, aged seven, watched as the rest of the children his age raced around and laughed as they played ninja. He wanted to join, but none of them wanted him too. They all thought of him as spoiled and delicate. He hated how his parents always protected him and spoiled him rotten, making it so it seemed that he was just another spoiled brat coming from the most important side of Konohagakure. His only possible friends were of clan heirs who thought of him too important to play with him, they were all taught that Naruto would be the next Hokage and the next Namikaze-Uzumaki Clan Lord, most definitely to important to play with - they weren't 'worthy' enough. He was thought of as delicate by all, even his parents, because he had a feminine touch to him. Smooth unblemished sun-kissed tan skin, silky though spikey sun blonde hair, bright ocean eyes with thick black lashes, and he would always wear expensive kimono's in public. It wasn't his fault that he liked them, and he would wear more boyish clothes if he knew they would play with him.

Thus, the only ones who would play with him would be those much older than him. Asuma Sarutobi, who taught Naruto how to play shogi, and would play the game with him whenever he wasn't busy with missions (Naruto won here and there, though Asuma won most of the time). Kakashi Hatake, who taught Naruto how to throw kunai and shurikun, and would have competitions for how far one of them could throw it or how well one of them could aim (Kakashi always won). Gai would have races with Naruto (He usually won, but every now and then he would throw the game so that Naruto would win and feel rather proud of himself). Many of the ANBU would play hide and seek with the boy every now then, and any other adult he asked would usually play a game with him one way or another. His father was usually busy with being the Hokage and all, and his mother was busy with Saya who was five and acted like a two year old since she was one.

"Hey kiddo! What's wrong?" grinned Jiraiya, the Toad Sage.

Then there was Jiraiya. Whenever he was in Konoha he would play with Naruto and teach him how to snoop around, along with ways of how to get out of trouble. He was also super perverted, and used Naruto to snap pictures of the hot springs - which the boy kept on being brought to his home when caught then grounded for it, and the Sannin would pay him back by giving blackmail material on his father, which he would then use for distraction purposes whenever he got in trouble for things he did all by himself.

"Why won't anyone my age play with me?" Naruto asked.

"Well...I don't have a good answer for that." Jiraiya said, sitting next to his godson.

"What I can tell you though, is that they're scared." he said.

"Scared? What of?" Naruto frowned, looking up at the white-haired man.

"You're the son of two best Fuinjutsu masters in all the nations, one of them being the Hokage that defeated the Nine-Tailed Beast! They also see you as something like a delicate flower, like they would see a girl, though girls are most of the time even harsher than boys if you ask me.", Jiraiya stated.

"I hate it! I hate looking like a girl, but I love my kimono's.", Naruto groaned, burying his face in his hands.

"It's not your fault. Once you become a ninja, you'll be doing so much you'll toughen up your features and yourself!" Jiraiya said.

"Really?" Naruto asked, grinning.

"I know it!" Jiraiya stated.

"I have to ask Okaa-chan to enroll me in the academy then!" Naruto said, standing up to run off towards his home where his mother was no doubt trying to clean more things drawn with marker on the wall thanks to Saya.

"Man, I'm going to feel bad about that lie later on in life." Jiraiya muttered.

Aged nine, Naruto glared at his parents.

"What were you thinking? Lighting your teacher on fire!" Kushina scolded angrily, "You're now being held back for a year!" she said.

"Naruto... why did you light him on fire of all things?" Minato asked his son, trying to be a bit kinder in hopes of finding the motive of his...actions.

"He called me a living weapon, a mindless beast only good for war.", Naruto said, "It isn't my fault he was lit on fire though! All I did was throw a match at him!", he said.

"You're grounded for seven months, and no training with Kyuubi either!", Kushina said, "No doubt it was him telling you to do so!", she said.

"He didn't! All he did was answer me when I asked how do I light him on fire without using a jutsu!", Naruto huffed.

"He was helping you! He shouldn't have done that!", Kushina hissed.

Minato sighed, "Kushina we're being a bit harsh here. If that teacher of his called him those things..", Minato muttered.

"I want to kill that damned teacher, but Naruto shouldn't have lit him on fire! Unnecessary violence only leads to unwanted things, he needs to learn that.", Kushina said.

"All ninja use violence.", Minato muttered.

"A good ninja doesn't use violence just because he or she is angry.", Kushina said.

"Okaa-chan, Otou-san... I'm sorry.", Naruto muttered, "I know it was wrong, but I don't like being teased. I'm sorry I didn't control my anger.", he sighed.

"Sweetie...I'm not that mad. I just don't want you making any mistakes in life, do you understand?", Kushina said.

"Yes Okaa-chan.", Naruto nodded.

"...Fine, you're not grounded. No desert for tonight though.", Kushina sighed.

Naruto grinned, "Really? Thank you Okaa-chan!", he said, running to his room before she could change her mind.

"...We really need to tighten up our defenses.", Minato deadpanned, "Or else he could kill someone and we're going to forgive him."

"I know." Kushina groaned, rubbing her temples.

Naruto walked down the inch-high stream barefoot, humming a soft tune. He wore only a pale blue kimono that was lined in purple, with pale green flowers at the hem. He was twelve years old, and he was supposed to be at the Genin Exams so that he could finally pass, though, yet again, he had decided to ditch it. Why? Because his one and only companion Kyuubi told him that he didn't need to pass the exams to be a ninja.

"Naruto, what are you doing here?" asked a voice.

Naruto turned to see Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage, standing by the side of the stream.

"I don't need to pass those exams to become a ninja, so why should I bother?" Naruto returned.

"Naruto...You need to pass those exams to become a ninja of Konohagakure, don't you want to follow in your fathers footsteps? Didn't you once say that you wanted to create your own path?" Hiruzen asked.

"...Maybe." Naruto mumbled back.

"Then why aren't you out taking the test?" Hiruzen asked.

Naruto was silent, but now standing still.

'Kurama-san?' Naruto asked through his thoughts.

'The old bastard is correct.' Kyuubi stated.

"Fine then, I'll go." Naruto stated.

"In those clothes?" Hiruzen raised a brow.

"Why not?" Naruto returned, walking into the forest.

"That boy..." Hiruzen sighed, shaking his head.


Naruto entered the classroom, just as Iruka was about to close the door.

"You've decided to show up?' Iruka asked, grinning though gaping at the same time.

"Of course.",Naruto returned, "How else am I supposed to become a Leaf Nin?" he said, taking his seat.

"Why are you wearing a kimono?" Kiba Inuzuka asked.

"Because I can. It isn't like I can't fight in it." Naruto returned.

"Okay everyone! In front of everyone is a test I've passed out before everyone settled in, as you can see it's flipped over on its front. When I say start, you can flip over the test and start the exams.", Iruka said, "And...start!" he grinned.

Naruto flipped over his paper, and stared at the questions with a raised brow.

1. What is the name of the First Hokage?

2. Name all five Great Nations.

3. What is the meaning of Hokage?

4. Name all of the Hokage's in perfect order.

5. Name all of the Hokage's names in order.

Simple questions continued on until there was twenty of them, and Naruto briefly wondered if they were kidding. All this was, was a history exam. He knew this was only the written part, but seriously. It should be a bit harder than that, at least some questions on what you would do during a fight.

Naruto finished the test quickly, with Kyuubi telling him of his spelling mistakes.

After an hour in total of test taking, Iruka collected them all.

It took him only five minutes to grade them all, before moving onto the psychical tests.

"You have to create a total of two clones, for the Clone Technique. Then, you have to transform into something in great definition." Iruka stated, everyone forming a line.

Naruto was in the middle, standing next to Sakura Haruno.

"I don't see why you're wearing a kimono. It'll take out of your performance." she sneered.

"I don't see why you're so annoying, either. But you don't see me complaining." Naruto returned.

"Naruto, you're up!" Iruka said, just as Sakura's face reddened.

Naruto went up, and easily formed the handseals needed, creating two duplicates of himself.

'Kurama... kill me now.' Naruto hissed, straining his chakra back so that the technique worked. He had too much chakra to perform this technique, though with his chakra control he learned he was able to do it but it strained him heavily, he could perform the Shadow Clone technique easily, creating many solid figures of himself.

"Good. Transformation?" Iruka nodded.

Naruto got rid of his illusion-selves, and quickly transformed himself into a black cat for five seconds before going back to normal.

"Great!", Iruka grinned, "You pass." he said, pulling out a hitai-ate (just like he had done already to many before Naruto) and handed it to him.

"Thank you." Naruto returned, turning around before simply walking out of the classroom.

"Should have known he wouldn't have stayed." Iruka muttered.


Naruto hummed happily to himself, running a kunai down the side of a tree.

Even though he wasn't celebrating with his parents, he was rather content. Kyuubi said there was something that he wanted to show him inside of his mindscape, so he went to the forest right after greeting his parents and saying he was busy. Thus, Naruto found himself laying down, leaning against the trunk of a tree, and getting ready to go into his mindscape.

Eventually, his eyes closed and he sunk into his mind-realm.

~o~0~o~ Mindscape ~o~0~o~

Naruto's eyes opened to see a green plain of grass.

Many feet away from him was a fox two times the size of a normal one with nine tails, red eyes, and silted pupils - Kurama, or Kyuubi if you prefer. Next to him was a woman.

She had long black hair braided to her back, which reached past her waist. She had silver eyes and silted pupils, and pale skin to her features. She wore an all-black robe that cascaded down her body in waves. Her fingers were 'graced' with long claws that looked like pure silver. Her hair looked silky, and her skin unblemished and smooth. She could have been a goddess, really.

"Hello, Naruto.", she said, "My name is Jubi." she smiled.

"Who are you?" Naruto frowned, confused.

"As I said just now, I am Jubi." she stated.

"She isn't a threat, Naruto.", Kyuubi stated.

"And... what are you?", Naruto asked, frowning, "What's going on exactly?"

"I was created as a spirit, then I became a demon, and then at my time of fading I became a dead goddess." Jubi said, flicking her wrist for a smooth boulder to form. She easily moved and sat on top of it, and folded her hands together.

"Why are you in me, then?" Naruto huffed.

"To answer both last questions you've asked - I sealed a part of myself into you when you were hours old. I chose you to be my legacy, my heir really." Jubi hummed.

"Okay... like this isn't sudden at all." Naruto muttered.

"Tch. I know what you mean. I was just sealed in you, then a soul piece happily landed in the mindscape with me. I had to deal with her for twelve years, by the way." Kyuubi grunted.

"Stop complaining Kurama." Jubi rolled her eyes.

Naruto raised a brow.

"To explain myself fully - I am Jubi, the first demon that walked the earth in a human form. I was created as a spirit guide by Kami, before I deflected. I loved a clan more than any other you see, and it had been destroyed by another clan. In pure anger I went on a century-long rampage before the Sage of Six Paths came and defeated me, then cutting my chakra in ten uneven pieces. Nine created the Bijuu, and the last and strongest was kept within him me to keep me alive. I was then sealed into the Moon, and rested there for many centuries. I created all the bloodlines in the world. In order to protect them at most from demons, I hid the secrets of them all, the ability to combine them, and the ability to gift them into my chakra. When my form started to fade after being sealed for so long, I decided to name you my legacy - my heir - for here on the living plane. My body fully faded and I went to Hell to be a guard at the gates, and to be a dead goddess to only get eternal rest when my legacy fades and makes his own legacy. In my time I made a deep balance in the world, and it was decided that the one named 'Jubi' would be the one to maintain this. Of course, the one named 'Jubi' would always lean towards Yami and create chaos. My legacy will be the Yin, the darkness, and the Bijuu and their Jinchuriki will be the Yang, the light. Since you are my legacy and a Jinchuriki, I made it so that the Kyuubi will forever be the companion for all those named 'Jubi'." Jubi explained smoothly, not skipping a beat.

Naruto blinked, slowly processing it all.

"And you dump this on me so suddenly?" he deadpanned.

"I tell you this as you have now become a genin in your terms, you will now start to fight for whatever you believe in. You have a job to maintain balance, you have a job to create a base of chaos. On any level you want, as you are 'invisible' to Yami and Kami. They cannot order you or control you. You are, infact, the godly being on the living plan with a dark purpose. Much like the god Jashin - God of Murder, Pain, Chaos, and Destruction. He will help you, along with the Shinigami. You are the godly ruler of the living plane, really. Kami and Yami can do things to others, as they are kings in their own rights. Other immortals and godly beings will answer to you. Your job in total is to keep a balance, and to make sure immortals and godly beings don't get out of control with humans." Jubi stated.

"So complicated.", Naruto said, "You said I have the power of all the bloodlines in the world, how will I learn everything?" he asked.

"I will stay with you until you turn sixteen, and join the me guarding the gates of Hell. I will teach you how to use the bloodlines and access them. They went to being in my chakra, to being in yours. You may be technically a godly being, an immortal, but you are still very young. It will take you many centuries before you reach the power of a godly being. You will be strong, yes, but there will always be the chance of being defeated no matter what. Either by one person or by many.", Jubi said, "You will have weaknesses."

"I-It's a bit much to get this all at once." Naruto said, running his hand through his hair.

"Would it be better to tell you the reason you're a bit feminine is because of me?" Jubi said.

"Now I'm just pissed at you." Naruto said, huffing.

"It will help you, you know. Females or those who are feminine are regarded as weak, when they can be the strongest of all. Either male or female, you have the chance to become very strong.", Jubi said, "I've seen females beaten just for being a female, and it's a horrible thing. After all, the only thing that makes genders different is their body parts, and society's views of them." she said.

"And some are just cruel. Jubi is an example. She may act calm, but she has more of an imagination than me." Kyuubi huffed.

"Stop being such a baby." Jubi rolled her eyes.

"And you've been in me this whole time?", Naruto asked, "How did I not notice you?" he asked.

"You are slowly taking my chakra into you, but until then there are pieces of chakra that exist in you that I control." Jubi hummed.

"Anything else?" Naruto asked.

"No." Jubi smiled.

"Wonderful." Naruto huffed.

"Hmm... I know all of this may be sudden, but I thought it would be better to break it to you harshly.", Jubi said, "Let out all your confusion now and upfront, and any of your anger or hate." she said.

"Whatever..." Naruto huffed.

"Anyway, training starts tomorrow. I believe we will start out with lessons on bloodlines and a basic understanding of everything." Jubi said, nodding.

"Um.. excuse me? Who said I would agree to thi-" Naruto started.

"Shush. Training will begin tomorrow. Hmm... I should have you start walking up trees, and on water..." Jubi waved her hand.

Naruto sighed. This was hopeless.

Naruto's eyes shot open, automatically seeing the green colors of the forest. He let out a slight shiver from pushing himself out of his mindscape, and stood up.

'You will not be able to hide your destiny, Naruto.' spoke a chilling voice.

'She's right.' Kyuubi stated, his voice coming through.

'What the hell? You can speak to me out of the mindscape?!' Naruto scowled.

'Of course. I am the Jubi after all, and I am an entity sealed inside of you just as Kurama.', Jubi stated.

'Why should I bother listening to you, anyway?' Naruto asked harshly.

'You have dreamed of power since you were young, Naruto. I can help give it to you. I shall give you immense raw power first, then train you to use it all second.' Jubi stated.

'...You said before that one day I can control every bloodline that has ever existed?' Naruto asked.

'You will even be able to create them. There is only one bloodline that I do not control. That would be the 'Rinnegan', a bloodline coming from the Sage of Six Paths himself. It flows through Uzumaki, Senju, and Uchiha families. Senju and Uchiha are the direct descendants, and the Uzumaki were part of the Senju Clan. Though, with your mother's and father's blood in you, you would be able to understand the Rinnegan more so than the one that uses it.' Jubi stated.

'What do you mean by that?' Naruto asked.

'Your mother is an Uzumaki, her great-grandmother was a Senju plus her Uzumaki blood that already has Senju blood in it. Your father, Minato Namikaze, has Senju blood from his mother's side as well. With many corners of the Senju blood in you, you can truly fight against the Rinnegan. While you may never have it yourself, even if I wasn't sealed inside of you, you would be able to defeat a user of the Rinnegan while none other would be able too. The Rinnegan has a strong, powerful gift that many can't fight against. It practically gives the owner of it near invincibility.' Jubi explained.

'Okay...when does training start?' Naruto asked.

'Training starts tomorrow. I advise you to rest well tonight.' Jubi stated, before her presence vanished.

'All I'm saying is that you try not to piss her off. She'll direct it towardsme.' Kyuubi called.

'Got it.' Naruto snickered.

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