musicrox14- Kendall, would you like to do the disclaimer?

Kendall- Sure. musicrox14 doesn't own anything except for Sasha Zoey Gonzalez.

musicrox14- Thanks Kendall.

Kendall- Sure.

musicrox14- On with the story

In Helena, Montana

Sasha- Hey, do you want to have a sleep over tonight?

Adrianne- I do, but I'd have to ask my mom.

Hailey- I'd have to ask my mom too.

Kat- I'd have to ask my dad.

Sasha- What did happen to your mom? You never told us & we've known you since 7th grade.

Kat- She left when I was 11. I really don't like to talk about it.

Sasha- Sorry Kat. My mom did give me permission this morning to have a sleepover. That's why I was asking.

Kat- It's OK Sasha.

After school

Kat- Dad said it was OK, as long as I take my sister with me.

Hailey- My mom said it was OK.

Adrianne- My mom said it's OK too.

Sasha- OK, so we'll meet up at my house in an hour?

Kat- Cool with me.

Hailey- That works.

Adrianne- Fine by me.

In LA with BTR

Kendall- Hey guys, take a look at this.

Logan- I just see a bunch of girls. What of it?

Kendall- rolls his eyes listen to them.

Carlos- Wow they're amazing.

James- We have to show Gustavo.

Back with the girls

Sasha- Are we ready to have a good night?

Kat- Yeah.

Adrianne- Yup.

Hailey- I'm good.

Lexi- I'm all set too.

Sasha- Mom said that we could set up camp in my room.

Adrianne- Why not go set up now so we don't have to later?

Hailey- Good with me.

Kat- Me too.

Lexi- That makes sense.

At Rocque Records

Gustavo- Who are they?

Kendall- They are a group called Girls Gone Wild. They are a group of four girls who sing all genres of songs. They sound amazing!

Gustavo- I'll decide that. listens to song & watches video They're AMAZING! Where do they live?

Kendall- They live in a small town called Helena, Montana.

Gustavo- Dogs, take the jet & go get those girls!

Kelly- You're trusting the boys with your private jet?

Gustavo- That's why you're going with them.

Kelly- OK. Guys, pack up & meet me at the airport in two hours.

Kendall- I'll make sure they pack.

Back with the girls

Sasha- Is this the best sleepover or what? (did I forget to mention that Sasha's rich & lives in a mansion like Gustavo? Sorry!)

Kat- I'm loving this!

Adrianne- Me too!

Hailey- Me three!

Lexi- Me four!

Sasha- I think it's time to go to bed before mom comes up here & grounds me for a month.

Kat- Night.

Adrianne- Night.

Lexi- Night.

Hailey- Night.

Sasha- See you all in the morning.

At the airport with Big Time Rush

Kelly- OK, so the seating will be Kendall & Carlos, then James & Logan. I'll be sitting with the pilot.

Big Time Rush- OK.

A few hours later Helena Airport

Kelly- Kendall, did you see where they live?

Kendall- The lead singer, Sasha, lives on 14 Munroe Ave. (made up address. If it's your address, Sorry!)

Kelly- Well we should be there within a few minutes.

With Girls Gone Wild

The doorbell rings

Sasha's mom- Sasha, can you get that?

Sasha- Sure mom! OMG! You're Big Time Rush!

Kendall- Yeah, we are. he says laughing I'm Kendall Schmidt.

James- I'm James Maslow.

Carlos- I'm Carlos Pena.

Logan- I'm Logan Henderson.

Sasha- I'm Sasha Gonzalez.

Kendall- Nice to meet you Sasha. Out of curiosity, is the rest of your band here?

Sasha- Yeah. Hang on a sec. You can come on in if you'd like.

Kendall- Thanks.

Sasha- Adrianne! Hailey! Kat!

Kat- What's up?

Sasha- Big Time Rush is here!

The girls squeal

Adrianne- OMG! Are they in the house?

Sasha- Yeah. Hang on a sec. dials Kendall.

Kendall- Who's this?

Sasha- It's Sasha. Where are you guys?

Kendall- Front room.

Sasha- Which one? Artemis, Apollo, or Aphrodite?

Kendall- Apollo.

Sasha- We'll be right there. hangs up Lexi!

Lexi- Yeah?

Sasha- Your mom's here to pick you up.

Lexi- Why doesn't she have to pick up Kat?

Sasha- Your mom told me that she was going to pick you up first, then Kat. Kat, she's picking you up at noon.

Kat & Lexi- Kay.

In the Apollo front room

Kendall- You named your front rooms after Greek gods & goddesses?

Sasha- Yeah. I'm into all different types of mythology.

Carlos- Really? So am I!

Logan- I never knew that.

Carlos- I never told anybody. My parents & my brother, Andres, found out when I was reading Egyptian mythology.

Sasha walks out of the room, crying silently

Kendall- What's the matter with her?

Adrianne- No idea. She won't open up to anyone.

Carlos- I'll be right back.

in Sasha's bedroom

Carlos- Sasha? Sasha are you OK?

Sasha shakes her head no

Carlos- What's the matter?

Sasha takes off her makeup & lifts the front of her shirt.

Carlos- cue concerned/worried/shocked face Who did this to you?

Sasha- My mom did this. When I was five, my parents divorced & my dad took my brother with him. My always drunk mother beats me constantly because she thinks it's my fault that dad left with mi hermano, Cedric.

Carlos- So your mom broke you. You just act tough to keep the others strong.

Sasha- & because I don't want their sympathy.

Carlos- We have to go to the police about this Sash.

Sasha- I know. I never get to see Cedric anymore because my dad filed a restraining order against my mother. She never lets me see them. I-I j-just wi-wish I-I c-could s-s-see t-them a-again. she leans her head against Carlos' shoulder. Carlos puts his arm around her.

Carlos- Sasha, there's something I've been meaning to ask you.

Sasha- Shoot.

Carlos- Will you go out with me?

Sasha- Yes.

at the police station

Police officer- Hi. I'm Officer John Smith. (made up name) How may I help you?

Carlos- Officer Smith, my girlfriend is being beaten & abused by her mother.

Officer Smith- Come with me.

in SVU unit

Olivia- Hey Officer Smith. Who're they?

Carlos- I'm Carlos Pena, & this is Sasha Gonzalez.

Olivia- Hi Carlos, hi Sasha. I'm detective Olivia Benson, but you can call me Olivia. What happened to you Sasha?

Sasha- uhhh. looks at Carlos

Carlos- She is being beaten & abused by her mother. She's too scared to say anything.

Olivia- Come with me. I want to see the damages. Carlos, stay here.

Sasha- It's OK Olivia. He's seen the damage.

Olivia- I just want him to talk to my partner.

Sasha- Car-car?

Carlos- Trust her. I'll be fine baby.

Sasha- OK Car-car.

with Carlos & Elliot

Elliot- Hi, I'm detective Elliot Stabler.

Carlos- I'm Carlos.

Elliot-I know. You're Carlos Pena Jr. from Big Time Rush. My daughters are huge fans.

Carlos- Thanks. Anyways, she's just a terrified girl who only acts tough because she doesn't want anybody to worry.

Elliot- Oh god. How long has the abuse been going on?

with Sasha & Olivia

Sasha- Eleven years. My mom blames me for the divorce when it was her fault. She drinks constantly. There's never a time when she isn't drunk.

Olivia- My god. No wonder you want to be away from her.

Sasha- Are you going to arrest her?

Olivia- Yes, but we need more evidence that she's a bad mother.

Sasha- Uh, let's see. She never feeds me, she beats me, she drinks 24/7, she clearly doesn't buy me clothes, she doesn't even care for me.

Olivia- Of course she does.

Sasha- No, she doesn't. She says it every day. I just wish that I had said something sooner.

Carlos- Are you OK baby?

Sasha- I'm fine Car-car.

Elliot- Carlos has been telling me that her mom sounds horrible according to Sasha.

Olivia- Sasha's been telling me just how bad a mother Ms. Gonzalez really is. We have to get her away from her mom.

Carlos- I know you want to be with your dad, baby, but that's not up to us, that's up to child services.

Olivia- Maybe we should put her with her dad.

Elliot- Good idea.

Mr. Gonzalez- Sasha!

Sasha- Daddy!

Mr. Gonzalez- How are we going to do this detectives?

Olivia- It's an honor to meet you General Gonzalez.

Sasha- General?

Mr. Gonzalez- General. I joined the army after you left with your mom. I had a neighbor take care of Cedric. It's about time that I retire anyways.

Sasha- Don't. Big Time Rush wants us to go with them to become famous.

Mr. Gonzalez- Really Carlos?

Carlos- Yes.

Kendall- It's true General.

Logan- Are you OK Sash?

Sasha- Yeah. I'm OK. Daddy, these are a few friends of mine. There's Kendall, Kat, Adrianne, James, Hailey, Logan, Carlos, & their siblings, Lexi (Kat's younger sister), Alec (Adrianne's older brother), & Jackson (Hailey's younger brother). Kat, Adrianne, Hailey, & I have created a band.

Carlos- & we saw them on Youtube & loved them. Gustavo wants to produce them & make them famous like he did with Big Time Rush.

Olivia- Well, we'll bring in our ADA, Casey Novak, & have you talk to her about getting your mom arrested for child abuse.

a few minutes later

Casey- Hi, I'm Casey Novak. You can call me either Casey or Ms. Novak. Morning General.

Mr. Gonzalez- Hi Casey. Now what are we going to do about my ex wife?

Casey- General, Sasha, & Carlos, come with me.

Sasha- OK Casey.

in a private room

Casey- OK, let's see the damages. Carlos, you're gonna have to turn around. Carlos turns around

Sasha strips down to her bra & panties (her dad doesn't care. He's seen his daughter naked before)

Casey- Oh my god. Sasha, why didn't you go to the police sooner?

Sasha- I was too scared. Mom always said that if I went to the police, she'd kill me, & I mean kill me! She's most likely to kill me now!

Ms. Gonzalez- You're right.

Sasha- Car-car?

Carlos- Yeah baby?

Sasha- I'm scared!

Casey- You're not allowed in here! Your restraining order prevents it. We can arrest you for contempt of court & for child abuse. Olivia!

Ms. Gonzalez stabs Sasha. Carlos catches her.

Olivia- You are under arrest for contempt of court & child abuse. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can & will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you don't have one, one will be appointed to you.

Sasha cries into Carlos' shoulder

Carlos- It's OK Sash. You're safe now.

Olivia- Benson to central, we need a bus at 14 Sycamore Ave. A victim has been stabbed.

Sasha- C-C-C-C-Carlos?

Carlos- Yeah baby?

Sasha- I love you.

Carlos- I love you too.

Detective Stabler runs in, takes off his jacket & puts it over the stab wound. Carlos at this point is crying.

Carlos- Don't leave me baby.

Sasha- I'll never leave you.

Elliot- Sasha, don't speak. That'll increase blood flow & kill you faster.

Sasha nods, then tears start coming out of her eyes.

Paramedic- Who's the one with the stab wound?

Olivia- Her. she says, pointing to Sasha We need to get her to the hospital immediately.

Paramedic- Only one may go with her.

Mr. Gonzalez- Carlos, go with her. I'll be running behind you.

Carlos- Don't you have to be really fast for that to happen?

Mr. Gonzalez- I've been running for ages. I don't think that'll be a problem.

Paramedic- You know that in the case of family, two people can go right?

Mr. Gonzalez- We do now. Thank god. I couldn't run that far that fast. I can run 10 miles that fast. The hospital is 20 miles from here.

Carlos- Hop in then!

at the hospital

Head nurse- She's in surgery right now. Nobody can visit her, but you can wait in the waiting room.

Carlos- Thank you.

in the waiting room

Carlos- I can't believe she's in surgery. he starts to cry, putting his head in his hands

Mr. Gonzalez- Neither can I kid. She's a fighter though, just remember that. She'll be fine.

Carlos- I know. It's just hard picturing what my girlfriend is going through right now.

Mr. Gonzalez- I know what you're going through. My first ex girlfriend went into the hospital when we were dating. She was also stabbed & I was so scared for her that I probably fainted. I wouldn't remember.

Kendall- How is she?

Mr. Gonzalez- She's in surgery.

an hour later

Doctor- Sasha Gonzalez?

Mr. Gonzalez- Yes?

Doctor- She made it out of surgery. She's in room 241 if you want to see her.

Mr. Gonzalez- Thank you so much.

in room 241

Sasha- Car- car?

Carlos- Hey chica. How're you feeling?

Sasha- Like crap.

Nathalia- Sasha Gonzalez?

Sasha- Nathalia Ramos?

Nathalia- Hey! How're you doing?

Sasha- I've been better. You?

Nathalia- I'm OK.

Sasha- What are we going to do though Casey?

Casey- Well, she just added a charge so she could go to jail for 25 years to life, no parole.

Sasha- So the charges against my mom are contempt of court, child abuse, & murder attempt?

Casey- Yes. I need you to testify. You're the main witness that can put your mom away for life, no parole or bail.

Sasha- I'll do it. On one condition.

Casey- Which is?

Sasha- I want Carlos in the front row.

Casey- Alright.

in court

Casey- I'd like to call Sasha Gonzalez to the stand.

Carlos wheels Sasha down the aisle (something went wrong during surgery, causing paralysis from the waist down.)

Casey- How long has the defendant been abusing you?

Defense attorney- Objection! relevance?

Casey- She's here on the charges of attempted murder, child abuse, & contempt of court.

Judge- Overruled. Answer the question Sasha.

Sasha- I have been abused since I was five years old. The last attempt was when she stabbed me in the station.

Casey- Why did she stab you?

Sasha- I went to the police. She had said that if I went to the police, then she'd kill me. She nearly carried it out too.

Casey- Your honor, this is the photo taken after the stabbing had occurred. There are also some photos that you should look at from the same time, but of the bruises that the defendant gave her over the course of eleven years.

Judge- Recess.

an hour later

Casey- Your honor? Your honor?

Judge- Yes Casey?

Casey- No bail or parole if the people win, right?

Judge- Yes.

half an hour later

Judge- Has the jury reached a verdict?

Rosario- We have your honor.

Judge- On the count of contempt of court, how do you find?

Rosario- We find the defendant, Kerri Gonzalez, guilty.

Judge- On the count of child abuse, how do you find?

Rosario- We find the defendant guilty.

Judge- & on the count of attempted murder, how do you find?

Rosario- We find the defendant guilty.

Judge- Thank you for your time here today. Case dismissed. (in case you wonder, she got life with no bail or parole.)

Sasha- Car-car, we did it!

Carlos- Yeah we did baby!

Sasha- Thank you so much Casey!

Casey- You're welcome. You really needed to stay away from that woman. In case she does escape, I'll help you file a restraining order.

Sasha- Thank you so much for everything Casey & more. You have no idea how badly she has hurt me over the years.

Casey- I have an idea. Just fill out this paperwork & you'll never have to see her again.

Sasha- Thank you. she finishes filling out the paperwork

Casey- Now, I'll just have to clear this with my boss & a judge. You're all set.

Carlos- Thank you so much Ms. Novak.

Casey- If she comes near you when you're in the area, I want you to call Olivia or Elliot. If you're not in the state, call the local police.

Sasha- OK. Thank you so much

Casey- Anytime kiddo.


Sasha- Thank you so much Carlos. You saved my life. If you hadn't given me the courage to face trial, I probably wouldn't even be alive.

Carlos- Of course baby. You're my true love & I'd do anything to protect you.

Sasha- Awww. You're my true love too! You know, you're my first.

Carlos- First what?

Sasha- First everything. First crush, first love, first kiss, first boyfriend, first boy to care about me.

Carlos- Wait, what? What was that last one?

Sasha- First kiss?

Carlos- After that?

Sasha- First boyfriend?

Carlos- After that?

Sasha- First boy to care about me?

Carlos- Bingo. What do you mean first boy to care about you?

Sasha- No boy has ever cared for me the way you do, except for my little brother. You & the guys are the only guys who are actually nice to me. The boys in my old school just shunned me & treated me like crap. They made fun of me for my style. My bad girl look.

Carlos- Well, I think it's cute. It's a good look for you.

Sasha- Well, I can't pull it off anymore since the surgery paralyzed me. The doctor said that they could reverse the paralysis, but it required another surgery. I couldn't do it.

Carlos- I'm proud that you even went along with it the first time.

Sasha- Thanks Carlos. But it was you who helped me go along with it. I love you & care about you too much to let me die. Besides the fact that I don't wanna die.

Carlos- Good. There's something that I've been meaning to ask you. There's a prom coming up here & I was wondering... Will you go to prom with me?

Sasha- In every language.

with Kendall & Adrianne

Kendall- So, Adrianne...

Adrianne- Yeah?

Kendall- There's a prom coming up here & I was wondering if you'd like to go with me.

Adrianne- Yes.

with James & Kat

Kat- James, I heard there was a prom coming up here...

James- Would you like to be my date?

Kat- Yes.

with Logan & Hailey

Hailey- I heard that there was a prom coming up here & I was wondering... Would you like to go with me?

Logan- Yes. I was going to ask that anyways.

Hailey- Too slow.

Hailey & Logan laugh

back with Carlos & Sasha

Carlos- I think that all of the guys have a date to prom now. Whaddaya think?

Sasha- Probably with my friends.

Carlos- Wouldn't doubt it.

Sasha- Me either.

Carlos- I just wish that I could have seen you walk longer.

Sasha- Me too. As long as you're there when I wake up, I'll go back into surgery so I can walk again.

Carlos- Done.

A few days later

Doctor- She should be fine & able to walk again tomorrow.

Carlos- Thank you so much.

Carlos & Sasha leave

in the hospital parking lot

Sasha- I can't believe I'll be able to walk again tomorrow!

Carlos- I know right?! Just in time for prom!

Sasha- Thank you so much baby.

Carlos- Of course. I'd do anything for my baby.

Sasha- Carlos! she says, punching him on the shoulder

Carlos- Ouch! I forget how strong you are.

Sasha- Sorry baby, but only I get to use that. You call me Sash as it is.

Carlos- Well, can I call you honey then?

Sasha- Sure.

Carlos- Thank you honey.

Sasha- K. Can you drive me home?

Carlos- Sure baby.

in the car

Sasha- I'm sorry you have to go through this for me.

Carlos- It's OK honey. I'd do anything for you. You know, when we first met, you got me paralyzed, paralyzed, p-p-paralyzed.

Sasha laughs

Sasha- That was so cheesy baby. Then again, when you, you walked into the room on a Friday afternoon. That was when I saw you for the first time (not really) & I was paralyzed.

Carlos- Were you really?

Sasha- When I saw you for the first time in person, yeah, I was. Of course I was paralyzed in surprise, not this way.

Carlos- Obviously. Well, at least you'll be able to walk tomorrow.

back at the house

Carlos- Are you sure you're going to be OK here with your friends, dad, & brother? Especially since your dad will be working & your friends will be hanging out with the guys.

Sasha- I'm sure I'll be fine Car-car. OK?

Carlos- I still worry about you when I'm not here with you.

Sasha- Why not ask your mom to move in with us?

Carlos- I'll ask tonight.

Sasha- We're going to the movies tonight, remember?

Carlos- Oh yeah. I'll ask her tomorrow. She'll be asleep when I get home. So will my dad & my brothers.

Cedric- Sasha?

Sasha- What's the matter Cedric?

Cedric- Nightmare.

Sasha- Come here baby bro.

Cedric runs & hugs Sasha. She pulls him up onto her lap & he falls asleep in a few minutes

Carlos- You're really good with him.

Sasha- I know. I'm the only woman, besides my friends, in his life. He's never known mom. I'm glad he doesn't know her. She was an absolute idiot. She never knew how to properly take care of a kid. You saw what she did to me.

Carlos- I know honey. That's why she was sent to jail for life. Andres, Javi, & Antonio are OK with it. They don't care, as long as I'm happy. My mom on the other hand does care.

Sasha- I know. I also know that she'll do what's best for you. OK?

Carlos- OK.

James- She's right dude. Remember when my mom almost took me back to Minnesota on the show & how you guys fought for me to stay? How Mama Knight said that moms do what's best for their kids?

Carlos- Oh yeah.

Kendall- Just think about that dude.

Kat- They're right.

Logan & Hailey- Of course they're right!

Adrianne- Calm the hell down guys.

Kendall- I was just going to say that.

Adrianne- Beat ya to it.

the day of the prom (3pm)

Adrianne- What am I going to wear!

Sasha- Don't you still have that dress from the school dance a few weeks ago?

Adrianne- No! That was a rental!

Sasha- Here, take this one.

Sasha gives Adrianne a dark blue dress with glitter on it & a matching cover-up (girls should know what I mean). She then gives Adrianne a pair of dark blue heels with a readjustable strap at the back of the heel.

Adrianne- Thanks. What are you going to wear?

Sasha- I have a navy blue strapless full length dress with black elbow length gloves & black high heels that are closed at the toe, but open everywhere else. I'm also going to be wearing my black leather jacket. I'm also going to have my over the shoulder dark blue purse.

Hailey- Nice. I'm going to wear Tori's outfit from the prom episode of Victorious.

Kat- I'm wearing Jade's outfit from the same episode as Hailey's.

with the guys

Kendall- Does anyone know what Adrianne's going to be wearing to the prom?

Carlos- The only hints that Victoria gave me were that it is dark blue & glittery. What's Sasha going to wear?

Kendall- She only told me that the dress was navy blue & everything else was black.

James- What about Kat?

Logan- She told me to tell you to wear sea green. What about Hailey?

Carlos- She told me to tell you to wear red or black.

back with the girls.

Sasha- What should I do with my hair?

Kat- Get me your hair supplies.

Sasha comes back in the room with all of her hair & makeup supplies.

Kat- Hmmm... curling iron.

Hailey gives her the air curler

Kat- What is this? I said curling iron.

Sasha- That's how I curl my hair.

Kat- OK. Stay still Sasha. Flat iron.

Sasha- That's where I draw the line. You can curl my hair, but nobody straightens it.

Kat- OK. Makeup.

Adrianne passes Kat Sasha's makeup supplies

a few minutes later

Sasha- I love it! You're the best Kat!

Kat- I know. Who's next?

Adrianne- Me!

Kat- Your hair is fine as it is. Hailey?

Hailey- Sure.

Kat- Straightener.

an hour later at prom

Kendall- You look great Adrianne.

Adrianne- So do you.

Carlos- You look very gorgeous Sasha.

Sasha- & you look very handsome Carlos.

James- You look gorgeous Kat.

Kat- You look handsome James.

(wondering what Kat did with her hair? She straightened it.)

Sasha- Carlos?

Carlos- What is it baby?

Sasha- I need to show you something. I've been meaning to for a while now but I was scared. Come with me.

in the classroom (prom is being held in the gymnasium)

Carlos- What is it Sasha?

Sasha- You know how I always wear my leather jacket?

Carlos- Yeah.

Sasha- This is why. she takes off her leather jacket

Carlos sees fresh red marks, meaning she's cut recently, & old, brown marks from when she was little

Carlos- Why would you do this to yourself?

Sasha- Remember how I said that dad left me & my mom, taking Cedric with him?

Carlos- Yeah.

Sasha- I couldn't bare to be without them. Dad & Cedric were the only ones preventing mom from beating me. I thought that if I was dead, she wouldn't beat me anymore.

Carlos- You still cut? Why?

Sasha- It's just too much pressure. I'm the leader of the band & I'm supposed to be the rock of the group when I'm dying inside. When mom stabbed me, I was scared & relieved at the same time. Scared because I didn't want to lose you & relieved because she couldn't hurt me anymore if I was dead.

Carlos- Oh Sasha. Do any of the other girls know about this?

Sasha- No. You're the first person that's found out since I started.

Carlos- You've got to stop Sash. I love you too much to ever lose you.

Sasha- That's not true & you know it. I'm just a worthless piece of nothing.

Carlos- Don't say that. You're worth the world to me. If I lost you, I'd kill myself to be with you.

Sasha- You're just saying that to make me feel better & to get me to stop cutting.

Carlos- I'm not just saying that. I mean it.

Sasha- Do you really?

Carlos- Yeah. I'm nothing without you. We should probably get to the dance before people start to worry.

Sasha- Yeah. she puts her leather Jacket back on.

Carlos- Please come to me though next time you feel the urge OK?

Sasha- OK.

Adrianne- Why do you do this to yourself?

Sasha- Just forget it OK Adrianne?

Adrianne- You can come to me too if you feel the urge to cut, OK?

Sasha- Thanks guys.

the next day (sorry for the time skip)

Mr. Sweet- There will be a new student this year & her name is Heidi Mercer.

a girl who looked like Jade Ramsey walks in

Mr. Sweet- Tell the class a bit about yourself Heidi.

Heidi- Well, I was born in London, England & my parents thought it would be best if I went to school here.

Mr. Sweet- Why is that?

Heidi- I can't say.

Mr. Sweet- OK. I expect you all to be nice to her.

Heidi- Can I sit with you?

Sasha- Sure. I'm Sasha, the red head is Adrianne, the brunette is Kat, & the blonde one is Hailey.

Kat, Hailey, & Adrianne- Hi.

Heidi- Hi.

during lunch

Sasha- Heidi, can I talk to you in the bathroom alone for a minute?

Heidi- Sure.

in the bathroom

Sasha- Are you OK? You seem like you want to die already.

Heidi- That's because I have depression. I cut just to make myself feel better.

Sasha- Trust me, you're not alone in that department.

Heidi- What are you talking about?

Sasha- Look. takes off her jacket

Heidi- Is that why you always wear your leather jacket?

Sasha- Yeah. It's OK though. The leather jacket makes me look tougher than I really am. From the time I was five to a few months ago, I was always beaten by my mom who blamed me for the divorce & the restraining order against her. I always knew it was her fault, but she never believed it. I've been cutting since she started beating me & I still cut at the thought of what I went through & what Cedric, my little brother, went through. I was his rock. Without me, he was crying every day. Mom wouldn't let me go to dad's house, so he cried every day for the past eleven years. I've always been broken. Mom even stabbed me for going to the police. See?she asks, pulling up the front of her shirt.

Heidi- Oh my god. Mine started because my little brother was killed when he was only five & I was eleven. I was the one who was supposed to protect him, but I got him kidnapped & killed.

Sasha- I'm so sorry.

Heidi- It's OK.

after school

Carlos- Do you want me to walk you home Sash?

Sasha- No. I need to think for a while. Alone.

Carlos- OK.

on her way home

She was listening to music on her IPod. She didn't even hear someone walking up behind her. She feels someone stab her in the back. She collapses & screams for help. Nobody hears her until she's nearing death.

James- Oh god. Sasha! he whips out his phone & calls 911

Elliot then happens to be driving by & sees what happened. He gets out of his car & runs to her with his jacket off again. He puts pressure against the wound

Elliot- How long was she bleeding like this?

James- No idea detective Stabler.

a few hours later

Doctor- She got lucky. If you hadn't found her in time, she would be dead.

James- Thank god. he thinks to himself Thank you so much doctor.

Doctor- You're welcome James.

James- How do you know my name?

Doctor- Who doesn't know your name?

James- Good point.

Carlos- How is she?

James- She's alive.

Carlos- Thank god.

Doctor- There's also bad news. Because the stab wound went through her spinal cord, she will never be able to walk again, even with surgery.

Carlos- No.

James- At least she's alive.

Carlos- You don't understand James! I was going to take her for a walk on the beach & then have a picnic on the beach! We can't do that now because of whoever stabbed her!

Doctor- We have an idea as to who did it Mr. Pena. We think it was the same person who stabbed her a few months ago.

Carlos- Kerri Gonzalez must have escaped from prison.

Elliot- Not again.

Carlos- Yeah. She escaped & stabbed Sasha in the back.

Elliot- Olivia, can you take Cathy to her appointment? I'm here with Sasha Gonzalez. Yeah, she was stabbed again. Thanks Liv. See you in a few minutes. Bye.

Carlos- You're going to have a child?

Elliot- Yeah. My wife, Cathy, is 6 months along. Elliot's phone rings One sec. What's up Fin? Yeah Sasha was stabbed again, this time in the back. Yeah. She escaped. I know right? We should have put her in a maximum security prison. We didn't think it was necessary at the time. Liv's bringing Cathy here for her appointment.

Mr. Gonzalez- How is she?

Carlos- She's alive, but she won't be able to walk again due to the fact that the knife went straight through her spinal cord.

Mr. Gonzalez- Oh god.

Doctor- She'll be permanently handicapped. Hello Elliot.

Elliot- Hey doc. My partner should be here with Cathy at any moment now.

Cathy- Hey Elliot. How's Sasha?

Elliot- Permanently handicapped, but alive. We think that Kerri escaped & stabbed her in the back this time on her way home from school.

Doctor- If you want to see her, she's in room 349. She should be awake, but she's very weak from the blood loss.

Mr. Gonzalez- We understand doctor.

Doctor- Mr. Gonzalez, you're going to have to fill out paperwork for her handicapped placard.

Mr. Gonzalez- Understood.

Cedric- Carlos?

Carlos- Yeah Cedric?

Cedric- Can you please take me to Sasha?

Carlos- Of course Cedric.

in room 349

Cedric- Sasha?

Sasha- Hey Cedric. What did the doctor say? she whispers

Carlos- The doctor said that you'll never be able to walk again.

Heidi- Oh my god. I ran all the way here when I heard!

Sasha- How'd you hear about this?she whispers

Heidi- It's all over the news.

Carlos- What?

Heidi- Yeah. Turn on the TV. Channel 4

reporter- A famous teenager has been stabbed here on this very site by none other than her own mother. We'll keep you updated with this horrifying story.

Carlos- That explains the reporters outside the hospital.

Doctor- We also have great security. You'll be safe here from the press.

Sasha- Thank you doctor.she whispers

Carlos- How will we be able to bring her out of here though when she's good to go home?

Gustavo- Freight Train will be with you.

Sasha- How will I be able to tour if I'm permanently handicapped?she whispers

Gustavo- What did she say Kelly?

Kelly- She asked how will she be able to tour if she's paralyzed.

Gustavo- English please?

Carlos- She'll never be able to walk again Gustavo.

Gustavo- WHAT?

Sasha starts crying. Carlos is trying to comfort her, but to no avail

Doctor- Gustavo, I'm afraid you'll have to leave.

Sasha- No. Let him stay. I'll be fine.she whispers

Doctor- Are you sure?

Sasha- I'm positive.she whispers

the doctor laughs

Carlos- How's that funny?

doctor- Her blood type is AB positive. She said she's positive.

everyone laughs now, except for Sasha

James- Are you OK Sasha? (Whoops. Almost put in Sasah twice)

Sasha- I'm fine James. I just can't laugh because it really weakens me. When I'm my usual self, if you get me laughing hard enough, I'll be sounding like Wheezy from Toy Story.

James- Really?

Kat- It's true. There are times where the laughter is funnier than the joke itself. Like one time, we were cleaning out Adrianne's garage because it had a rat in it, I told Adrianne to cut the crap & Sasha was laughing so hard, she sounded like Wheezy. It was so funny because Adrianne was the one sweeping up the rat crap.

James- Wow. he says, laughing

Kat- Yeah.

Carlos- Shouldn't Freight Train be up here anyways to protect all eight of us? Girls Gone Wild & BTR?

Sasha- Actually, it's nine. I invited Heidi to the band yesterday & she's now our pianist because even though Kat & I are pianists, we might need say a lead singer & a drummer. We might need the keyboard for a certain song or something & Kat & I can't do it.she whispers

Carlos- Good point.

Kat- & before you ask, she did clear this with us before calling her to tell her the news.

Sasha- We just didn't tell you because we wanted it to be a surprise for the next concert.she whispers

Gustavo- Well you have a concert after you get out of the hospital.

Carlos- She needs to rest Gustavo! Can't you tell she's still weak from what her mom did?! he says before slapping Gustavo

Kelly- What was that for?

Carlos- Sorry!

Kendall- Carlos can't control himself sometimes.

Logan- Like remember that time when we went on strike?

Kelly- Oh yeah. I have to agree with Carlos though. She does need to rest. She can't even speak without having to whisper.

Carlos- Thank you Kelly.

Griffin- Hey Sasha. How're you feeling?

Sasha- I've been better Grif-Grif.she whispers

Gustavo- Did she just call you Grif-Grif?

Griffin- She did. I allow her to call me that since she is the bad girl of this girl band.

Wayne Wayne- Hey Sash.

Sasha- Hey Wally. How've you been?she whispers

Wally- I've been alright. You?

Sasha- same. Mom stabbed me twice. The second time is why I'm here.she whispers

Wally- Poor kid. I grew up with Girls Gone Wild. I also know about her abusive mother who by the way is back in prison.

Sasha- How?she whispers

Wally (Wayne Wayne)- I found her outside of the hospital & I called the police while holding her down.

Sasha- How'd you manage to hold her down all that time? She's really strong.she whispers

Wally- I'm stronger than her, remember?

Sasha- Oh yeah. You had the four of us sit on a bench & you lifted all four of us. My mom never did that.she whispers

at the station (I felt I had to show the dad's point of view for a while)

Mr. Gonzalez- Olivia, can I talk to you for a sec? Alone?

Olivia- Sure.

in a private room

Mr. Gonzalez- We've been working together for the longest time & I've always wanted to ask you. Will you marry me?

Olivia- Yes.

back in the hospital room

Sasha's phone dings

Sasha- Wally, can you pass me my phone?she whispers

Wally- Sure. passes her the phone

Sasha- My dad just texted me &, wait am I reading this right or am I just hallucinating?she whispers

Carlos- You're not hallucinating.

Sasha- My dad & Detective Benson are engaged! she whispers. She then texts back Congratulations from everyone

James- Wow. Didn't see that coming.

Logan- I did.

Kendall- How?

Logan- I saw the way they look at each other & knew they were in love. All relationships start out with them meeting online, Going to school together, by a blind date, or by working together.

Carlos- He's right on that one.

Kendall- How do you know?

Carlos- I posted a poll a while back for people in a relationship. The question was How did you meet your partner/boyfriend/girlfriend? There were one of four choices. Online, school, blind date, or work. Most of them met either online or in school.

Kendall- Just so you know, I didn't see that coming either.

Sasha- Dad sent another text. They want all six girls to be bridesmaids, me being the maid of honor, Lexi to be flower girl, Kendall, Logan, & James are the groomsmen, Cedric is the ring bearer, & Carlos to be the best man!she whispers

Carlos- Sweet!

Kat- That's great! Wait a minute. Aren't your grandparents dead?

Sasha- Yeah.she whispers

Kat- Text him back asking who's going to help plan the wedding!

Sasha texts him back, asking who's going to help with the wedding plans.He sends back Olivia's half brother, Simon, & his wife.

Kat- OK. Who helped them?

Sasha- Must have been his wife's parents.she whispers

Carlos- We should let you get some rest. See you tomorrow honey.

Sasha- Wait! Carlos, can you stay with me?she whispers

Carlos- Of course honey.

Kat, Adrianne, James, Kendall, Logan, Hailey, Kelly, & Gustavo leave.

Carlos- Why don't you go with the guys Cedric?

Sasha- It's OK. Let him stay. He needs me anyways.she whispers

Carlos- OK.

Sasha- Carlos? she whispers

Carlos- Yeah?

Sasha- Can you sing for me?She whispers

Carlos- Of course.

It's the things you do for me,
It's the way you make me feel,
It's everything you are,
You're my shining star,
No matter where you are.

And now you're in my life,
I feel the strength inside,
No mountain seems so high,
No river seems too wide,
Now you're by my side.

You're the best thing in my life,
You're the best thing in my day,
You're the one thing in my life,
You make everything okay,
you give me my perfect day.

People search their whole life through,
And never find someone like you,
The day you walked right through my door,
I found what I was looking for,
Now I'm not searching anymore.

As long as I can wake up everyday,
and know that you're the first thing that I see,
There's no place here on earth I'd rather be,
I can hold you in my arms and sleep.

You're the best thing in my life,
the best thing in my day,
You're the one thing in my life,
You make everything alright,
you give me my perfect day,
You're the one thing in my life,
You make everything okay,
you give me my perfect day.

(in case you were wondering, this is "Perfect Day" by Mark Johns. Fabina's song)

before Carlos finishes singing, Sasha's already asleep.

Cedric- Carlos?

Carlos- Yea Ced? (Ced is Carlos' & Sasha's nickname for Cedric)

Cedric- Can you lay me next to her?

Carlos- Sure. Too tired little buddy?

Cedric- Yeah. yawns

Carlos- Night.

the next day

Sasha- Car-car. She whispers

Carlos- Yeah?

Sasha- You fell asleep. The nurse came in last night & put a blanket over you. I woke up in the middle of the night to find you on the couch & Ced next to me. She came a little bit after I woke up.She whispers

Carlos- Thanks. Ced.

Cedric- Yeah Carlos? he asks, very wide awake

Carlos- How long have you been awake?

Cedric- Two hours.

Carlos- You've been up since six o'clock this morning?

Nurse- Yeah. I saw him get up to go to the guest restroom.

Carlos- Ah.

Nurse- She'll be discharged today if you'd like to fill out her paperwork.

Carlos- Sure. Cedric, watch her!

Cedric- OK Carlos.

Sasha- Ced?She whispers

Cedric- Yeah Sash?

Sasha- Can you get a wheelchair for me little bud?She whispers

Cedric- Sure.

a few minutes later, Cedric comes back with a wheelchair that the doctor said she could keep (It's electrical & waterproof)

Sasha- Thanks little bro. She whispers

Cedric- Sure.

Carlos- The paperwork is all set. How'd the wheelchair get in here?

Cedric- The nurse brought it in.

Carlos- Which one?

Cedric- Nurse Donavan. (made it up) he says, unsure if there is a nurse Donavan

Carlos- OK. he lifts Sasha into her wheelchair.

Sasha- She really did bring it in though Car-car. He's being serious & honest. She whispers

Carlos- I know. I believe him.

back at the Gonzalez residence

Mr. Gonzalez- Carlos, did you fill out her paperwork?

Carlos- I did Mr. Gonzalez.

Mr. Gonzalez- I'm just glad to have my kids home. I assume you took good care of them.

Sasha- He did daddy.She whispers

Mr. Gonzalez- Cedric?

Cedric- He really did dad.

Mr. Gonzalez- OK.

Elliot- Sasha?

Sasha- Detective Stabler? What are you doing here?She whispers

Elliot- Just came to check up on you. Kathleen wanted to meet you since you'll be in her classes this year.

Kathleen- Hi Sasha, I'm Kathleen.

Sasha- Hi. I'm Sasha, as you know. she whispers, then blushes

Kathleen- I'm sorry about what your mom did to you.

Sasha- It's OK. She's in a maximum security prison now & that's all I want to hear about that sob.She whispers

Mr. Gonzalez- Sasha! Not in front of Cedric!

Sasha- By the way, this is my dad, Abraham, & this is my little brother, Cedric.She whispers

Kathleen- Nice to meet you two.

Abraham- Likewise.

Elliot- I'll also be protecting her from now on. She can also have a guide dog for free. The government is paying for her.

Sasha- Thank you Elliot.She whispers

Elliot- Sure thing Sasha.

Elliot & Kathleen leave

Patricia- Are you OK Sasha?

Sasha- I'm fine Trixie. Elliot just came by to introduce me to his daughter & to tell me that I'm getting a guide dog since I can't walk anymore.She whispers

Patricia- OK sis. When can we pick her up?

Sasha- I don't know. Dad?She whispers

Abraham- Today preferably.

Sasha- Why not now?She whispers

Abraham- Sure. What the hell?

at the adoption center

Abraham- Yes, we have a guide dog that's waiting for us to pick her up?

adoption person- Ah yes. A female German shepherd?

Abraham- Yes.

adoption lady- I'll bring her out.

a few minutes later, the adoption lady comes in with a gorgeous German shepherd

Sasha- She's gorgeous!

adoption lady- Thank you.

Sasha- Thank you dad!

Patricia- She's adorable!

adoption lady- Not only is she a guide dog, but she is also a family/lap dog.

Cedric- Awesome!

Sasha- I think I'll name her Sydney!

Carlos- That's my German shepherd's name!

Sasha- OK, then how about Sapphire?

Carlos- Perfect. Sapphire & Sydney can be friends.

Sasha- They will.

back at home

Sasha- But what if mom comes back? What if she escapes again?

Carlos- She'll die before you do.

Sasha- You'd kill to protect me?

Carlos- Of course. Besides, we have Freight Train to protect us.

Sasha- Freight Train! Carlos, grab my sweater!

He grabs it & passes it to her. She presses it against his stab wound.

Sasha- Stay with me Freight Train! Carlos, call 911. Then call Elliot!

Carlos- Done & done.

Elliot- What happened?

Sasha- I don't know! All I know is we were talking about how scared I was that mom would come back & kill me again when we found Freight Train on the floor! We already called 911.

Elliot- Smart thinking. Stay with us Freight Train!

at the hospital

Sasha- Dad. It's me. We're at the hospital. I'm fine. Freight Train was stabbed dad. Mom did it again. Bring Cedric down here. I don't trust him on his own. OK. Bye. Dad's on his way with Cedric.

Doctor- Freight Train?

Sasha- How is he?

Doctor- He's fine. The wound wasn't too deep & he should be able to return home tomorrow, but he'll need to be on bed rest for a few weeks.

Sasha- Kendall, call Gustavo.

Kendall- Already on it. Gustavo. It's Kendall. Freight Train has been stabbed. He's OK now but he needs to rest for a few weeks. holds the phone away from his ear as Gustavo screams. The room starts to shake... The ceiling collapses onto Sasha

Carlos- Sasha!

Mr. Gonzalez- Not again!

Cedric- Sasha!

Elliot- Don't leave us Sasha!

Elliot carries her out of the collapsing building

Carlos- We're going to have to get these patients to another hospital!

Doctor- I was just going to say the same thing. Thankfully there's a hospital next door.

Carlos- What was the point of building two hospitals next to each other? (almost put in hostipals or hostpitals)

Doctor- In case something like this would happen kid.

Carlos- I'm going to see if Sasha's OK.

Cedric- Is it OK if I go with you Carlos?

Carlos- That's fine by me.

Cedric- Thank you.

Carlos- Is it OK with you Mr. Gonzalez?

Mr. Gonzalez- It's fine by me.

a few days later

Phone rings. Mr. Gonzalez & Carlos instantaneously jump to get to the phone. Mr. Gonzalez picks up

Doctor- Hello, is this the father of Sasha Gonzalez?

Mr. Gonzalez- This is he. How may I help you?

Doctor- Hi, this is Doctor Brightman (name of my mother's doctor(first name to mind)). Your daughter is awake & she can have visitors.

Mr. Gonzalez- OK. Thank you so much.

hangs up

Carlos- Who was that?

Abraham- that was Sasha's doctor. She's awake & she can have visitors.

Cedric- YAY!

at the hospital

Abraham- We would like to see my daughter. Sasha Gonzalez.

Doctor- Ah yes. Right this way.

in her hospital room

Sasha- Hi daddy. Hi Cedric. Who's he?

Carlos- You don't remember me?

Sasha- Should I?

Cedric- He's your boyfriend Sasha.

Sasha- laughs Oh Cedric, you were always so delusional.

Cedric- No I wasn't!

Carlos- I really am your boyfriend Sasha.

Sasha- Who's Sasha?

Doctor- She has memory loss. Hopefully, this is temporary.

Carlos- Ohh. You're Sasha. My girlfriend. I'm Carlos Pena Jr. From Big Time Rush. Do you remember anything?

Sasha- Don't hurt me!

Carlos- Who is she turns around Ohhh s***.

Abraham- Carlos!

Cedric- It's OK dad. I hear worse from school.

Sapphire runs towards Kerri & bites hard on her wrist, enough to burst the vein.

Sasha- Good girl!

Cedric- Mom!

Sasha- It's OK Cedric. You'll always have everyone else. Besides, you've seen what she's done to me!

Cedric- Sorry sis.

Sasha- It's OK. If she wasn't what she was, I would be the same. Come here baby bro. It'll be OK. We'll be OK. OK?

Cedric- Yeah.

Sasha- Good girl Sapphire.

Carlos- You remember Sapphire?

Sasha- No, but I read the newspaper.

Carlos- Oh.

Sasha- Yeah. Daddy, can we please go home?

Abraham- Doctor?

Doctor- She's fine to go home. You just need to fill out paperwork.

Abraham- OK.

back at the Gonzalez/Pena residence (Carlos moved in with his brothers)

Carlos- How are we supposed to jump start her memory?

Abraham- I think it would be easier if you take her to the places where you had your dates & where you met & stuff like that.

Carlos- Good idea. Can I take her out for the day tomorrow?

Abraham- Sure. But you two have to take Cedric with you.

Carlos- Fine by me.

the next day

Carlos- Do you remember being here?

Sasha- Yeah. We're at Rocque Records. Damn it! I was supposed to be here today! wheels into the studio

Gustavo- YOU'RE LATE!

Carlos- Calm down Gustavo. Didn't you hear what happened yesterday?


Carlos- SHUT UP!

Gustavo instantly shuts up. Sasha rolls off, crying because she can't take yelling & she can't remember anything. Kelly & Carlos run after her

in Gustavo's office

Carlos- Sasha? Sasha?

Kelly- What says she's even in here Carlos?

Carlos- She told me that if she was to ever run in or nearing tears, to search for her in Gustavo's office & if she wasn't there... bites his knuckles

Kelly- What?

Carlos- Then she was in danger.

in Griffin's office

Sasha- I totally got you Carlos.

Griffin- What do you mean?

Sasha- I told him that if I ran in or near tears that I would be in Gustavo's office or in danger. Do you by chance have a tunnel that leads into Gustavo's office Grif Grif?

Griffin- I do. There. he says, pointing to a panel behind his desk Go. It sounds like they're on their way here.

Sasha- Thanks Griff Griff.

Griffin- No Prob.

in Gustavo's office

James- Sasha?

Sasha- How'd you know I was here?

James- Carlos told me to stay here. I figured you'd go to Griffin's office first then use the tunnel to get here.

Sasha- How'd you know about Griffin's tunnel?

James- He told me about it when I first came out here.

Sasha- Ohh. Just don't tell the guys I'm here. Please James.

James- I won't. On one condition.

Sasha- Which is...

James- Show me the tunnel.

Sasha- It's right where you guys ran to escape the King that wanted to set BTR up with his daughters. The tunnel branches off. Gustavo had a feeling that I'd need a way to evade a crowd, so he put a spare wheelchair that he had, no idea why, into the tunnel & right by the second clue is where the tunnel is.

James- Ohhh! OK.

Sasha- I should probably get out of here before the guys get back here.

James- Do you want me to take you back?

Sasha- Later. The guys will think you went back to the Palm Woods if you're not here.

James- Right. Because of Lucy. By the way, how are you with that?

Sasha- I'm fine with it James. Lucy & I have become great friends honestly.

James- I'm glad you've been okay. Especially since Kendall, Logan & I are trying to go out with her.

Sasha- Yeah. I feel bad for my girls though. Kat, Hailey, & Arianne are heartbroken though. They really loved you guys.

James- & we loved them, but we didn't really feel the same love that we felt then.

Sasha- Things have been harder since I was put into this wheelchair.

Kendall- She's in here! Hey Sasha. James, why didn't you tell us that she was with you?

James- Maybe because she didn't WANT TO BE FOUND!

Sasha rolls down the tunnel into the side tunnel by the second clue, shuts the door, & starts crying.