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The Shepard gang pulled into Jays. Curly was bored as they did the usual(chatting, car hopping, fighting, stealing ordering food). Suddenly they heard a gun shot. Most people ran away from it but many Greasers, including the Shepards Curly followed ran towards it. Curly saw a girl lying in blood once he pushed to the center. Not just any girl, Kim. An orphan who's family was the Shepard gang until she married her greaser turned money tight soc husband. But now she divorced him and was in unusual trouble. She was Tim's girl now, too. Tim ran up to her while the rest of the Shepards fought the grinning River Kings. The Shepards had heaters. Curly didn't so he threw rocks and hung back with Tim until the ambulance came. He saw Ponyboy, Johnny, Matthews, and Dally running off but Ponyboy looked impatiently at the ambulance. Curly knew Curtis risked trouble with Darry and was grateful.

Later the Shepards had a gang meeting. They called Winston, when he arrived the worn out Tim stood up. Tim stayed in the hospital until Linda was in stable condition now. "Glad you could make it Winston."

"Glad you invited me, Timmy," Dally stood in the center of the Shepard hang out.

"We want you to join this gang," Tim said directly.

"I'm flattered?"

"So you can control the territory we give the Tiberian Tigers: the lot behind the Curtis house. We're going to dethrone the River Kings!"

"What?! No deal! Thi sain't the century of kings anyways!"

"Wasn't last year's incident of the socs drowning the Curtis kid, the Cade kid having to stab the soc in self defense, and the lost soc lawsuit enough? Why would you turn down armed forces preventing anymore wild, spoiled socs like Bob?"

Dally's face tightened. "I'd take the socs over Johnny or Ponyboy getting shot by the Tigers or Darry losing them to a boy's home because they live in gang infested area," Dally said coldly.

Tim stared at Dally. "You know the social works, law, and socs are the same. They're not going to protect us from the Kings. We have to side with the devil as Winston Churchil said."

"We already are," Dally said, "the ones with badges."

Tim stared at Dally, cooly. "Big mistake, Winston. Expect a rumble."

"The Winstons are waiting," Dally replied. Tim's gang got up. Dally not only announced he had gang but that it was the Shepard's rival gang.

The next day Dally's friends from New York came. Dally's sister, Dahlia, and his parents came. His father married Scout's mother and his mother married her father, so they became her and her twin's step family twice over. Both parents ran off and Dahlia married Darry. Scout's twin Zoenda married Ponyboy.

Dally kept his gang activity away from the civilian life on the Winston side; but used it like the mafia sometimes. Dally used his gang to find out Johnny's parents were really criminals who abducted them at childhood and find out who their real parents were: the LaRusso's. The LaRusso's moved to Tulsa and Johnny found out he had a twin(Daniel) as well as a sister, Lucina. Lucina married Sodapop.

Darry let Ponyboy and Soda join the rumble but told them to run at any sign of the cop siren, since at the time they were only 15 and 17. The Winstons were tough with Dally's New York friends but the Brumely Boys supported them, not wanting the River Kings to have territory. The Winstons won. Even the girls fought. Slyvia went at Angela. Evie took down Sandy(who was with Wade). Bryon, Winston gang member, and Mark, Angela's boyfriend and Shepard gang member; fought, bitterly. "This isn't over!" Tim yelled as the Shepards left.

It wasn't. It was the start of bitter beginnings. The Shepard area was off limits and vice versa. Ponyboy couldn't talk to Curly. Tim and Dally were real enemies, Sylvia didn't toy with Tim and Tim was with a recovered Linda. There were only a few peaceful changes. The buisness meant more roofing buisness for Darry. Darry's income increased and more money came in with Ponyboy's theme published. Soda got his GED and all three Curtis' would get degrees. Steve's dad stopped being mean(verbally) after he married Two Bit's mom. Dally's uncle married Scout's mom. Darry and Sally were engaged.

But the Shepard/Winston feud was a big elephant in the room that the other gangs(& their dealings), cops, and socs noticed. But there was no violence just small, bitter fights. Until one day, when Scout was riding her bike and its tire got stuck in a track which sent her flying. Curly who was walking from a neutral store was surprised to find her in his arms after he looked down. The feud was set lit with bitter passion while sienna(orange-brown) colored eyes(Winston colors) peered up at Sapphire eyes(Shepard colors).