Cherry, pulls her bright red (talking Arianna Grande red) hair into a messy ballet bun and pulls on her dance clothes, which consists of a black leotard, black tights, and a black sheet skirt thingy. Her shoes are in her bag, and on her feet pare red Keds.

"Diego (her dog), I'm heading out! See you at dinner." She yells and grabs her bike.

Scout walked to the store,careful to stay on the right tracks of the town. Her curly, crimson hair was in a side braid and she wore a ruffled shirt with a hal sleeved half cotton jacket over it. She wore pointy, open beige boots. She had a small clutch bag, too. She was getting used to being a Winston and the new gang turf that made her avoid the tracks crossing over Shepard territory.

The carts stop as Scout gets on her bike and crosses it. She remembers when she moved in the old Cade house(and had Johnny's room) before she moved in Dally's uncle's house in the ranch. Everything was peaceful. Tim even hung out with the Curtis gang, the Bob thing brought them closer. Sometimes Curly would come too. Now it was tense in a way no one saw coming. Greasers on the street had sides or had to be careful about the clear lines.

Scout noticed the cart of Shepards contrasted the Winstons. The dark, full haired gang that was like a family(mafia) horse played. While the Winston one, cool wispy greasers with NY street savvy. The Winstons motto was don't hold back and don't hold on while the Shepard one was hold back and hold on. They were all the same in one way, they were trouble makers which was obvious as a curly haired guy stood in between the carts on a dare.

Scout looks around as she feels some presence. The Winston gang have walked up, like they own the place, to neutral store around the tracks; they silently glare at the Shepard gabg from the peripheral while talking. The Shepard gang becomes more rowdy and smirks at the Winston gang from their peripheral.

Curly nimbly hops off the train chain as it slows down and saunters over to where Scout stands. He checks her out, boldly but doesn't look at her directly. So Scout doesn't look back at him but she feels like Curly is checking her out. Neither gang notices. Daniel walks by Scout, popping his collar, and scoffs, "these carts will be noticed by cops a mile away! Tools!" Daniel was unusally spiteful in contrast with his nature. But Sodapop and Ponyboy were affiliated(Darry warned them about gangs) with the Winston gang after Ponyboy turned 18. Daniel didn't like Tim's idea of giving the Tiberian Tigers the Curtis turf back when Darry was struggling to keep the state from separating the Curtis Boys who took care of his twin, Johnny.

Curly narrows his eyes at Daniel "Poser's psuedo intelligent bullsh*t," Curly scoffs, turning away.

Daniel walks away; oblivious as Curly checks Scout out again from his peripheral vision.

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[I allowed new stuff like Keds to be part of the 60's-70's culture in this story.]