Many years ago:

'Come now Juliet you will enjoy preschool,' Lady Capulet told her five year old daughter as she tried to pry her from her leg. 'Now please let go of my leg,' she said in such a stern voice that Juliet automatically let go and began to cry.

'Mommy,' she cried, her little fists balling to her eyes. She had never been parted from her mother and she didn't want to be now. 'M-mommy I don't want to go,' she said, trying to cling to Lady Capulet once more, but the mother had already left. And there Juliet sat, crying, and not knowing what else to do. She didn't know enough about preschool to know what was to be expected of her.

'Look the Capulet daughter is a cry baby,' a male voice rang out, a very clever male voice and she turned to see who had spoken. Her baby blue eyes took in a golden haired, pale, blue eyed boy of approximately the same age as her. 'You just gonna sit there and cry Juliet?' He asked nastily and she wondered why he was being so mean to her. Juliet didn't think she'd ever done anything to harm him; after all their parents were best friends. But this was the first time she had ever seen him.

'Romeo,' she muttered beneath her breath. Of course, The Montague's only son would be beautiful, but who knew that he would be so cruel. As Juliet twirled a lock a midnight black hair around her finger she got up from the floor and wiped her eyes dry. She had decided that she would not cry in front of this little boy. He would not let him hurt her; after all he was nothing to her, not a friend, not an acquaintance. He was nothing. And she would treat him as such.

'Now, now children play nicely,' a loving female voice spoke out and Juliet looked up to see Nurse. Her nurse had come with her to preschool? What luck!

'Okay,' Juliet replied, with no intention of being nice to this Romeo and made her way over to the toy box where she hoped there would be a Barbie doll for her to play with. She liked Barbie. Her whole room was covered with Barbie dolls and she thought that perhaps if she had a Barbie to play with then she would be able to behave and not feel the urge to punch little Romeo Montague in the face.

However things would not always go to plan, for as soon as she picked up the blonde and way too skinny doll, and started to dress her Romeo came along and took the doll from her.

'Hey that's my Barbie, what you want with her, you're a boy, and you don't need her!' Juliet exclaimed, fighting back the tears she knew were coming. How dare he take things from her after he had just been nasty to her? Surely Nurse would come along and tell him off for being nasty. After all she was her friend.

Romeo did not reply and before she could stop he had ran off with the doll in hand, towards the toy workshop bench. What did he want with her? Before long her question was answered when Romeo placed Barbie on the bench in front of the toy band saw and pressed the button. Juliet being only five truly thought he was going to cut her dolly in half.

'No, don't Romeo that's my dolly,' she cried out, and tried to push him out of the way to get to her toy, but he only pushed her back, so hard that she fell to her back on the floor with a thud. And although it was made of foam alphabet puzzle pieces, Juliet still began to cry. 'Why are you so mean to me Romeo?' she asked as tears fell like twin waterfalls down her cheeks. This was the second time she had been made to cry today, and the first she could forgive because it was her mom, but Romeo she could not forgive.

'You're a girl Juliet, you're weak and stupid,' he told her and when the band saw didn't work he began hammering the Barbie into different shapes. When Juliet tried to stop him, he hit her on the head with the toy hammer. This time she would not cry, she wanted to show him that she was not weak or stupid! She was in fact very clever for her age, or so her father had said, and he didn't often give out compliments so he must have meant it.

'Well you're a smelly boy,' she replied and smacked him in the face. Truth be told he didn't seem to like that, and he was the one who started to cry and hold his little red cheek, but Juliet didn't care, she just took her Barbie and left to go play. She hoped Nurse wouldn't say anything as it was Romeo who had started everything by taking her toy away from her.

That was the first time Juliet Capulet had ever met Romeo Montague, and after their fight the rest of the day had seemed to go smoothly as they ignored each other, perhaps Romeo hadn't wanted another indignant slap across his face. However when the end of the day came both Juliet and Romeo raced to their mother and father, telling them how nasty the other had been to them.

Juliet remembered how the two families had argued that their children should not be nasty to each other, her own mother asking Lady Montague how she could have raised a son who didn't have an ounce of gentlemanly courtesy in him to not hit a little girl. Lady Montague had fired back asking why Juliet didn't act more like a Lady instead of manly.

That had been the comment to end the argument. Lady Capulet could not stand to have her only daughter be so insulted in such a manner that she and Lord Capulet declared hatred for the Montague family and, later on, Juliet had come to realise that it was more than just hate. The two families had declared war upon one another. A war that would continue on, well into Juliet's own teenage years.