Juliet took a deep, calming breath as she gazed into Romeo's dazzling sapphire blue eyes and frowned. They were so familiar, she felt she had seen them so many times in her dreams, after all they hadn't been her prime focus in their battles. His eyes reminded her of another man, a much kinder man, who'd dressed in white.

That man had seduced her, mind and soul and body away from Paris. Her lips tingled at the memory of his kisses. Her first kiss had been with the man in white and she'd wanted more. He'd been there on the flight home, had held her so tenderly when the darkness, her only weakness, had come crashing down upon them. He had distracted her with more than just a kiss in that small bathroom, and she'd loved it.

'Juliet, what are you...?' Juliet interrupted her enemy's question when she lowered her head and pressed her lips to his.