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Practice, practice, practice!

District 3:

It was morning and neither Nick nor Lauren had gotten much sleep. They were both scared and anxious about the training and of course the upcoming games.

Lauren was a bit confused Nick's brother Matt had told her that Nick would do everything for her and yet they had barely spoken.

Though this morning neither of them wanted to say something. At breakfast when their mentors explained about training they both just sat there and nodded.

Nick and Lauren were told to go get ready and left to their rooms in the hall Lauren stopped Nick.

"Hey listen I don't know if I've done something wrong or you just don't want to talk me because you see me as a enemy but you're brother told me that you would help me without thinking and I therefore should not let you do anything stupid but you know what if you don't care, neither do I," Lauren told him and looked at him waiting for an answer or reaction of some sort but he just stood there opening and closing his mouth.

"Fine," Lauren turned and opened the door to her room; they needed to change before going down to the training center. She looked back at him for a second before closing the door and as soon as she did Nick did a face palm.

He looked at her door; she looked sad before she closed the door.

He felt like an idiot and he went into his own room and changed but not before banging his head on the door.

The elevator ride down was terrible. An awkward silence had crept in between them and since Lauren didn't try anymore it wouldn't change unless Nick did something.

They didn't talk at all as they went through training stations. Even when Nick was ridiculed at one of the fighting stations Lauren kept her mouth shut and pretended like nothing happened.

After the day was done they went back up to their floor both tired and exhausted.

"You did good today," Nick told Lauren and she looked at him surprised. Not of what he said but the fact he spoke.

"Thank you," She replied after a long break just as they arrived in their floor.

"I don't want to be your enemy," Nick told her as they walked to their rooms to bathe.

"There's only one victor," Lauren commented grimly not that she wanted to fight him but it was sadly the truth.

"You should win," Nick mumbled.

"Why?" Lauren asked confused and a bit wary he could be playing a game but he didn't seem like the type.

"Because if you don't win I would never forgive myself," Nick confessed. His hand was hovering over the handle to his door. He wanted to go but he also wanted to tell her the truth.

"Don't you want to win?" Lauren questioned.

"I…I want you," Nick replied honestly and looked up blinking trying to get the tears away, he felt more weak than ever.

"Me? Why me?" Lauren exclaimed baffled.

"You're wonderful, beautiful, clever, funny, happy even though we live in a grim life, you're strong mentally and you seem so delicate, that it makes me want to protect you," Nick explained and swallowed the clump down in his throat.

"Is that why you kept going at the sword fighting station?" Lauren asked with a small smile. Nick just nodded. Suddenly what his brother had said made more sense and how he had acted but she was just ordinary Lauren. Her smile grew bigger and she walked over to put a comforting hand on his arm and shoulder.

"Thank you but how about we protect each other?" She asked as he looked at her. Seeing her smile made him smile as well.

"All right," Nick fumbled out and she gave him a kiss on the cheek before going to her own room.

Nick stood dumbfounded until Iris turned up.

"Take a bath! You can't smelled like that at the dinner table," Iris commented and held her nose while walking past.

District 7:

Jeff and Britney didn't really talk, they had decided to train separately, well Britney had and Jeff didn't really care. The air between them wasn't exactly cold more like indifferent, they knew each other was present but to Jeff it didn't matter and to Britney he was just another enemy.

Down in the training center Jeff was working on the edible plant test while Britney was learning to use a knife to both fight and survive with.

Another person came up and tried the other test board and Jeff looked over judgingly. She had the number nine on her back and she did terrible and looked terrible, her hands shaking violently which honestly seemed to be the reason why she kept choosing wrong.

"If it looks really tasty it's probably poisonous," Jeff told her even thought he had no idea why but maybe having an ally wouldn't be so bad with Britney gone.

The girl from 9 looking at him surprised like she had first seen him now.

"Thanks I'll try that," She mumbled and continued working. Jeff shrugged and went over to sword fighting, he was good with an axe but they didn't need to know that.

Britney was taking mental notes of everyone; the careers would always be the biggest threat but the boys from 9 and 10 and possibly the girls from 5 could seem trouble some as well and she knew Jeff was good with an axe, he must be working as a lumberjack but apparently terrible with plants which she found ironically funny.

She didn't even notice that the boy from 2 was watching as she studied her own fellow district tribute.

"You're not going to kill anyone holding the knife like that," He told her and Britney snapped around making him chuckle.

"Quick reaction though, here let me show you," he offered and held out his hand; over his shoulder she could see the girl from his district giving her a death glare.

She cautiously handed him the knife but he didn't it instead he took her hand and changed the grip on it.

"There try cutting the dummy now, hit it right in the kidney," He instructed her and stood behind her and she made a stab at it, figuratively and literally.

"No, no position yourself like this," He told and put his hands on her hips to give her a better stance.

"Why are you helping me?" Britney questioned worriedly.

"Because There's only one winner and I'd be damned if I let any of the others win, you seem worth of an ally," He explained.

"But as you said there's only one winner, allies eventually turn into enemies," she replied, she couldn't look at him as he still had his hands on her hips.

"You're clever but that's far into the future we don't have to think about that yet…names Joe by the way, it you want to team up be at the sword station tomorrow," he told her and left not even getting her name.

Just then Jeff came over.

"That looked uncomfortable," he stated and she shrugged.

"Listen our mentors said not to tire ourselves out so maybe we should call it a day?" Jeff suggested.

"All right," Britney agreed and stabbed the dummy one last time letting the knife stay in.

Jeff made a note of staying away from her in the arena and Britney thought that maybe sword fighting lessons tomorrow wouldn't be so bad.

District 4:

Dylan was working on fighting skills straight away and so was Sango. Dylan trained with spears and Sango with a sword and net. They both talked with the other careers and alliances were made although secretly they had another agenda.

Author's Note I haven't writing more sorry, but with the new mockingjay movie I might be inspired to do but you never know.