Despite being the top graduate of the 104th trainee squad, and one of the strongest soldiers of humanity, Mikasa Ackerman was confused. From the top of the clock tower, she could see that Eren, in his titan form was still in the same position, immobile, not regenerating with Armin trying to coax Eren into action. But apart from making sure no Titans got near Eren and Armin, she was fascinated by the sight of what appeared to be an unarmed man fighting a 10m class titan.

This thing must have a weak spot, it can't be invincible, nothing is, even Majin Buu could be destroyed. I have to end this now, I can't keep this up for ever, If I use what little Ki I have, I know I can win.

Jumping backwards, Gohan focused all of the Ki he had into his right hand, his hand began to glow, and a the Ki formed a small sword shape that extended away from his hand by about another hands length. Gohan began his offensive, charging at the titan and cutting off both of its legs at the knees.

I need to finish this quickly, I can't sustain this Ki blade for long

Quickly dodging the large hand that grasped at him, Gohan cut off the arm midway up the forearm and prepared himself, ready to go in for the finishing blow. Out of the corner of his vision, he then noticed a figure flying towards the beast from behind, and then in one swift attack, the monster fell to the ground, dead, its head halfway hanging off, from a deep cut in the back of the neck.

Gohan looked up, and standing on top of the now defeated monster, was a welcome sight.

Gohan's face filled with relief as he called out "Trunks, thanks for the help, how did you know how to kill it? It kept regenerating from all of my attacks"

A cocky grin filled Trunk's face as he called out back "The back of their neck, it's their weak point, I was having trouble with a friend a couple of minutes ago, every attack with my blade was useless. It kept regenerating, so I went to cut it's head off, hoping that would kill it, but I failed, my strength faultering. I only managed to make a deep cut on the back of its neck, but it stopped regenerating, and your buddy here was just the same, one cut to the neck and it also stopped regenerating."

Now Mikasa was even more confused and surprised than earlier, not only had the first man's arm proceeded to glow, but he also cut off a titans limbs with relative ease, all the while dancing around it's attacks. And to top it off, somebody else had appeared out of nowhere, also without the 3DMG and had cut down the Titan in one attack with what seemed to be a standard sword. However there were more pressing matters, a 12m class had began to head towards Eren and Armin, she could investigate these two anomalies later.

"I'm guessing you have the same problem as me, hardly any Ki?"Gohan called out to the purpled haired warrior, his brows furrowing with worry

"I'm in the same boat as you Gohan, I can't even muster up enough energy to fly."Trunks looked down at the steaming corpse of the Titan he had just slain, it was already half evaporated.

"The one I encountered was in the middle of eating somebody when it found me, it was bigger too, by maybe a couple of metres" Gohan quickly looked over at Trunks, a flash of anger appearing on his features, quickly replaced by deep thought.

"Eating a person? That explains why it was so desperate to grab me" Gohan looked around and quickly came to a conclusion "Trunks, we may not have access to our power, however odd that is, but we must try to help whoever is living here, nobody deserves to die like that, eaten alive."

Trunks shot Gohan a determined look "We may be at our weakest, but I know we can still help these people, we have to Gohan."

Gohan nodded and jumped up onto a roof top, Trunks followed him closely, unsheathing his sword.

The 12m class that was heading towards Eren and Armin was proving to be more difficult than Mikasa had anticipated, It was walking down a wider street, making it difficult for her to get a good anchor point for the 3DMG. Still she wasn't about to let it harm and Eren and Armin, so Mikasa gained momentum and flew through the air towards the Titan, firing off one of her Manoeuvring gears hook into the back of the Titans neck, she propelled herself forward, and cleanly cut the nape of the Titans neck, killing it instantly. However her time dealing with the 12m class had let a smaller 7m and 5m class Titan get within close proximity of Eren and Armin. She cursed under her breath how had she missed them? Suddenly the 5m class Titan was tackled by a blur, and smashed into the adjacent building, the 7m class was quickly attacked next, a streak of blue and purple flying past Cutting through the nape of the Titans neck and through the front, killing it and decapitating it at the same time.

Who are these people? And how can they move like that?