Both Gohan and Trunks were bored senseless in the past month, it was interesting at first learning about the Titans and the way the military here worked, but they both wanted to train and get stronger.

Gohan and Trunks watched as most of the other trainees left after Commander Irvin's speech, they were too scared to join the Scouting Legion.

Gohan couldn't blame them though 90% of you will be dead within 5 yeas? I'm not surprised most of them left. Less people will have to die now though, the Titans will finally get to taste how it feels to be powerless against somebody much stronger than you.

The new Scouting Legion members walked towards the castle that the operations were based in for now, its towers dominating the sky in front of them. Gohan and Trunks trailed the group, both looked uncomfortable in their military uniforms that were too tight, designed for slimmer warriors, not muscle bound saiyans.

Trunks looked ahead and noted that Eren Yeager, was meeting with his friends again. He was happy that the plan turned out well as he remembered when Commander Irvin and Captain Levi came to visit him and Gohan in their cells.


"We know you two want to fight the Titans, as is obvious by the mission reports. We do however need you help with something." The Commander stared at Trunks intently, Levi standing next to him, his own eyes held a subtle glint in them.

"What's in it for us?" Trunks looked back at the Commander, his anger about his current predicament showing.

"if you help us stop Eren Yeager from being executed, I will formally accept you two into the Scouting Legion, where you can fight as many Titans as you like." Irvin stood up and moved closer to the cell, extending his hand through the bars towards Trunks.

"I accept your terms, but I hope you are a man of your word" Trunks reached out with his uninjured hand and shook the Commanders outstretched hand, noting his firm grip.

"I am certainly a man of my word. Humanity is in a dark place at the moment, both you and your friend here represent a hope that I cannot let go." The Commander turned and began to walk away

"Don't let us down." Levi curtly said as he then followed the Commander out.


"They didn't hurt you did they? Examine you and perform experiments on you?" Mikasa asked Eren, a worried look on her face as she grabbed his arm and looked him over.

"No, I'm fine really!" Eren put a hand to his forehead as he pulled his other arm out of Mikasa grasp.

"Wow... a lot of you guys did join the Scouting Legion!" Eren's face lit up into a smile, he didn't like to show his feelings but he had missed his friends. "So Annie, Marco and Jean joined the Military Police then?" Eren looked at his comrades in front of him, noting the missing members.

"Annie joined the Military Police, Marco is dead" a voice cut in from behind Eren spoke, its words solemn.

"Jean! You joined the Scouting Legion?" Eren's face could only be described as shock as he looked at his rival in front of him, now a fellow member of the Scouting Legion like himself.

"Not everyone has a spectacular death, Marco died without anybody seeing" Jean mumbled sadly, looking at Eren "Any way I heard what happened, when you turned into a Titan,you attacked Mikasa didn't you?" Jean said accusingly looking at Eren. Mikasa grabbed a few bangs of hair and used it to cover the small scar under her eye from Eren's attack.

"He was just trying to swat a fly" Mikasa butted in, defending Eren. Jean brushed the hair out of her face.

"That must have been a pretty nasty injury to leave a scar like that, and let him answer, I didn't ask you" Jean turned back towards Eren.

"I ….. don't ….. I didn't... I can't remember, but apparently it is true." Eren looked towards the ground, his shoulders slumping in shame. Jean turned towards the rest of the 104th trainees

"This is what we have to put our hopes in? He can't even remember, how do we know he can control it?" Jean said to his team mates his voice rising. A strong hand gripped his shoulder

"Enough Jean" Mikasa's face was passive, but her eyes showed a glint of threat. Eren stood still, the shock of Jeans words hitting him and bringing back familiar thoughts to him.

He's right. If I tried to attack Mikasa, nobody is truly safe around me. I mean, I tried to kill the one person I care about most, and now I am to be trusted as the hope of Humanity? Eren could feel the self doubt filling himself once again.

"Not everyone is as willing to die for Eren like you would, Mikasa" Jean hissed at her, looking towards Eren."Look Eren, your Titan power has the capability to help us, but when I die, I don't want it to be in vain!" Jean grabbed Eren by the shoulders "I'm counting on you man." Eren's eyes widened in shock, surprised at Jean's sudden outburst.

NO! I have to be strong for them, for everyone, I can control this power and make it my own! I won't let you guys down, I won't let humanity down! I'm stronger now, not weak like I was back then... I am sorry I was too weak Mother, I will kill them ALL!

"I can't let you down, not until every last Titan is dead!" Eren stared straight back at Jean, who seemed to visibly relax a little.

"Your ability is to be assessed with the 3DMG in this training course. It is filled with many Titan dummies, 57 in total. The aim of the course is to cleanly kill alll of the Titans in the shortest amount of time, Captain Levi holds the current record of 9 minutes and 18 seconds." The Commander addressed all 23 of the new Scouting Legion recruits. "First up, to complete the course is Armin Arlet!"

Armin shakily stepped forward, saluting the commander and headed towards the start point of the training course. A strategy was already forming in his mind, it could cut a couple of minutes off of his time if he pulled it off.

Well, here we go, I hope this works!

Armin shot off, the hooks from his gear embedding themselves into the nearest tree, launching himself at the titan dummie that was notoriously hard to kill cleanly. Armin weaved through the trees and cleanly cut through the target on the nape of its neck, a clean kill.

"Wooo, Go Armin!" Eren cheered his best friend on, pumping his fists into the air at Armin's surprising display of skill. Mikasa stood next to Eren, watching Armin intently, though she didn't show it she was also surprised at Armin's skills, perhaps she had paid too little attention to his own skills whilst focusing on her own.

Armin flew through the air and began to attack another Titan target that was also known to be difficult, he had more trouble with this one. He lost his balance in mid air and only managed to cut the target with one blade, but thankfully the cut was deep enough to score a kill.

"What is he doing, those were the two hardest targets in the course!"Jean stated out loud.

"It's a smart strategy, watch him closely" everyone turned towards Gohan, who for the first time spoke to the 104th trainees.

"Well it is a pretty poor strategy, he is going to get a poor time at this rate" Jean curtly replied, looking a bit flustered at Gohan's sudden comment.

"No it is very clever, he is attacking the hardest targets first, so that when he is tired towards the end only the more simple and easy targets are left." Gohan replied back, explaining Armin's strategy to the group.

"Armin Arlet, your time was 38 minutes and 43 seconds, a respectable time for a trainee, well done." Commander Irvin addressed Armin, who was panting and exhausted, having just finished the training course. Armin stumbled over to his friends, with Eren grabbing him into a bear hug.

"Your strategy was incredible Armin, 38 minutes? That's better than some of the Scouting Legion soldiers scored last week!" Armin looked up and smiled at his friend, his pride showing in his smiling face.

"Next up is Eren Yeager" Irvin Smith called out to the trainees, Eren stepped forward, his face hardened from it's previous smile to a look of determination.

I have to be stronger, faster, more lethal "Eren I'm counting on you man!" Jean's words rung in his head I'm not doing this for me, but for everybody I have to be the best I can, better than my best. 9 minutes 18 seconds? I'm coming for that record Captain!

Eren steeled himself and shot off his hooks, moving at a blistering pace, cutting through two targets with ferocious aggression. He then blasted off through the trees flipping and dancing around the Titan dummies whilst slicing them to ribbons.

"He is using too much gas! He will run out at this rate!" Connie pointed out as Eren flew through another two titans.

"He would know he is using too much though, he must have a plan" Armin therorised as he watched his friend

Eren is using too much gas, but he would know if he was, so he must be aware of what he is doing. Unless... no way... so he is planning to do that!?

Eren had just killed his 40th Titan with a vertical slice, cutting through the target cleanly, a solid kill. Eren went to shoot his hooks again when nothing happened Shit... out of gas already? Well here goes nothing!

Eren landed on the floor and quickly discarded the empty tanks, he then reached under his Scouting Legion cloak and pulled out two new gas tanks, quickly attaching them and shooting off towards the next target.

The trainees and the supervisors watching were all in shock, it was the first time anybody had attempted such a bold strategy.

"hey, he's cheating!" Jean shot out accusingly, his finger pointed at Eren who had just cut down another Titan target.

"Whilst Eren's strategy is unorthodox, there are no rules that say he couldn't use extra gas tanks, so he is not cheating." Irvin Smith responded, his eyes never leaving Eren's form as he tore through yet another target.

Eren landed ungracefully, he was exhausted but proud, he was sure he had got a decent time.

"Well done Eren, an exceptional time. 15 minutes flat, only bested by Captain Levi, Mike Zakarius and Auruo Bossard. Such a display is rarely seen, I am impressed." Commander Irvin praised Eren.

Eren however, didn't look too happy with himself

Two tanks of gas and nearly using them both up and I only managed 15 minutes? The Captain did it in 9 minutes on one set of gas, how !? I must get stronger!

Eren walked over towards the rest of the trainees, a scowl on his face.

"Eren that was awesome man! The 4th fastest time ever!" Connie jumped in and praised Eren

"Cheap strategy Yeager, I doubt you would have been half as good without your little trick." Jean looked over to Eren, jealousy biting into his words.

"Eren you should not have carried extra gas tanks with you its dangerous you could've -"

"Get real Mikasa! I knew what I was doing, besides didn't you hear the Commander? I got the fourth fastest time in the Scouting Legion!"

Hopefully my time is going to be better than hers. That's the last thing I need

Eren looked into Mikasa's eyes, a silent challenge passed between them. Three people completed the course before it was Mikasas turn, none of the times getting close to how high Eren had set the bar.

"Next is Mikasa Ackerman" Irvin called out to the trainees as Mikasa stepped forward, ready. Mikasa flew through the air with more grace than the previous trainees, slicing the wooden titans into pieces as she weaved through the trees.

"Even after seeing her in action at Trost... it's still hard to believe how easy she makes it look." Connie exclaimed as he watch Mikasa strike another target

"She was top of our class though, even then she has amazing talent" Reiner said as he put his hand on Connies shoulder, Bertholt close behind him. Eren's face twisted into a scowl as he watched Mikasa dance through the air.

How does she do it? And make it look so effortless? It's infuriating!

Away from the main group, the two Saiyans watched as Mikasa manoeuvred through the course.

"Amazing, she is already using her Ki no wonder she was top of her class... Mikasa Ackerman."

Gohan looked over at Trunks as his friend spoke to him

"She has great potential, she will be one of our trainees for sure." Gohan responded back to Trunks, as they both watched Mikasa effortlessly finish the course.

"10 minutes 48 seconds, Well done Mikasa that is the second fastest time ever recorded, second only to Captain Levi" Irvin congratulated her on the amazing performance. Mikasa's eyes darkened at the sound of Levi's name, the thought of him beating the defenceless Eren still fresh in her mind.

As Mikasa walked back to the amazed trainees, she saw they were all happy apart from the one person she wished was, Eren. She had gotten used to it now, his scowl being directed at her, still that didn't mean it didn't hurt her to see him look at her with such anger.

"Well done Mikasa, that was incredible!" Armin grinned wildly as he greeted Mikasa back, with Eren just grunting and looking away. Although she would never admit it, it hurt to see Eren so angry, but she needed to be strong, to protect him.

"Next is to complete the course is Gohan son, the rest of you trainees do not know him, but in the last month he has undergone a crash course on military training, his exceptional abilities are needed in the fight against the Titans" Irvin explained as the trainees questioningly looked at Gohan, who seemed to be uncomfortably fumbling with his 3DMG.

Armin shakingly pointed a finger at Gohan

"Well, now I guess we can get a better look at what he can do." Armin said as he looked on

"It doesn't matter how good he does, Mikasa always wins." Eren hissed, Mikasa covered her face with her scarf to hide away from Erens anger, but her eyes were fixated on Gohan, who she remembered saved their lives back in Trost, this was going to be interesting.

Gohan sprinted into the forest with inhuman speed, shooting his manoeuvring hooks into the nearest titan.

"No …. no.. way!" Sasha Braus let out as she watched with wide eyes as Gohan smashed through three targets in a instant, his movements a blur.

"He... he's.. so .. so fast, I can't keep up with his movements!" Jean shouted, his eyes popping out of their sockets. All of the trainees watched on with complete shock, apart from Trunks, who was leisurely sitting with his back against a tree, enjoying the show.

Gohan spun like a tornado as he cut through another three targets with inhuman strength and precision, using his Ki to strengthen the blades so they didn't snap under the extreme force of his attack. Gohan looked up and saw that a few large trees were in the way of his next target, instead of avoiding them, Gohan pushed off of a tree trunk for more speed, heading directly for the obstructions.

"No, he's in trouble now though, he is going to smash right into that tree!" Armin pointed out as Gohan rocketed towards them. "Yeah there is no way even he can keep this up, he is going to have to go the long way around, hehehe" Jean laughed nervously to himself, the spectacular display leaving him quite worried.

"Haaaa!" a white aura enveloped Gohan as he twisted his body into a tight spin, slicing through the trees without losing any speed, and decimating the targets that were behind them. The Titan mannequins shattered under the amazing force of Gohan's relentless onslaught.

"WHAT!? HOW... HOW DID HE DO THAT, HIS BLADES SHOULD HAVE SHATTERED, AND HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN CRUSHED AGAINST THE TREE?" Jean's jaw fell to the flaw, as he witnessed Gohan massacre some more targets faster than the human eye could track "It's incredible, what you do Mikasa seems impossible, but this... it's unbelievable!" Armin commented as he watched Gohan land, his two blades still smoking from the onslaught.

"That it is a new record time! 5 minutes flat!" Irvin shouted out, his face not showing any emotion, but inside it was the complete opposite. If his friend is just like him... and with Eren Yeagers titan abilities, we could just about free humanity from its desperate situation after all.

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