Ok I had yet another Idea I just had to get out of my head. This story will have no relation to my other Kuroshitsuji fanfiction.I may reuse some characters looks or names but I won't be combining storylines. I just want to see if people like this idea at all. if not I'll just take it down or leave it as a oneshot.

At the London Shinigami Dispatch center a strange group of people have gathered. All of them curious as to why they where summoned together with such urgency. Even the one who was put in charge of gathering them all together is confused. So here they all are sitting around a table in one of the conference rooms, waiting for someone to explain what is going on. Finally one of them snaps, slamming his hand on the table making the cups of coffee and tea rattle. He grinds his sharp teeth together and looks over to his superviser.

"Will~ Can you please tell us why we are all sitting here doing nothing?" the annoyed redhead asks giving the other man a pout. Which the other responds by pushing up his glasses and wiping up the tea that was spilled by the other.

"Eheheee~ I don't think even he was told deary~" says the silverhaired man next to the red clad reaper. He dips a bone shaped cookie into his tea before biting into it, and staring at the young reaper on his other side. "Who are you~ I don't think I've seen you before~"

"I'm Ronald Knox, and I only started a few months ago so its no wonder you don't know me." the blond says taking a sip of his coffee and rubbing the side of his head.

"Awww~ does Ronnie have a headache?" Grell asks leaning to look past Undertaker at the bond reaper and smirking.

"Shut it Sempai." Ronald grumbles out laying his head on the table, making the redhead snicker along with Undertaker.

"I would like to know why I was called here, I'm not even a shinigami." says the voice of a child."And why we were called so early in the morning?"

"Like Undertaker stated even I was not told why we where called here. So I do not know the reason for calling you and your retched butler." Will says glaring over at the pair across from him. The boy glares back at him while the butler sitting next to him just smiles. "All I know is that I was told to collect all of you and bring you here. One of our higher ups is supposed to come as well, I wasn't told his name or when he would arrive."

"Wonderful, this just better not be a complete waste of my time." the boy says leaning his head on his right hand, letting out an annoyed sigh. "Sebastian would you fetch the paperwork I needed to finish. If we are going to be here I might as well do something productive."

"Of course Bouchan." the demon replys instantly portaling away to retrieve said papers.

"Do you ever act your age?" Ronald asks looking over at the little lord lazily, propping his chin on the table to do so.

"Excuse me?" Ciel reply's glaring at Ronald, if in anger or confusion no one can tell.

"Your only what 13 or 14 right?" the blond asks sitting up and stretching his arms above him.

"I am 15, but why does it even concern you." the boy reply's in a bored tone as he stares at the older man.

"That is what I mean, they way you talk and act. You act like someone twice your age."

"I learned to grow up and behave, and not to do meaningless things." Ciel reply's just as Sebastian returns with the papers requested. No one talks after that the only sound is the rustling of paper and scratching of Ciel's pen. This goes on for over 30 minutes until a knock sounds from the door. Will tells the person to enter and the door opens to reveal a Blue haired shinigami. The person who enters is what all could describe as a pretty boy, he has long eyelashes and a small childlike face, with a womanly body that could rival Grells. He has long neon blue hair that is tied in a samurai ponytail and braided, with bangs framing his face and covering his forehead. He is wearing a typical reaper style suit with a dark blue tie, his glasses are black with a gold trim and a chain that has dragon beads, but what makes everyone stare is the bright blue boots with black belts that he wears. The boots stop just above his knees and have an at least 3 inch heel on them. But when he speaks is when Undertaker loses it, falling out of his chair laughing and holding his sides.

"Sorry to have kept you waiting sweeties." the man says in a southern drawl walking to to head of the table. He looks over at Undertaker who is still laughing on the floor like a maniac. "Uh you alright darlin?" the question just sends the mortician into another fit of laughter.

"Ignore him darling~ " Grell says batting his eyelashes at the blue haired man and giving a shark toothed smile. "Now just who are you my little country muffin?~"

"Eh? Oh pardon me my name is, Brandy S. Thorn" the man says with a bow of his head. "I am in charge of collecting the souls deemed suitable for being shinigami. That is the job I do on a normal basis, but like Undertaker I am one of the original shinigami." this makes said man stop laughing and return to his seat and suddenly become serious.

"I don't remember you among the ranks of my time." he says staring at the the other man through his silver bangs.

"That is because I was still a lil'one when that big ol war happened. I was placed in the care of a family friend in america." Brandy replys pulling a file out of his suit jacket, and opening it up. "Now to business boys, I ask you to remain quiet while I explain this." he passes out a paper to each person before continuing. "The girls on this list have been causing trouble for both shinigami and demons. All of them are half human and have powers that they can't control." Ronald raises his hand like it is a class in school. "Yes Mr. Knox?"

"Two things, one call me Ronald and two what are they half of that makes their powers so bad?"

"Okay to the first question and as for the second, they are all either half angel, demon, shinigami, fairy, or the like." Brandy responds pushing up his glasses and sighing when Grell and Undertaker both raise their hands. Both grinning like idiots making the others shake their heads at them. "Miss. Sutcliff?" the man says pointing to the redhead.

"You called me Miss." Grell says with a wide smile that shows all his teeth.

"Oh I'm sorry if I offended ya, I was told you preferred to be treated as a woman. I'm a real sorry if I offended ya." Brandy says looking upset at the thought of having upset Grell.

"No no Darling~ I'm just so glad someone knows how to treat a lady. And like Ronald you can use my first name." Grell says giving the blue haired senior a seductive look before asking his question. "But anyways my question is why are we even here for this? I mean I understand going after the half shinigami children but not the others."

"I get your point miss Grell, why are shinigami helping the other immortals. The reason we are is because of the large quantity of them."

"Just how many are there, and what do you expect me to do for you?" Ciel asks interrupting Brandy as he was about to speak again, and giving the other man a cold stare.

"Kid if your trying to scare me it ain't gonna work. So stop being such a sour puss and wait, at least they held up their hands and waited for me to answer them." Ciel seems taken aback by the way he was talked to, and Grell and Ronald try to hold in their giggles. Will just sighs and looks back to Brandy motioning for him to continue talking. "Well now back to what I was saying, for some reason these children are appearing out of nowhere. And no dispatch center can find their cinematic books, its as if they have no souls. And yes even demons have souls." Brandy says when Ronald and Grell raise their hands again. Undertaker raises his hand again his sleeve falling to his elbow, Brandy points to him and he smiles before talking.

"I would like to know how many of each type of child there are. This list seems incomplete deary~" he says holding up the paper that was given to all of them.

"Well that is only a list of the children that are in London and the immediate area. In total there are over 1000 of these young'ins." he pauses to walk to the blackboard behind the table. He then starts to write out all types of half immortals that have been found, and the number of kids for each type. "We will be handling all of the shinigami,demons,mermaids,and elf's. In total about 30 - 40 half immortals all of varying ages and standing. But reports of new lil' ones being spotted keep coming in every week." Sebastian raises his hand giving a closed eyed smile to the blue haired reaper. "Yes Mr. Michaelis?"

"How are we supposed to find these half breeds? Let alone care about them." Sebastian asks calmly folding his hands in his lap.

"They cannot hide their immortal power signatures like we can, wherever they go a sort of trail is left behind. Finding them will be easy for all we do is literally follow the yellow brick road." Brandy says crossing his arms and giving a girlish giggle at his own joke. ( I don't know if the wizard of oz was even made yet in this time but it has been in my story.) "And the reason for even bothering with them is simple. None of them can control their powers fully, and over half of them are demons or witches. The half demons won't be able to control when they change into their true forms. And witches need to have charms made to help contain their magic, otherwise it is released in large bursts that can kill anything and everything around them."A collective 'Oh' resounds around the room, and all are silent.

"What are we to do with these children once we find them?" Will asks finally joining in on the conversation.

"Depends." Brandy says simply his voice getting lower and somewhat dark.

"On what m'dear?" undertaker asks tilting his head to the side with his ever present smile.

"I'm guessing it depends on whether they decide on coming along peacefully or not." Ronald says with a yawn and chugging the rest of his coffee.

"More or Less." Brandy says with a sigh and running a gloved hand through his bangs. "Orders are to bring as many as possible to their respective elders. Any who show signs of violence or refuse to come are to be as they put it 'terminated'"

"You mean kill the poor kids!" Ronald nearly screams in surprise.

"Pretty much but I will try to keep that from happening. I was told to try and reason with them first, killing them is a final option if they continue to refuse." Brandy then stands closing the folder he had and handing it to Will. "Mr. Phantomhive we will be needing a sort of home base while on this mission. That is why you are here, along with the fact that I was told to hand this over as well." Brandy then proceeds to pull out an envelope with the royal seal of queen Elizabeth on it. He hands it over to the now wide eyed boy without another word. Ciel opens the letter his visible eye seeming to get wider in disbelief.

"Is this really true..." he mumbles to himself and pinching the bridge of his nose.

"What is it little brat, the queen fire you?~" Grell says to the boy and chuckling mischievously when the boy doesn't respond. Sebastian grabs the letter from his master and reads it as well, his eyes flashing with surprise and a small smirk on his face. "What is so bad that even Bassy reacted to it?"

Brandy chuckles at Grells comment and giving the redhead a smile that makes him blush. All that passes through Grell's mind is how cute the boy looks at the moment. The other shinigami give the blue haired reaper questioning looks, that said reaper only smiles wider at.

"Did you know that almost every country's leader has an immortal helper or is one themselves?" Brandy asks standing up to leave, his country droll making Undertaker snicker again. "Well your dear ol queeny is on of them. I believe this one is an elf, right out tree hugger that one." he heads to the door and stops looking over his shoulder to say something. "Meet up in front of hound boys house tomorrow at noon." Brandy then leaves the room the door shutting behind him softly.

"Hound..Boy..."Ronald says slowly and all eyes turn to Ciel.

"I really don't like him now." the boy mutters standing to leave. "Do I need to prepare rooms for any of you?" he asks putting on his top-hat and cloak.

"Mr. Thorn did not say we where staying at your mansion, just for us to meet up there." Will states picking up his empty teacup and placing it in the small kitchen in the corner of the room.

"Very well then, Sebastian we're leaving." Ciel states walking out the door with the demon butler hot on his heels. Undertaker following after them leaving Grell and Will alone.

"Well it seems a new hottie has joined us.~" Grell says skipping out of the room with Will walking out after him. "And this man seems to be like me if his outfit is anything to go by.~" Grell states going into his little fantasy world, imagining things of him and Brandy.

"Sutcliff you are not to bother our superior with you stupid flirting." Will says coldly brushing past the daydreaming redhead.

"Aww Is little Willie~ jealous that someone else has my eye now?" Grell coos at Will as he walks away.

"Just be on time Sutcliff, We don't want to make bad impressions." Will says before disappearing into his office. Grell rushes off to his own home to prepare for what is in his mind a chance to score a hot date.