A Phantom Dumped in a Bucket of BLEACH

(Writer: This is a major edit. Originally this was in chapter nine which is the major explanation chapter. So these are the prerequisites for this story. Reign Storm has not happened but it will, The Ultimate Enemy happened, but Phantom Planet never happened (and never will), D-stabilized happened. One further note I CAN NOT WRITE ROMANCE FOR THE LIFE OF ME SO THERE WILL BE NO PAIRINGs IN THIS STORY. Sorry to disappoint those of you who wanted romance. I am warrior and a soldier turn writer so I barely can stand romance so if I see two characters immerse themselves in a relationship I have to restrain myself from facepalming because a lot of the romance on Fan Fiction is EXTREMELY CHEESY and I hate cheesy stories. So no romance. on with the story)

Dan Phantom stands before a being with white hair and red eyes, but not murderous red eyes just annoyed by the dullness of the moment red eyes. The being's choice of wardrobe is unusual crimson trench coat crimson pants and a red tuque and rather expensive shoes and gloves.

"Why am I here?" Dan demands furiously at the other.

"Well that is yours to decide, now isn't it, eh?" the replies enigmatically

"What is your name? Just so that I know who I had the pleasure of destroying." States gaining slightly insane glint in his eyes

"- -," the being continues.

"What was it I could not hear it?"

"You are not worthy of knowing then if you can't hear it. The only way for you to hear my name and prove your worth is to defeat me in battle. But if you are not sure as to your intentions, then you have no resolve. If you have no resolve then you will lose if lose you were too weak and unworthy of even getting a hint as to my name."

Enrage Dan charges head first at his opponent fire blast haphazardly but the being draws a mirror from nowhere and it took Dan's punch. The cracks on the mirror cut through the fabric of reality. Huge gashes with ectoplasm flowing freely from on Dan's arm his breath is shallow but still there. He drops to a knee he glares up at his opponent.

Dan attempts to shoot him only for the attack to rebound and strike himself between his eyes he blinks away the pain his arm healing fast. He tries to shoot a more power shot at the mirror only for it to bounce off and crack all the mirrors around him. He puts up a shield of ectoplasm to absorb the reality cutting power of the mirror. But the mirror cuts through reality so Dan shields are based on reality so when the mirrors cut they ignore the shields for they are a part of reality. Huge gashes form on his body his ectoplasm running freely. His mind racing through the field of pain to find a conclusion about his enemy, his options, he concludes, limited to two one was a word he does not know surr-end-er and the other use his ghostly wail and hope for the best. Well surrender is out of the question indefinitely. So he chooses option two as a last resort.

"Well you are certainly persistent, eh?" the being observes "Your methods are typecast. You fight the power not the person if you fight the person you might see better results."

Dan's eyes close in concentration I can figure this out he opens his and using ectoplasm to lift layers of energy he realizes that this was all one big illusion and generally with illusions if you don't believe they are not there they vanish

"Ooh look the pathetically weak mind of yours trying to understand what I am saying."

" No I merely figured it out you use illusions to fight." He states grinning like the maniac he is. He rushes at the person again only to find a sword at his throat "Now I can fight person and not the illusion."

"You have bested one illusion so I shall repeat my name Ta-a-i Bun-u."

His eyes glow red and he rises to charge once more. His eyes open to see the same person only holding a katana and a dangerous smirk on his face. The boredom is missing now from his eyes. Dan attempts to tackle the person only to find himself flung half way across the room and landing on his back in incredible pain.

He rises slowly but surely, "You think that little would stop me?"

"No but it would help in taking you down now one thing you must realize is that this world here is at my control. I could make it hellish, I could make it heaven-like. Whether you win or lose it at my fingertips."

Dan furrows his brow in thought "So that means,"

"That this entire world, these realities are made sole for the purpose of destroying my enemies resolve. Your mind still has problems comprehending this. This world is meant for nothing more than to bring you pain and anguish and whether it kills you or not is at my fingertips. Depressing stuff, eh?"

"No whether I lose is not in your hand! It is in my hand I forge my own path!"

"Oh is that so? Then tell me why you have walked so far down the path of evil if you forged your own path then why did you come here?" Ta-a-i Bun-u continues "for others have trod this path and you are no different from them you have no more power than they did so you are not forging your own path you follow the will of one other Vlad Plasmius although he may be absorbed into you still obey his orders. You are no different from Phantom other than the fact that he has resolve. The resolve to fight evil and not succumb to it you already lost that resolve for here you are evil."

"I will kill you!"

"I WILL KILL YOU!" Dan screams in rage

"How foolish."

The being creates a circle surrounding Dan to contain the attack he turns his back blasted across the room he sees Dan standing there unscathed "You fell for a duplicate he did not use any attack he simply faded from existence."

"Impressive I must that is borderline uncanny but still impressive" the being congratulates 'but that is not enough the being creates a bridge between to different place in a dimension he falls backwards into it and appears behind Dan. And slices Dan's back and arms nearly to ribbons in one stroke Dan feared for the first time in his existence he feared. He feared that he would not be the one to end all life. He feared that Danny would win in end, he feared this being in front of him this nearly immortal thing standing before him.

But, in spite of his fear his resolve returns. He gathers a massive breath and unleashes his most devastating attack destroying everything around him. The being blown back by the force of the attack, vanishes and appears right in front of Dan sticks his hand into the back of Dan head and starts to work on the personality of Dan. He changes his goals his endeavors his reactions. His anger and hate mechanisms are way too over work so the personality editor gives them a break and shows him Danny's memories and Dan's anger and rage subsided. His once cold heart beats once... twice... thrice. before it settles into a normal heartbeat. Dan is now a Mod soul.

And so Dan met his defeat at hands of an unknown enemy and a second chance for himself. His soul compacts down into a pill and stores itself in a stuffed animal.

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