Chapter Sixteen of: A Phantom Dumped in a Bucket of BLEACH

The Anti-Bount Combat

Writer: Welcome back to the show. Time for you to find out what will happen to the Bounts!

Danny: Sure rub it into our faces and the readers that you know what will happen!

Writer: I will pretend I did not hear that. The Fullbringer Arc will not happen; in their stead, I have my own enemies in mind. All I will say is Custodi Mortem, Mortem ex Mortuis and not this book. I will prevent you from hearing Tamashi's translation until I am ready to bring them into the story.

Danny: You want to taunt all of us even further do you, eh?

(Writer used taunt. It is super effective!) Writer: Yep, I need to build suspense. Who are they? What are their goals? Will any survive their wrath? Only I will ever know! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Writer: Make me.


Writer: Ya know no one ever asked how I kill people who I dislike. *He pulls out the Death Note*. This notebook here will let me kill anyone whosoever I may choose in whatever way I choose.

Renji: You forget. It does not work on Shinigami.

Writer: Crud, good point you have there.

Renji: Bankai! *nothing happens* *He slaps himself across his face*. Why did I do that?

Writer: No, you do NOT have Bankai. Because whatever I write becomes a reality. You slapping yourself is the result of my writing. You not having your Bankai is the result of my writing. Just kidding, all that I just wrote is just to troll you. *Grins* Evidently it worked. Now on with the action!

(With Ichigo and Violencia)

"BANKAI!" Ichigo shouts to the high heavens. His Reiatsu skyrockets and condenses back down.

"Abrir los Ojos, Angel del la Muerte!" Violencia awakens his Zanpakuto his burnt orange Reiatsu raging around him. He condenses the energy down to his body but now all there is golden orange flames rolling of his body in cascades of power. He grins "Let's begin."

Ichigo slashes at the Arrancar, who promptly activates Sonido. They start a crazy fast fighting pattern: up, down, left, right, left, left, up, right, up, down, back, forward. They land. Continuing the banter between swords they dodge, slash, trust, parry, and block; in some blindingly fast combination.

Violencia, not even fazed by the fight, stops Sonido and raises his hand "I believe we have fought long enough. After all we will need this strength for dealing with the Bounts"

Ichigo on the contrary is nearly falling over. "No arguments here. If I kill you or use too much energy no one will appreciate me killing you and having no energy to fight the Bounts."

"You can't kill me and as proof I am not dead." Violencia corrects.

"Because I chose not to."

"Is that so? If you were actually serious about killing me you would not be so weak with your attacks," Violencia speeds his arms, "Strike me with the intent to kill not just wound but to kill. And then you might kill one of the Bounts. Learning to attack with the intent to kill is difficult."

Ichigo lifts his blade and charges head first at the instructor. "Speed has nothing to do with killing your target. Only if you put your heart into killing then you might last against the Bounts." Violencia kicks Ichigo in the back, propelling him forwards into the wall. "You can't cut crap if all you do is increase your speed. Swing with your full strength behind it."

Ichigo manages to lead a blow but it glances off his teacher's shoulder. "What can you cut with a dull blade? Nothing. Likewise, what can you do with a dull will? Nothing. Focus on your muscles force as much energy into them and swing at me then. Think of it like making Kido. Think of the object in your mind and cast all the energy into it as possible."

Ichigo closes his eyes focusing. Immediately his Reiatsu cloaks his arms and slowly gets brighter. After about one minute of focus Ichigo basically has wings due to all the Reiatsu in his arms. He wings back and strikes Violencia. Whose eyes widen as Ichigo's sword cuts through his chest sending black blood everywhere. "You have overcome your weakness. That is enough and that is all I wanted to teach you.

Johan Dreizehn, (Tamashi: Correct German meaning John Thirteen, pronounced: Yo-han Dry-tsen.) strolls over, "Well my training with Schatten is done. So perhaps we should talk to Urahara?" he enquires of the other two.

"Si let us go talk to him," Violencia states

They all climb up the ladder into the shop.

Ichigo furiously demands, "Hat-n-Clogs cut the crap and get out here!"

Urahara steps into the room "Well if you are ready Danny has pulled information out his memory and told us where the Bounts should be. The other seven are on their way now so you will have to catch up."

As they reach the gates to a mansion, they see Danny, Chad, Renji and the three Kaizo-Konpaku holding a strategy pow-wow. "Ah good the three slowpokes caught up. You missed a few things. For starters a Bount turned traitor and saved Uryu but ended get both herself and Uryu captured by the rest of the Bount," the Renegade relays "So our goals are to get the friendly Bount and Uryu out alive. You got all that, eh?"

"Yes so let's begin."

Violencia points his finger at the gate, "Cero." Blasting in the obstacle. They charge the building itself.

Chad kicks in the front door.

"Well isn't that rude? Kicking in the door and then barging in. Where are you manners children? Didn't your parents tell you to knock?"

"You kidnapped our friend, and his rescuer. So should we show manners when we ourselves were shown none?" Violencia respectfully counters, "And who are you to lecture us on rudeness?"

"I did not kick in YOUR front door."

"But you kidnapped our friend." Danny points out.

"If this is about your friend, then here he is and his rescuer. I am Jin Kariya, may inquire as to your names"

"I am Violencia, pleasure to make your acquaintance." The Arrancar bows respectfully, "Even more so a pleasure to fight you."

Snakes fly out of the ground snaring Ichigo. Another snake flies at Renegade who manages to destroy it and the next five, a single snake flies out of the wall behind him and binds him to ground. Tucker pulls out a shotgun made of his blue energy and blasts the reptiles targeting him. Renji cuts back and forth taking out as many snake as he can. "Howl, Zabimaru!" His fighting capabilities increase as he enters Shikai. He destroys six snakes, he flash steps to the left his sword recovering from swinging because it can only land three attacks before it must contract. his strikes down another set of six snakes, one shoots up and wraps around his leg and slams him face first into the ground, thereby removing him from the fight.

The Bount responsible for the snakes, stands over the defeated group and proclaims "I am Ryo Utagawa. You all are such a dissapointment. With only one left of yours still standing, My sides victory is fast approaching! You will be nothing before the might of the Bounts," in mockery of them.

Violencia smirks, "They might have Bankai but their strength is not truly equal to a Taicho, or Captain of the Shinigami. But according to Urahara Kisuke a previous Shinigami-Taicho I am as stong as Captain's bankai with my sword remaining sealed. If I were to release my strength would be greater than a captain, even in Bankai. You beat them that proves you have some strength but not enough to be a threat to me."

"You let your friends be defeated. Why would you abandon them?"

"Well this is the last Chapter for this Arc and I don't know how much air time I will get next Arc, so I might as well get my fair share of combat in." He smiles sardonically "Shall we settle this like gentlemen or savages? Oh wait you already are a savage."

"My my you are noisy. Be silenced. Food is not supposed to talk."

Violencia draws his blade, and charges at the Bount. the snake takes the attack but, Violencia dissappear from the Bount's vision.

"Cero." The Bount hears before a beam rips through his shoulder.

His mouth hangs open from the force of the empty disaster. He turns around a sword descends on his other shoulder, rendering his arm worthless. A final slash carves him in two. Ryo falls to the ground defeated in four swings. "I am Mabashi. you can't beat me. I can control people. Zeige dich, Ritz"

"You think you can handle a Hollow that even I have difficulty keeping in check?" Violencia laughs, "Well then. Abrir los Ojos, Angel del la Muerte." his Reiastu blasts the through the roof signifying his shift into Resurraccion. "Distruccion." Ritz flies at the Guardian Angel with bat wings and a sword. The Zanpakuto falls dividing the doll in two, the distruccion function kicking in destroying what remains of the Doll. Violencia absorbs the energy produced by destroying the Doll. he activates Sonido and cuts down the Bount from behind, absorbing more energy. a shadow rises up from the ground and hit Violencia on his head knocking him and drags him to the wall.

"Sorry pal my turn." Johnny 13 steps out of the shadows, "Schatten, Angriff." His doll manifests itself beside him, holding a Katana "You know you disgust me. the one law we have and you all want to break it that makes no sense to me. you think it will give you your true level of power. But that is not the casewith enough training you can achieve a greater level of power even greater than that of drinking human souls. Schatten, konzetrieren."

Shadow focuses his energy onto the blade his form changes the more energy he charges into the blade. He looks identical to Johnny minus his red eyes. his voice is deeper and darker and gravely compared to Johnny's voice. "Well master are certain that you want that level of power for the right reasons?"

"Yes. Schatten, andern." Shaddow walks up behind Johnny and stabs him through the heart. Dark Reiatsu flares around Johnny 13. A sword cuts through the dust kicked up by the transformation "This is the Bount's true level of power when they discard the difference between Shinigami and Bount gaining a Zanpakuto, and all that that implies. Schatten, Angriff!" the Zanpakuto gathers all the shadow n the room to itself, creating a whip like weapon. "Lets see how you like me now."

"You and your ally over there managed to wipe out two of eight Bounts." One half of the indentical twins comends"Now we will stop you." " I am Ho." "I am Ban."

"Shut up. My guess is that you two rely on each other together you are strong. But apart I could crush you." he divides the two and blasts them apart they crumble away. "So much for their words."

"I am Sawatari, quite clearly you are not weak but no where near strong enough to deal with something that could eat anything."

"Well that is why I left him over there so that he could take his turn, while I help the others recover." Johnny 13 strolls over to his ally and shakes him awake, "your turn."

Violencia kicks him between the legs and throws him aside, "Weakling, what you can't handle him? " Violencia chuckles "You know for you fighting them would be rather easy you could have just caused the shadow inside of his Doll to explode, killing it instantly. But I suppose this will be more interesting with me fighting him." He picks up his sword and strolls towards the third remaining bount. the bount's doll flies at him. Using Sonido, he loses the doll's focus. "Destructivos Arrancar Artes Numero Novenat y Nueve: Cero Crucifficcion! Cero Detonaccion!" the Bout quartered by the resulting explosion, turning to dust along with his Doll.

Ichigo stands up finally and looks at Jin. "Well it looks like I get my fight with you. Bankai!" Focus Ichigo, Focus on your arms and charging your energy into them. His arms begin glowing bright blue and once again the wings of Reiatsu take form. He flies at the leader of the Bounts and severs the right arm of Jin. Kariya leaps back and reforms his arm from all the loose Reiatsu in the room.

"See I can regenerate myself." A blast of fire strikes Jin.

"You know your lies did give me a reason to live, my reason to live is to stop you. So I will fill that reason now. just that your friends know my name Yoshino I do not think I will live to tell myself. Zeige Dich, Goethe!"

Jin appears right beside he and breaks her Mansho(Tamashi: The mansho is the sealed form of a Doll. know What Johnny and Shadow did was change the Doll into a Zanpakuto, not just changed the shape of Shadow. Yoshino and Goethe merged, which is different because that is changing their actual bodies not their souls.)

Her doll responds to her summons but his power is in disorder. but it makes him stronger because he is now fight Jin on an equal level. he generates an explosion but it damaged himself somewhat and destroyed him he regenerates in Yoshino's arms. He forms one final word before he merges with Yoshino, "Moth-er?"

The now hybrid Yoshino leaps up into the air and punches Jin with enough force to ring his bell pretty good. but jin recovers and fights on an equal level to Yoshino or is that the other way around which one actually is stronger?

The fly back away from each other but they never advert their eyes. They charge once again. Yoshinos cringes expecting to die but slowly opens her eyes to see the Arrancar taking both her attack and Jin. He raises his blade and cuts Jin down on the spot but throws Yoshino to the ground.

He descends, "Before you ask why i took that blow is because I KNOW for a fact that would have killed you and because I owe you four-eyes' life over there i saved you. But that is besides the point, my aspect of death is protection. If need be I will give my life in place of the lives," He turns away from the shocked Yoshino and chastises "Jin just give up all you will do is wipe out your own kind and erase them from history. Are you seriously that willing to just wipe out your race just like that?"

"You have a point there. What is my actual goal or what would be the end result if I followed that path? maybe I could make peace with the Seireitei. Maybe this is all just pointless. You killed off my army in no time at all and now all that remains is Yoshino, Koga, who i think is just off napping somewhere and myself. If you are willing to forgive I will also forget. Rebuilding this bridge will difficult but worth it,"Jin shakes Violencia hand sealing the peace.

Urahara walks "Well it appears as if you accepted my offer. now we offer to you our services in fixing your mansion."

Violencia raises an eyebrow "Well we will all be here all LONG time."

Urahara smiles "Actually Orihime has a better solution."

"Eh?" Ichigo asks

"I could just reject the fate of this building restoring it instantly."

"Oh. Good idea" Uryu congratulates.

Fifteen minutes later the mansion is repaired, and Orihime heads home. She steps out the front door only to see a being similar to Violencia but different, well blue hair as supposed to brown and blue eyes as supposed to the golden orange and a row of teeth on the outside of his jaw looking it should belong on a panther, that is if it is not a mask fragment. "Pardon me but you are coming with me." he blindfolds her and puts her out for a bit and hauls her over his shoulder,and disappears


Writer: YEHHAAAAAAAW! First FanFiction story finished! thanks to every one whose continued support helped me finish this story particularly Hunnybee07 of the Shadow whose continued reviews kept me going, and with out her i would not have made it half way through. I will be writing a sequel but I think i will finish some other on going Fics I have before I post it though so be patient. If you think this ending is too rushed I could split into two separate chapters and post it that way. But much ado about nothing aside, Until the light fades and the Shadows Reign WRITER OUT!

*The fist ending song to BLEACH plays*