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Flick. Flick. Flick. Flick.

Eren watched the lights in fascination before turning the switch another time.

Flick. The lights went out.

Flick. The lights went back on.

Flick. Darkness.

Flick. Light.

Flick. "At this rate, you're going to make my electricity bill sky rocket, you know..."

The brunet whirled around at Levi's voice, brandishing his notebook gleefully.

LEVI! This is so amazing!

Flip! Eren turned to another page.

It's almost as amazing as the water coming from the kitchen and the bathroom!

"...That's very nice."

How does it work, Levi!?

"It's called electricity."



How does that work!?

"...magic." The man muttered, pulling on a dark jacket as Eren continued to gaze at the lights in sheer admiration. "Come on, brat, we don't have all day."

Oh, I know what that means!

Another flip.

It means you have to hurry up! Eren beamed proudly at Levi, as if expecting a reward. Oddly enough, the man couldn't bring himself to disappoint the teenager.

"Maybe you're not a total idiot after all." Levi remarked dryly, sliding his hands in his pockets. "Now, let's get into the car. We need it to go to Hanji's hospital. You know what a car is, right?"

Eren's eyes lit up in excitement again.

Ooh! I've seen cars before, but this is my first time seeing one up so close!

"..." Why was Levi not surprised...

After he had helped the damn brat put his pants on (much to Hanji and Erwin's silent amusement), Levi had spent the rest of yesterday teaching Eren exactly what apostrophes were. Once the lesson was over, the man thought his brain was on the verge of splitting open from sheer impatience, but at least Eren was a fast learner.

Bean isn't coming with us?

"Damn mutt can be more destructive than you. He'll be fine alone. More importantly, do you know how to ride a car?" Levi questioned, opening the passenger door for Eren as the boy approached the vehicle like one might approach a wild animal.

Eren nodded cautiously, sliding into the seat.

I sit here.

"Good." Levi commented, slamming the door shut before striding over to driver's seat. Looking like he was about to embark on a wild rollercoaster ride, Eren continued to scribble, sweat forming on his forehead.

Levi sits there... and then the car MOVES! Like a boat!

Levi shook his head. "Forgot one thing." Reaching across Eren, he grabbed the seat belt, pretending not to notice the teen's sudden tenseness when Levi's hand accidentally brushed against his arm.

"It's a seat belt," Levi explained, now putting on his own and starting the car. Eren gave a little start at the engine's hum. "It's supposed to protect you in case the car gets into an accident."

Okay... Levi, what's this button?

Before Levi could even identify which button Eren was referring to, the inquisitive brunet had already pushed it. The car window promptly opened, as did Eren's mouth.

LEVI! His hands actually shaking in excitement, the brunet almost shoved the notebook in Levi's face.

The car window! It DISAPPEARED!

"Hn. Don't touch too many things." He could already picture Eren accidentally setting the airbags off. "Pull the button and the window'll come back up." Levi began to drive, keeping one eye on the road and the other on Eren, who was now attempting to hang his head out of the window.

"...don't complain if a bunch of bugs come splattering in your eyes and mouth..." Levi warned, but the teenager paid him no heed, too fascinated with the trees and what not flashing by.

Levi decided to concentrate on the road.

A few peaceful minutes passed by before he spared Eren another glance, only to see the lower half of the teenager's body, the rest was hanging out of the car window.


His seat belt stretched to the limit, Eren braced his arms against the car door as he reveled in the wind blowing his hair, the green eyes sparkling in wonder at the speeding car tires.

"..." As nice as the view of Eren's butt was (Levi did NOT just think that), the black-haired man hastily snatched a fistful of Eren's shirt and yanked the brat back into his seat. "Do you have a death wish, brat!?"

His hair now thoroughly tousled, Eren pouted.

I'm not a brat, Levi! It felt so nice!

"You just keep telling yourself that, brat."


Despite the fact that he was banned from sticking his head out of the window for the rest of the car ride, Eren still appeared to have enjoyed himself.

As Levi stopped the car and pulled him out, the teenager continued to look around, captivated at the sight of the large hospital building.

Levi, I know this building! I've seen it before!

"You have?"

Yup! I never knew it was a hospital though...

Levi furrowed his brow in confusion. Eren acted as if he had never seen the town before, let alone a specific building.

A loud slamming noise interrupted his thoughts, Hanji jumping out to greet them. "EREN~~ Good morning, my adorable little merman~"

"Oi, oi, don't go touching him weirdly!" Levi said warily, raising an arm in front of Eren.

Good morning, Dr. Hanji!

"Eren, Levi didn't do anything to you since last time, did he!?"

He took me for a car ride just now! It was really fun!

"Hahaha, I see!" Elbowing Levi aside, Hanji put a hand behind Eren and began to guide him inside the hospital. "Well, today, I'm going to perform some tests on you, er, see how your body is doing, basically. You'll be okay, won't you? Levi'll take you around town to make up for it!"

"I am NOT!"

Opening his mouth in a silent laugh, Eren nodded, holding up his notebook.

If you say so, Dr. Hanji!

Levi rubbed the back of his head as he followed the two across the white hospital floors. "She'd... probably be good with children..."

"You really think so?" Erwin questioned behind him. Levi turned to acknowledge him, noting the newly formed dark circles underneath the man's eyes.

"...Well, if she doesn't blow the kids up first..."

Erwin gave a soft chuckle. "Very true..." His eyes soon grew serious. "About Eren, though... I have news. And you're not going to like it."

Levi blinked expectantly, giving the blond his full attention.

"Ever since we left your house, Levi, I've been calling and looking up info everywhere..." Erwin began slowly, a frown forming on his features. "And there's no one with the surname of Yeager."

Levi could feel a sense of dread stirring in his stomach. "There must be someone-"

Erwin threw his hands up in the air, a rare look of helplessness on his face. "Levi, I've looked up everything I possibly could. There's no one registered with the surname of Yeager, or even an alternate version of Yeager, not here, not in the state, not in the country, not even in Germany! (You're lucky I took those German language classes at the university...) The Yeager I could find was a fictional protagonist of some popular Japanese manga and anime..."

Levi took a deep breath, running a tired hand through his hair. He knew Erwin well, he knew not many could perform more thorough searches than the police chief, but... "He... he must be adopted."

"If he is adopted, then there's no record of his family's death. Or existence, for that matter..." Erwin murmured. "And I've checked every single missing child reports in the last two decades, Levi. None of them come even close to matching Eren's description..."

"..." Levi shook his head, whether in denial or not, he wasn't sure. "It... it can't be. Something will come up. Maybe Yeager isn't even his real name. Maybe he lied."

"It could be possible." Erwin agreed mildly, but his eyes remained unconvinced.

"Please don't say you're starting to believe Hanji."

"Levi, I-"

"Erwin, it's Hanji. Soon, she'll be going on about how there will be human-eating giants ruling the earth or some other crap..."


"Hey!" Both looked up at the sounds of Hanji's boisterous voice. "How long are you guys going to stand there? We're nearly done with all of the tests!"

Well, that was rather fast- WAIT a minute-

Levi's eyes widened in sudden horror. "Please don't tell me you've shoved him in a dress again!" He practically shrieked, stomping towards the doctor.

"...well, I did try, but Eren refused, saying it would make you unhappy..." Levi ignored her and bolted into the room.

Fortunately for Levi's sanity, Eren was still dressed in normal clothes. Perched on the metal table, he swung his legs around aimlessly, smiling when he saw Levi and Erwin.

"Hello, Eren."

Good morning, Chief Erwin!

Hanji plopped down upon a spinning chair and spun around several times before speaking. "I've finished all the x-rays, it'll take some time before we can properly see them, though. I've given Eren a few psychological tests, but so far, he's been fine..."


"...In other words, he could still be a mer-"

"Eren, let me ask you a question." Levi began as he leaned against a cabinet. Perhaps the best way to disprove Hanji's ridiculous mermaid theory was to be direct as possible.

Eren perked up.

"Why can't you talk? I can tell that you were able to talk before, shitty brat."

The brunet shrugged.

I can't talk because I don't have a voice.

"...no shit." Levi rolled his eyes. "Let me rephrase my question then. Why the hell don't you have a voice?"

Because my voice was the best part of me.


Erwin decided to try as well. "Eren, would you mind telling us where your parents are?"

Another shrug.

I'm pretty sure they're both dead.

"...What about other relatives? Family friends?"

...I don't know. It's kind of hard, actually, to tell who your relatives are...


Hanji chuckled tiredly on her chair. "Nice try, guys, I tried that approach too. But I only get vague answers or ones that don't make sense..." She turned to Eren as well. "Let's try to figure out Eren's views of beauty! Eren, what do you think is beautiful?"

Eren paused, then pointed eagerly towards the window where one could see the sky, which was a bright deep blue at the moment.

Hanji brightened up immediately. "Oh, yes, indeed, it's quite a lovely day today, isn't it? What else is beautiful to you?"

His hand pointed downward towards the ocean.

"Ah, indeed! Hmm... what about a... an animal?"


Bean and Sonny?

"Aww, you're such a sweet kid, Eren!" Hanji's glasses sparkled mischievously. "...how about something beautiful that's... smaller?"

Something small and beautiful?

"Yeah, beautiful, but small, smaller than the ocean or Bean and Sonny..."

Eren's hand shot out, the next second, the teen suddenly snatched his hand back, but it had unmistakably been in a certain "shrimp"'s direction.


Eren's face grew steadily red as he hastily scribbled on his notebook, his handwriting even more unstable and messy than usual.

SEA SLUGS! I think SEA SLUGS are really beautiful!

"...righhhhhhhht..." Hanji couldn't resist giving a few cackles. Even Erwin had to smile good-naturedly.

Levi felt his eye twitch. Anymore of these shitty attempts at match-making and he would barf. Eren was only a kid. A fucking kid! ...come to think of it... "...brat... how old are you?"

His face still a little red, Eren seemed grateful at the change of subject, but hesitated, as if he didn't want to answer.

"What? You can tell me, Eren..." Shit. If he was being shy like that, Eren must definitely be underage. ...Not that Levi was hoping Eren wouldn't be underage, it didn't matter a bit to him, not a bit-

"Tell him fifteen, Eren!" Hanji interjected happily. "Make Levi suffer in hell for three years!"


"Just tell the truth, Eren, it'll be fine..." Erwin reassured as the brunet began to write on his notebook.

All three unconsciously took a breath as Eren showed them the page-

I actually don't know.




"You WHAT?"

Eren blinked, then showed them his notebook again, as if to repeat his message.

Levi looked ready to tear flesh, whether his own or someone else's, it was unclear. "Why?"

Erwin scratched his head nervously. "Eren... you must have some vague idea of how old you are... eighteen? Nineteen, perhaps?"

A little disturbed by Levi's expression, Eren gave another shrug before writing again.

It's not very important where I'm from...

"Not important!?" Levi growled, crossing his arms. "Apparently, where you're from, age is not important, you can't tell if you're fucking your own aunt, and there's NO toilet or shower! Are you from hell!?"

"Levi! It's not polite to insult the merpeople like that!"

"Actually..." Erwin stood up, noticing a world map conveniently posted on Hanji's wall. "Eren, maybe you could point out where you're from." He motioned the curious teenager to the map. "You know what this is, right?"

Yup! It's a map!

Erwin nodded. "Correct. To let you know, Levi is originally from this area... Hanji is originally from here... and I'm originally from here..." The police chief explained calmly, pointing to each place on the map. "And right now, we're all here. Can you show me where you came from, Eren?"

Eren brought a hand up to his chin thoughtfully, staring at the map. His fingers delicately traced over the worn paper until they came to a sudden stop. Eren studied the spot carefully as the three former high school classmates watched on.

"...that's where you're from, Eren?"


The brunet gave a nod in confirmation.

Flip. I'm pretty sure, Chief Erwin. I've seen maps before and was told I came from there.

"...E-Eren... you are aware that-"

"Brat, you can't be from there." Levi said bluntly, causing Eren to give him a look of confusion.

Why do you say that, Levi?

"BECAUSE. You're only pointing to WATER. That's not a country. Blue is not a country. Choose ANOTHER color."

The spot was indeed in the ocean, the North Atlantic Ocean, to be specific, just above the shore of Germany.

But, I'm from this place, Levi! I would never forget it!

"You are not!"

"HAH! You see that, Levi!? He's from the OCEAN! What more proof do you need!?"

"Will you STOP that, Hanji!? Just forget it already! We're trying to find Eren's age here!"

"Oh ho, so you are concerned about how old Eren is?"

"It's an important piece of information that can help identify him-"

"Admit it, you just want to know Eren's age so you'll be safe to fuc-"

"Finish that sentence and this hospital will go up in flames, you she-devil."

Hanji gasped in mock horror. "You wouldn't dare..."

"You know I would." Levi shot back. "Who else would have been able to destroy your make-shift lab back in high school?"

"WHAT? That was YOU, Levi!?"

"...you intelligent dumbass. You never realized it?"


Seeming deaf to the racket in front of him, Eren, deep in thought, began to write again on his notebook.

Does anyone know how old the lighthouse here is?

"Eh?" Hanji, in the middle of shaking Levi's jacket collar, paused to glance at the brunet. "The lighthouse... Wow, I didn't know you knew about that, Eren... erm... ...hang on... it's on the tip of my tongue... erm..."

Levi, completely unfazed, turned to Eren with the same expression. "Hmph. You've already forgotten about what we were talking about, haven't you?"

Hanji had already released Levi's collar and was pacing the room restlessly. "I... I know it, I know it, I know it, um... it's... the light house is... seven hundred and ninety one years old?"

"I believe it's one hundred and seventy nine years old as of this year, Eren." Erwin said kindly. "Why do you ask?"

"...damn. At least I was close..."

"Close my ass."

"Q-quiet, Levi, Eren's writing something else!"

Dr. Hanji, is it all right if I use that chalkboard over there?

"The chalkboard?" Hanji turned bemusedly towards the dark green object. "Oh, of course. Go ahead. Go crazy. Break it in half for all I care."

"...Hanji, don't you think you should show a little more care for your possessions?"

"Nah, it's all good..."

Eren slowly walked towards the chalkboard, and, picking up a piece of chalk, began to make several marks. "..."

Levi frowned again. What in the world was the brat up to now? "Oi, Eren, do you really need to do that much math to figure out your age?"

Continuing as if he hadn't heard Levi, Eren gave his work a scrutinizing glance before nodding in a satisfied manner. Making sure that he had everyone's attention, the boy wrote upon the chalkboard.

I think I know my age now!

"Oh, really? That's wonderful~!"

Still using the chalkboard, Eren began writing numbers.

1... 9...

"Nineteen?" Levi read out aloud, raising his eyebrows. Almost a generation below him, but at least the kid wasn't a minor- ...wait, why was he even thinking about such things?

To his mild confusion, however, Eren shook his head and continued writing.

1... 9... 4...



194. I am 194 years old.

Setting the chalk piece down, Eren turned, smiling brightly at the three confounded humans.



Hanji was the first to break down. "BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Clutching her sides in mirth, the doctor fell back into her chair. "AHAHAHAHAHAHA! And to think that LEVI was the older one! Well, Levi, looks like you REALLY have nothing to worry about now, ahahahahahahahaha! He's DEFINITELY legal!"

"..." Erwin said nothing, studying the chalkboard as if making sure he was seeing the right numbers.

Levi, his face grim and determined, marched over to the chalkboard. "Eren, I think you make a mistake."

Eren frowned before writing again. I did not! I thought Levi might say that, so I checked twice! I'm 194 years old!

"No... no. You can't be. Eren, people don't live that long."

Levi, I am! A scowl was beginning to grow on Eren's face as Hanji continued to guffaw wildly.

"No... you meant nineteen point four years old, right? It's a common mistake, to forget the decimal point like that..."

I don't even know what that is! Why won't you believe me?

"Eren, you're a HUMAN!" Levi snapped, his temporary patience beginning to fade quickly. "It's impossible!"

"Ah, but not impossible for a mermaid, Levi... eheeheeehee, I bet you're just upset because Eren might be more experienced in bed than you, huh!?"


Eren went back for his notebook, as the chalkboard was now full of his scribbling. He tapped Levi's shoulder gently to get his attention. "Hmm?"

Levi, do you hate mermaids?

"..." Levi stared at Eren as if the brunet had grown a tail. What... what kind of question was that!? God damn it... Was the brat now looking at him with fucking PUPPY eyes!?

"Yeah, Levi~!" Hanji chimed in evilly, pausing her laughter. "With all your raging about mermaids, you don't seem to like them..."


Eren's eyes widened more, the brunet clearly nervous.

"...tch..." Gritting his teeth, Levi snatched an eraser and began erasing the markings on the chalkboard, being careful not to spread any chalk dust. "It-it doesn't matter! They don't exist, so there's no point in liking or hating them!"

Oh, okay...

"Come on, Levi, you KNOW he's a mermaid~ Now give him the kiss of true love so Eren'll be human forever!" With that, Hanji suddenly kicked the unsuspecting Levi, sending him flying into Eren.


There was an awkward silence as Levi found himself straddling the brunet. "..."


Seething in silent rage, Levi slowly raised his head, glowering at his bespectacled friend. "May I ask WHY you find the need to keep throwing us on the ground, you shitty four-eyes!" He hadn't moved from the suggesting position, however, causing poor Eren to wring his hands and blush nervously.

Hanji only wriggled her eyebrows suggestively. "I'm trying to create DA MOOOOOOD..."

Levi turned to Erwin. "Erwin, she needs a doctor." With that, he slowly got off Eren, helping the boy up again.

For the second time that day, Erwin shrugged helplessly. "Levi, she is a doctor."

"Doesn't mean shit. Take one good look at her, then look at me in the eyes and say she doesn't need help."

"...She doesn't need help, Levi. She's beyond it." Erwin suddenly gave another violent cough. "By the way, Levi, I overheard Hanji saying you were going to give Eren a tour of the town."

"...Erwin, you know I respect you more than anyone (anyone alive at least), but that was such a pathetically lame attempt at changing the subject that it doesn't even count as an attempt. I am not giving him a tour!"

"But LEVI~~~ He's been such a GOOD teenager! ...or should I say bi-centenarian? He's certainly not a teenager, is he now? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"YOU are not allowed to speak anymore!"

"It's a FREE country baby~~!"

Levi, what's a by sentanarian?

"It's actually not a word, Eren. Don't pay it any attention."

"Don't pay any attention to Levi, Eren! He's not honest with his feelings!"

"Don't pay any attention to Hanji, Eren, you know that already, don't you? It's a common instinct-"

"Don't listen to him, Eren, EREN!"

"Eren, I want you to disregard ANYTHING that comes out of that insane bat's mouth-"

"EREN," Erwin interrupted kindly, giving the extremely confused brunet's shoulder a reassuring squeeze, "you don't have to pay attention to either of them." He smiled at Eren in an almost fatherly-like fashion. "I don't suppose you'd know, Eren, but there's a festival going on today and tomorrow night! Maybe if Levi's too grumpy today, he can take you there tomorrow!"

Eren's eyes lit up once more.

Really, Chief Erwin!? I've never been to a festival before!

"I'm sure the two of you will be able to have lots of fun..."

"Hey, HEY, what the hell do you think you're doing, Erwin, making plans without the guardian's permission-"

"AHA! So you DO think of yourself as Eren's guardian~?"

"...I can't say a single fucking thing without it being totally misinterpreted!"

In the end, Levi did give Eren something of a tour. He made it clear that they were certainly NOT going to go to some "fucking festival", Levi claiming he was "too old" for that "sort of shit".

"So that's a building. That's another building. That's another building that's slightly bigger than the other buildings. Okay. Let's go home now."

Eren scowled deeply in protest. But Levi! You went way too fast!

Flip. I wasn't able to look at all the buildings!

Flip. Go around again!

"...We've already went around town at least FIVE fucking times, you brat. If Erwin wasn't the police chief, we'd probably be arrested for looking like potential criminals!"

We've only went around 4 times!

"...it was five."

It was NOT! Unlike Levi, I CAN count!

"...Eren." Levi only said one word, but amazingly enough, the kid (No matter what anyone said, Eren was still a kid!) got his message. Sticking his lip out sullenly, Eren wrote another page.


"Thank you." Levi couldn't remember a day where he had felt more mentally exhausted. Except for the day before. And maybe the day before that...

Flip. Levi?


Flip. Can't we go to the festival tomorrow?

Sighing, Levi accelerated slightly as they left the town. "Festival, huh... I didn't even realize they held festivals here... jeez, what is this, miniature Japan?"

He heard the sound of Eren writing and glanced to him briefly.

Levi, you don't like festivals?

"...not particularly."

More scribbling sounds.

I'm not too surprised by that...

"...hah, you cheeky brat, are you starting to rub off on me?" Levi rolled his eyes again. Perfect. Now Eren was going to start acting like a teenager. "I hope you appreciate what I go through for you, shitty brat..."

There was a long period of silence, then-

I do, Levi! In the moment he takes to look at Eren, the boy's eyes looked indignant... almost hurt.

Levi hears another flip and turns back to see another message.

I really liked that maid's dress, you know!


Flip. But I took it off because I know you hate me when I'm in it... With that, Eren turned his head resolutely towards the car window, his arms crossed in a sullen manner.



Oh sweet Titans... Levi would have grabbed his hair in frustration if his hands were not presently occupied. The brat was actually that bothered about that incident?

"...I didn't hate it." The words were out of his mouth before Levi realized what he was saying. "You wearing the maid dress."

Eren blinked and turned back to Levi, not understanding.

"I-I mean..." Levi actually stuttered, catching himself off-guard. Was he feeling GUILTY? Levi, feeling guilty!? Oh great... He might as well start singing like prince charming right now. "...Haaah, damn it, Eren. It's hard for me to explain these types of things. Today, you admitted you thought I was beautiful, right?"

The brunet jerked, as if Levi had kicked him brutally in the face, then scribbled frantically.




"At that time, you felt embarrassed, like you are right now, correct?"

"..." Eren shrank down in his seat, his face now beet red.

Levi spared another glance at him before sighing again. "Well, Eren... that's... that's how I felt when I saw you in that... that dress. O... kay?"

There was an even longer period of silence, and Levi was mildly contemplating whether or not to crash the car into a tree in order to put an end to his humiliation when a sudden thought struck him.

"Hey, Eren.."

Flip. Yes?

"...how'd you like to drive?"

Surprised by the sudden offer, Eren blinked even more before a wide grin slowly spread across his face.

"I'll take that as a yes, Yeager."

Against his better judgement, Levi found himself pulling the car over and switching seats with Eren. Maybe this might be a mistake...

...But hardly anyone else used the road beside himself, Eren only needed to drive straight (and only in one gear, too) and if it was really bad, he was more than capable of stopping the brat. What was the worst that could happen, really?

He gave Eren a quick explanation of the controls, and Eren seemed to understand, watching Levi's hands carefully. After Levi started the engine, Eren gripped the steering wheel properly, then hit the acceleration.

All humans, even the great ones, have committed grave mistakes in their lifetimes. Levi was no exception.


The car screeched forward as Eren slammed hard on the pedal with far more force than necessary. "Wait... Eren, hold on, that's-"

SCREEEEEEEEEECH! The car zigged and zagged wildly across the path, bumping trees and stones.

"WHOA- AGH- TREE- HEY- NO- GOD DAMN IT, EREN, SLOW THE FUCK DOWN!" Eren's turns were way too exaggerated, as a result, the car swerved right and left every second.

Levi had never one to freak out. Roller-coaster and other thrill rides could never faze him. Nothing could faze him. Or so he thought. Then he met Eren.

"BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!" This time, the car barely avoided a large pine tree, bark scraping the paint. "EREN, YOU NEED TO STOP, YOU NEED TO FUCKING STOP!"

What little color Levi usually had in his face drained from it. He looked like a wax corpse as he practically bounced around in his seat. And at the rate things were going, he would soon become one. "YOU SHITTY BRAT! STOP BEFORE YOU'LL KILL US!"

Eren, on the other hand, was having the time of his life. His green eyes giddy with exhilaration, he increased the car's speed even more, much to Levi's horror.


Eren was not listening. The car continued to zoom around, suddenly veering off the road into the surrounding woods. "EREN!"

Still getting tossed around, Levi couldn't believe his eyes as a large gap appeared in their path. A RAVINE!? There was actually a fucking RAVINE here!? Apparently, he needed to get out of the house more often- Levi suddenly realized Eren still wasn't slowing down. "EREN! WAIT! EREN, STOP!"

Eren could see the gap as clear as day. Unlike Levi, however, his face brightened, as if he was being faced with a challenge, and the reckless brunet was only too eager to accept it.

Levi felt his jaw drop, but no longer cared. This was it. This was really it. This brat was going to be the death of him, literally-


Amazingly enough, Eren managed to drive over the ravine, the car giving a huge bump, Levi's head colliding painfully with the roof. "OOF!"

For some miraculous reason, Eren's driving immediately slowed down to normal speeds, the boy apparently now content with himself.

"..." Levi spent several dumbstruck minutes staring at the brat and then gawking at the scene behind him and wondering why the hell they were still alive.

He finally regained his senses once they reached the road again. "...Brat... stop the damn car and move the fuck over before I blast your brains out."

...Yes, those car scenes were based off of The Little Mermaid. XDDDDDD I just loved that part where Ariel was going crazy with the reins and Eric was all "O-O"

But really, Levi makes a terrible tour guide. XD

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