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It felt like the longest silence Levi had ever experienced.

Erwin's mouth had literally dropped open. Hanji looked ready to faint in shock, her hands clutching at her face. The two had ran towards the beach, having heard Bean's barking.

As he stood holding Eren bridal-style, with Levi's shirt wrapped awkwardly around the brunet's waist and sea water still dripping from both of their bodies, Levi couldn't really blame them for being shell-shocked.

"...haaah?" Hanji managed to squeak out as she stumbled closer, nearly falling on the wet sand.

Noiselessly, Erwin opened his mouth several times before finally deciding that he needed to sit down.

"Waah... aa-aah... haaah...?" The doctor attempted again, making vague hand gestures, fresh tears appearing on her face. "A-aah..."

"..." Eren gave her a tentative smile.

Clearly torn between confusion, disbelief, happiness, and other emotions, Hanji struggled a bit more before suddenly wailing a loud "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" and crashing into the two males, nearly knocking Levi to the ground by the force of her hug.

"OOOF! Hanji-"

"BLEBLE AAAH AAAH AAAH YEEEE YEE GAARG GAAAAAH GAAAAAAAAH!" A mixture of confusing babble continued to spew from the now fully on sobbing doctor. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

As disturbing and disgusting as her crying was, Levi didn't feel like kicking her away for once. "You... you sound like a beheaded chicken... say something actually coherent, will you?"

Smiling crookedly, Eren untangled one of his arms from Levi's neck to give Hanji's hand a reassuring squeeze. Hanji only sobbed louder, her tears streaming down her face. "E-E-E-E-E-E-EREN-L-LEVI-IDIOT STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPIIIIIIIIIID!"

"...shut up." Levi muttered as he closed his eyes, temporarily leaning into her embrace.

Still sitting on the sand, Erwin could only laugh quietly in disbelief.

The waves continued to crash on the beach.

Far below the surface, Mikasa sank on the ocean floor, her now cropped hair drifting in the water.

A blond merman soon appeared behind her, placing a comforting arm on her shoulder. "You did the right thing." He whispered quietly. Before he could say anything else, however, Mikasa suddenly grabbed him and squeezed him into a cartilage-crushing hug, "M-M-Mikasa!? I can't br-"

"Armin... he's so far away from us..." Mikasa murmured quietly, slowly weakening her hold on the blond. Armin coughed a bit before attempting to smile gently. "N-not really. Now he knows that he can come see us any time he'd like to. He'll just be a few minutes from the shore."

"...but..." Mikasa's pale fingers dug into Armin's shoulders. "I just wanted to be by his side..." She bowed her head, shaking it slightly so her black locks hid her face. "That's all I ever wanted... and now... I can't be by him... forever..."

Armin sighed before embracing Mikasa back. "I know... I know."

"Ahahahaha! And here I was thinking you only had Leonhardt in your mind, Arlet!"

The blond flinched noticeably but didn't let go of Mikasa. "Wh-what are you saying, Ymir! I am comforting a friend! Please sense the atmosphere here!"

"Ahahaha..." Ymir swirled upward, hooking her arm around another blonde mermaid's neck. "I must say, though, that was some confession Eren got, the lucky bastard. I'd still totally dig you too, Christa, even if we were different species!"

"...I-I'm glad we don't have to worry about that, Ymir..." Christa fiddled nervously with her hair as she smiled in the direction of the surface. "Mikasa, don't be too sad... They seem so happy now!"

Mikasa gave a barely perceptible nod as Armin continued to pat her back.

Surprisingly enough, no one asked any questions.

The mysterious earthquake had thoroughly mystified the town, but after several outbreaks of unusual storms following soon after, the residents decided to just blame it on global warming and go on with their lives.

Levi wasn't really sure to whom or what he should be grateful for having Eren back. So he settled for simply never leaving the boy's side. And Eren didn't mind a single bit.

He couldn't really quite remember the next few days after Eren had gotten his legs back. All he could remember was Eren, Eren, Eren, and Eren.

They literally spent hours lying down together, Eren usually sitting on Levi's lap, running his fingers through Levi's hair, while Levi would wrap his arms around the boy's waist and lean over to place kisses on Eren's head and face until Eren was bright red in embarrassment.

Eventually, some questions were asked.

Levi was lying down on the couch, resting his head in Eren's lap. The brunet was happily stroking Levi's hair, the adoring expression in his eyes enough to match a lovestruck high school girl.

"By the way, Eren... who was that Mikasa girl?"

Eren blinked at Levi before pausing his petting to reach for his notebook.

My sister.

"Hmm..." Looking up at Eren, Levi lifted his hand to touch the former merman's cheek. "You guys don't look that much alike."

I know. We're not related by blood.

"Yeah. I could tell." Levi cupped his hand around Eren's face. "I think you're a lot prettier." Eren reddened immediately, and Levi had to chuckle at how easy it still was to rile the boy.

Pouting at Levi's amused expression, Eren began writing again.

Maybe one day we can visit Mikasa and my friends.

Flip. I can introduce you!

"Maybe not. She looked like she wanted to drag me down and drown me..." Levi muttered darkly.

Don't say that, Levi!

Flip. I'm sure you guys can become the best of friends!

"..." Levi jerked his gaze from Eren's notebook back to the said brunet, ready to give a retort, but the words died on his lips when Eren gave him a big grin, setting his notebook aside to rest his hand on Levi's.

Levi, Eren hesitantly mouthed, clutching the pale hand closer to his cheek. I... love... you.

Eren always resorted to mouthing words, Levi noticed, when he was about to say something he thought was important.

"I know." Levi stated in a fake tone of nonchalance, unable to resist a small smirk when Eren's eyebrows furrowed in indignation.

Before the brunette could retaliate, Levi hastily sat up, shifting off of Eren's lap so he could pull the former merman into his own instead. "I love you, too." Levi murmured against Eren's forehead, causing Eren to blush again.

"...Hey, Eren..." Eren tilted his head questioningly. "I think I like seeing you mouthing 'I love you' to me more than you writing it... do it again."

"!?" The brunette gave him the most horrified expression he could muster. "You don't want to?" Levi asked, landing another kiss on Eren's cheek. "For me?"

"..." Eren's subsequent glare was so stern and reminiscent of Levi's usual frown that the author had to let out another chuckle at the irony.

I... love you. Eren managed to mouth again before squeezing his eyes in embarrassment and jerking his face away from Levi.

Levi smiled gently as he easily brought their foreheads together again. "...Say it again."

I love you! His eyes still tightly shut, Eren moved his mouth as quick as he could. He was rewarded by a loving caress of his hair. "...Again." Levi whispered.

Sensing the absence of mirth in Levi's voice, Eren hesitantly met his gaze. ...I love you, Levi. I love you. So much... So m- The rest of his silent speech was cut off as Levi suddenly swooped down to kiss him.

He kissed Eren gently, tenderly, clutching his brat close as if he was trying to convey his response to Eren with his touches. But it wasn't enough, apparently, because as soon as Levi gave Eren time to breathe, the brunette looked at him with hot, determined eyes and mouthed the words, Say it to me too, Levi.

"I love you, Eren." The way he said it, without a moment's hesitation, made Eren go red yet again. "I love you a lot." Levi continued as he kissed along Eren's jawline. "I love you so much." His pale hand found Eren's tan one and laced their fingers together. "And I'll always love you, so you better stay with me forever, shitty brat."

Eren let out a shaky, soundless laugh, wrapping his arms around Levi's neck. Levi grabbed him closer, his hands slipping under Eren's shirt as he pressed light kisses on the tan neck. "...I love you..." Levi repeated as Eren's breath suddenly hitched. He pulled back to see Eren's face again. "I love..." His voice died again.

Now panting slightly, Eren gazed back at him in expectance, his cheeks flushed an attractive shade of pink as he twisted the collar of Levi's shirt in an iron grip.

"..." Levi swallowed thickly. Damn it. He needed to stop before Eren would explode from blushing so hard. Or before Levi himself would explode because Eren was so FUCKING CUTE CUTE CUTE WHY WASN'T HE ALREADY LEVI'S WIFE-

Ahem. "...sorry..." Levi mumbled, his hands reluctantly sliding out of Eren's shirt to wrap around his clothed waist comfortingly. "Maybe that was... a bit... fast..."

Still trying to catch his breath, Eren resorted to his notebook again. No... I... didn't hate it... Even his handwriting seemed to be trembling.




"I need to know... did you... well... were you together with someone else before?"

Eren blinked at him and Levi found himself turning away this time, his stomach involuntarily flipping at the thought of another person with Eren, his Eren-

The brunette covered his mouth, his eyes suddenly crinkling in mirth. Levi is jealous! Eren wrote, his green eyes glinting gleefully.

"...shut it, cocky brat." Levi fumed as he kissed the top of Eren's head, preferring not to see his lover's cackling face for the sake of his now-non-existent pride.

Eren gave another silent chuckle before leaning over to peck Levi's cheek.

Don't worry, Levi is my first!

"...oh..." Levi found himself blushing slightly in relief at the words. "...that's... that's... that's good, goddamn it." He managed to stutter out before seizing Eren and pulling him down on the couch.

Eren clutched Levi back, immediately burying his face against junction of Levi's collarbone and shoulder. Levi rested his chin on the mop of soft brown hair, letting out a quiet, satisfied sigh. He had every right to be content now, his Eren was here, locked securely in his arms, breathing peacefully against him, and -


Without warning, Levi jerked back up. "Wait, Eren!?"


"You... you've never been with anyone before? In all the time that you've lived?"

Eren nodded slowly, confusion evident in his green eyes.

"...That means... you've... you've never had sex before. In all the time you've lived."

Getting more confused by the minute, Eren nodded again.

Levi felt his jaw slacken in horror.







(He should have seen this coming, really, but this was the first time in days that Levi had actually acted on his... his... desires that were a little less innocent than poofy clouds of pink-)

Levi? What's wrong?

Flip. ...Is that... bad? Eren questioned, trying and failing to hide the fear in his face.

"..." Levi wanted to flip a table at the moment. Badly. "Tch... Don't look at me like that, you little shit." He flapped a hand awkwardly. "I'm just worried! I... I really fucking love you a lot so sometimes I feel like doing more than kissing and hugging you! I'm scared of hurting you, damn it!"

Much to Levi's chagrin, Eren's eyes filled with mirth again.

Don't be silly, Levi! I trust you!

Flip. I know you'd never hurt me!

Levi stared heavily at his smiling, innocent lover before wondering whether to scream and smash his head into the nearest wall or just kiss his adorable brat senseless. He decided to settle for the latter.

"...idiot... don't... trust me so much..." Levi murmured between kisses. Eren grinned sheepishly.

It's... really embarrassing. He mouthed slowly to Levi. And uncomfortable. But... Eren took Levi's hand again and held it to his cheek. I want it. Because I love Levi a lot too!

"...okay..." Was all Levi could say before kissing him on the forehead again.

Heehee! I'm so happy!

"...I can already tell, it's also written all over your fucking face." Levi grumbled, immediately wincing a bit at his choice of words.

Levi loves me so much!



Damn everything. How the hell would Levi be able to deflower someone so fucking pure!?

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! STOP! LEVI! YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO HIM! OR YOURSELF!" Hanji wailed, stomping her feet in place desperately, half covering her face and half staring.

Looking a little embarrassed and averting his gaze, Erwin patted Hanji's shoulder gingerly. "Hanji, I think Levi can-"

"HE CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN'T!" Even Bean and Sonny winced a bit from the noise the doctor was emitting.

"..." Levi spoke up. "As you said once before, Hanji, it's a free country. I can do whatever the fuck I want." He shifted slightly, causing Eren to wince in surprise. "And that includes eating breakfast with Eren sitting on my lap and feeding me my oatmeal. Hey, brat, give me more." The brunet obliged obediently.

Levi closed his mouth around the offered spoon, his eyes not leaving the newspaper he held in one hand as the other rested on Eren's waist. Having fed Levi, Eren proceeded to scoop some oatmeal for himself, leaning into Levi's shoulder as he did.




Levi narrowed his eyes as he flipped to another page. "Erwin..."

"Yup..." Erwin replied automatically, his hand gently tugging Hanji by the collar of her shirt. "We're leaving now. We just wanted to make sure you two were alive and well. I bought some groceries, so I will just leave these here and we will be going-"

"DON'T FORGET THE ROSE PETALS!" Hanji suddenly burst out, pulling a bag out of nowhere and letting loose a blizzard of petals in the room.


"The fuck, Hanji, get out, you're ruining my breakfast!" Levi mumbled through another mouthful of oatmeal as Eren frantically tried to brush the petals off their heads.



"Leave it to that nut to give us more shit to clean up- what the hell are you smiling about, brat?"

Eren left the spoon in the oatmeal bowl to pick up his notebook and pencil.

Because Levi is happy!

Flip. I know it!

"...Hmph. So now you're able to read my expressions?" Levi muttered in scornful disbelief, his tone contrasting with the way he stroked Eren's hair free of petals.

Eren nodded enthusiastically.

Levi only rolled his eyes, but secretly, he had to admit, he was feeling the same way. Eren's notebook was becoming more and more unnecessary, Levi could now tell (to a certain extent) what Eren was feeling or what he wanted by simply watching the boy's face and his body language.

And it made Levi happy too.

Despite Levi's less-than-enthusiastic attitude, Eren did end up taking him to meet Mikasa and his other mer-friends.

The atmosphere was riddled with a tension reminiscent of a protective father meeting his daughter's first boyfriend.

Levi had glared at Mikasa the entire time, expecting her to either attack him or try to snatch Eren away at any moment.

Mikasa responded with ice-cold politeness, clearly not happy with how Levi draped his arm protectively over Eren's shoulders and prevented the brunet from putting more than a toe in the water.

Eren, Armin, and Krista all tried their best to maintain a friendly and light conversation, but it ultimately failed when Ymir began shamelessly questioning about the progress of their relationship, along with Levi's blatant response and Mikasa's angry reaction.

Personally, Levi thought the visit to his parents had been much better. Even though he himself had initially been against it.

"...There's really no point in being here." Levi mumbled as he reluctantly trudged through the rows of headstones.

What are you saying, Levi?

Flip. There's many points in being here!

"Whatever..." Levi sighed before pausing in front of a pair of graves. "We're here. This... these... are them. What's left of them. Yeah."

Eren immediately brightened before he bent to sit down respectfully. Levi raised a questioning eyebrow at him as the brunet began to write in his notebook, taking extra time to make his handwriting neater.

Hello, Levi's parents!

Flip. My name is Eren Yeager. It's very nice to meet you.


Flip. Your son Levi is... a funny person.

Flip. He acts grumpy all the time, his face always stays the same, and he cares too much about cleaning.

"..." Did Eren have to write that?

Flip. But he's also very kind and thoughtful and loving. I love him very much.

So Eren could write things like that easily and joyfully in front of a grave but not in front of Levi, huh?

Flip. That's why I'm very grateful to you for having Levi and raising him. I can tell that Levi cares about you very much.

Flip. I'm clumsy and there's still a lot that I don't know.

Flip. But I'll do my best to take care of him from now on.

Flip. Thank you.

Levi had watched Eren in silence, but as they left the cemetery, he suddenly paused and took off a scarf he was wearing. "Eren. Hold still for a bit so I can put this around you."

Huh? But Levi, I'm not that cold.

"Just let me do it." Levi muttered before wrapping his scarf awkwardly around Eren's neck and then taking the brunet's hand.


Hey, Levi, Eren mouthed as his hand was occupied, do you think they would have liked me?

Levi snorted. "Are you kidding me? They would have gone completely fucking gaga over you. It might be have been even worse than that damn Hanji."

There were some pleasant surprises.

One morning, Levi opened his eyes to see an empty spot next to him. Fruitlessly telling himself not to panic, Levi swung himself out of bed and was short of screaming Eren's name when-

...was that pancakes he smelt? A quick dash into the kitchen confirmed that yes, there were pancakes in the kitchen, along with a startled (and adorable) Eren wearing an apron and in the middle of washing dishes. "...the hell are you doing, Eren?"


Nearly destroying several plates in the middle of trying to get his notebook, Eren finally managed a few, hastily-scribbled lines of soapy hand-writing.


Flip! Don'twrorryi'llcleanall of it up

Flip! It's

Flip! ...I don't know...

"..." Levi glanced at the table, loaded with what looked like a week's worth of unburnt pancakes, and then at the counter, which held a what looked like a month's worth of... not-so-nicely-cooked pancakes. He wondered how on earth Eren managed to make anything without burning half of the house down, but then remembered Hanji had borrowed (KIDNAPPED) the brunet yesterday to teach Eren how to cook.

Thoroughly flustered, Eren hastily ran in front of the burnt pancake stack, blocking them from Levi's view.

Flip! Those... don't eat them...

Flip! That was practice... don't look... Eren explained, shamefully ducking his head behind his notebook as he did.

Levi continued to stare at Eren for a few seconds before shoving him lightly out of the way, ignoring Eren's questioning glance.

Wait, Levi, what are you doing? Eren scribbled, panicking as Levi began helping himself to the burnt pancakes.


"Shut up." Levi growled, grabbing onto one of Eren's flailing wrists. "There's nothing wrong with these. So stop trying to waste food here."


"I'm eating it." Levi said in a stern warning tone. "Now stop trying to clean and eat your damn food with me first."

Unable to disobey, Eren hastily scrambled to sit next to Levi, still looking awkwardly at the floor. Levi rolled his eyes and pulled Eren's chair closer to his own. "...Eren, you don't have to force yourself to do... whatever you're trying to do. If Hanji's talk of being my... my wife is what's causing you to act like this, then-"

I'm not forcing myself! Eren wrote quickly, almost knocking over a stack of pancakes as he did.

Flip. I really do want to learn how to make food for Levi!

Flip. And how to clean better like Levi!

Flip. And how to fold and make Levi's clothes nice too!

Levi swallowed a mouthful of Eren's pancakes without batting an eye. "So you want to be my wife. That's fine. You can still be my wife without doing all those things."

WHAT!? This time, Eren nearly fell off of his chair.

Putting out a hand to steady Eren, Levi gave a rare smirk. "Oh? You don't want to be my wife then?"


Stop teasing me, Levi...

"Heh..." Levi's hand slowly left Eren's shoulder.

His pout fading, Eren began to write again.

I really do want to do those things, Levi.

Flip. Not because I think I have to.

Flip. But because I want to make Levi happy!

"...stupid brat. You just need to be here to do that."

But when you love someone, you want to make them even happier, right?

Levi was certainly not feeling all warm and fuzzy inside when he saw that.

Flip. If it's too much troubling for Levi, I can stop-

"If I didn't want to eat your cooking, I wouldn't eat it." Levi quickly interrupted, his eyes glued to his plate. "Besides, your cooking. it's... it's not as shitty as I thought it'd be. So..." He reached out to ruffle Eren's hair. "Thanks, Eren. I appreciate it."

The brunet's eyes widened before brightening up in delight. Letting out a silent giggle, Eren leaned over and pecked his lover on the cheek.

"...Although..." Despite himself, Levi eyed Eren's apron-covered body as he bent his head to whisper into Eren's ear. "You know, there are other ways to make me happier..."

"!?" Eren gave him a look of innocent bewilderment.

What do you mean by that, Levi?

"...You'll figure out... later. By the way... where'd that apron come from?"

This? Oh, it came from-

"Wait, wait, WAIT, don't even answer, I know, it was Han-"

Chief Erwin! He said Levi would be happy if I wore it!



Erwin was going to have some major explaining to do.

There were some... surprising surprises...

"I'm home..." Levi drawled lazily as he shut the door, starting to take his bag off. "Did you clean the windows proper-" His fingers suddenly froze in shock, the shoulder strap of his bag slipping from them.

Eren, who had bent down to retrieve a spoon he had dropped, straightened and turned to face Levi, beaming brightly as he shook the folds of his maid dress.

Levi! Welcome home!

Flip. How was your day out?


"Eren..." Levi began slowly, his eyes slightly bulging as he spoke, "I thought... we would talk about wearing that... that thing later-"

Eren pouted slightly, and Levi had to strongly resist the urge to practically glomp the brunet then and there.

But there isn't anyone else here to see me!

Flip. And you don't hate it, right, Levi?

" but..." Twitching slightly, Levi tried to keep his gaze focused on the wall beside him, but his eyes kept flitting back to Eren. "That's..."

His head tilted inquisitively, Eren took a step towards Levi, who automatically retreated.

"..." Eren suddenly burst out into a fit of silent giggles.

Levi looks so funny!

"Shut up..." The black-haired muttered as he face-palmed half in shame and half in embarrassment.

Flip. Am I really that cute? Haha, now I see, Levi really does get shy when he sees me in this!

"...Are you making fun of me?"

Flip. I should wear this more often!

"Damn it, Eren, NO!"

Still shaking slightly from laughter, Eren grinned mischievously at Levi before suddenly pulling his cheeks and dashing away.

"Eh..." Levi stared after Eren for a second. "Why you...!" He found himself exclaiming almost playfully before easily catching up to the brunet, scooping him up and kissing his cheek.

Eren wriggled against Levi's hold, but still laughed and leaned into Levi, his hands resting on Levi's shoulders.

"Shitty brat..." Levi muttered while smiling reluctantly, about to force Eren down into a kiss when-

"Hey," A freckled, smiling man called from the open door, "Levi? Sorry to intrude on you, but I was wondering, do you know the tall dark blond teenager who has a really bad temper-"







Flip. Nice to meet you?

"...uh... um." Marco swallowed nervously as he slowly backed away. "I'll... never mind. It's... not important... I'll... email you... la... ter..."



Levi? Why do you look so... defeated?

"Fuck my life..."

Later that evening...

Flip. Levi, who was that guy, by the way?

"Marco Bodt. My editor." Levi explained casually as he laid on the couch. "He's the guy I went to see today."

Flip. Oh, I see. What did you see him for?

"I'm going to start writing again."

The sudden declaration startled Eren, who had began folding their laundry.

Really, Levi? How come?

"It's started to reappear. My desire to write." Levi explained, uncrossing his legs.

Eren smiled cheekily as he set the clothes aside. Is it because of me, Levi?


Flip. What will you write about? I want to know!

Flip. Will it be about mermaids!?

Levi chuckled at the eager expression on Eren's face. "No, probably not."

Eren wilted in disappointment.

Flip. Then what will it be about?

"It'll be about a grumpy person."

Flip. A grumpy person?

"Yeah. A grumpy person." Levi reached over to touch Eren's hand. "A grumpy person who learns how to be happy."

There were also some really bad surprises.

" you're... Annie..." Levi said slowly. He and Eren had gone to visit Eren's friends again. Armin had also brought along Annie, the sea witch who had turned Eren human and who Armin had adamantly referred to as his "FRIEND". Perhaps he had mistakenly thought it would lower the tension between Mikasa and Levi.

"Yeah." The half-octopus woman replied nonchalantly, her cold eyes flicking to Eren, who returned her gaze steadily. "...So. How's your human life going?"


Fine, thank you, Annie.

" nowwww have you two done it?" Ymir questioned curiously, much to the embarrassment of Eren, Krista, and Armin.


"Why do you ALWAYS have to talk about those kinds of things?"

"..." Mikasa said nothing but glared heavily at Levi.

"...actually, now that I think of it, you two should be careful." Annie suddenly remarked, momentarily catching everyone's interest.


What do you mean by that?

"Eren's a human male, but he can still get pregnant."




"No need to panic, it won't ever happen as long as you guys use those... what are those called, condoms?" Annie paused as she took in both Levi and Eren's shocked faces.

"...wait... you guys... didn't use one?"



Levi and Eren slowly turned to face each other, the former's mouth slackened in astonishment while the latter gazed with wide eyes.



...What? No. No. NO. Fuck that. That certainly NOT how you were born, damn it!

You're our ADOPTED child, ADOPTED. Annie was just fucking with us!

...but it doesn't mean we love you any less, so stop looking at me with that expression... I swear, for someone who isn't related to Eren, you two pull the same goddamn faces around me...

...what do you mean, "so you guys actually did have sex?"

...we did, but why the hell would you want me to go into detail about stuff like that-


No, Eren, I am not going to fucking calm down, I swear-

...hmm? More of the story? ...Well, it's in a pretty good place, let's stop it there.

The rest? Come on, you already KNOW the rest, we've told you that story at least five thousand four hundred ninety three times already. But yeah. That's the story of how Mom and I met, and why Mom can't speak. NOW do you understand why I waited until you were older to tell you?

...Yes, that is why Uncle Jean and Mom get into arguments so much...

...Yes, that is why Aunty Mikasa doesn't like me that much...

...what happened to Car and Grishy? No, they're not dead, they're still alive, they're those big-ass carp in our pond.

NO, you were not named after a goldfish, you were named after your grandparents! From Eren's side and mine!

Hmph, you're welcome, you tiny brat. Now, it's actually pretty late, so go to bed.

Yes, NOW. NO, Eren, it is not all right if we let the brat stay up a little longer-

...Night. I love you too.

For those of who don't understand... their (adopted) child is asking Levi questions, and he's answering them. He and Eren had been telling their kid the story the whole time. XD might have been a little awkward at the kissing parts... meh oh well.

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