This is my first fic and I am from Sweden so I am not that good at English. I am really sorry if you find any grammar errors or something like that, but I hope you will be able to see past that and enjoy my story anyway. . It would really make my day if you took some of your valuble time to tell me what you think.

Here we go!

Finally! Sam thought as he walked through the gates of Camelot. He made it, it took a while, he had walked after all, but here he was, the city of Camelot. He had heard so many stories about the city from Merlin. It sounded like a wonderful place, minus all the magical monsters and evil witches that apparently smirk all the time of course. Sam really wondered if all his brother had told him was true, because if it was, then King Arthur really was a danger magnet. But it could of course be his brother who was the magnet after all he… "MERLIN!" Sam's thoughts were abruptly cut off with someone screaming his brother's name. He looked up and saw a muscular, blond man wearing chainmail coming towards him with a thunderous look on his face.

- "Where have you been all morning, I have been looking everywhere for you!?" He screamed at him. But before Sam got a chance to ask what he was talking about the man continued.

- "Never mind, I don't have time for this." And with that he stormed away again. And left a confused looking Sam standing in the middle of the street. Wondering what was going on. Suddenly the man turned around again and when he saw him still standing there he screamed "Come on try to keep up, for gods sake Merlin!" And started walking again.

Sam quickly ran after him with his backpack still bouncing on his back.

"I'm sorry sir, but I'm not who you think I am, my name is Sam." He corrected the man in a respectful voice. He honestly scared him a bit, who goes around wearing chainmail this time a day anyway.

"Don't be stupid MERlin, I'm not blind, it doesn't matter if your wearing other clothes I still recognize you. I'm not an idiot, unlike you." The blond man answered him.

"I'm telling you, i am not Merlin I'm his twin brother Sam" Sam tried again.

"Okay Merlin, really funny. Stop fooling around and go and polish my sword I have training with the knights this afternoon."


"NOW Merlin" He said in a commanding voice and abruptly turned left and walked towards an other man in a chainmail with rapid steps. Leaving a confused looking Sam behind again.

Oh well Merlin will take care of that later he thought and continued walking towards the castle.

When he reached the courtyard he realised he had no idea of where he could find Merlin, the only thing he knew was that he lived with the court physician. I just have to ask someone then he thought to himself and walked up to two tired looking guards.

"Ahem" he tried when they didn't even look at him standing right in front of them. Aren't they supposed to be alert and stuff he thought when they still didn't notice him.

"Ahem" he tried again. And finally some reaction..

"Yes what is it Merlin?" one of them asked.

Ah great more people who think I'm my brother he thought irritated.

"I'm not…2 he started but then thought better of it, "never mind," he said "I'm looking for the court physician chambers. Could you point me in the right direction?"

"Merlin, I really thought you had learned the way by now, you live there after all," he said tiredly but pointed to the right anyway.

"Thanks," Sam said and hurried away.

He walked in the direction the guard pointed and found himself in front of a wooden door. He took a deep breath and knocked.