Hello again! I know I haven't written anything in a while, but here a story that has been popping up in the back of my head for a while now. If you have seen the poll on my profile, you should know who is gonna be in this story. Now, to the story!

Now, most people that know that cocky blue hedgehog that runs around at super sonic speeds and fights a big fat man shaped like an egg might not know about me. But little do they know that I played key part to that hedgehog's life. Some lucky (or rather unlucky) people and gamers have found out about me. The lucky ones escape that creepy-looking killer glitch that just so happens to look like that speedy blue hedgehog, while the unlucky ones don't and...You don't wanna know what happens to them.

I bet you are wondering some as disturbing and dark as me helped someone as pure and kind as him. Well, why don't we start from the beginning? To when he was just a little 10 year old who had just found his true reflection.

Take a Look In The Mirror

It was around 9:26 in the morning when a young hedgehog awoke. He was in an orphanage and was pretty used to being the first to awake. He often did it to escape bullying the older kids give to him. It was always because he was too 'different', or that he was a freak of nature. But he really didn't listen.

The said hedgehog was a pretty unnatural color and had one unique talent. His arms, chest, muzzle, and insides of his ears were all peach while the rest of him was a cobalt blue. He was also fast enough to break the sound barrier, but he never did that anymore thanks to all the bullying he got for it. The hedgehog's eyes were a beautiful emerald green that often showed the pain he so desperately tried to hide, but the caretakers at the orphanage just ignored it.

The slightly depressed 10-year old continued on his trek to his secret place. It was the only place where he was safe from the constant harassing and pain. He entered the play room and went toward the book shelf. There was a small space big enough for him to crawl behind it.

Good thing they didn't push the bookshelf back, thought the 10 year old as he crawled behind the shelf. Behind it was a hole in the was that was just his size. Smiling, he entered as it led the emerald green-eyed hedgehog to a small room that was hidden behind the bookshelf. It was his secret place. He had guessed that someone had placed the bookshelf in front of the entrance to the room, but there was no door.

"No one has found this place except me", whispered the hedgehog. "I wonder why they hid this place. They left a huge mirror back here."

Indeed, there was a big mirror in the back of the small room. It was shining as if it were brand new, yet the floor around it was all dusty and there was only one dim light. The child grinned warmly when he saw his reflection. He talked to his reflection everyday even though he never got an answer back.

"You're my only friend, you know that?" asked the depressed hedgehog as he sat down with his back towards the mirror. He reflection didn't answer, but the child didn't mind. Instead, he smiled.

"You always listen to me and never talk about me like the others. You remembered my birthday and was always nice and kind to me." Tears began to form in the little kid's eyes as he continued on. He swore he heard something behind him move, but the mirror was the only thing behind him. "No one else really cares about me and I've got no one else to turn to. Mom and Dad were killed in that car accident, and I was lucky to have survived. Now I'm just getting bullied and hurt even more. I wish I could just end it all..."

The orphan couldn't help it. He couldn't hold back the tears anymore as he brought his knees up to his chest, rapped his arms around them, and sobbed with his head down, not hearing the sniffing that was coming from the mirror. A minute passed, and the little spiky hedgehog soon felt a hand land on his left shoulder. He instantly froze, both confused and afraid. He was the only one that knew about this place, so why was there a hand touching him?

Instead of looking left, he looked to his right and noticed that there was something terrifyingly wrong. He had no reflection, but there was another blue hedgehog sitting beside him, but something was...off. This mysterious new blue hedgehog had some weird red stains in his blue fur and his shoes had what looked like blood on them. He also didn't have a reflection.

The orphan tensed when he felt the hand leave. He noticed there was a red hand print on his shoulder now. He didn't mind it, though.

Curiosity got the best of the hedgehog as he turned to see the new blue hedgy who was in the same position he was in when he was crying. To say the orphan was shocked would be a massive understatement.

The red tinted blue hedgehog looked demonic. The white part of his eyes were pitch black while his pupils were just a red dot. His hands/claws were soaked crimson and he looked like he was crying red tears. The demonic hedgehog's ears were drooped down and he had a pitiful, hurt expression on his face.

Just like me...

"You must be sad," said the emerald green-eyed hedgehog. The demonic hedgy just looked at the speedster.

"No," he said, his voice sounding a lot like the green-eyed hedgehog's but with a demonic twist. "You must be sad. I'm only happy when you are happy, Sonic."

Sonic, who was stunned that this demonic look-alike knew his name, just simply nodded. "Who are you?" he asked. The demonic version of Sonic just smiled, but in a friendly way (yet it still freaked poor Sonic out). The demon Sonic's teeth looked sharp and were actually glowing slightly as if they'd never been used.

"I am anything you want me to be, but I am mostly know as EXE."

That's right! If you guessed Sonic and EXE, then you were right! This is a Sonic and EXE story! It will explain (in my eyes) how Sonic and EXE met, but soon became enemies!