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Now, let chapter 2 begin!

Observation 1: The Darkness Has Weird Things In It...

It had been 1 day since our blue hedgehog met his new 'mirror buddy' called EXE. Sonic was currently trapped inside a big, dark room with nothing in it but him and some old toys. He'd been forced to leave his friend when he heard the caretakers screaming out for him. At first, he didn't want to leave for he would be abandoning his new friend.

"I'll be here tomorrow, Sonic," the worried makura hedgehog said, "You have to go. I don't want you to get in trouble..."

Sonic seemed to understand what EXE meant. "Okay. I'll see you tomorrow then."

The speed demon (literally this time) simply nodded. He turned back to the mirror and did something not even Sonic expected: He jumped in the mirror. Literally. Sonic didn't think about it much though. He heard the caretakers' scrams and shouts get louder. He ran toward the hole he'd come from. He glanced back at the huge mirror that didn't age before jumping through the hole only to hit his head on the bookshelf in front of it.

And this Sonic is why you should look before you leap, he thought pitifully as he rubbed the new bump on his head.

Quickly crawling from behind the shelf, he realized in horror that the caretakers had been just entered the room the moment he had crawled out of his hiding spot.

Maybe I could make a run for it...

Just then, the rest of the workers came, holding the thing every mobian kid dreaded: a catch pole. Sonic had been caught by a cruel caretaker with one of those once. He didn't like it at all. It had left a mark and gave him breathing problems for a while. He generally tended to avoid them at all cost.

He looked at the wielder pitifully. Yeah, running isn't an option...

Knowing he was outnumbered terribly and the fact that half of them actually had those damn catch poles didn't reassure that everything was gonna be okay.

It wasn't.

Sonic didn't have time to react as one of the caretakers stabbed a needle into his arm. It took him 2 seconds to realize what just happened, but before he could do anything, his vision became blurry and he quickly passed out. The last thing he remembered hear was the rest of the cruel helpers running forward and one putting the catch pole on him even though he was out for the count...


2 hours later, Sonic awoke to find himself in a big, dark room with hardly any light. He could only see a foot ahead of himself, but that was it. Closing his eyes and sighed. He opened his eyes slightly to see two weirdly familiar red dotted eyes a corner of the room. He closed his eyes again and sighed.

It's probably just EXE...

His eyes shot open immediately.

EXE is in the mirror...

He looked back into the corner to see the eyes weren't there anymore. Curiosity got the best of the cobalt hedgehog. He got up and began walking slowly toward where the 2 red eyes just were. He squeezed his eyes shut as he hesitatingly reached a hand over to see if something was there. His hand soon fell on something soft. Opening his eyes yet again, he saw his hand had landed on a weird-looking doll.

It looked like a golden fox mobian with two tails. It's chest, muzzle, and tail tips were all white and had 3 short bangs on it's head along with a long antennae between it's ears with a small red gem on the end. It also had white feet and hands, but what caught Sonic's attention was it's eyes. It's eyes kept changing colors: from white with black pupils to black with red pupils as dots (like a certain hedgehog we know X3). It was creeping him out. The doll (Sonic: THANK GOD! EXE: *smiles* Oh, the irony... Sonic: Wha? EXE: Nothing...) didn't have a mouth, but Sonic kept thinking it actually did.

Shaking a bit, Sonic picked up the doll. The doll's eyes turned white and black again, but it didn't change back again like before.

It doesn't looks as scary now, thought Sonic as he held it up in the air, smiling.

"You sure about that?"

The smile vanished as fast as it came as young hedgehog froze. Did...Did that doll just talk?

"Yeah, I did. I didn't mean to frighten you though."

Yup, Sonic. Your not hallucinating...thought the passed freaked hedgehog. First, he meets his reflection which looked like it'd come from Hell. Next, he gets caught on a catch pole, and now, he finds a weird TALKING doll with 2 tails and eyes that keep changing colors.

"Umm...W-who are you?" stammered the shaken 10-year old. The doll somehow shrugs.

"I don't have a name..."

"Oh." He relaxed as he began thinking about a name. The doll had two tails and it, well, was a doll...

"How about the Tails Doll?"

Before the doll could answer, a large amount of light entered the pitch black room, which temporarily blinded Sonic. Turning to see what disturbed had disturbed the somewhat comforting darkness, Sonic found himself being stabbed in the arm with yet another needle. Shocked, he didn't get a chance to protest for he was already out cold before he could completely register it. Only one thought went through his head:

What the hell just happened?

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