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Summary: Dumbledore locks Harry in the room with him close to the end of sixth year and Harry has had enough.

Locked In

Chapter 2

Harry was fuming in Dumbledore's office, the headmaster had locked me in like an errant child and not the mature person I am. After the bomb that was just dropped all I wanted was to grieve and forget, I wanted to go to my friends who would understand that now was not the time to tell me the prophecy because they knew me. They knew that right now all I would want would be to let my anger and pain at losing Sirius out. The headmaster had stepped out and would be back in a couple of minutes. But I couldn't summon the will to care. Sirius was gone, what was I supposed to do now? Sirius was the only one who had loved me unconditionally the way family was meant too, the pain coursing through me would have brought me to my knees had I been standing. He was gone. I wanted to cry, rage and scream at the injustice of taking away the last of my family for making me care only to lose yet another person, oddly enough the combination of emotions only let one take over. Rage.

Headmaster Dumbledore walked in he couldn't see my face or he might have stayed silent at the sheer anger on that would no doubt be written all over it. But as he couldn't he became the outlet for my now furious temper.

"Harry, my boy you must understand, it was for the greater good. I was trying to save you fro..." he was cut off by me. I couldn't let him continue with whatever he was going to say.

"Save me? Save me! You destroyed me! You made damn sure I was in a place I wouldn't be love you knew she hated me and that I would most likely be abused and you didn't care! All you have is make my life a living hell! You sit here and pretend to know everything when you know nothing! You act compassionate, but let's not tell lies headmaster, we both know deep down you are just as bad as the evil you try to fight." I shouted letting the anger flow through me igniting my rage like dynamite.

"Harry, my boy I was" cut off again he stood shocked as I yelled at him.

"Ah ah ah. No interrupting, I am not nearly done with you yet." I snarled angrily "you're a fraud because other than showing up when it's convenient for you, like tonight! Where were you when we were fighting, yes we should not have left the grounds but shouldn't you as headmaster of the school know when we do? Or lets not forget the department of mysteries, late again and look what happened! Sirius is dead!" I cried out the pain getting worse as my rage mounted "All you want is to look like a hero. You say you care about me?! That may be the biggest lie you've ever told me! You want to use me as a pawn, this entire thing could have been avoided if you'd just told me what was going on! But no I'm not old enough. Never mind the fact that I've face more that most should at any age of that I've duelled Voldemort and am still alive along with the fact that you tell me now that I'm the only one who can defeat him! NOW?! When I could have been preparing to fight him! You so readily risk my life and the lives of others because you believe it's right. You said I shouldn't blame myself for Sirius' death, you're right. This is on you, you avoided me because you were a coward! You made Snape teach me and don't lie you knew he wouldn't get over his grudge with my father for the 'greater good'. You are the one that kept my godfather locked up in a place that he hates, and you are the one that uses people like pawns on a chessboard. Everyone may think you're a hero but I see you more clearly than before now and all you are is a disgrace to the wizarding world! You disgust me! I'm out" I glared ferociously as I tried to catch my breath.

Dumbledore came out of his shock long enough to ask nervously "out?".

"Yes, I'm out. I refuse to do your bidding. I'm not defeating Riddle. You partially created him, he fears you, you can destroy him. I almost lost my friends tonight and I did lose the last of my family because of you and a prophecy that could be entirely false. It ends now. Quoting myself 'I've seen enough, done enough'." I said viciously before a new plan formed in my mind. "Oh I have a new idea! I will defeat Riddle if only for the pain he's cause me... If you resign as headmaster and as head of the 'Order of the phoenix'." I was smiling maliciously by the end. All Albus could do was go into a state of shock. That pleased me the usual calm collected man now in shock I would have laughed if I had not been in such agony.

Dumbledore took a while to contemplate my offer trying to find a loophole but there was none. "I shall step down from the order as head but I am still a member, As for being headmaster I cannot just up and leave but if you are serious about Voldemort and not defeating him then I must concede, I will resign as headmaster of Hogwarts at the end of the next school year. Is this acceptable?" He asked feebly looking older than I had ever seen I almost felt bad. Almost.

"Yes" I stated. Glad that he was going, I couldn't care less that he was planning to stay another year. I kind of understood, he needed to help prepare the next head who would hopefully be less of a manipulative bastard.

"You will defeat Tom?" He asked needing confirmation that something good would come from his stepping down.

"I will" I said with determination "now if you don't mind I'd like to see my friends and grieve in peace, I expect you to no longer be the head of the order by the time I get to headquarters, which will be two weeks no more of me being at my relatives" my voice sounded monotone and dead I had now allowed my pain to overtake to the point where I was now numb.

Albus looked at the boy, he looked broken and suddenly he felt a wave of guilt almost crippling him. "Yes Harry I shall do as you ask" he said unlocking the door he watched as Harry walked out wondering to himself where he stopped fighting for what was right and started thinking that his way was the only way.

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