He lives in the mirror. Clone of our world, yet so different. Our meeting wasn't plan or anything. Nor the friendship we would have along the time we grown over time to know each other.

Yet, friendship dies away. Many reasons could be seen as why they fall apart. Ours seemed a little unnerving when it happen.

For he's already dead. A ghost in someway to say the least.


Human, growing slowly to the days that grace the earthy realm. One hour at a time.

Ageing wasn't hard to miss as it took its toll on me.

He notice the big difference. I took in mind of the smaller details.

It wasn't long when age came into play and I had to move on to the chapters of life. Having to say goodbye was a the hardest to do. For since we met when I'm barely a teen, little knowing of what to do in life.

But thanks to him and his other ghostly goons, lead me and teach me, I don't think even any teacher could.

Packing up was easy now and then, when the mirror was curtain covered. In hopes I couldn't see my best friend watch me, walk out, not looking back, and maybe not even come back.

When certain seasons came around, where school wasn't a problem anymore. I would come back home. Greet my parents. Pat my little sibling's head as I headed up to my room, only to find it change into an office.

Mirror and gothic style items placed down in the basement. For the sake of my father's weak heart not go out in fright. By the overly bright and cheerful style of the room, made by my step-mother.

Young brother coming to see me look around, calling out to me, asking childish questions. At first I don't listen to. Until one quickly crosses through the air. To which I had to ask him about it again.

He made a new friend that can't leave a glass case and said he knows me. They had played many games over the time I was gone. He can't seem to enjoy one moment away from his demonic buddy.

Little brother shows to where his friend is. Already shouting when hearing our steps coming down the stairs. Oh, how it's good to see that face again.

And from his face, he's also glad to see me again.

But again, when the seasons come to a close. I have to leave again. Leaving my little brother to watch over the trouble making in the mirror. He's says he will. But I don't trust much in the one in the mirror as little brother.

Now taking the days by slowly than ever. School. Work. Family. Friends. All put in a patter I can't mess up. For if I do, I might lose something, just as I did in my younger years.

In times like this, I wished to oddly be like my ghostly buddy. But, human as I am, have limits. To the bitter end.

And it's a bitter end, I'll gladly join when the time is right. For now, human. For later, ghoulish ghoul.

The End.