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Just so you know I have moved everything from Harry Potter up 20 years. Where Harry was born July 31, 1980 in this story it is July 31, 2000. Instead of 1991 the story takes place starting 2011. As for the Avengers it will be after the movie, but I will have that invasion have happened in 2010, and they will already know Phil Coulson is alive.

Warnings: This will have gay marriage and maybe even sex scenes, Parental punishments and okay people maybe a little kinky dominant punishment for a submissive husband. Harry will act younger than his age a lot of times, as he is more affected by his time with the Dursleys in this story. Sirius will also be more affected and treat him younger, as he actually finds him in the cupboard. There will be cursing as well. Rated M so if any of the above offends, please don't read. Oh I don't like Pepper Potts so she will be bashed. Dumbledore and Wizarding Britain will also be bashed. I love reviews but I hate flames, but I have decided to use any flames to make s'mores.

Chapter 1 Hope at Last

The young couple walking along the silent stretch of beach noticed a bedraggled dead looking dog wash in with the tide. The teenage girl held her hand to her mouth in horror.

"Is it dead?" She turned pleading eyes towards her boyfriend. "Why would a dog be in the ocean? Do you think it fell overboard?"

The young man's name was Matt. He looked at Anna before saying. "By looking at how thin he is I would say somebody tried to drown him. That dog should probably weigh at least twenty or more pounds than it does. You can see everyone of its ribs."

He tried to pull his girlfriend away from the dead dog, but she was having none of it. "Shouldn't we at least bury it?"

"Anna the dog could have diseases that are contagious on it for all we know. Let's just go and..." He stopped talking when he heard a soft whimper from the evidently not so dead dog.

"Oh my God it's still alive." Anna pulled free and ran to kneel at the dog's side. She noticed it was a boy, as she put a hand on the wet black head. "It's okay boy, we will help you."

"Anna." Matt snapped out exasperated.

"Don't 'Anna' me Matthew. We are helping this dog. The poor thing is starved and hurt." She was noticing that all of the animal's paws were bleeding. "Pick him up and you can take him home with you." She ordered.

"Me? Why can't he go with you?"

"Because you know very well that my mum hates animals. Plus you live alone so you will have some company." She glared at the man until he bent down and hefted the large dog in his arms. Well large in length anyway because he could tell just exactly how light this dog was. He would bet it was half the weight it should be at least.

"Fine you walk in front of me. Let's head to the truck."

A half an hour later Matt pulled up in front of his small three room cottage. He had dropped Anna off at her house, and now he was going to tend to a malnourished hurt dog. Carrying the emaciated animal inside he headed straight for the bathroom. He knew he should feed the dog at once, but the thing was so filthy a bath was the first step on the agenda. He placed the mutt on the floor, while he ran some warm bathwater. He grabbed his shampoo and even the bottle of conditioner his mother insisted on buying him, since he had shoulder length hair. He normally wouldn't think of using conditioner on a dog, but the matted tangles of hair convinced him he was less likely to be bitten, if they would come out easier.

He bathed the dog changing the water twice and using shampoo four times, before he was convinced that black he was looking at was the dog's true color. He used the whole bottle of conditioner on the dog. It was shocking to him that the dog just let him do what he wanted. When he picked the animal up and sat him on the bathmat before grabbing a towel, he could honestly say he was stunned to see the dog not even try to shake the water off of him. He bandaged the sore paws and gently lifted the now clean dog in his arms and headed for the kitchen.

He didn't know why, but he realized he had been talking to the dog the whole time. It was like he expected the thing to understand. "You're lucky my mum always brings me food over each night. She is afraid I can't feed myself. The thing is she brings enough for a family of four, so I always have great leftovers. Good thing too since I don't have any dog food."

He set a bowl of meat loaf on the floor along with a bowl of water. "I know you could probably eat at least three times that at the moment, but I'm afraid you might get sick if I feed you too much in one sitting. I will give you a little more before I go to bed. I need a shower now. You got me filthy while I cleaned you." He grinned at the dog who he could swear looked sheepishly at him. Shaking his head at his thinking, he again lifted the dog and carried him into the sitting room, where he laid it on the rug in front of the fireplace before starting a fire.

"Rest boy and I'll take you outside when I'm done cleaning up." He didn't notice the look the dog was giving him as he walked away, if he had he would have probably thought it had undertones of gratitude in it.

The young man walked off to the shower leaving the dog lying on that comfortable rug in front of the blazing fire. The dog didn't take his eyes off the man's back until he was out of sight. He then closed his eyes and let himself sleep. Sleep that was filled with dreams, these dreams weren't what many would expect a dog to have.

These dreams were centered, around a man with wavy black hair. The man was quite handsome in the dream and in his early twenties. He was talking to another handsome black haired man around his age. They were actually arguing.

"You can't go to America. I don't care what Stane wants. I can't leave now with the war on and the Potters in danger. For the love of Merlin, Tony please, think about this from my point of view." The dreaming man said.

"Come on Sirius be reasonable. Obadiah says I am needed for at least a week. He says only I can handle the problem." Tony pleaded with the other man.

"Damn it I can order you not to go. You know you can't refuse my order with the bond." Sirius was frustrated.

"I know you could, but you won't. You love me too much to want me to be in constant pain while I'm away." He wrapped his arms around his partner's waist.

"Tony, you are my husband, my submissive husband. You are supposed to want to be with me. And how will we be able to explain to the pup why you are gone for so long? You know he loves you as much as he does the rest of us. He hates it when you or I aren't around. Our puppy likes having four parents." Sirius had his own arms wrapped around his husband. He knew in his heart he was going to let him go, but he had a bad feeling about it. He didn't trust Obadiah Stane as far as he could throw Hagrid without magic.

"I know Lover, but I have obligations to the people that work for my company too. At least that is what Obadiah keeps telling me." He kissed the slightly younger man's chin, before he started nibbling on his lips.

"I don't trust that man." He gave a growl.

"I know you don't and I can't understand why, but I will be back before you know it." He finally initiated a passionate kiss only to have his husband take control.

The dog dreamed on through the night. The next day when the young man went off to work strange things happened. The dog watched the truck back out of the driveway from the window. He waited for fifteen minutes before heading to the bathroom and closing the door.

The dog then began to change. Where once a black super thin dog stood was now a man of skin and bones. He had long matted hair and beard. He actually flinched when he looked at his reflection in the mirror. He took off the rag of a robe he was wearing and turned on the shower. He grabbed a pair of scissors from a drawer and hacked off his hair, until it was just past his shoulders. He also used the scissors to cut most of the chest length beard away. He knew he would do a better job as soon as he showered, but what was the point of trying to wash all that extra hair.

He climbed into the tub/shower and felt the warm water hit his skin. He grabbed the shampoo and washed his hair three times, before he started to wash his body. He stayed in the shower until all of the hot water was gone. It had been almost ten years since he was clean, and he couldn't help making sure his body was a clean as it could be. Drying himself off he then stood with a towel wrapped around his waist, as he began to brush his hair out. It took almost forty-five minutes, but he finally saw his hair lying in soft waves. He took the scissors to his hair again, and before long the ends were just resting on his shoulders. It wasn't a bad job for doing it himself. He trimmed and shaved his face, until he had a moustache and small beard.

He looked through the drawers and found a toothbrush that was still in the package. He spent ten minutes brushing his teeth. It been so long since he had the chance, and he hated the way his mouth had felt. He noticed that he was spitting out blood, and he figured it was because his gums had become sensitive from not being brushed in so long. Standing back he looked at his reflection. He was still too thin and pale looking, but he didn't look too bad for a man who had spent the last ten years in place that was hell on earth.

He grabbed up his old clothes with all of the hair he had cut off in it and left the bathroom while just wearing the towel. He laid the bundle on the floor, before going through the man's drawers and finding a pair of underpants and socks. The closet provided a pair of blue jeans and a black tee shirt. He donned the clothes then looked in the closet again and found a pair of old trainers that thankfully fit him quite well. The clothes of course were loose on him since he was skeletal thin, but he was just happy to finally be clean he wasn't complaining.

He threw the towel in the dirty clothes hamper before heading to the kitchen, where he found a bag to put his dirty clothes and hair in. He then buried it in the bottom of a bag of trash sitting by the back door. He ate some of the stew that was in the refrigerator, washed his dishes and put them away before heading to the sitting room. That was when he saw the telephone sitting there. This man may have grown up in a world without telephones, but one of his best friends was a muggleborn and his husband was a muggle.

Happiness blossomed in him, as he hurriedly picked up the phone and dialed a number he would never forget. It took awhile for the connection to get through, since it was an international call. A smile came on his face when he heard the words, "Stark Enterprises, how may I help you?"

"I need to speak to Tony please."

"I'm sorry Sir, but who may I say is calling?" The woman's voice came back.

"Tell him Sirius is calling?"

"Sir I don't think that is a funny joke. Mr. Stark is a busy man and is not available for people playing on the phone," was the snide comment.

"What?" But it was too late the woman had already hung up the phone. What the Bloody Hell was that woman's problem? He redialed the number wondering who the woman was, since he knew that was Tony's private line. To his dismay the same woman answered again.

"Hello Stark Enterprises, how may I help you?"

"You cannot hang up on me again for one thing. And the other you can let me speak to Tony Stark." He growled out almost sounding like the dog he had been before.

"Sir, I told you Mr. Stark is a busy man and does not have time for your nonsense."

"Lady, if you don't let me talk to Tony now, I promise I will make sure your arse is fired." He snapped.

"I don't think you realize who you are talking to. I am Mr. Stark's personal assistant, so you don't frighten me." She hung up again.

Growling and snarling he dialed the operator this time and asked for a person to person collect call for Tony Stark from Sirius Black. When the phone was picked up he heard the same woman talking to the operator. She was trying to not accept, but Sirius asked the operator to demand to have Mr. Stark to answer.

In Stark Tower in New York

Tony along with his friends and fellow Avengers walked into the main room of the penthouse. They saw Pepper Potts on the phone. Tony walked over to her, so he could kiss her hello. But before he could Jarvis the AI he had created spoke up.

"Sir, that phone call is for you. I believe no matter what Miss Potts may think that you will want to take it."

"Why do you say that?" Tony asked. Pepper usually had good judgment on things like this.

Pepper looked pissed that Jarvis had said anything. She did not want Tony talking to the rude man on the phone. "Jarvis, I don't think that is necessary."

"Sir, the call is a person to person collect call from a Sirius Black."

Tony's mouth dropped open in shock and disbelief, but he lunged at Pepper to grab the phone from her. He put it to his ear just to hear a dial tone. He turned with a glare that she had never seen on the man's face before, and he snapped at her. "Why didn't you tell me that I was wanted on the phone? Why didn't you accept it?"

"Sir, that was the third call. The first two came through, but she refused to let you talk to him. She hung up each time."

Pepper Potts could not believe the way Jarvis was acting. She had always liked the AI and thought he had liked her too, well as much as an AI can like somebody. Why was he acting this way? Did he have a virus? What she did not know was that Jarvis knew exactly who Sirius Black was, and the pain his disappearance had caused his creator.

"How could you do that?" He demanded looking like he wanted to hit his lover.

Steve, Thor, Bruce, Clint and Natasha were all looking at the man with gaping mouths. They had never seen so much emotion on Tony Stark's face. He was enraged, but at the same time looked like he wanted to cry.

"Jarvis, can you call the number back?" He pleaded but before he could be answered the phone rang again.

Pepper answered at once. "Hello Stark Enterprises, how may I help you?" What she didn't know was that Jarvis made the conservation come over the speaker this time.

"Look you Bloody Bint, you hang up on me one more time I swear I will make your life hell on earth. Now let me talk to Tony Stark immediately." The furious man's voice shouted.

"Who do you think you are talking to me like that?" She demanded angrily.

"I'll tell you who I am you stupid idiotic piece of shite. I'm his husband now put him on." He snarled.

Everyone in the room acted as if they had just been electrocuted. And the tone of Tony's voice made them gawp at him even more.

"Siri? Is that really you?" A trembling voiced Tony answered.

"Tony, oh thank Merlin, Baby. I never thought I would hear your voice again." The complete change of tone and attitude was just making the other inhabitants of the room unable to get over their shocked feelings.

"Where have you been Sirius Orion Black? I thought you were dead." Tony demanded even through his trembling voice.

"There were many times I wished I was Love. I've been in Azkaban."

Tony literally fell down on the floor at those words. "NO! Why?"

"Pettigrew." Sirius growled. "He betrayed James and Lily. He got them killed and then framed me for it and killing him and twelve muggles. They didn't give me a trial Love. They just threw me in Azkaban."

"What? Why didn't Dumbledore help you? He knew you couldn't have betrayed them. Hell James was like your brother. Plus I thought he was the highest judge in your world. It was his responsibility to get you a trial." Tony was furious knowing that his husband had been betrayed.

"Siri, what about Harry? What about the pup?" The fear on their teammate's face was plain for the Avengers to see.

"Dumbledore had Hagrid take him to Lily's sister the night they died. I couldn't fight him at the time. You know if I tried Harry would have gotten hurt from the rebounded spells." He sounded so desolate. "I went after Pettigrew, which is why I thought Dumbledore did it. It was my job to bring in Death Eaters after all. I was going to go get my pup afterwards, but I was in Azkaban."

"They finally let you out?"

"No, I escaped as Padfoot." He told him.

"You mean you are a wanted fugitive?" Tony was looking ill, "Why did you escape now, and not before?"

"You know what Azkaban is like. I couldn't think about things like that, but when I saw that Pettigrew disguised as Wormtail was going to be at Hogwarts from the paper. The year that Harry is supposed to start there I knew I had to get out, so I could protect my puppy." Sirius tried to make his husband understand the urgency.

"Of course you did Siri." Tony soothed even though he was a mass of emotions.

"Tony I need your help. Are you coming?" The others heard the plea in the man's voice.

"Nothing could keep me away. Where should I meet you?" There was no hesitation in the answer.

"Number four Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey that is the Dursleys' address. I'm going to get my pup, and Merlin, have mercy on anybody who gets in my way, because I sure won't." He growled out.

"Do you think there will be a problem getting him?" Tony couldn't understand why there would be. Sirius was his father after all, or at least one of them.

"Oh yeah. I heard the human guards talking about him. They call him the Boy-Who-Lived, and he is now a celebrity in our world."

"Why would they call him that?" Natasha Romanov couldn't help asking.

"Who is that? Tony, how does she know what I'm saying?" Sirius demanded with a tone of authority in his voice.

"Some of my friends are here and you are on speaker phone." Tony sounded nervous now to the other Avengers.

"Anthony Edward Stark-Black, you know that we can't tell people about my world. Why the Bloody Hell, are you letting them listen in?" He roared at his husband.

"I didn't think about it. I was so shocked to get to talk to you, and Jarvis had you on speaker phone, because of Pepper hanging up on you before." He rambled out.

"This Pepper person is she the one who hung up on me three times?"


"You know I told her you would fire her if she did it a second time." There was a strange note in his voice.

"She is my personal assistant." Tony was biting his lip.

"Yes I know. She mentioned that before she hung up again." They could hear a sigh from the other end. "Tony?"

"Can we talk about it when we see each other?" Tony Stark pleaded to everyone's amazement.

"There is something you're not telling me." There was no question in the statement

"Siri. I…"

"We'll talk later Tony. Just get here okay Love. I miss you."

"I miss you too. I'm on my way. Sirius, I love you." Tony smiled as he talked.

"I love you too, Tony, always have, always will." The line went dead.

To his friend and teammates shock there were tears rolling down the face of the stoic billionaire Tony Stark. He stood up and smiled at them through the tears. "Anybody want to help me rescue my husband and son?"

"Son?" Steve Rogers asked in disbelief.

"I will explain later, but he is more my step-son."

"So your husband had a child with somebody before you?" Clint Barton wondered out loud.

"I told you I would explain later, but he is his adopted son. But it is a special kind of adoption, so I will wait until Sirius is here to explain." He headed to the roof, so he could use the spinning rings to become Ironman. He could travel faster that way.

"I think you have some explaining to do Tony Stark." Pepper demanded getting in his way.

"Not now Pepper. I will explain everything later." Tony told her, as he walked around her.

"I will call the police and have them waiting there for him." She snapped. She took an involuntary step back, when her boss and lover spun around with anger shining out of his eyes.

"You do that and I will ruin you. You would never be able to get another job besides menial labor." He snapped furiously. "I have waited and searched for almost ten years for that man, and you make me lose him again and I promise I will make your life a living Hell."

"Do you want us to come with you?" Thor called after him.

"As long as you want to help and not get in my way," He told them, as the rings dressed him in his armor. "You heard the address. I'll see you there and he was away.

"Should we go?" Bruce Banner turned to his fellow Avengers.

"Well I am." Natasha exclaimed as she walked towards the helicopter that was sitting on the roof. "I want to meet the man that makes Tony Stark show so much emotion."

The others also climbed in behind her, even Pepper Potts. The helicopter flew towards the invisible helicarrier of Shield.

When they landed Nick Fury met them. "Well let's go. I have wanted to meet this man forever. I believe this man's disappearance is why Tony Stark is like he is. From what I heard he was totally different before. He didn't drink or womanize. And he was supposed to be a truly happy man."

"You knew about this man?" Bruce looked flabbergasted.

"Of course I did. It is my job to find out about people and what makes them tick, especially those that work for me." He headed to the conference room.

"So what can you tell us about him?" Pepper demanded as she sat down.

"I don't believe I should tell you anything. That is up to Stark." He answered with a scornful look at the woman demanding anything from him. He didn't understand why she was on his ship in the first place.

"But Tony isn't here." Clint pointed out the obvious.

Instead of replying to the man he spoke into an intercom. "Stark."

"What do you want Fury?" was the reply they all heard.

"Your teammates and I think you should come on the carrier and answer some questions." He heard a snort before saying. "We are going the same way and intend to help you rescue the man and child, a known fugitive at that."

"You are going to help me save them? You expect me to believe that?" They heard the doubtful response.

"Yes, we all are, but I feel you should do some explaining first."

After a long pause later came the surprising words. "Fine, I'll be there in a few, but you have to have that ship moving as fast as possible."

"It will be done." The Head of Shield replied.

When Ironman walked into the conference room it was to see his teammates, Pepper, Fury and Phil Coulson sitting around the table. He wondered why Pepper was there for a moment, but pushed it away as not important. He just hoped when Sirius was aboard she would keep her mouth shut. He didn't say a word, as he sat down and removed his helmet mask.

"Well are you going to explain?" Pepper Potts demanded in exasperation after a couple of minutes of silence.

"Explain what? Nobody asked a question." He snarked back.

"What did that man mean when he said he was your husband?" She cried out annoyed at his attitude.

"Just what he said, he is my husband." He wouldn't look at her, as feelings of guilt went through him. He had truly thought that Sirius was dead, and that was why he had started a relationship with Pepper. He never would have if he had any hope left that Sirius would return. Would Sirius understand that? He had never slept with any man but his husband, and before the start of a relationship with Pepper he only slept with other females when he had been drinking. He bit his lip nervously as he studied the table, not paying attention to the others in the room until a hand slamming down hard on the table caused him to jerk his head up.

"You can't leave it like that." Pepper fumed.

"When did you meet him? When did you get married? And what this about him having a son," Natasha asked trying to get the glare the man was sending at Pepper to stop. To her surprise the man's eyes softened, as he turned towards her.

"We met September 9, 1999 and got married on New Year's Day 2001. Harry James Potter was born July 31, 2000 to James and Lily Potter. They named Sirius his Godfather, but had him do a special adoption when Harry was eleven months old."

"Why would they have their child adopted? Didn't they love him?" Steve's confusion was clear to see.

"They loved him very much. That is why they did it. Lily's parents were killed when Harry was only three months old, and James's were murdered also when Harry was ten months." The shocked looks had him trying to make them understand. "What you have to understand is that they were in the middle of a war. The Potters found out their family was targeted by the leader of the opposing side. James and Lily feared that they would be killed, and they wanted Harry to still have a real parent, somebody who they knew loved him as much as they did. They had Sirius do a special adoption that made Harry as much his son, as he was James and Lily's. He had three real parents. For reasons I cannot explain I was unable to do the same kind of adoption, but they asked me to adopt him the regular way if they did die. Harry had a different name for all of us. He called James, Dada, while Sirius was Daddy and I was Papa. He had four parents, and I can only imagine the pain that baby felt, when all four of us disappeared on him." Tony Stark's eyes were showing true pain at the moment.

Bruce was eyeing him strangely. "It sounds like this adoption you are talking about made him a real child of your husband, and we all know that isn't possible."

Tony was squirming in his seat. He knew Sirius was already pissed that they had heard things from the phone conversation, and because he didn't immediately fire Pepper. These people didn't know about the magical world, and they weren't supposed to. How could he explain blood adoption or a dominance bond of marriage without giving more away, without getting himself in more trouble with his dominant husband?

"Aren't you going to answer him?" Steve was watching the expressions on Tony's face. He felt that for some reason Tony was truly worried about answering.

When Tony looked up and caught all eyes on him he shifted nervously. "What you guys don't understand is I'm not supposed to talk about these things. It is breaking the law to tell you some of what you heard on the phone."

"We're going to help your convict husband." Pepper sneered. "I think we deserve some answers."

"My husband was a cop, more like a high ranking detective in his world, when they threw him into prison without a trial. Don't you ever talk bad about Sirius around me," He glared at each one individually. "Not anyone of you. I love that man and have been dying a little at a time inside, since he disappeared from my life. If you want to make me your enemy talk smack about my husband."

Pepper looked as if she had been slapped. How could the Tony she knew have a husband? The man wasn't gay. He had never been with a man as far as she knew.

"You keep talking about another world. Is it like Asgard?" Thor looked interested.

Tony rubbed his forehead trying to give himself time to think how to answer. "It is a hidden community here on earth, I guess you could say. Please don't ask me to explain more than that, at least until Sirius is with us. He can explain better than I can."

"How did you find out about it then?" Natasha questioned him.

"We were on a date and some of the men from the war attacked us, and Sirius had to protect us. He was allowed to let things be seen in life or death situations. They wanted to make me forget, but Sirius explained that he loved me and was going to propose, so they let me keep my memories. Of course that was how I got my proposal." He chuckled.

"What do you mean let you keep your memories?" Coulson was sharing a look with Fury.

"Don't even think about it." Tony snapped at the two men. "They do it out of fear of them all being slaughtered or used as guinea pigs."

His teammates looked shocked to hear that. "Why would they think that?" Steve was perplexed.

"Because their kind have been hunted and killed before, just for being different. That is why only somebody like the Prime Minister in Britain and the President in the United States are let in on their secrets. And that is only secrets they feel like sharing." Tony had a faraway look in his eyes. He remembered going to the Prime Minister for help, and the man was told they didn't know any Sirius Black or Harry Potter. He was going to take his husband and step-son there as soon as he got them and let the man know the truth.

He raised his head. "Do you guys really want to help me and Sirius?"

"Of course we do. Nobody should be locked away without a trial, and a cop doing his job should not be treated like that." Steve looked pissed at just thinking about the injustice done to the man.

"Why? What are you planning?" Clint saw a gleam in the man's eyes.

"I think you all need to don costume, and we will all show up at the Prime Minister's office, and I even know the best way for you to find out at least some of the secrets. That will make it easier for us to tell you the rest." He had a calculating look on his face. "Make sure that Captain America with his shield and I'm in the front when I say to. I want to make sure they don't try to hurt anyone."

"You think they would attack us?" Natasha was stunned.

"Without a doubt. How much longer before we get there?" He had turned to Fury with the question.

"Another hour."

Tony donned his helmet and talked to his AI. "Jarvis I want a limousine waiting for me in Little Whinging, Surrey. Make sure they know I will be in my Ironman suit."

"Yes Sir."

Matt's house near the North Sea when Sirius hung up the phone.

Sirius had many emotions going through him, as he got off of the phone. The prominent one was pure happiness that he had talked to Tony, his love and soulmate, and that the man still loved him. But he was also worried not just about his pup, but with Tony's resistance to fire this Pepper woman. That knowledge had his stomach clenching almost in fear. What was going on there? He was also exasperated that Tony had let others hear things about the magical world. He pushed all of these thoughts away and decided he needed to get to Privet Drive and get his pup. He wished he had a wand. He would feel more comfortable about being out there if he was armed with a way to protect himself. He knew he had one in his vault, but getting there would be the problem.

He walked back into the kitchen and made himself a sandwich, since he wasn't for sure when he would eat again. That was when he noticed another door off of the kitchen. When he opened it he saw it was a garage, and his heart skipped a beat when he saw the motorcycle parked there. He couldn't help it he loved motorcycles and he missed his. Still munching on the sandwich he walked over to check out the bike. To his surprise the key was in the ignition. A smile of pure happiness came on his face, when he saw a helmet and pair of sunglasses on a shelf above the bike.

A quick dash back to the bedroom closet had him pulling out a leather jacket that had seen better days. Pulling it on he grabbed some paper and a pen in the sitting room, after he jotted down a quick I owe you note, but with no name only a promise of a new bike, helmet, jacket, jeans, tee shirt, sunglasses and cash for phone calls. He went back to the garage. He lifted the door and pushed the bike out, after he had put the helmet and glasses on. He knew he looked different enough nobody would recognize him now. Closing the garage back he straddled the bike and kick started it. The thrum of the purring engine brought back memories of happier times. He was off in a heartbeat.

The wind whipped against his face, and for the first time he felt truly free, as the road and scenery went by. He headed to London first. Now that he had sort of a disguise he was going to Gringotts. He would get his spare wand, money and have the goblin healer help him as much as they could. He knew from his time with James's family that if you treated the goblins with respect and paid them handsomely they would help you, of course most wizards treated goblins like house elves, so they only saw the nasty side of a goblin.

He let his mind imagine being with his husband and pup again and them all being happy. The wonderful daydream made the trip go faster. When he was near the Leaky Cauldron he parked the bike and headed towards the rundown looking building. It took all of his Gryffindor courage to walk into that bar, even if he was still wearing his helmet and glasses. He knew he would have to wait until somebody else walked out to open the entrance to the alley, before he could get through. He sauntered up to the bar and asked for a firewhiskey, and before it could be served it asked if he could use the restroom. Old Tom the barkeep told him it wasn't a problem. Turning and heading to the loo he knew he had to be sneaky now. He didn't have the money to pay for the drink, so he turned into Padfoot in the empty restroom. He used his paws to open the door and slunk through the bar towards the door to Diagon Alley. He hid himself behind the trashcans and waited for somebody to come out. Thankfully it was only a few minutes later when a staggering wizard entered the courtyard and opened the magical gateway. Sirius hopped through quickly, not even bothering when he heard the man cry out 'Grim'.

He ran down a side alley between a couple of stores and making sure nobody was around turned back into himself. He was still wearing the helmet and glasses, as he hurried to Gringotts. He did his best to stay in the shadows, until the bank was before him. He walked up the steps with his head held high. He knew that the goblins didn't respect anybody who seemed intimidated by them. Heading straight to the nearest teller and waiting for his turn took more of his Gryffindor bravery, since he was surrounded by witches and wizards.

"I need to speak to a goblin in charge of large accounts, please. In private if you don't mind." He added looking around suspiciously.

The goblin stared at him with narrowed eyes taking in the motorcycle helmet. "Muggleborn wizards don't control any of those accounts."

"I'm a pureblood from one of the oldest families in existence. Don't judge a book by its cover." The words were an order more than anything else.

The tone had the goblin reacting at once. "Follow me please." He led him through a magnificent door into a hallway that had doors all along it. He stepped back and let the wizard lead the way. The goblin did not let the shock show when the human in front of him stopped and put his hand on a door with a crest on it and the words Toujours Pur. The knob turned for him with no problem. This told him the wizard in front of him was truly from the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black, as they were the only humans that could open the door. The man walked in and sat down without a word.

"I will get you account manager for you you." The goblin hurriedly spoke before departing to find the goblin in charge of Black accounts. He didn't know who the wizard was exactly, but he knew that the wizard was from one of the oldest families still in existence and the richest.

Less than five minutes later a slightly larger goblin entered the room and headed to the chair behind the desk. "Gnarlhook said you needed assistance. My name is Dragcor and I am the account manager for the Black family."

"I know who you are. I met you quite a few times. I know you have no love for the Ministry and their laws. I am Sirius Black and I need to get into my vault, as well as I would like to hire a goblin healer to assist me in healing some of the damage Azkaban did to me." Sirius pulled off the helmet and glasses while staring at the goblin, as if daring him to turn him in.

"You must prove you are who you say you are first. I assume you have no wand, so you will have to use your blood." He set a bowl and a dagger on the desk. "Three drops will do."

Sirius picked up the dagger and ran it across his thumb. He dropped three drops in the bowl. A minute later a silver light glowed from the bowl, and a large man's ring was left in the otherwise empty bowl. It carried the Black family crest and motto on it along with a beautiful jade green stone circled in silver.

"It seems you are the true Head of the Family and the new Lord Black. I must tell you that the Malfoy family all tried to get the ring to appear for them when your Grandfather Arcturus Black passed, and they were furious when it wouldn't work for them." Dragcor gave a strange look that Sirius realized was supposed to be a smile.

Sirius was shocked to know that his grandfather had left him as his heir. He slipped the ring on his finger knowing that being Lord Black would give him more protection than just being Sirius Black.

A half an hour later the man walked out of the bank. He was wearing a glamour under the helmet and glasses as added protection. He felt so much better, not just from the potions he had taken for nutrition and mind healing, but because he was once again carrying a wand. As soon as he was off of goblin property he turned on the spot and Apparated away. He landed in a dark alley near to where he left the bike.

He swung his leg over it and gave a kick start. He was soon once again racing down the road, but this time he had only one destination in mind, the house where his pup lived. When he hit the Surrey city limits he noticed a limousine as he overtook it. But he never gave it a thought, as he continued getting closer to not only his child, but soon he would see his husband again. They would be a family together at last or his name wasn't Sirius Orion Black.

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