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Chapter 3 Let's Get the Show on the Road

The occupants in the back of the limo were all trying to come to grips with what they had found out at the Dursleys. How could anybody stuff a child in a cupboard? What kind of monsters were they?

Steve Rogers knew he had to say something. "I know I lost the bet, but can you wait for me to pay you?" He was looking at the man holding the child on his lap.

"Don't worry about it. I don't need the money. You just admitting I was right is enough for me." Sirius assured him while never taking his eyes off the child he was holding.

"But that doesn't seem fair. I lost the bet." Steve felt it wouldn't be honorable not to pay the man.

"Steve, don't worry about it." Tony snorted. "You know how rich I am. Sirius has the Black fortune and Harry has the Potter fortune. Trust me he doesn't need the money." He turned to Harry. "Hey Buddy, do you know who all of these people are?"

"You're the Avengers. You saved the world from an alien invasion. They say you almost died to do it." He was looking straight at Tony when he said the last bit.

"What?" Sirius turned flashing grey eyes on his husband.

But it was Harry that spoke up. "He flew a nuclear bomb into the wormhole that the aliens were coming through. Everybody thought he was going to be lost in it, but then he fell to earth and the Hulk caught him, but they thought he was dead at first."

Tony knew his son did not know he was getting him in trouble, but he really wished the pup would stop talking. The glare his husband was sending his way could probably melt his suit if he kept this up. He decided the subject needed to be changed.

"How long do you think it will be before that squib let's Dumbledore know Harry is gone? Do you think she would have recognized you? Oh and we need to figure out how we're going to handle the meeting with the Prime Minister."

Sirius gave the man an exasperated look. He knew what he was doing and he didn't like it one bit. "You know that's not going to work forever, right?"

Tony hung his head in shame. "Yeah I know."

"As long as you know," were the ominous words. "He probably already knows. And I'm sure she recognized me."

"Siri." Tony's concern was evident for everyone to hear. "What if he shows up? We can't let him get our pup back."

"Why are we meeting the Prime Minister, Tony?" He answered with a question of his own.

"Well, ever since you went missing I have been trying to find you. This is the third Prime Minister I have tried to get to help me find you. Of course your Ministry has lied and said they never heard of Sirius Black or Harry Potter." Tony was looking pissed now. "I want to show the man that you two do exist, and let your Ministry know that they will never hurt you again. I'm going to make sure they free you legally as well."

"That sounds like you plan on my Ministry to have representatives there. Tony, that could be dangerous, especially with our pup there." Sirius was using a scolding voice to the disbelief of most in the car, but amusement could be seen on Clint and Natasha's faces.

"Sirius, you don't deserve to be treated like a fugitive." Tony was glaring now without backing down.

Sirius sighed in exasperation. "Do you think I don't know that? Do you think I don't want my name cleared? But I will not put our son's safety in jeopardy for any reason. Tony, if Dumbledore shows up they could take him by force."

"I hate that old man." Tony snapped angrily.

Sirius felt the small body on his lap flinch at the angry tone. "Calm down Tony. You're scaring Harry."

"What if we don't have Harry there?" Bruce broke into the conversation.

"And where would he be? I can't keep him safe if I'm not with him, and with neither of us there the Prime Minister still won't believe it." Sirius looked as if he was interested in the man's idea.

"How about a couple of us take him to the helicarrier to wait for you to get there?" The mild mannered doctor suggested.

"What is a helicarrier? And why would I be going there?"

"It's kind of like a ship that flies in the air. It can be made invisible, and it's the base of S.H.I.E.L.D. The Avengers kind of work for them," Clint answered the question.

"It would be the safest way to get you and Harry to New York." Tony added quickly.

The escaped convict was staring at Bruce now. "You want me to send my son away with people I just met?"

"Siri, I trust these guys with my life. Any of them would protect him for us." Tony truly wished he wasn't in his costume, so he could wrap his arms around his husband, but he knew he would need it around wizards.

Sirius began to tug on his lower lip, as he held his pup close with his other hand. He looked tenderly at the child sitting on his lap, as he was looking at him he remembered something.

"Hey Pup, are you hungry? You didn't get any dinner."

Harry was staring at him like he didn't know how to answer the question, but at that time his stomach rumbled with a hunger pang.

Tony spoke into the intercom connecting him to the driver. "Please find a fast food place so we can get something to eat."

"Yes Sir."

After a quick stop at a McDonalds' drive-thru everyone, including the driver was happily eating as they continued on their way. They were all happy to see Harry enjoying his food, but they all had the same thought. It seemed like the child had never had McDonalds' food before.

Harry could not believe his luck. He knew he had to be dreaming. There was no way something this good would ever happen to him. He was sitting in a limo on his Daddy's lap, Ironman was his Papa, and he was surrounded by the Avengers. This was too good to be real. His Daddy said he loved him, and he was eating McDonalds' food for the first time. Man he hoped he would never wake up. This was the best dream ever, even better than the one about the flying motorcycle.

"So what have you decided to do? Are we, taking Harry to the helicarrier and waiting for you?" Bruce finally asked.

Even as Sirius opened his mouth to answer he felt his pup tense up. "What's the matter Pup?"

The little boy looked uncertain if he should answer or not. It took a minute of his Daddy continuously looking at him before he finally spoke. "I want to stay with you."

"I want you to stay with me too, Pup, but it will be dangerous for you. And the one thing I will never slack on is protecting you and your Papa." Sirius voice had a soothing quality to it.

"But you're letting Papa go?" Harry crossed his arms mutinously.

"Yes, I am but that is only because he has that iron suit on, or he wouldn't be going either." Sirius was so centered on his child that he didn't notice the gaping Avengers.

"It's not like he would need your permission." Natasha blurted out when none of the others said anything including Tony at that announcement.

Sirius's head came up from where he had been looking at his child. "Oh no," He turned questioning eyes on his husband. "Is that so?"

Tony couldn't help wishing once again he had his visor down. "I didn't say it. Nastasha did, so give her that look, not me."

Sirius's eyebrows were now almost completely hidden in his hairline. He was totally ignoring the way the others in the vehicle were staring at them, as he never took his eyes off of his husband. He never said a word just kept staring at his bonded husband.

Tony finally couldn't take that look anymore. "Sorry, but I didn't say it."

"I know that, but I can't help wondering about the impression your friends have about our marriage." Sirius's words were spoken in a quiet and calm tone.

"They didn't even know I was married until your phone call. By the time I met them I had already thought you were dead. I couldn't bring myself to talk about you. The only one that I have still in my life that ever knew about you was Jarvis, and as he is an AI that I created he wouldn't speak about our relationship with anybody else." Tony rushed through his explanation.


"It means Artificial Intelligence. It's like a computer that can think for itself." Everyone looked at the little boy impressed that he knew that.

"Thanks Puppy." Sirius beamed proudly at his son.

"Actually Tony, Fury knew about Sirius too. He mentioned some things early." Bruce corrected Tony.

"Why does that not surprise me?" But Tony didn't look upset to hear this information.

"Who is Fury?" Sirius asked.

"He is the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. He is kind of our boss." Steve explained.

"We need to figure out what we are doing, as we are almost there." Tony said to get them back on track.

"Pup, I want you to go to this helicarrier with some of these guys. Your Papa and I will be there as soon as we can." He ignored the pout on his child's face. "Which ones of you are going back to the flying ship?"

"I will." Bruce volunteered. He didn't feel like it would be safe to have the Hulk appear in the Prime Minister's office if a fight broke out.

"That is probably a good idea." Tony agreed, "Even though you are one that wouldn't be hurt from them. We can't afford for you to cause damage either."

"Tony, he doesn't look invincible to me." Sirius was eyeing the quiet man to try and see what he was missing.

"Siri, Bruce has alternate personality. When he gets angry he turns into, well they have named it the Hulk. In a way it is kind of like Padfoot and Prongs, but it takes anger to change him, and he has to calm down to be changed back." Tony informed him.

To the others astonishment the man didn't seem to be bothered by this. "You're the one that saved Tony when he was falling?" At the tentative nod he continued. "Thank you. I'm deeply indebted to you." He then turned to his husband. "What about the others? Who do you think should go and who shouldn't? You know what they are capable of more than I do."

"Steve should go. His shield can withstand anything they throw at him. It is made out of the strongest substance on earth. Thor is a God and very powerful. The people coming shouldn't be throwing Unforgivables around, and I think those would be the only real worry for him. Clint is great in a fight, but I would worry about him against these opponents as is Natasha, so I don't think either of them should go. They won't have any way of defending themselves in this kind of fight." Tony was talking in a way that made the others know he was serious, though a couple of people didn't look happy about this.

"So it will just be Thor, Steve, you and me that will be going." He nodded in agreement. "Pup, which one of these other three do you want to be responsible for you?"

"What?" The three Avengers who were not going with them asked as one.

Sirius looked at all three like it should be obvious. "I'm sure you all will help protect my son, but I want to know which one to hold responsible if something happens to him that I don't like."

"And you think we're worried about that?" Natasha couldn't make up her mind if she liked the man sitting across from her or not.

"You better be." It wasn't Sirius who answered but Tony. "Sirius is very protective of those he loves, and trust me Harry is the one he is the most protective of." They could see Tony was deadly serious about the subject.

Natasha wanted to scoff at the thought of this man before her being able to beat her in anyway, but she knew Tony knew what she was capable of, and if he thought it was possible, well this made her hold her tongue.

Sirius questioned Harry again. "Pup, do you have a preference who watches you?"

"Can't I go with you, Daddy?" Harry pleaded with puppy dog eyes.

"Not this time Puppy. Please pick one or I will." His tone said he would brook no arguments on the subject.

Harry looked the other three over, but they all saw the child was pouting. "Can Hawkeye watch me?" Harry thought the man was great with how he could use a bow and arrow.

Sirius sent a piercing glance at Clint Barton waiting for his answer. He was also measuring the guy up. He wondered why his child had picked this man. He gave the man a smile when he heard his answer.

"I don't have a problem with it. If Harry wants me to look out for him I will. We want the kid to be comfortable being with us after all."

"Thank you." There was no doubt about the sincerity of the words. The man's relieved smile showed that.

The limo pulled to a stop alongside a tall building. "Aren't we sending Harry to safety first?" Sirius demanded of Tony.

"Oh, this isn't the building with the Prime Minister's office in it. That one is a few miles away still. This one has a helicopter on the roof that will take them to the helicarrier." Tony assured him with a smile of understanding.

"Hey Pup, can I use the helmet until I get back with you? We don't want the wrong people seeing me before I'm ready for them."

"Sure Daddy." Harry took it off and handed it over. He was happy that his Daddy kissed his head before donning the helmet himself.

When they got out of the limo Harry was sitting on his Dad's hip. The child didn't seem to want to let go of the man. They all could see that.

"It's going to be okay, Puppy. I love you and will be back with you soon. Now I want you to promise me that you will mind Clint and stay with him until I get there." He told his son in a serious tone. He didn't want to scare his child, but he wanted him to take the order for what it was an order to be obeyed.

"I will Daddy. I promise." Harry told him with earnest eyes.

"That's my good boy." He said beaming proudly at his child. These words had Harry beaming back. "Now why don't you say good bye to your Papa while I talk to Clint for a minute?"

Tony took his son into his iron arms, wishing once again he wasn't in his suit. He couldn't wait to get the blasted thing off. But he knew the only reason Sirius was letting him come was because he was wearing it. He spent a couple of minutes promising their pup that they would be back with him in no time. He knew Sirius wanted to him to keep Harry occupied while he gave Clint his orders.

Clint looked wary, as Sirius Black took his arm and led him away from the others. He was looking confused when he saw the man pull a stick from a pocket inside his leather jacket. What was that about?

"Clint this is simple I'm trusting you with my child. He has already been kidnapped from me once on the orders of a man I trusted. Don't make me regret trusting you, or I promise I will make it my goal in life to make your remaining days horrible. And know that isn't a threat, like I said it's a promise."

It was without a doubt obvious to Clint he meant every word. He wondered if maybe he shouldn't have declined when asked to babysit. For some reason he felt more in danger now, than any other mission he had done in the past.

"Now that that has been said I want to warn you about something else. Do you see this?" He held up the stick for the man's inspection, and at the nod he continued. "If you see anybody with one of these besides me anywhere near you or Harry, you are to prove Tony is right about you being great with that bow and put an arrow through both of the hands of that person as fast as possible. Do not let them aim at either of you. It could be the last thing you do."

"What is that?" Hawkeye was asking now instead of Clint. He could tell the man in front of him really was warning him that thing was dangerous.

"This is a magical wand, and don't scoff." He had seen the archer getting ready to do that. "You hang around a man in a giant robot suit, a god and another man that is supposed to be able to change into somebody else, so why would you think a magical wand could not be real?"

"Magic?" Clint couldn't get over the thought, but he realized Sirius Black was right. Hell he had fought aliens, so why did he even doubt this?

"Yes magic. Now did you hear what I said? You are to take out their hands, so they can't use magic against you, and if at all possible break their wands in the process. Then get Harry far away from them. Can you do that?" Sirius was glaring as if trying to read the superhero's mind.

"You have my word. I will protect him." Clint promised realizing that this man was as serious as his name. He could also tell he really didn't want to trust anybody else to protect his kid but himself. This actually made Clint feel honored to know he was being trusted to do just that.

A few minutes later Sirius watched the helicopter with his pup in it lift off. He had to believe he would see him again soon, or the man would break down crying. He had been separated from him for so long, and now when he finally got him back he was sending him away. Tony must have realized how he felt, because he was all of a sudden in his face.

"He is in safe hands. We will finish this and get back to him as soon as possible." He promised with a look of love and understanding in his eyes.

"Yeah," Sirius nodded as he cleared his throat from the frog that was in it. "Yeah, you're right. Let's go."

It was less than ten minutes later that the limo stopped again. The address was number ten Downing Street. The four men climbed out of the back of the limo and headed towards the building and their meeting. People on the street noted that the least strange-looking man was the one wearing a motorcycle helmet and leather jacket, even if he did just get out of a limo.

Tony led the way ignoring the many people who were trying to get him to stop, as he made his way to the outer office of the Prime Minister. By the time they got there they had quite a few security guards on their tail.

"Tony, were you planning on drawing us this much attention?" Sirius asked sarcastically.

"Don't worry about it, Love, we have an appointment." He told him before looking at the secretary. "Isn't that right, miss? Tony Stark and friends are here to see the Prime Minister."

The secretary could not believe all the people who were now standing in her office. The first four through the door were definitely the strangest, but they were followed by a dozen security officials. She knew that her boss did have an appointment with Tony Stark, and she was to hurry him through as soon as he got here, but the way the security people were acting had her nervous to do so.

She hit her intercom. "Sir, a Mr. Tony Stark and company are here, but they seem to have drawn a crowd."

"What do you mean Miss Jenkins?" A voice came back through the intercom.

"Well Sir, they have a dozen security people here who seem to think they may be dangerous." No reply came back. She had just said. "Sir," When she heard a noise behind her.

The door of the office opened to show Prime Minister David Cameron standing there. He was around six feet tall, brown receding hair and in his mid forties. He had a presence that made the security people stand at attention. It could just have been in respect for the office he held.

"What is the problem here? Why are you following my next appointment?"

One of the men stepped forward. "Sir, these men are dressed strangely. How can we be sure they aren't here to hurt you?"

"Well I know for a fact that at least two of these men can fly, so why would they have come through the lobby if they wanted to cause me harm?" His eyebrow was raised as he waited for an answer which did not seem to be forthcoming. "That is what I thought. Tony Stark, or Ironman as he is also known and I have met a few times. He is here for an appointment, and I trust him with whom he brings to see me. You have nothing to worry about, as he will see that I'm safe." He said with an obvious dismissal.

"Yes Sir." The same man answered as he waved the others away.

"David, you may want to have them clear the building as we will be inviting others, and I would hate for anybody to get hurt by accident if something goes wrong."

The look he gave the Prime Minister had the man realizing that he planned on having wizards here, and he thought there might be trouble. David Cameron noticed all of the security people had stopped and were looking at his guest suspiciously again.

"You heard the man clear the building. You leave to Miss Jenkins." He ordered.

"But Sir…"

"No buts. I'll be protected as I'm sure that is why Tony brought some of his teammates with him. Go on and clear the building." He waved his guests to precede him back into his office.

When he closed the door behind him he saw Tony talking to the picture hanging on his wall. He hated that picture with a passion. The little toad-like man in it bugged him to no end. He felt like he was being spied on each time he saw the thing. He noticed that Captain America and Thor were looking at their teammate like he was mad, but the stranger seemed to know what was going on. He wondered who the man was.

Tony stood in front of the portrait that he knew was a wizard. "You need to get Minister Fudge, The Director of the DMLE, Aurors Moody and Shacklebolt here, as well as a reporter who will take a vow to write a true story as it is told. And make sure they bring Veritaserum. They have twenty minutes or I will go to the muggle papers and tell my story." He turned away from the portrait to see his friends looking at him like he was crazy. He turned back. "Oh and you need to go stay in your other portrait until the Minister gets back from this meeting.

Captain America watched in shock, as the man in the portrait turned and disappeared. "What just happened?"

But Tony ignored him as he turned to his husband. It seemed Sirius knew exactly what he wanted before he said a word, as he was already pointing his wand at the bookcase in the room. Tony saw that Steve was gaping like a fish, as the bookcase moved in front of the portrait before getting bigger and completely hiding the portrait. Sirius then waved his wand in an intricate pattern which Tony knew meant that he had engulfed that area in a silencing charm. The spy for the Ministry would not be able to see or hear anything now.

"Can you leave that there when this meeting is over? I really don't like that painting." The Prime Minister was smiling, as he saw the thing covered up.

"I can leave the bookcase there if you want, but I probably should take down the silencing charm, or you won't have a heads up before the Minister shows up to see you." Sirius informed him gravely. "I can imagine not wanting him here, but it really is the only way you can be forewarned, plus if you need to see the other man you can request it just like Tony did."

"Why didn't that imbecile tell me that I could request his presence if I needed to talk to him," David was looking angry now?

"Because the idiot thinks he is too important to have to answer to anybody," was the caustic reply.

"Yes, that does sound like the man." The Prime Minister sat behind his desk. "Okay Tony, what is this about? Have you found a lead on what happened to your husband or son?"

"I sure have." Tony was smiling from ear to ear. "David I would like you to meet my husband Lord Sirius Orion Black of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black. Siri, this is David Cameron the Prime Minister of Great Britain."

Sirius held out his hand to shake the other man's. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Sir."

"I'm glad to meet you too. I know your husband has been worried sick about you. May I ask where you've been all this time?" David watched as the man removed the motorcycle helmet and shook out his shoulder length wavy black hair.

"Hell on earth or in other words Azkaban." Sirius's eyes took on a deaden look for a minute.

"Azkaban, what is that?" David noticed that Tony looked pissed at the mention of the word.

Sirius didn't answer, so Tony did. "It's the wizard prison. It is on an Island in the Black Sea and the guards are called Dementors. They are dark creatures that suck the happiness out of a person, until they are left with nothing but their worst memories. They also are used to suck the soul out of people leaving behind nothing but a vegetative state leaving a person worse than dead."

Tony saw how his words had brought a look of despair on his love's face. He knew he had to change the subject. "We need to get ready before they get here. They could be coming anytime."

Sirius took a deep breath. "I know." He put his helmet back on. "We all need to get behind the desk. We need to protect the muggle Minister, so Tony you stay on one side of him and Steve you take the other. That shield should be able to protect him. Sir, I'm going to ask you to stay seated, as that will make a smaller target for them. I will take this side of Tony, and Thor you can stand on the other side of Steve if you will."

Tony's teammates were looking at the man in disbelief. What made him think he was in charge of them? Tony saw the looks and realized he needed to speak up.

"Guys, he knows more about what we are facing than we do. He is trying to keep us all safe. If you don't want to listen to him than you can leave, otherwise do what he says." Tony was glaring at them as he spoke.

Both men took their positions on the other side of the Prime Minister wishing they knew more about what was going on. But they could tell from the set of Sirius Black's face that he wasn't going to answer questions at the moment. But both were wondering if they had really heard Tony say wizard prison, and creatures that sucked out people's souls.

"Tony put your helmet down, and you don't raise it for any reason." Sirius saw his husband open his mouth to protest. "No I mean it Tony. I don't want one inch of your skin showing. You either keep the helmet down or go stay with Harry now."

Tony saw that there would be no arguing with this. "Fine," He grumbled as he pulled his visor back in place.

"Also you are not to get in front of me for any reason. Do I make myself clear?" Sirius demanded authoritatively.

"Sirius that's not fair. I'm wearing armor I can protect you." Ironman could be heard pouting behind his mask.

"Anthony Edward Stark-Black this is non-negotiable. This is a direct order Do not get in front of me or you won't like the consequences. Do you understand me?" Sirius was glaring at the superhero.

"Yes, I understand, but I still say you're not being fair. I just got you back, and I don't want to lose you again. I don't understand why you won't let me protect you," was the muttered reply.

"You really don't understand that?" Sirius's eyebrows were quirked at this point. "You know it's my job to protect you. I swore a magical oath to do that when we bonded."

"But you didn't have to order me? You have only done that twice before." Tony really was upset, as he knew he couldn't disobey a direct order from his husband. The bands that had become part of his skin would cause him pain if he did, until his husband punished him for disobeying a direct order.

"Yes and I believe both times were in similar situations. Ones where I needed to make sure you stayed safe." He could tell Tony was still upset. "Love if you get in front of me you could make it difficult for me to fight back. I'm not doing this to be mean Tony. I'm trying to make sure we all walk away unscathed."

"It's not because you think I'll be useless here?" Tony sounded almost childish when he asked this question.

"Tony if I thought you wouldn't be able to help or even defend yourself, you wouldn't be here right now. And I think you know that, so stop trying to make me feel guilty. We have to be ready as they will be coming anytime now." Sirius scolded the older man. "Now do you really think that Thor will be fine, or do I need him over here so I can protect him?"

"I think he will be fine as long as they don't use the Unforgivables." Tony decided to just go along with his husband. It wasn't like he had any choice anyway. The man would just order him away if he didn't.

"And what about Steve, how good is he with getting that shield up where it needs to be?"

"He will be fine and can help protect David." Tony assured him.

"You are to protect yourself and the Prime Minister. You are also not to leave my side." Sirius seemed determined to make sure his husband knew exactly what was expected of him. "That suit you have, does it have muggle weapons?"

"Oh yeah," Tony brought up the weapons on his hands and shoulders to show him.

"Don't use them unless things get out of hand, but we will protect the Prime Minister since he is an innocent bystander." Sirius looked to the other two Avengers. "I'm sure you are wondering what is going to happen. Anytime now people are going to start coming out of that fireplace. They are wizards or witches. They will have wands and can do magic. I'll be handling most of this and the conversation. I'm sure Tony will jump in every now and then. I'm fine with that. Please be careful, but I'm going to try and disarm them as they come through. I'm asking you to stay back here and as close to each other as possible, because if I have to throw up a shield then the smaller the area the better. Also I'm sure some of your questions will be answered, as I talk to those that are coming."

Before anybody else could say anything a green fire flared in the fireplace, and a man appeared in the flames, before he could get out of the fireplace a shout of "Expelliarmus," was heard and a stick flew through the air to be caught by Ironman.

"Get out of the fireplace Moody and stand over there in front of the bookcase so we can see you." Sirius ordered. "Tony, give me the wand and aim your muggle weapons at him to keep him covered."

The other three men in the room could not help staring at the man. His face was scarred, he had a wooden leg and mismatched eyes. One was normal, but the other seemed to turn around inside his head, so part of the time all you were seeing was white. They couldn't help wondering what happened to the man. The fireplace shot green flame up again at that point, and a tall bald black man with an earring was standing there. He too had his stick shoot from his hand, but this time Sirius caught it, as Tony had both of his hands held out in front of him with blue light shining from them pointing at the first man.

"Shacklebolt join Moody and don't make any funny moves, unless you want to see how much damage a muggle weapon can have on the human body."

This time when the new fire appeared a woman was standing there. She had grey hair in a bun, a monocle and a stern expression on her face. She looked even more pissed than the other two when she lost her wand the same way. The fourth fire produced a pudgy little man wearing a lime green suit and bowler hat. He looked affronted that somebody dared to disarm him.

"How dare you disarm me? I'm the Minister of Magic. I demand you give back my wand immediately." The pompous little man shouted.

"Get over there with the others Fudge and shut up," was the roared order.

A fifth flame came up and the five original people in the room thought this was the reporter, but Sirius was shocked to see Minerva McGonagall appear. He disarmed her even through his shock. It seemed they were going to have more guests than they expected.

"How many more are coming?" Sirius asked as McGonagall joined the others standing in a line side to side.

"Like we're going to tell you, Black," Moody growled. He couldn't believe that he had been disarmed.

"I just thought you would like the rest to come, but if you don't want them to that's fine with me. I'll just set up a ward that they won't be able to get through." Sirius smirked. "Of course it is a Black family ward, so they might get a little damaged if they try to come through with it up." He pointed his wand at the fireplace.

"No." Minerva cried out. She knew the kind of wards the Blacks were famous for. "There is three more coming counting the reporter you wanted."

The fire flared again and an old man with white hair down to his ass and a beard almost as long stood there. To the shock of the other magical people in the room he too was disarmed. Sirius caught and pocketed his wand like the others.

"Aww… Dumbledore just the man I wanted to see. Please join your friends." The word friends, was said with so much sarcasm you could almost see it dripping from the man's mouth.

"Sirius, my boy, why are you acting like this?" The old man asked in a disapproving fatherly way.

At least the was the impression that the Avengers and the Prime Minister thought. But before anymore could be said another man stood in the fireplace. He had sandy hair that was sprinkled with grey, even though you could tell he wasn't really that old. He looked to be in his early thirties, and he had a few scars on his face. He was furious when his wand shot out of his hand. The others noticed that his eyes seemed to be flashing amber.

"Remus, I didn't expect you. But that is okay you may join the others and no funny business. We have to wait for our final guest to arrive." Sirius said mockingly. He saw his old friend open his mouth to speak, but interrupted. "No we will wait to talk for everybody to be here. The reporter should be along any minute."

The green fire once again flared and this time a woman appeared. She was blond with glasses, a few gold teeth and a barracuda smile. She was gaping when she felt her wand shoot out of her pocket and into the hands of a man in a leather jacket and some sort of weird hat.

"Are you the reporter?" Sirius asked though he thought she looked vaguely familiar.

"Yes, I'm Rita Skeeter and I work for the Daily Prophet."

"Join the others and we will talk in a minute. You're sure that was all that was coming?" He turned to his guests.

"Yes." Minerva snapped angrily.

"I hope so," was all he said, as he began to wave his wand in a pattern none recognized. The fireplace glowed blue for a moment, before the light disappeared. "That shall ensure we have no unexpected guest arriving."

Sirius then turned and waved his wand in front of Moody. An armchair appeared before the Auror. "Have a seat Moody, since we have a long conversation ahead of us."

He then proceeded to furnish each of the witches and wizards with a chair. He just stared at them for a long minute as they all sat down. He took in the faces of each of these people before him, and it broke his heart to know that except for Fudge and Skeeter, he had considered each of these people his friends at one point. He would have fought and died for any one of them, but now he had a festering hate for each one of these old friends. How had things gotten to this point?

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