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Chapter 6 A Little Family Time

****Ministry of Magic Atrium ****

Albus Dumbledore stood glaring at the fireplace waiting for the wands his companions and he had left behind in the Prime Minister's office. He was fuming at the things Sirius Black had said to him. He needed his wand and to get back to Hogwarts, so he could start planning on how to get Harry Potter back.

He had already set the plan in motion for Harry to go against Voldemort this year. He had made the suggestion to Quineus Quirrell to take a vacation in Albania. He had even asked the man to bring him back a special plant that grew in the forest where Voldemort's wraith form was hiding out.

His good friend Nicholas Flamel had fallen for his carefully dropped hints that his Philosopher's Stone was in danger. The man had told him that he would trust Albus to protect it for him. He had already planned for Hagrid to be the one to retrieve it at the same time he took Harry to Diagon Alley. He knew Hagrid would be needed, because he remembered quite clearly how Petunia Dursley and her husband hated anything to do with the magical world.

Yes, he definitely had to start doing some planning to get his pawn back. He had made sure the boy was raised in the right way and just when things were about to start happening Sirius Black came along and ruined it. That wasn't going to be allowed to happen.

The sound of the clatter of wood hitting the floor had him brought from his angry thoughts. He watched Kingsley bend down and pick up the wands that had come through the floo. The man was handing them all out, but a cold feeling of dread went through him when he saw the way Shacklebolt was staring at him with sympathetic eyes.

"Where's my wand?" Albus demanded of the Auror.

"He didn't send it through." Kingsley told him.

Dumbledore grabbed some floo powder and stepped in the fireplace. "Prime Minister's office."

The old man felt his body whirling around in the fireplace as he headed back to get his wand, when all of a sudden he felt like he had hit a brick wall. Pain wracked through his body as he felt bones breaking from the hard impact. His body began spinning again and a minute later he was spit out on to the atrium's floor. He lay there in horrible pain as he felt someone kneel beside him.

"I don't know what happened to him, but he is bleeding and has broken bones." Kingsley told the others standing around after he got the results from his diagnostic spell.

Minerva looked at the broken body of her colleague. "Black must have put the wards back up."

"We need to get him to St. Mungos." Amelia told her companions. "He has both of his arms broken, one leg, four ribs, his nose and jaw. I don't know what kind of ward could do this much damage."

"A Black ward." Moody growled. "He did warn us he would use them. I'm off to catch a rat." He walked away paying no more attention to the man being levitated on to a stretcher.


Sirius looked around the room Tony had brought them too as he watched his husband set Harry down on the floor. He could only say he wasn't impressed. The thing was barely a little better than the cell he had occupied in Azkaban. Everything in the room was in a dull grey color. The bed wasn't much bigger than a cot with a two inch mattress at the most. The room held a metal cupboard that was only wide enough to hold about six hangers. The two metal chairs held the only slight color change in the room as the seats of them had a thin black cushion. No he wasn't impressed at all.

"How long are we supposed to stay here?" His tone of voice left no doubts about his thoughts on the room.

"Until the morning I'm sure. Fury will want to debrief us before we head to the penthouse, so I'm sure he will be flying this thing slower than normal." Tony tried to sound apologetic.

"I can't believe you use this room." He said turning around trying to find something that made him see it as a place his husband would stay. He loved the man to death, but he knew that Tony definitely liked his creature comforts and this room held none.

"No I normally just fly away as Ironman and go home. I can't do that though without leaving you and Harry behind this time." He noticed the stern look Sirius was giving him. "And I wouldn't do that for love nor money." He was quick to add.

Harry who was also taking in the room didn't see what was so wrong with the room. He would love to have had such a nice place to stay, but he didn't say anything because he was still worried about his punishment. His mouth dropped open in surprise though with what happened next.

"Please tell me you don't mind if I change a few things." Sirius turned his puppy dog eyes on Tony.

Tony gulped nervously. It took him a minute to respond because those eyes had once again turned his insides to mush. That was the thing about Sirius he could always get Tony to do anything with just one look. Well that is with just the right look, sometimes when the man was in a bad mood or arguing with him, he wouldn't even try the easy way to get Tony's cooperation. No that was when stern, I'm you dominant husband would come in, but as Tony loved that side of the man as well he never complained.

Just thinking about a dominate Sirius was enough to make Tony need to re-adjust his pants. He didn't of course because his son was in the room, but knowing he needed to and couldn't, had caused his cheeks to turn pink.

He gave his head a shake as if to clear it before answering. "No I don't care if you change the room."

Sirius smiled that damn sexy smile of his as he pulled out his wand. He turned a gentle smile towards his son. "What's your favorite color Pup?"

Harry looked startled. Nobody had ever asked him something so personal before. "I… I like the color blue."

"Blue it is then." He swished his wand and the walls turned a sky blue.

Both men watched the wonderment in Harry's eyes, even as Sirius continued to change things. The room tripled in size. The bed became a little bigger but was a four poster half bed now, not a cot. Another bed appeared against the opposite wall and it was identical but it was a full size bed. The chairs became two dark blue reclining rocking chairs, and a plush carpet was now on the floor. Through this whole transformation Harry had spun around on his heels, his eyes getting as big as saucers by the time Sirius put his wand away.

"Well what do you think Pup?" He asked the little boy gently.

"Wow. How did you do that?" His face morphed into a horrified expression as he grabbed his mouth. He had forgotten he wasn't supposed to ask questions.

"What's wrong Kiddo?" Tony hurried to kneel at his son's side. He couldn't understand what had brought on such a look.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to ask a question. Please I'm sorry." The desperate sounding little boy said.

Sirius also hurried to his child's side. "Pup, it's okay that you ask questions. That is how you learn." He pulled the boy into a comforting hug.

"Really? You're not mad?" Harry leaned into the hug seeking more of the comfort it provided.

"We're not mad Harry. I promise." His Daddy assured him. "I did it with magic Baby, and do you want to know something else?" He asked as he picked him up and sat in one of the chairs with him on his lap.

"Yes Daddy." He leaned back against the man's chest, as he watched his Papa sit in the other chair.

"I'm a wizard, but so are you. When you are trained up you will be able to do things just like I did." Sirius cuddled his pup close as he rocked the chair.

"But Uncle Vernon said magic isn't real." He tried to make him understand.

"Pup, Vernon Dursley knows very well that magic is real. He knew your Mum was a witch and your Da was a wizard. He also knew that you are a wizard. He lied to you Kiddo because the man is an idiot." Sirius continued to rock his son.

It had been so long since he had this feeling of contentment that he was experiencing. He had his little boy in his arms and his husband was sitting next to him. Maybe their lives were finally looking up.

"Will you tell me about them?" Harry's voice was very faint as he asked.

"Who Pup? Your Mum and Da?"

"Yes Sir." The little head nodded.

"Of course I will." He smiled down into the beautiful green eyes. "Your Da's name was James Charlus Potter. He was my best friend in the whole world. I loved him like a brother. We met when were eleven years old when we were on the Hogwarts Express on our way to our first year at the wizarding school. We hit it off from the very first meeting. You look like him with that messy black hair and your glasses."

Harry was grinning happily. "What was my Mum's name?"

"Lily Rose Evans until she married your Da. She was beautiful with long wavy red hair and emerald green eyes just like yours. She had just a few little freckles on her nose and porcelain white skin otherwise. She was very smart and a stickler for following the rules at least until she started dating your Da. See your Da and I liked to have fun and play pranks which your Mum thought was silly and wrong, but after they started dating she found out it could be fun and would even play pranks sometimes too."

"Siri I think he's asleep." Tony smiled fondly at the child he thought he would never see again.

Sirius looked down and realized his husband was right because at that time he heard a tiny little snore. He pulled his wand and transfigured his pup's clothes into a pair of blue pajamas.

"Are you going to put him to bed?" Tony got up and turned the blankets back on the half bed.

"In a minute," Sirius shared a look with his husband. "It just feels so good to hold him again after so long."

This had Tony giving him an understanding smile. He knew he had felt the same way when he had been holding Harry earlier. He knew their Pup was close to his eleventh birthday and really too old to be carrying around, but he didn't care and knew Sirius didn't either. They had missed so much time with their son, and they were going to give him all the love and affection he deserved.

Sirius was just tucking Harry into his bed when a knock came at the door. Tony hurried to answer it quickly before the sound woke Harry up. To his surprise he saw all of his teammates when he opened the door.

"Umm… guys, is there something you need?" His confusion was plain to see.

"I thought I should bring Harry's things to you." Clint was holding out the dirty pillowcase.

Tony took the disgusting thing between two fingers not really wanting to touch it. "And it took all of you to bring this?"

"Well no but we wanted to make sure Harry was okay." Natasha told him apologetically. "I feel bad that I didn't stay with Clint and Harry when we first got onboard, if I had Pepper couldn't have pulled him away."

"That is not your fault. I don't blame you, and I'm sure Tony doesn't either." Sirius walked up behind his husband and wrapped his arms around the man's waist from behind him. "Would you guys like to come in for a bit?"

"Sirius, we don't want to wake Harry." Tony tried to reason. He didn't want to point out he wanted time alone with his lover. It had been too long as it was.

"Tony I know it has been awhile Lover, but you do remember silencing spells, right?" He turned and pointed his wand at his son's bed before muttering 'Silencio'.

He turned back to their company and waved them inside. He couldn't help laughing at the gaping mouths as they took in the sight of the room.

"Why doesn't my room look like this?" Clint would later deny the pout on his face.

"This room is humungous compared to mine, and it actually looks like a real room." Natasha said enviously.

"Is it because you are a billionaire?" Steve grumbled.

Tony laughed at his teammates words. "No," He finally stuttered out. "Sirius did some modifications. Clint's room had actually looked nicer than mine before then, because he at least spent time in his room and added a few personal touches."

"How did he make modifications like this? And can he do it for mine?" Natasha demanded while all the guys nodded in agreement while looking eagerly at the man in question.

"Like this," He said as he conjured up three more matching chairs so their guest would have a place to sit. He then led Tony to the double bed and pulled him down to sit beside him.

Natasha turned pleading eyes towards the man she just met today. "When can you do mine? I like red and black for my colors."

"I think this blue is great." Steve piped up. The hopeful look on his face was not fooling anybody.

"I want a multiple colored green room. I want it to feel like I am taking in an outside scene." Thor finally spoke for the first time since Tony opened the door.

"Well if you are taking requests." Bruce seemed eager to add his. "I would like my room blue and white."

Sirius let his gaze land on Clint. "Well what color do you want?"

Clint beamed happily but he wasn't the only one. They were all looking happy at the thought of better looking rooms.

"Grey and red sounds good to me." Clint at last told him.

"Are you going to do it now?' Natasha jumped up excitedly.

"No he is not," Tony looked determined. "You guys have gone this long with those rooms like that. You can wait until tomorrow. I want to get reacquainted with my husband."

"Oh I guess we should leave you guys alone then, so you can do just that." Bruce stood up feeling bad that they had intruded on the newly reunited couple.

"How did he take the news about the arc reactor?" Steve asked as he also got to his feet.

Sirius was looking at Steve so he didn't see the way Tony's face had paled, but the man's friends did. "Uh-oh,' was the thought going through all of their heads.

"What's an arc reactor?" Sirius only looked mildly curious.

"Um… maybe we should let Tony answer that." Clint was hurrying to the door post haste.

Sirius watched all of them trying to leave the room fast and a dreaded feeling went through his stomach. He glanced towards his husband to see him biting his lip nervously.

"Okay everybody stop right there. Get in here and sit back down and somebody start talking." The words were said with an authoritative ring.

As one the five members of Tony's team stopped in their spots. They took tentative steps back to their chairs and sat down. All of them looked to Tony to answer the question.

Tony in the meantime was looking down and ignoring everybody's eyes. He knew he had to tell Sirius about the arc reactor. It wasn't like the man wouldn't notice it as soon as they got truly close. He knew Sirius had felt it when they had kissed after he got out of the suit, but Sirius hadn't seemed curious about it. Tony figured he thought it was some sort of medallion necklace or something as to why he hadn't asked at the time. But he knew that wasn't going to be the case when he removed his shirt.

Sirius couldn't help noticing the way they were all looking at his husband. "Tony talk to me Lover. What is this thing they are talking about, and why do you look so nervous about telling me about it?"

Tony pulled away from the arm around his shoulder and stood up. He kept his back to Sirius as he pulled the jersey he was wearing over his head.

"A few years back I was kidnapped and held hostage by some foreign terrorist." Tony knew he couldn't look at Sirius while he told his tale. "When they captured me they had set off one of the bombs my company made."

All the other Avengers had their eyes trained on Sirius Black as they watched him hear Tony's story. They couldn't help noticing that his light grey eyes were now looking like storm clouds. The man had not taken his eyes off of his husband for a minute though. They could see the man was clenching his fist until the knuckles were white.

Tony's words were being pounded into Sirius's brain like nails being hit by a hammer. "I was hit with a lot of shrapnel. I woke up to intense pain and being operated on in a cave. The pain was so horrible I passed out finally and when I woke up I was alone in the cave with one man. I had wires running from my chest to a car battery. The man Yinson had saved my life by doing that even though at the time I was horrified."

"Tony, turn around." Sirius barely got out.

"Not yet love, please let me finish the story first." Tony pleaded.

"Alright Baby continue," Sirius said in a soft voice.

"The other Avengers were shocked to hear the man speak like that when they could see the furious look on his face. How could he be that angry but speak so loving to Tony at the same time?

"The terrorist wanted me to make them a bomb called the Jericho. It was the worst bomb my company and I ever made. It was supposed to be the ultimate weapon. I finally agreed to it or at least that was what the terrorist thought I was doing." Tony's shoulders straightened proudly. "Instead I made a small copy of arc reactor which was a power source that I had been trying to work out the kinks of for years. I was able with Yinson's help to put it in my chest so I wouldn't be tied to that car battery."

"Why did you need it in your chest Tony?" Sirius hands were bleeding from his nails digging into his palm by this time.

"I have pieces of shrapnel in my chest trying to get through my bloodstream to my heart. The arc reactor keeps them still like a giant magnet." He admitted in a quiet voice.

A snarling sound was heard from Sirius for a moment. When he got his emotions back under control he asked. "How did you get away?"

"Well as soon as I was done with the reactor I started working on what the terrorist thought was the bomb but was instead the prototype for the first Ironman suit. I escaped in it but Yinson ended up dying at the time. The arc reactor is what powers my suit." Tony added the last as an afterthought.

"Did they catch the men that did this to you?" Sirius demanded standing up finally.

Everyone noticed the way Tony's shoulders slumped this time. He didn't speak just stood there with his head bowed.

"What aren't you telling me Tony? What don't you want to tell me? What could be worse than what you already said?" Sirius's questions were being spoken in a stern voice.

"You were right Siri. I shouldn't have trusted him." Tony's voice was so faint everyone had to strain to hear it.

Sirius's body jerked back as if punched. No, he couldn't have had something to do with this. He hadn't trusted the man but to hurt Tony in that way.

"Where is he? I'll kill him with my bare hands." Sirius was growling like a rabid dog now.

"Where is who?" Thor was looking at his teammates with confused eyes.

They were all shaking their heads as if they didn't know either. But none of them took their eyes off of the two men.

"You can't Sirius. He is dead already. I killed him myself in self defense." Tony admitted. "I should have listened to you."

Sirius walked up and wrapped his arms around his husband's waist. He pulled that dark head back against his shoulder. "I didn't think he would do something like that Baby. I just knew he gave me a bad feeling. Let me see Tony." He spoke directly into his soulmate's ear.

"What if you don't want me anymore because of it?" The fear was evident in the question.

"Anthony Edward Stark-Black nothing could make me not want you. You are the other half of me. You said this thing is what is keeping you alive well then that is the most important piece of technology in the world." He assured him, as he gently turned his husband to face him completely.

His eyes took in the round piece of glowing metal in his husband's chest. He lowered his head and kissed the thing paying homage to the thing for saving his Tony's life. He then raised his eyes to look into the startling blue eyes of his husband before pulling him close and kissing the full lips of the man he loved with all of his heart. He deepened the kiss ignoring everyone else in the room. He pushed his tongue gently against those lips he loved devouring and gave a sigh of pleasure when Tony's mouth allowed him entrance.

The Avengers made a hasty retreat when they saw the way Sirius Black was clutching the buttocks of their friend. It was quite obvious that neither man remembered they were in the room. They did hope that they would remember the little boy sleeping in the same room, or he was going to get a quick education on sex between two men.

The men continued to kiss for a good five minutes only pulling back for desperately needed air a couple of times. When Sirius pulled back again he was staring lovingly at Tony's face.

"Merlin, I missed that. Your kisses are sweeter the finest chocolate and more intoxicating than the best aged oak matured mead."

The words had Tony Stark, philanthropist playboy blushing like a school girl. But he couldn't help reveling in his husband's loving words and arms.

"Oh Siri I really didn't think I would ever feel your arms around me again." He said as he snuggled closer to the warm body holding him.

"Bedtime I think." Sirius's words were almost an order as he kicked his trainers off all the while running his hands up and down Tony's bare back.

Tony nodded eagerly as he kicked his own shoes off leaving him wearing his jeans and socks. He reluctantly pulled away to climb on the full sized bed as he watched Sirius pull out his wand. His husband aimed the wand at the door muttering 'Collaportus and Silencio'. He then turned it towards a few feet in front of Harry's bed, and a privacy screen appeared. When that was done he also conjured another one right behind him blocking their bed from the rest of the room.

"Why do you need two of them?" Tony's curiosity was piqued.

"Well I would like think I would hear Harry if he woke up and for sure before he got around the first screen, but I'm not taking any chances with the Pup. I think he is way too young to see what I have planned for you." He had a predatory gleam in his eyes as he crawled his body up the bed to cover his mate's scrumptious looking body.

Tony licked his lips in anticipation as he felt every inch of Sirius's clothing covered body on top of him. And when that mouth descended towards his, he opened his willingly. The next second he was dueling tongues with the greatest kisser in the world. He couldn't suppress the wanton moan that escaped into Sirius's mouth, as he felt his erection throbbing against the other man's. This was Heaven, a Heaven he had been denied for so long. He gave a buck of his hips trying to get more friction between their engorged dicks.

Sirius broke his connection with Tony's mouth and kissed his way across the stubble covered jaw and to his husband's ear. He took the lobe into his mouth and gave it a sharp bite. The moan that followed this action was from both pain and pleasure. He smiled as he gently sucked on the offended ear to sooth it. He knew that Tony loved a little pain with his pleasure.

He trailed kisses down that magnificent chest. He brought his thumb and forefinger up to pinch one brown nub, as he took the other one into his mouth and began sucking on it. The attention he was giving Tony's nipples had the man writhing beneath him in excitement.

His tongue trailed down until it was flicking in and out of the superhero's bellybutton. He made good use of his hands at the same time by unfastening Tony's jeans while making sure to rub the back of his hand over his husband's crotch a few times.

Tony gave out a whimper of distress when Sirius sat back on his knees no longer touching him. "Siri, please don't stop." Lust-filled eyes begged.

Sirius smiled wickedly at his panting soulmate. He truly loved to see Tony looking so wanton and desperate for his touches.

"I'm just going to get these pants off you Lover." he assured him as his hands tugged the jeans off.

He also took the socks off leaving Tony wearing nothing but red silk boxers. He bent forward and took the silk covered member into his mouth.

"Oh dear God Siri stop teasing me." begged his very horny lover.

"Oh Tony my teasing you has just started. We have a lot of time to make up for." Sirius growled playfully before using his teeth to pull the silk boxers down his husband's body.

Harry woke up but kept his eyes closed. He was so comfortable he didn't want his dream to end. He felt like he was lying on a cloud and covered with the softest blanket ever. He could never remember laying on something so soft.

He finally opened his eyes when he realized what woke him up. He had to pee badly. Hopefully he could get out of his cupboard today, or he was going to have to go in the corner again and if that happened and Uncle Vernon found out. Harry gave a shudder as he tried not to think about what the man would do to him.

He was surprised when he opened his eyes to see that he wasn't in complete darkness. He reached above his head trying to find the little shelf where he always put his glasses but they weren't there, as a matter of fact the shelf wasn't there either. He flipped over on his stomach and rose up on his knees carefully so he wouldn't hit his head. But to his surprise he realized that he didn't have to be careful, because even through his blurry vision he could tell he wasn't in his cupboard.

His mind was trying to comprehend what he was seeing from the dim light coming from a partially opened door. He was in a bed bigger than the one Dudley had. His eyes took in a curtain like thing beside the bed he was on. He couldn't find his glasses though even when he got off the bed and felt around the floor.

It took a little bit of time before he remembered everything that had happened the day before. A man that said he was his Daddy and that Ironman was his Papa had come to rescue him from the Dursleys. The curtain screen he was now touching hadn't been in the room the night before when he went to sleep, but his Daddy had used magic to change the room so maybe he made this too.

He walked slowly towards the door that he hoped was the bathroom while he waited impatiently for whoever was in there would hurry up and come out before he had an accident. It was only as he got closer to the door that he heard a soft snoring from the other side of the room. When he turned that way he saw another screen in front of where his Daddy had made the other bed.

It seemed like one of his parents was still sleeping. He didn't know how long he stood there waiting for somebody to come out of that room, before he realized that he hadn't heard any sounds from behind the door. He gave a very tentative knock not wanting to wake the sleeper, but he got no answer. Acting braver than he felt he nudged the door open a little bit and peeked into the room. To his surprise the room was empty.

He hurried into the room to relieve himself while wondering why the light had been left on. Did his Daddy and Papa think he would be afraid of the dark? That was silly if so because he spent most of his time in his dark cupboard. Uncle Vernon said freaks didn't need a light bulb.

He was washing his hands in the sink when he saw his glasses lying on the counter. Well he thought they were his glasses, but they didn't have the spellotape on them from Dudley breaking them. The glasses looked like they had never been broken, but they looked too small to fit either one of his fathers, and he hadn't seen either of them wearing glasses besides sunglasses anyway. He smiled when he put them on and could see again.

He carefully backed out of the bathroom trying to leave the door the same way it had been before he touched it. It was this reason that he didn't see the body he backed into. He couldn't help the little squeak of fear that escaped him as he bounced off the body. He jerked around so fast that he fell on the floor.

Sirius woke up as he heard his Pup in the bathroom. He knew it was Harry since Tony was lying with his head on his chest at the moment. When he heard the water running in the bathroom sink in knew his Pup must be about done in there. Heading towards the room he gave a big yawn that had his eyes closing automatically. The next thing he knew was a little body literally ran into him while stepping on his toes. Opening his eyes he saw his Pup on the floor looking up at him with scared eyes.

"Harry, are you okay Pup?" He knelt down to help him up.

"I...I'm so...sorry I did...didn't mean to run into you." The trembling child stuttered out.

"Shh Pup calm down. It's okay. I walked into you too. I was yawning so bad I had my eyes closed." "He tried to reassure his frightened son as he pulled him into his arms and stood up with him. "You didn't do anything wrong Kiddo."

"You're not mad at me?"

"No," Sirius kissed his messy black head, "Not at all."

Harry gave a beaming smile at the words. He could hardly believe that this was all happening to him. Life wasn't supposed to be so good for freaks. Everybody knew that.

"Here you sit here for a minute. I will wake your Papa and then I need the loo." Sirius sat him in one of the rocking recliners. He walked back towards the bed his husband was still sleeping on. "Tony it's time to get up Love."

"It's too early." was the grumbled reply as the man turned over and pulled a pillow over his head.

Sirius rolled his eyes as he waved his wand and both screens folded up and moved to the end of the beds making the room seem bigger.

He glanced at his Pup to see him watching what he was doing. "Your Papa is one of those that think that morning is a dirty word. There are only few ways to get him motivated in the morning Pup. This is one of my favorites."

Harry's eyes got big when he saw his Daddy pull back the covers and smack his Papa on his boxer clad bum. Did his Daddy really just spank his Papa?

Tony jumped up rubbing the offended area. "Ouch Siri. I forgot you used to do that."

Sirius chuckled. "Well it is the quickest way to get you up Lover without drenching the bed. Keep the Pup entertained while I get ready for the day."

He picked up his dirty clothes from yesterday and headed towards the loo. "I'll take a quick shower Kiddo and then you can have one. Oh and Harry try to keep your Papa awake. He is going to try to sneak back to sleep as soon as I leave the room."

"I'm not that bad Sirius." Tony grumbled with a pout.

"Tony please try and remember that I don't like lying." Sirius gave him a look that was too filled with fondness to be considered stern like it was meant to be.

Tony sat up on his stinging backside while turning to Harry. He saw the child was looking at him warily.

"What's the matter Little Guy?" He patted the bed beside him. "Why don't you come over here and join me. We can get comfortable while we wait for your Daddy to get done."

It was obvious to see that Harry was nervous even as he made his way to the bed. He gave a startled squeak when Tony picked him up and sat him beside him leaning back against the pillows.

"Now what has you so worried?"

"You can go back to sleep. You don't have to stay awake for me." Harry didn't want his Papa mad at him.

"Don't worry Harry I don't blame you that I'm awake. I know it is that to cheery in the morning Daddy of yours fault." Tony pulled him into a hug. "Good Morning Buddy. Did you sleep well?"

"The best sleep ever." Harry nodded happily while snuggling against his Papa. He raised questioning eyes to the man as he tried to gauge if it was alright to ask a question.

Tony could see the burning desire to ask him something in his son's eyes. It took a moment to recall the night before when Harry said he wasn't allowed to ask questions.

"Harry I promise you it is alright to ask me anything you want to, and I will answer unless I think it is something you are too young to know at the moment. I will tell you if that is the case though." He tried to reassure the child while still holding him close. "Okay?"

"Okay." Harry glanced at the round thing on his Papa's chest that was glowing with a blue light. "Papa, what is that? Why is it in your skin?"

"This is called an Arc Reactor. I got hurt awhile back and this thing is helping to keep me healthy." Tony had tapped the reactor when he spoke. He didn't actually want to tell his child that he would die without it.

"Does it hurt you?" Harry couldn't help his curiosity for the strange thing, but he was glad it was helping his Papa to be healthy.

"No not now." Tony told him as he pulled the child down so they were both now lying flat on the pillows. "It is what makes it so I can use my Ironman suit actually."

"Will you tell me a story about one of your adventures as Ironman?" Harry asked eagerly.

"You bet." Tony was telling him about a fight with Dr. Doom when Sirius finally came out of the bathroom.

"I see you convinced the Pup to join you in bed instead of getting up." Sirius couldn't say he was surprised.

"Hey we were just getting comfortable as we got reacquainted." Tony defended.

He was eyeing his husband appreciatively though. He had transformed his clothes to a pair of skintight black jeans and black tee shirt. Sirius's body may still be too thin but the man was definitely worth ogling. He was glad he had pulled the blankets back over Harry and himself, because he did not want his kid to see the reaction he was now sporting thanks to his handsome husband.

"Well I'm glad that you are getting reacquainted, but I don't know about you guys but I'm getting hungry." Sirius wasn't the least bit surprised that Tony was still lying in bed.

He picked up the pillowcase that held Harry's clothes. The frown on his face when he dumped them on his son's bed was enough to show he hated to think his child was forced to wear this stuff. Everything was too big, stained and ripped besides being downright ugly for any child to wear.

There was a pair of hideous green trousers and the other pair was a tan color, but with the stains on them they looked like they had grey spots all over them. The two shirts were just as ugly one was a mustard yellow and the other while blue and white looked like somebody had used it for a cleaning rag. The socks and boxers were both so holey that his Pup would have been better off without wearing any.

He gave a sigh and pulled his wand before transforming the trousers into a pair each of black and blue jeans. The shirts were turned into a black tee shirt with a Chinese Fireball dragon on it and the other was a red tee shirt with a picture of his animagus form growling facing the front of the shirt. He closed his eyes and thought for a moment before waving the wand again and now the red one said 'Back Away From My Pup'. Another wave of his wand and where the underpants and socks were now had brand new looking items in red and black colors each.

Harry who had gotten off the other bed so he could watch the magic stood there with astonished eyes. The clothes were smaller than they had been and now they looked brand new.

Sirius grinned down at the child by his side. "Pick out what you want to wear today and you can take a quick shower. Umm… you do know how to take a shower right? The bathroom doesn't have a tub, but if you need one I can make one for you."

Harry couldn't hold in the giggle at the man's facial expression. "I can take a shower Daddy." He grabbed the black jeans, dog shirt, red briefs and socks then made a hasty retreat to the bathroom.

"Are you going to change my clothes too?" Tony asked as he finally climbed out of bed.

"Why don't you have extra clothes here?" Sirius wasn't really paying attention to the words as he was staring at his husband's perfect form.

"I told you I don't stay here. You saw where I keep the suit and that is the only outfit I have ever needed except what I'm wearing at the time." He walked into the open arms of his lover with a sigh of contentment.

They started kissing and didn't stop until they heard the shower turn off in the other room. Sirius looked down at Tony's very obvious erection with a smirk. He may have one too but since he was dressed it wasn't quite as noticeable.

"It seems like you have a problem there Lover." He teased.

"Damn do something about it. I don't think we want Harry to know about this at his age." Tony groaned leaning his head on Sirius's chest.

"I don't have time to take care of that for you, Baby." He smirked at the man's grumbling.

"Siri." He whined.

"Oh fine." Sirius pretended to huff before placing a notice-me-not charm on the front of Tony's boxers.

The Black family left Tony's quarters to find some breakfast a half an hour later. Tony was also wearing black jeans and tee shirt but his had a large green dollar sign on it. Harry was walking in between the two men and each had a hold of one of his hands. The men knew that Harry at almost eleven didn't really need his hand held, but they couldn't help wanting the contact with the child. Too much time had passed that they missed out on.

They were talking about what they wanted to eat for breakfast when a shout from behind them caught their attention. All three of them stopped and turned around to see Natasha and Clint hurrying to catch up. It seemed it had been Natasha who had called out.

"Hey where are you guys going?" She demanded.

"Breakfast," Tony couldn't figure out why she asked like that.

"Before you change our rooms?" She looked like the thought couldn't possibly be true.

Sirius raised an eyebrow at her. "You do realize that we are a little hungry, right?" When she opened her mouth to say something he spoke up first. "I do better work on full stomach I might add."

"Oh fine let's eat." She muttered heading the way they had been. "But eat fast."

"Tasha, Love we've had those rooms for awhile I think that we can wait another hour or two." Clint laughed wrapping an arm around his lover's waist.

"Oh by the way good morning to you too Natasha, and yes we slept well thank you for asking." Tony's voice was filled with sarcasm.

"Oh hush Stark." The spy retorted while blushing. "Good morning Harry and Sirius."

"Good morning Miss." Harry answered shyly.

"You can call me Natasha, Harry." She smiled gently at the too small boy.

"Thank you."

When they entered a canteen like room it was to see the other Avengers already assembled around a large round table. A quick trip through the line to choose the breakfast they wanted and they joined them.

"Good morning guys. How did you sleep?" Bruce asked but his eyes were on the little boy. It seemed like he was speaking more to the child than the rest of them.

Harry must have thought the same thing because he spoke up. "Good morning. I slept great. Papa didn't want to wake up though." He bit his lip nervously before adding. "Daddy had to smack his bum."

Tony Stark's teammates' mouths gawped open in shock. Some of them showing their half chewed food. Tony was blushing bright red, and Sirius wasn't helping because he was laughing with a great booming laugh.

When Tony could finally get a word out it just made the others join in the laughter. "Harry, you didn't have to tell them that."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you mad. I just never knew grown-ups got smacked too." Harry looked contrite as he explained.

Tony reached over and ran a soothing hand through the messy locks of hair. "I'm not mad Little Guy. I'm just a little embarrassed. But your Daddy was right it is the fastest way to get me out of bed without dumping water on my head."

They all enjoyed a very friendly breakfast after that. Sirius realized that he liked Tony's friends. He knew part of it was the way they made sure to include Harry in the conversation. It made his heart fill with happiness to see his Pup enjoying himself.

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