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It's been a year since the wedding and saying it was a perfect year would be an understatement. There are no other words to describe my life with Luca. After the wedding some of the guards went back to Italy along with the brothers and their wives while the Denali's went back to Alaska. Edward decided to travel, hoping find a mate. I guess God had answered his prayers as he found his mate in a lovely vampire named Evangeline while in England. Esme and Carlisle decided to have an extended vacation in Italy. Rosalie and Emmett decided to stay on Crescent Island along with Alice and Jasper. They love being able to walk into the sun without worrying about humans seeing them. It also gave them time to bond with us, continuing to build the trust they had lost. The Whitlock's also stayed a few months, mostly hanging out with Sage, the twins and Jasper.

A week after the wedding Dad decided that it was time to turn. We also decided for him to stay on the island until he was in control of himself. This way there was no chance of him killing anyone. He also requested for one of the brothers to turn him. Marcus gladly accepted and came back to turn him. He stayed for a while until dad got the hang of vampirism before going back to continue his duties. He was an extraordinary newborn, he was in control after 6 months. After getting in control he decided to stay in Volterra to learn the law and history of vampires before being a part time guard. It's quite funny that even after becoming a vampire he still wanted to be a cop, well a vampire cop in this case. You can turn a cop into a vampire, but you can't take cop out of the vampire.

As always Luca declined the offer to the throne, saying that maybe not today or tomorrow but someday. For our honeymoon we stayed on a secluded part of the island, in one of the cottages. It was nice and peaceful just having each other. After the honeymoon we started travelling the world going to spectacular places, from famous land marks to places where little to no humans had ventured before. Taking one day at a time.

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