Listening to his arrogant voice insult her was painful, to say the least. He sighed and leaned forward, his elbows on his knees as he continued playing the sound of her voice.

A small shadow crossed the floor going unnoticed by Higgins, still looking down. A small 'click' sounded as the gramophone was shut off.

"Oi washed me face and hands before I come, oi did," sounded from his left.

He sat up, disbelief written plainly on his face.

"Eliza?' he breathed, still doubtful as to whether she was there. Had she really chosen to come back to him? Even after all that had happened at his mother's?

He sat up straight, disbelief mixing with happiness as unwittingly, a grin split across his face.

"Where the devil are my slippers?" He sat back, pushing his hat over his face in an attempt to hide his smile.

She stepped forward, a smile on her face as well and handed him his slippers. "Well Professor, you must be getting older if you can't fetch your own slippers already."

His shocked look made her laugh.

"Now, I was only kidding. Don't look so offended."

It was at that moment that Mrs. Pearce decided to enter the room.

"Good heavens, Eliza!" She gasped. "Are you going to be staying?" She queried, casting a glance toward the Professor.

"Why, only if Professor Higgins will have me," she smiled and looked at him as well.

He looked up at the both of them, seemingly exasperated. He sighed. "I guess she'll have to. Mrs. Pearce, put her things back together upstairs, would you?"

Mrs. Pearce smiled. "Of course, Sir. Eliza, come with me." She led Eliza upstairs, thinking that life in the Higgins household was definitely going to be good from now on.