Jail Break

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A/N: Here's the sequel to This Is a Stick Up! If you haven't read This Is a Stick Up! You should know what this ones about. You know the drill OOC! This story will have cameos of TDROTI characters in later on chapters. Now this story I have no idea if it'll be short or not because there's a lot to cover in this story. Until then Enjoy!

"This is not my new home" Heather said.

"It's whatever I say it is! Got it!" the soldier screamed in Heather's face.

"Crystal" Heather said nervous to even walk in.

"Follow me! I'll show you your cell!" the solider yelled.

"Ew, what is that awful smell" Heather cringed her face up.

"Ah, the smell of imprisonment" Duncan said sniffing the air making Alejandro and Heather stare in disgust.

"Imprisonment!" Courtney started to cry again.

"Will you shut up?" Heather said covering her ears, Courtney cried louder on purpose.

"Here's your cell!" the soldier shouted.

"You don't have to yell you know" Alejandro said.

"I'LL YELL WHEN I WANT TO YELL, YOU UNDERSTAND ME BOY!" the soldier screamed in Alejandro's ear.

"I think you busted my eardrum" Alejandro said rubbing his ear.

"These things are co-ed?" Heather asked.

"Yes all of you will be cell mates" the soldier said locking them in a cell together. Heather nearly puked looking around the room she seen a toilet with no toilet tissue next to it. "I'm not using that".

"How are we girls and guys supposed to go in privacy I don't want to see anyone's junk" Courtney said finally taking a break from crying.

"Well if you have to go you'll take that risk" Duncan shrugged.

"How am I the only one freaked out by this were in a county jail, missing school, and locked together in a big, gross, smelly, cell" Courtney complained.

"Complaining will get us nowhere that's why we're not complaining" Heather rolled her eyes sitting on a rock hard bed.

"I call bottom bunk!" Duncan called out.

"I guess I'll take the other bottom bunk" Alejandro said which made Heather and him start arguing. Courtney without a problem took the bunk above Duncan with no problem.

"I'm getting bottom bunk my legs are too long they'll hang off the bed!" Heather argued.

"What an excuse! I should have the bottom bunk I'm taller than you! I'm 6"0 even!" Alejandro shouted. Heather didn't listen as she jumped onto the bottom bunk now wrestling with Alejandro causing Duncan and Courtney to watch in amusement. Heather kneed Alejandro in the balls making him yelp falling off the bottom bunk onto the floor holding himself.

"OH!" Duncan and Courtney said in unison with one eye closed feeling Alejandro's pain except for Courtney.

"AH!" Alejandro yelped on the dirty floor everyone glaring at Heather.

"Let's look on the bright side of this. Whatever girl you decide to manipulate into having sex won't be impregnated with your annoying children" Heather smirked feeling proud this made everyone glare even harder if that's possible.

"I resent that" Alejandro said still in pain.

"What? You don't expect me to apologize do you?" Heather asked.

"She's got a point there" Courtney pointed out.

"Although an apology would be nice!" Alejandro snapped getting himself together.

"I'm not apologizing for something you brought onto yourself" Heather defended herself.

"Fine you don't have to apologize, but an admission instead" Alejandro said.

"This should be good" Heather said sarcastically rolling her eyes.

"Admit that you love me and all's forgiven" Alejandro flirted.

"Dude she just kicked you in the nuts, told you off, and your still willing to hit on her... geez dude" Duncan smirked making Courtney laugh. This made Alejandro and Heather go quiet taking their bunks.

"I still hate all of you" Heather mumbled to herself sitting up on the bottom bunk this didn't go unheard though.

"I hate you more" Duncan said.

"I hate you most" Alejandro said.

"I don't hate anybody anymore" Courtney admitted surprising everyone.

"What's wrong princess you sick or something?" Duncan asked placing his hand on the forehead of his girlfriend.

"No. I just can't hate any of you right now don't you ever think it's time to stop hating people?" Courtney asked.

"NO!" Heather, Alejandro, and Duncan answered.

"I just want to go home!" Courtney said banging her head against the hard wall.

"Stop doing that you might get brain damage" Duncan said out of concern.

"Aw, Duncan is helping out his girl-"

"Shut it Heather! Where's your boyfriend at? Oh, wait you don't have one because every time a guy hits on you, you open your mouth and out comes penis repellent!" Duncan shouted shutting Heather up. Heather turned to face the wall not saying anything she simply used her finger nails to claw into the wall making tally marks.

"You know Duncan that's no way to talk to a woman" Alejandro said softly not trying to cause an argument.

"A woman what are you talking about? I was clearly talking to Heather not Courtney and you can cool it on you Latin charm because we all know it's an act to get down some girls pants!" Duncan shouted making everyone have the biggest argument they ever had in a while except for Heather who stayed out of it still facing the wall.

"At least I'm not a cheater!" Alejandro argued.

"With all that manipulation kissing other dudes chicks you might as well be!" Duncan shouted.

"That manipulation gets my makes my whole week full of dates what does your bad boy act get you? A weird Goth and an uptight C.I.T!" Alejandro yelled.

"Don't you say that I'm not uptight!" Courtney joined in defending Duncan.

"Your just mad Heather hates you and your manipulation finally doesn't work on a girl!" Duncan said with Courtney agreeing.

"STOP IT!" Heather yelled turning the attention to her. "ALL THIS FIGHTING IT DRIVING ME INSANE AND I... I..." Heather broke down but she didn't cry this surprised everyone because out of all them they'd expect her to break last. "I can't do this anymore" Heather said softly rubbing her forehead. Alejandro comforted Heather sitting beside her, pulling her close, and rubbing her arm. Heather didn't move surprisingly she instead messaged her temples with her head in her lap.

"Courtney is right we shouldn't be arguing we should be finding a way home, finding a lawyer, I have to get outta here" Heather agreed with Courtney making Duncan's eyes widen.

"I'm glad you see it my way" Courtney smiled.

"Maybe we should sleep on it" Duncan suggested.

"Sleep! Who can sleep at a time like this? In a dirty cell" Heather made a good point.

"I can. I've been here before and I'm tired" Duncan said going to sleep.

"Nobody think anything of this I just had a weak moment" Heather said straightening herself up looking down at a smirking Alejandro. "Especially you".

"Right..." Alejandro said still smirking.

"Yea I'm right" Heather said.

"As you wish" Alejandro said still smirking.

"You two are ridiculous" Courtney said looking out the cell trying to figure a way out.

"I think I have an idea but it's pretty bold and were going to need a pretty bold person" Alejandro said making everyone turn to a sleeping Duncan smiling at each other.

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