Jail Break

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Heather and Alejandro sat down at the table in the middle of the room attracting a crowd Heather has her poker face on and Alejandro has his signature smirk on. "You sure you want to do this mi amour?" Alejandro asked Heather one last time pissing her off in the process.

"Just shuffle the damn cards!" Heather barked slapping the cards down in Alejandro's face.

"As you wish mi amour" Alejandro said shuffling the cards like a pro hoping to intimidate Heather.

"Stop calling me that" Heather said making Alejandro smile.

"What, mi amour? Why mi amour it sounds nice mi amour?" Alejandro kept on repeating the word making Heather clench her hands into fist stomping her feet.

"Just deal the cards" Heather whined dropping her head to the table making Alejandro snicker as he dealt the cards.

"Your go mi amour" Alejandro said.

"Always" Heather said going first placing down her first five cards which is 2, 2, Q, 7, and a 6 this made Alejandro laugh. "What's so funny?"

"I thought you said you were good at this game" Alejandro said making the other prisoners laugh and him throw down a two pair compared to Heather's one pair this made her gulp.

"A straight flush top that" Heather said smacking her cards down making the crowd "ooo" but they "awed" after Alejandro threw down his four of a kind.

"Well played" Alejandro said winking at Heather who let out a long sigh of relief, "but lets see how you deal with this" Alejandro slapped down his flush making Heather laugh.

"Full house anyone" Heather mocked Alejandro more hours of this game went by.

"I don't think you should be so happy mi amour" Alejandro said looking at his hand.

"I think I should" Heather put down her straight flush, "I win" Heather said getting up walking off, but she stopped after she heard the crowd say "a royal flush". Heather turned around walking back to the table where Alejandro was he put down a royal flush making her outraged "what!"

"Actually I win as usual" Alejandro arrogantly said.

"No way you, you, you I want a rematch!" Heather shouted.

"Sorry, but the bet was I win I get a kiss nothing about rematch" Alejandro raised a brow. To make things worst Courtney and Duncan showed up after an hour of disappearance. Just as they walked in Alejandro pulled Heather into a kiss.

"Wow what happened while we were gone?" Courtney asked making Heather pull away from the slightly forced kiss. Heather stomped off nice and red Courtney followed Alejandro looked out of breath walking up to Duncan.

"How'd you do it?" Duncan asked.

"Cheated in a game of poker, she really shouldn't have let me shuffle the cards" Alejandro said.

"How have you've not been to jail yet?" Duncan asked as Alejandro shrugged walking to find the girls, once they did the plant got put into motion.

"Wait, this isn't part of the plan" Heather said disgusted as Duncan started to strip.

"How else are we going to distract the guards?" Duncan said as he got down to his underwear.

"Okay just run the other way" Heather covered her eyes as Duncan took off his boxers and started to run banging on cells.

"What the?" a guard yelled watching a naked Duncan run around causing chaos.

"GET HIM!" the soldier yelled having the guards chase Duncan.

"That'll keep them busy" Heather said now trying to open the window in their cell, "it won't open".

"That's not how you open a window" Courtney said kicking the window shattering the glass.

"Someone's been listening to Duncan" Alejandro said sliding out the window first, Courtney came second, and Heather came last falling out the window and falling into Alejandro's arms. "I always knew you'd fall-"

"Save it! Where's Duncan?" Heather shouted.

"Right there" Courtney said as Duncan joined the group still bare making Heather shriek, Alejandro puke, and Courtney gawk.

"AH! MY EYES! AGAIN!" Heather shouted.

"Again?" Courtney and Duncan said in confusion Alejandro laughed it off.

"That's a funny one" Alejandro fake laughed.

"We don't have time for this" Duncan said putting on his clothes Courtney brought for him. They all ran to the back wall "who goes first?"

"Definitely not me" Heather said crossing her arms.

"Alejandro" Duncan said rolling his eyes.

"On it" Alejandro said picking up Heather throwing her over his shoulder.

"Put me down!" Heather barked beating Alejandro's back he just pinched her butt making her squeak. "Hey! Hands off the merchandise!" They all climbed over the bricked wall.

"That was to easy" Duncan said jumping down the wall dusting his clothes off.

"I beg to differ" Heather said swatting at Alejandro.

"What? You wouldn't be quiet" Alejandro smirked.

"Not even a sire... n" Courtney said stopping as everyone gulped.

"HAND WERE WE CAN SEE EM!" cops yelled they became surrounded.

"Way to jinx us Courtney" Heather bitched. The cops came to cuff them yet again but the usual happened Duncan fought and Heather just slid down weighing herself down so it would be harder for the cuffs to cuff her. Courtney and Alejandro accepted defeat they all got thrown into the cop car roughly.

"What now?" Alejandro sighed.

"I'm in charge that's what" Duncan said.

"Agreed" Courtney, Alejandro, and Heather said.

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