Jail Break

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"Okay 'D' now that you're in charge what's the plan?" Heather folded her arms asking.

"Well were defiantly not going to try to escape again" Duncan said looking at the wall on his new bunk in their new cell.

"WHAT?!" Heather and Courtney said in unison.

"I knew we should have never put you in charge!" Heather shouted leaning against the dirty wall.

"Hold on, amour perhaps Duncan has a point" Alejandro defended Duncan, "We should probably lay low to avoid any more time behind these bars".

"He's got point" Courtney said.

"So, again what's the new plan?" Heather asked.

"I don't know yet we'll see in the morning" Duncan shrugged going to sleep ending the conversation making the room quiet allowing Heather, Courtney, and Alejandro to talk among themselves.

"Great, just great" Heather stirred.

"What now Heather?" Courtney asked as if she was tired of Heather's bitching, everyone was.

"We give Duncan the opportunity to prove how experienced he is with all this" Heather gestured to the greasy cell, "and he tells us he'll figuring something out... that's all".

"Why don't you relax, patience is key" Alejandro smoothly said.

"I hate those dirty beds its uncomfortable" Heather whined.

"You can sleep with me if you like" Alejandro suggested making Heather and Courtney gag.

"You know Heather I'm getting really tired of hearing you bitch and deny things" Courtney finally said out of the blue surprising Heather. "It's like a routine with you it's like you'll never be happy it's bitch this and bitch that and deny, deny, deny".

"Pick one thing I deny and deny about" Heather said.

"Your obvious feelings for Alejandro" Courtney said making Heather's eyes widen.

"There's no feelings their" Heather pointed at Alejandro.

"Denial" Courtney sang.

"Your point" Heather said.

"My point is that maybe if you stop denying your feelings for Alejandro you'll finally be happy with your life" Courtney explained.

"I DO NOT have feelings for Alejandro" Heather emphasized the "do" and "not" to get her not so point across.

"Whatever" Courtney rolled her eyes laying down prepping for bed.

"What did you honestly feel when we kissed?" Alejandro asked Heather.

"I felt... disgusted of course" Heather never looked Alejandro in the eye. Alejandro cornered Heather "what are..." she couldn't finish her sentence as he hushed her.

"I'm proving my point" Alejandro whispered he had Heather right where he wanted her. Alejandro laid his forehead against her's eyes staring into her bold ones. "What did you feel when I kissed you?"

"...Disgusted..." Heather said letting her eyes drop to the floor only for Alejandro to place his thumb on her chin.

"So, if I kissed you right now you would feel nothing?" Alejandro smirked. Heather nodded waiting for impact and Alejandro pecked her lips three times softly before giving her a real kiss letting his hand find her cheek letting his thumb brush her red cheek. Heather didn't want to kiss back, but she did enjoy the kiss for a second falling for the trick as her eyes fluttered closing until she felt air on her lips and when she opened her eyes she seen a grin on that tan face of his. "What did you feel this time?"

"Nothing" Heather answered quickly trying to regain her dignity.

"Then why did you kiss back?" Alejandro asked.

"Why do you ask so many questions?" Heather asked now irritated.

"Why don't you answer my many questions?" Alejandro asked. "All you have to do is tell the truth and I'll leave you alone, but I want the truth and nothing less".

"Fine!" Heather gave in. "I... sorta like the way you kiss me..."

"What was that?" Alejandro asked slightly teasing.

"I LIKE YOU ALRIGHT!" Heather shouted quickly covering her mouth. Alejandro took her small hands from her mouth holding them in his hands rubbing the back of them.

"I like you to mi amour there's no shame in that" Alejandro told Heather making her look at him.

"If you speak of this little moment I'll destroy you in your sleep" Heather whispered.

"Where do we go from here?" Alejandro asked ignoring her violent comment.

"Nowhere were still enemies" Heather said.

"Why do you want to be divided when all of us are really supposed to be one, in unison with each other?" Alejandro asked. "Did that kiss really mean nothing to you, bonding with the Courtney, Duncan, and I meant nothing to you?"

"Of course it meant something, but what happens when we get out of here then what? We'll all go back to clawing each others eyes out" Heather said. "I'm just staying ahead of the game Alejandro".

"Is everything a game to you? Open your eyes we have to work together to get out of here and so far it seems like everyone's on board except you because you're so stubborn!" Alejandro frustratingly said.

"Then why do you like me?" Heather asked slightly raising her voice at me.

"You don't get it Heather and you never will just forget it" Alejandro said laying down in his bunk.

"What don't I get?" Heather asked.

"I don't just like you Heather, its deeper than that" Alejandro told Heather, but she still didn't get it.

"What can be deeper than liking somebody?" Heather asked Alejandro sighed.

"I LOVE you" Alejandro said making Heather a little shocked. "Everything about you makes my day from your hair to your feet everything about you is perfect" Alejandro gushed out his feelings.

"Then why do insist on changing me?" Heather asked.

"I just want to get out of here" Alejandro said.

"I do to, but its going to take a lot more than me just changing about you change" Heather said.

"You don't want me to change you like me and trust me I know what you want your just to afraid to say it" Alejandro said.

"What do I want Alejandro? Please enlighten me" Heather said.

"Me" Alejandro's smirked returned and Heather's smirk came also they now looked devilishly at each other.

"You want to bet on that?" Heather asked.

"I don't need to I know how you feel and now you know how I feel I think I've won" Alejandro stood from his bed looking evil as usual as if he's planning something. "Goodnight chica" Alejandro told Heather now circling her like she's prey he slowly but surely kissed Heather winking before going to bed. Heather had no words to say she just went to bed with rosy red cheeks. Looks likes tomorrow is going to full of games Duncan's in charge and Alejandro and Heather are at war again.


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