Chapter 1 (sorry about first page)

Milli's POV

I was watching my brothers and sisters. Cleo and Jet, the twins, were playing on the slide. Amy was playing on the swings. Russell, George, and James, the triplets, were playing in the sand box with there toy cars. I was sitting on the deck holding my littlest brother Finn. My mom was at the store, and my father was at a meeting. I looked up to see Amy running towards me. "What's wrong Amy." I said as she hit the deck, no really her face collided with the deck. I held on to Finn as i helped Amy up. "I fell of the swings then i hit my head against the metal pole." She said tearing up. I embraced her as she hugged me. Even though my sister is seven, she is VERY accident-prone. Well all of us are. You are most likely going to catch me hitting my head with a tree, or hitting my head on a car door as I'm getting out. Cleo and Jet take a lot of sports, those eleven year old girls seem to have limitless energy. Archery, soccer, baseball, basketball, you name it. Amy is great at music, with any instrument. Russell, George, and James are the artistic ones. Those five year old boys are great with colors and drawing, anything that shows artistic abilities. As for me, i specialize in first aid kits, anything that will help people. I am also great with children. I grabbed an ice-pack From the fridge after i set Finn inside his playpen. I looked at the calendar. Just three more weeks until Finn's birthday, he his going to turn one. Everyone, but Finn of course watches Ninjago.

(sorry for the short first chapter)