Chapter 3

Lloyd's POV

After we finished repairing the bounty we decided to fly over the sea of sands. After about an hour of flying,everyone got bored and we were about to turn away when i noticed something in the sand. "Hey guys I see something!" i called out. "What is it Lloyd?" Jay asked coming next to me. I pointed down into the sand where there was a figure on the ground. "Who takes naps in the middle of a desert?" asked Jay getting smacked in the head by Kai. "What?" Nya landed so we could get a good look. What i thought was one person was really what looked like one teen, six kids, and A BABY?! The kids looked like they were holding on for life on that one teen, who is still managing to hold the baby. "Who leaves a baby in the middle of nowhere?" asked Cole. "By the looks of it the kids were holding on for dear life while the oldest held on to the baby. Not knowing she would become unconscious." replied Zane. We all turned around for a brief second. Then we heard crying. I walked over to the crying realizing that the baby must have woking up. I picked up the crying boy for the unconscious teen. "Milli" the boy cried. "Whose Milli?" i asked the boy as he wiggled. "Want Milli!" He screamed and started crying even louder. I put two and two together and figured that Milli was the teen. "Milli is asleep right now, she will wake up soon." I told the crying boy, "I hope" i mumbled under my breath. The small boy was still crying but calmed down and nuzzled his head against my chest as he calmed down. "What name?" he asked me "Lloyd" i replied, he had a big smile on his face, "Thank-you Lloyd." but it sounded more like 'Vank-you Woyd'. "Wow Lloyd, you have a way with kids don't you?" asked Kai. I held the now sleeping boy close to me. "I think we should bring the others to the bounty. It's not good for them to be out here." I told the others who nodded in agreement. I carried the baby, while Zane carried the teen and one of the girls, Kai carried two of the girls, Cole carried two of the boys, while Jay carried one of the boys. After we got on the Bounty,we put them in one the spare rooms. i was still holding the boy, when one of the girls woke up. She seemed to look around and noticed me holding the baby. "What happened? Where am I? Where's Milli? Where's Jet? Where's Amy? Where's Russell? Where's George? Where's James? Why are you holding Finn?" I think this girl broke Jay speed talking record. "Um... I dont know how to answer those questions. Can you slow down when you talk though?" I asked her. "Nope sorry, I cant slow down when I talk. I already tried that." "Can i ask some questions now?" I asked her. "Okay, shoot." "Okay what is your name." "Cleo" "Who is everyone else?" "The teen is Milli, the girl with brownish-red is Jet, they girl with hair like mine is Amy, the boy with reddish-brown is Russell, the boy with light brown hair is George, the boy with raven black hair is James, and last but not least the one you are holding is Finn." she told me. "you really need to slow down when you speak." i told her.