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Peter's POV

"Alice, you can't go home, I….. I don't want you to go…." I whispered as I sat in my rabbit form on Alice's bed. Looking down at her sleeping form, I noticed her shivering. Without hesitation I changed into my man form, took off my glasses and coat, and crawled under the covers, putting my arms around my love. With Alice in my arms, I fell asleep. What felt like moments later I awoke to the feeling of Alice stirring. I kept my eyes closed, as I braced myself for the slap that I was sure to receive. But much to my surprise felt her snuggle further into my arms and rest her head on my chest. My body went rigid with shock, but I forced myself to quickly relax. But what she said next stunned me to the core and once again my body went stiff.

"I wish I could tell you how much I love you, but it would put you in danger and I couldn't stand to see you get hurt. Ever since you brought me here, I have loved you. I just wish I didn't have to hide my feelings by rejecting you. I hate seeing the hurt in your eyes every time I tell you that I don't love you. But the truth is….. I love you Peter White."

And with that she did something I thought she would never do, something that nearly made me explode with happiness. She leaned up and kissed me. With a feeling of pure love and bliss, I gently kissed her back. Alice jumped back in shock, clearly not expecting me to be awake. " Alice , do you really love me?" I asked, barely daring to breathe. "Yes, I do and I am sorry I lied to you." Alice my dear that is all in the past, what matters now is that our love will last. You love me and I love you and in last my deepest wish had come true." And that was true my deepest wish truly had at last come true! My dear Alice finally loved me back! I held her in my arms the rest of the night, relishing the feeling of love that we shared. When dawn finally came, my dear Alice and I went to face the role holders and the rest of Wonderland, hand in hand.

Hey did you know? The boring game is no longer. This is a place where everyone wants there is only one for you. A Wonderful Wonder World!


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