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Chapter 1: Death Card

Tien walked down the school hall trying to ignore the students that were staring at him as he made his way to his locker. He could hear their whispers and he was determined to not listen to them but they still traveled to his nervous ears.

"He shouldn't have angered the Prince."

"You know it's going to be there as soon as he opens it."

"He should have humbled himself. A foreigner making it into this school, don't know what the fool was thinking."

As soon as Tien touched his locker it felt like time stopped. Well actually all motion and sound had stopped behind him as everyone in the hall waited to see what was in his locker.

Tien closed his eyes as he did the combination. He had only heard rumors of what the Prince would do to people that he didn't like. At first he would just kill them, but his parents had made him put a stop to it. So he came up with another way to torture his victims. And apparently he got a kick out of it.

Tien opened his eyes and exhaled as he opened his locker. Everyone gasped and those recent whispers became loud conversations as the infamous red card with "F4" printed in big black bold letters was hanging there.

F4 stood for the Famous 4; the most well-known teenagers in all the galaxy. There was Prince Vegeta, the heir to the Saiyan throne, his fighting comrade Kakarot, who was a year younger than the prince but was also the only person on the planet that could actually keep up with the prince on the battle field. There was Kakarot's twin brother Turles and their older brother Raditz. The 3 brothers may not have been royalty but they were still well respected not only because of their fighting skills but also because their father was the head scientist of the Saiyan Empire and a very well-known and respected fighter.

And the F4's favorite hobby was watching other's squirm...

Tien closed his eyes once more and slammed his locker. As soon as he did, he had to dodge a punch as a saiyan tried to knock his head off. He hit the saiyan back as hard as he could and was satisfied as he slid to the floor. But he then saw a group of them rush towards him and then he decided to take the path of a survivor and run for it.


Bulma was peddling her bike as fast as she could. She enjoyed riding her bike to make deliveries. With her busy life of working and studying this was when she really got her exercising in.

As far as she could remember she and her family had lived on Vegeta. After her home planet was taken under the Saiyan empire her family had moved there. From time to time she would ask her father what was like back on Earth but he had always been so vague about it and all that matters is the life that we have here and now.

They lived on the outskirts of the capital where most of the foreigners lived. They weren't poor but they were far from wealthy.

Her father, Dr. Brief owned an electronic shop. He had taught his daughter well and together they could fix anything. Dr. Brief was a brilliant scientist and should have been recognized for his work but he always said that he was waiting for the right moment to really show his inventions. Which no one could blame him. There were so many people trying to get ahead that they would look for any opportunity to steal an invention and gain favor with the Royals.

Right now at this moment Bulma was heading to Saiyan High. The most famous, prestigious high school in all the galaxy. You had to be a lot of things to enter the high school. And one of the requirements was strength and if you couldn't cut it with the Saiyans then you couldn't get in.

The reason why Bulma was there was because one of the students had needed a repair on their scouter and Bulma was sent there to deliver it to him. Her father and mother were excited about this delivery because surely they would get some recognition if a student from Saiyan high was wearing one of the most updated scouters in the galaxy.

She peddled up to the gate of the large entrance. All saiyans knew how to fly but some still liked to ride and drive various automobile like machines. Bulma's fingers always itched at the idea of designing something one day that would turn every head in the known galaxy.

Bulma came out of her small daydream as a foreigner in uniform stopped her. She looked him up and down and briefly wondered what species he was. Saiyans would never be caught dead doing such mundane work. Even the weakest Saiyan was well off. Or at least they were better than the average alien.

"I'm here to deliver a scouter to a student." She said as she handed him a business card and showed him the package.

The foreign guard looked over the package and waved her through. He really should have done a more thorough check on her but he always wanted to help out any aliens on Vegeta as much as possible. He hated Saiyans and especially teenaged Saiyans. And the things that went on this particular school were absolutely atrocious.

Bulma thanked the man and peddled on inside. She was completely in awe of the massive school grounds. She had never been to a school before. Her father had tutored her for her whole life. She had seen the public school for aliens but she never attended. And besides ten of those buildings could fit into one wing of Saiyan High. It seemed like it went on forever. She briefly wondered if she would ever find her customer. He had apparently came into her father's shop the night before while she was sleeping and begged him to do a rush job on his broken scouter.

Bulma continued on toward what seemed like the entrance and briefly thought, 'I wonder what kind of things goes on here.'

At that moment...

Tien, bloodied and battered, jumped and tried to fly but he was instantly tackled by two saiyans. As he smashed into the ground he coughed up blood as the impact slammed his lungs into his spine. The two Saiyans on top of him had punched him ruthlessly while shouting, "You know how it is! No one disrespects the Prince and gets away with it!"

With a hidden strength that Tien didn't realize he had, probably manifested by his anger, he was able to throw the two saiyans off him and run away. Others laughed at him and began to chase him once more.

It was then that Bulma entered the building. She tried to get someone's attention but she ended up getting swooped up in a crowd of people that were all going in a single direction. At one point she even stopped walking and the strength of the Saiyans around her ended up still pushing her toward their destination. The mob didn't stop until they were all on the roof of the building. Bulma in frustration pushed away from them and deemed them all insane as every single saiyan crossed their arms and stared ahead.

She turned to see what they were looking at and saw a student on the ledge of the tall building.

He was bleeding all over and his right arm almost seemed to be coming out of the socket. "Is this what you all want?" He yelled.

Bulma gasped in disbelief. She took a step forward and cried out, "Don't do it!"

The boy on the ledge turned to her then. His eyes widened a bit as he realized a foreigner was on the roof with him. The saiyans around them seemed disinterested in her presence and was only curious about what he would do. He looked back in front of him and peered down at the cold cement floors beneath him. With the condition he was in now, he would truly die by the fall.

"There is nothing left for me here."

Bulma shook her head at him. "That's crazy! There has to be something to live for!" She knew and understood how life could be hard as aliens on this planet. She had seen many starve in the street with saiyans walking by not caring at all. But she was a firm believer that as long as there was fight in you then you could survive.

A saiyan behind her chuckled and said, "Just go ahead and jump Tien!"

Bulma's jaw hit the floor with that one. "Tien?" She then looked at the package she had in her hand and realized that it was supposed to be delivered to him. She took a step closer to him and said, "Look! I was supposed to deliver this scouter to you today. This isn't by accident that I'm here. I was meant to be here."

"What to stop me?" He said sadly.

Bulma didn't know if she believed it herself, but she had to try something. "Yes!" She shouted.

Tien looked at her again and shook his head. "Sorry. F4...they can't be stopped." He said right before he leaned forward to fall off the building.

"NO!" Bulma shouted as she leapt toward him and grabbed his non broken arm. Whether it was by a miracle or a pure rush of adrenalin she was able to pull him up on the roof. Tien must have passed out because he wasn't conscious at all.

The saiyans on the roof and down below just shrugged their shoulders and went back to their daily lives. If Tien wasn't dead then he was pretty close.

But what none of them realized was that the foreign guard had recorded the whole thing with his scouter...

The next day the whole universe was talking about alien that saved a fellow alien from committing suicide and how the saiyans around them stood by to do nothing. Even though the saiyans didn't really care about the story, all the foreigners did. Protests were rising up all over and saying how much discrimination goes on and that the Saiyan people want nothing but to enslave everyone.

The Queen who was over the more business side of the Empire was not happy at all.

She slammed her fists down upon her desk, careful not to crack the marble like stone. "My son and his games are going to ruin everything!"

Nappa who was the family's guard and advisor was standing in front of her. "Your highness may I ask why this is such a big deal?"

Cellena raised her eyes to him in fury. "Because Nappa, as much as we like to pretend that we don't need aliens, we have grown too accustomed to them. They make our clothes, they make our furniture, and they build our ships. A table cannot stand without its legs. And if the legs are unstable then the table falls!" She said standing up.

Nappa swallowed his nervousness down. "Well what should we do?"

Cellena crossed her arms and tapped her fingers on her biceps. She hated admitting that she needed aliens but she loved all the things they gave her. Even the outfit she was wearing now was foreign. It was a dress that draped around her body and made her feel like a Queen.

She tapped her scouter and read the reports on the situation again. It never said that her son was behind it, but she knew that he had to be. Nothing happened in that school without his knowing.

"What are people saying about the girl?"

"They are calling her "the alien princess."

"A princess?" Cellena laughed in disbelief. "Whatever for?"

Nappa shrugged his shoulders. "They say that she is royalty for standing up to the 'saiyan bullies'."

Cellena rolled her eyes. The whole concept of bullying was ridiculous. If you couldn't handle it then you didn't deserve to live. But once again she had to do something to make the aliens happy while not upsetting the saiyans.

"How many aliens are at Saiyan high?"

"At the moment your Highness...none."

"Well then, we will make room for one more. Go to her house immediately after you leave here." Cellena said as she sat back down in her chair.

Nappa was confused. "Why do I have to go to her house?"

Cellena looked up at him in annoyance. "Isn't it obvious Nappa? Tomorrow she starts at Saiyan High."

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