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Chapter 29: Honor

Bulma saw the look on her husband's face and knew that dealing with him was going to be harder than turning Kakarot into a Super Saiyan. The last time he gave her that look was when he thought she had used him to get to his father. He felt betrayed. She knew that he would, but for the benefit and survival of everyone on the planet this had to be done.

She also felt confident in their relationship to know that they could come back from this.

When Vegeta felt the power surge he was alarmingly curious and immediately felt the Saiyan urge to seek and fight! He was expecting another attack from Gero, but when he saw his comrade dawning the glory that he should have achieved he felt utter rage. Then he saw his wife…his mate.

She was standing there in awe of her obvious creation. Giving his comrade-no! He would never call Kakarot such a word again! Kakarot knew good and well that the legendary was his royal birthright! Sure, Bardock was a Super Saiyan and he wouldn't have mind if Kakarot would have eventually achieved this power level far down the line at his own pace. NOT like this! Not using his mate!

Kakarot looked back and forth between Vegeta and Bulma then to the other Saiyans in the room that was looking at him in awe. He wanted to enjoy this moment and really take it in, but he was readying himself for Vegeta to-

"Kakarot follow me." Vegeta said flying upward.

Bulma's mouth dropped.

"Hey! You don't want to talk?!" She yelled at her husband, but he was already gone.

Kakarot sighed heavily and flew after Vegeta leaving a very frustrated Bulma behind.

Vegeta didn't fly far and landed at an Oozaru training ground that was unoccupied now. He cracked his neck and then got into a fighting stance. "Come now Kakarot. I must see how far you've gotten before you tire out. You won't last long in this new form."

This was true. Kakarot was getting tired by the second. "Look about Bulma-"

"Do not say her name!" Vegeta yelled. "I have fought my father in his Super Saiyan form for years. I want to see how close you are."

Vegeta ended his sentence by phasing behind Kakarot and attempting to kick him in the back of his head.

Kakarot didn't even feel it.

Vegeta was angered and flipped back. "What are you waiting for? I order you to attack!"

Kakarot was hesitating because he was unsure of his power and did not want to harm the prince and get into even more trouble, but then again, an order is an order. Besides he was curious to test it out himself.

Kakarot then returned the blow and phased behind Vegeta and kicked him in his back knocking him forward.

It was amazing!

Vegeta was trying very hard to throw as many punches and use any and every single dirty trick in the book but Kakarot saw it coming a mile away. Most of it was his new power and the other part was his upgraded instinct.

Vegeta was starting to lose it. Not only was he faster and stronger than him but it was like the fool knew every move he was going to make before he even attempted to do it. By the blows and the speed, he knew he wasn't as strong his father, but he was close…too close.

After attempting another move that Kakarot easily anticipated and countered Vegeta flipped back from him. He was out of breath and in pain all over his body and didn't even make a scratch. This wasn't just a power level achieved, Kakarot was a different fighter completely.

"How are you doing this?"

Kakarot finally powered down and got out of his fighting stance. "Bulma gave me a shot that made my emotions come alive and I guess something with my memories-"

Vegeta's eyes bucked. "She gave you that android's serum?"

"I think it was different. But it unlocked my emotions and I don't know…I had remembered everything. Every fight, every training session, every battle…and-"

Vegeta narrowed his eyes. "You said had. You don't remember them now?"

"No, I guess it wore off, but I don't know. I can't describe it. It's like my body and instincts remember. I knew what you were going to do-"

"Before I even did it." He practically spat. "Blast you Kakarot. You went behind my back and played experiments with my mate. You're just like your halfwit brother."

"Vegeta she was only trying to-"

"Don't talk about my wife! You are a lying, cheating, low life coward! You dare cut corners to get to the legendary? What kind of Saiyan are you? Have you no honor?"

Kakarot was getting offended now. "The intention was to get stronger to defeat Gero. I admit I didn't think it would work but-"

"You still participated. You are no comrade of mine."

Kakarot blinked at that. Normally Vegeta's harsh words just went over his head, but that stung a little. That serum still must be lingering.

He was going to say something else but felt his father coming and sure enough he landed followed by his two brothers. "The King wants to see both of you now."

Vegeta flew back to the palace without another word while they all followed him. Turles couldn't help to ask if it was true, but he didn't respond. If Vegeta was mad there was not telling how the King was going to react…

The Throne Room moments later…


Bulma flinched as she stood next to Vegeta who didn't even look at her since he came into the room and Kakarot was on the other side of her with his head cast down.

The King went on. "I allowed you to listen to my story and make inquires of Bardock-"

Vegeta finally looked at her at that. He had no idea she was interviewing his father and head scientist. He knew she was up to something.

-"I did not tell you to experiment on my people as if they were lab rats! What is wrong with you Earthlings? Experimenting on beings to make them stronger? A fighter fights! That's how he gets strong!"

Bulma gulped at that. "Sire I-"

"I also did not tell you to speak!" Bulma pursed her lips at that. The King then turned his attention to Kakarot. "Can you do it?"

Kakarot nodded.

"Show me. Now."

Kakarot sighed and then gathered his energy within himself then released it allowing his Super Saiyan presence to shine brightly in the dark Throne room.

Saiyans all around the room gasped with disbelief as Vegeta tightened his fists in anger while his father sneered in disgust and jealousy. His brothers, Turles and Raditz smirked with pride wanting nothing more than to pat their brother on the back while their father frowned.

Bardock stepped forward. "Your highness may I speak?" The King nodded. "Bulma I know that you made a different serum and the vials were missing from the lab. Did you inject my son with it?"

Bulma nodded. "I did. It was to unlock his emotions. It was the only way to really test my theory. I was only trying to make him stronger to make all of you stronger."

Vegeta gritted his teeth and bit out. "We don't need, nor do we ask for your help." He said turning back to her again.

Bulma was now furious. "Are you kidding me? After what I just did-"

"Yes after what you just did! Kakarot is supposed to be a warrior!"

"I am a warrior!" Kakarot chimed in but Vegeta went on.

"He is nothing but another one of your science projects without Saiyan pride! Without Saiyan honor!"

"Silence!" The King shouted hearing enough. "I want everyone out of the room except for my son, Bulma, Bardock, and Kakarot." The guards, Turles, Raditz and the Saiyans that had originally accompanied the Prince left out the rom. Once they were all gone the King looked at Bulma once more. "The serum unlocked his emotions you say, what else did it do?"

Bulma was a bit hurt by Vegeta's outburst but went on. "It brought back all of his memories. For a moment he remembered everything in his life and felt it all. Then after that I put him through a realistic simulation to where I made him believe that he was being attacked by Gero…and" She hesitated because saying it out loud just sounded cruel.

"Go on." The King commanded.

She swallowed the lump in her throat. "I made him think that Gero killed his wife and child in front of him. He then lost it and became a Super Saiyan."

The room was silent for a moment until the King spoke softly as if he was worried that someone would hear what he was about to say. "Do the same for Vegeta."

"WHAT?" Vegeta yelled.

Bardock raised an eyebrow, Kakarot scratched the back of his head while Bulma held up her hands in surrender and confusion.

"I'm sorry your majesty, but I don't understand. I thought you were upset for what I did for Kakarot?"

"I am. But I can't have him be a Super Saiyan over my son. That is an even greater offense."

Bardock wanted to roll his eyes so bad. "That is why you had everyone leave the room? You didn't want them to know?"

"Of course."

Vegeta wasn't having it. "Father it is disgraceful!"

"What is disgraceful is that your heritage was stolen…by your own mate."

Bulma winced at that. "I didn't, I mean I didn't mean to make is seem like-"

"You did. There is no 'seem' about it. Vegeta was stronger, had been in more battles, and was the overall better fighter. You single handedly took his birthright. If I had known that you would have been capable of such a thing, I never would have allowed the mating ritual to take place. Tell me, how many other Saiyans would you have made into a Super Saiyan before you would have gotten around to my son?"

Bulma's jaw was trembling with rage. "I went to your son first and had every intention of doing this with him, but he didn't want it!"

Vegeta rolled his eyes. "Do not blame this on me."

"I went to you Vegeta and you turned me away."

Vegeta cracked his neck in annoyance. "Because it is not honorable! Which is why I will not do it-"

"King's oath."

The room fell silent again after the King's order echoed in the room.

Vegeta clenched his fists and shook with silent rage. Bulma licked her suddenly dry lips. "Sire it would not work with Vegeta."

"Why not? If it worked for that fool, then why not my son?"

"Sire I was able to put Kakarot through a fake situation that pushed him over the edge. I can't do that with Vegeta because he would know that it wasn't real."

The King narrowed his eyes. "Well then just give him the serum. Double the dosage."

Bulma's eyes widened. "Sire that doesn't mean that it will-"

"Did you not hear my command?"

"I- yes sire." She said hanging her head.

"Bardock monitor whatever she puts into my son." Bardock nodded then the King turned his attention to Kakarot. "As for you Kakarot you are to get to a tank and be as healthy and fit as possible. Then when you emerge you are to come to my training quarters. I want to see how strong you really are."

Vegeta wanted to explode the whole room.

Not only did he take away his birthright, which was given by his own mate, but he was now going to train privately with his father. He was supposed to reach legendary! He was supposed to have his wife look at him with awe and marvel at his strength. He was supposed to come before his father's throne and tell the tale of how he came into his newfound strength. He was supposed to be the one that would finally stand toe to toe in his father's training room and fight him as an equal.

And it all happened because of his bride.

The last place he wanted to be was in a lab sitting on table while having his wife injecting him with pure shame as she just ripped down everything he had been hoping for.

Bulma didn't really know what to say and was maybe hoping to have a more in-depth conversation with him after the injections. He would remember everything, every moment they shared and perhaps he would be able to see how much she loved him.

Bulma wiped his arm again and gave him the second shot with Bardock overlooking. Bardock was observing his vitals and saw that everything seemed fine, but still didn't want to give him more than two. Clearly there was more to it than just the emotional part of it so there was no point in giving him high dosages especially when you didn't know what all the side effects were going to be.

"Are we done now?" Vegeta said hoping off the table. He quickly regretted it as he almost fell right to the floor. Bardock grabbed his arm and tried to steady him. He started swooning as he grabbed his head and then pushed him back. "Don't touch me! Don't TOUCH ME!" He yelled.

He then looked up and then started to look around. "What?" Where?"

Bulma saw his eyes dancing around the room not just as if he was a scared, but innocently afraid as a child would be. "Vegeta?"

Vegeta snapped his head to Bulma and rubbed his eyes. "I…I was-" His eyes got big and he pushed Bulma out the way. He shook with unease and raised his arms to the wall as he faced off with someone that wasn't there. "Never again! STAY BACK!" He yelled as he blasted a whole through the wall that shook the room causing Bulma to fall. Her worried eyes became saucers as she looked at her husband who was crazily yelling at the hole he just made.

"Don't come any closer!" Vegeta yelled into the large new view that overlooked the city. The blast had left an impact as it destroyed a neighboring tower. Smoke was rising and Bardock could see people flying upward to find the cause.

He had seen enough.

He powered up quickly only to knock Vegeta out and made sure he was out cold as he laid on the ground. Bulma was breathing heavily with worry and went to Vegeta's side as Bardock assessed the damage. "He definitely doesn't need a higher dosage."

Bulma cradled Vegeta's head in her lap and felt awful for him. "We shouldn't have given him two. He wasn't just remembering."

Bardock sighed. "Yea, he was completely immersed in it."

Bulma gave an educated guess of what he was going through. As she recalled the frightened look on his face when he blasted the wall. She knew he was back with Frieza…and she put him there.

"We should probably put him in a tank in case there is any damage. Monitor his brain activity from there. I don't know how the healing fluid is going to react with the serum, but we have little choice in the matter."

Bulma only nodded as Bardock picked up Vegeta and took him into the next room that housed a tank. Once inside Bulma and Bardock were checking Vegeta's vitals and focused on his brain activity.

"Well it looks like the serum and the healing fluid are working at the same time, but it doesn't appear that the serum is waning off."

Bulma groaned with annoyance. "Because the healing liquid is sustaining it."

Bardock nodded. "I thought it might happen. Technically they are both repairing his brain. It doesn't mean that the serum's effects won't go away, but-"

"There's no way to tell how long it will last." Bulma knew that Vegeta wasn't going to like that.

"Good news is he won't be in here for long. Give him 10 minutes." I'll let the king know and will be back before he wakes.

Bulma spent the whole ten minutes pacing the floor not knowing what to expect from her husband once he got out. What kind of emotions would he show to her? Would he hold onto his anger or would he be opened to love? She knew that he was recalling his past, but would he also cling to his present? Was it selfish and naïve on her part to hope that he would just focus on the emotions he has had for her and had been repressing all this time? Of course, it was, and she knew it was, but she didn't want him to be angry with her. She hated that he felt betrayed, but this was the only way…well her idea was the only way. She didn't agree with the 'King's oath' at all.

Meanwhile in Vegeta's Mind

Young Vegeta was hunched in a corner of a cell. He didn't remember the last time he had eaten anything. All he remembered was the pain. He didn't know what happened. One moment it seemed like he was on Freiza's good side then everything changed. He was supposed to be his ward for a short period of time and learn how to rule an empire from his perspective. He had his own luxurious quarters and then the next thing he knew he was passing out every day in a pool of his own blood. Every day someone would come in and give him a different bruise, a different wound, a different broken bone. And every day someone would say that his father was coming tomorrow and that they were just getting him ready.

It had been months.

The liars. All of them. The guards, the ones that tortured him, Freiza and especially his parents. He vowed to never trust anyone. Yes, trust was for weaklings. There is honor but not trust. He had to remember to always suspect betrayal. If someone is trusted, then that someone can hurt you…

Vegeta opened his eyes at that.

The tank beeped and Bardock came back into the room just in time to see the liquid drained from the tank. Vegeta took the mask off as the hatch opened and he stepped out. "Leave us Bardock."

Bardock looked at Bulma and said, "I'll be in the lab."

Bulma nodded and looked back to Vegeta in silence as they both waited for Bardock to leave out. As soon as he did Bulma opened her mouth, "How do you feel-"


Bulma stopped talking and winced as she knew he chose anger.

"I didn't want to do this. I didn't want to go through this. Ever since you gave me those stupid shots, I've just been reliving memories that I have been trying to forget my whole blasted life."

Bulma felt terrible. "Vegeta-"

"I'm not finished! This is your experiment, so I am going to give you the results." He said pointing a steady finger at her. Bulma only nodded sadly knowing that this was not going to end good.

Vegeta walked to a towel rack and started to dry himself. He looked at his wife and sneered as he went on. "The first beating was the worst. You know why it was the worst? Because I thought my father was coming to get me. I thought for sure the great king of the Saiyans was going to hear about it." He finished drying and pulled on some new pants. "That he would hear about what they had done to his heir and would come and rescue me." He chuckled with a hint of insanity and walked over to his wife. He noticed she was standing proud but could sense that unease in her body. He leaned over and whispered, "Instead I got Zarbon." He circled her and continued his story, "He decided to transform into the horrible lizard scum that he is and took his time showing me how long each of his claws were. He had me pinned down with his knee in my chest as he sliced me opened." He stopped in front of her and pointed to a scar on his chest. "This one, the one you were so curious about on the beach."

Bulma winced at that. "Vegeta please, I didn't-"

Vegeta took his hands and cupped her face roughly. "I'm not finished yet." Bulma tried to pry his hands off but he just walked her to the nearest wall and easily caged her. Bulma couldn't believe he was treating her this way. The last time he did was when he lost his memories. She couldn't even talk with how tightly he had her face in his hands.

Vegeta just went on as if nothing out of the ordinary. "Now, the next day wasn't as bad because I didn't think my father would show, I just hoped that he would, but I did expect a beating. Every day, a new beating of a different kind more than likely from a different person."

At this point Bulma had tears streaming down her face. Vegeta didn't let that stop him. "At first, I counted each person, every day, and I wanted to remember them because I wanted to kill every one of them. I made a list you see. Didn't have much else to do. Eventually after day 52 I stopped. I decided to remember the pain instead and focus on getting stronger. And I vowed that I would get stronger and just kill all of them. You see I didn't need to remember their names or who did what to me, because they weren't worthy enough for me to remember them."

He finally let her go and she fell to the floor coughing and sobbing.

Vegeta didn't stop and squatted down in front of her. "Then finally my father did come. And he killed all of them. I didn't even get the chance to kill the ones that did me harm. So, remembering them then especially didn't matter. Just the pain, was all I needed. So that I can overcome it, get stronger so that no one would ever have to hurt me again."

Vegeta then stood up. slowly raised his hand that was shaking in rage and pointed a finger at his mate. "Then you come along and make me relive all of it!"

Bulma shook her head, "I didn't want this for you! I didn't-"

Vegeta had her up against the wall again in a flash lookin mad. "But You DID! I remember every name! Every torture! Every moment in vivid detail! Zarbon, Dadoria, Ginyu, Appule, Cui!-"

Bulma couldn't believe he was manhandling her again! He was saying name after name as she struggled against him. She had never seen him so angry.

"Stop it! Stop it!" She screamed. "You heard the King order me to do this!"

"An order that wouldn't have had to be made if you wouldn't have created the situation!"

"Vegeta please stop!"

"Why?" He shouted back. "Can't take the fact that you broke your promise? Your promise to me? To the man you claimed you loved?"

Bulma looked at him in shock and hurt. "I do love you. I never stopped loving you!"

Vegeta seethed in her face. "You lied to me."

Bulma shook her head in disagreement. "I didn't want to keep secrets from you, but I didn't lie."

"You did! You said…" Vegeta's eyes watered a bit and he blinked it back. "You said you would never hurt me."

Bulma's mouth fell open. "Vegeta I would never mean to hurt you. You know this, I am so sorry that you had to go through that."

"Are you? I heard what you did to Kakarot. Making him think his wife and child was murdered in front of him. Would you have put me in front of Zarbon again? In front of Frieza?"

"No! I wouldn't do that. Vegeta I love you."

"I don't trust you." Vegeta said letting her go and stepping away.

Bulma felt so utterly cold in that moment. That sentence cut her deep and upset her more than anything he had ever done.

"My father and mother gave me to Freiza…. I never thought that you would too." He couldn't help it, but a tear fell from his eyes and he quickly wiped it away.

After seeing Vegeta, Bulma couldn't help but cry more. "I would never send you to Frieza. I didn't want to do this to you. I would die before I would ever let that happened and you know this."

Vegeta looked away. "Yes, you did foolishly step in front of me to protect me and I will give you that. And I know that you care for me, but I still don't trust you. You have conspired behind my back more than once and I am not a fool. You always have had ulterior motives that you have been placing before me."

Bulma shook her head. "That's not-"

Vegeta quickly raised his hand to stop her. "I have done things against my traditions, my culture, my Saiyan nature to accommodate you. And you have been manipulating, scheming, and ultimately betraying everything I thought was worth fighting for. I went against my better judgement and trusted you. What a fool I've been."

"That is not fair! I was willing to go against my own people and beliefs and say I was for purging!

"Because your life was on the line!"

Bulma wanted to pull her hair out. She was so frustrated with his thinking. He was always suspicious and and untrusting, but the serums had clearly made him worse. "Vegeta you have to understand that this isn't what I wanted."

Vegeta just looked at her and crossed his arms. "Well what I want is for you to leave. Bardock can take it from here."

"Are you serious?"


"Fine we can finish our conversation tonight."

"I don't want to see you when I return to my quarters for the evening. Go to your old one's for now." He said as he went to a rack to put on his boots.

Bulma couldn't believe he was being like this. "Vegeta I understand that you are feeling things you probably have never felt before and you don't know how to deal with them. But please don't shut me out."

Vegeta spoke over his shoulders. "You understand nothing. I can't even look at you right now." He said as he angrily kicked the rack over.

Bulma only nodded as she turned away and left out the room. She went back into the lab and raised her hands in surrender. "Bardock he is all yours. " She said before leaving out.

Bardock sighed and went to Vegeta. He wasn't about to have a heart to heart with him, so they were going to stick to science. "Let's get you in a training room and monitor your fighting skills."

Vegeta nodded and followed Bardock out. He should have been thrilled to pummel someone into the ground, but all he could think about was Bulma. Was she plotting again? She left out of here in such a hurry. Did she say something to Bardock? Was he in on something? Were they even going to a training area?

Usually he wasn't this cautious and assumed it could be a side effect of the serum, but he couldn't help but wonder what was going to happen next?

Later In Bulma's old family quarters…

Mrs. Breifs was patting her daughter's shoulders as she cried into her pillows. "It's going to be fine dear. It will out turn out, you will see."

"You don't get it mom. His emotions are off the charts, but they are going in the wrong direction."

"Well maybe the direction will turn, and he will fall in love with you deeper than you ever could imagine."

"Mom he is totally paranoid. Instead of love he is clinging to fear, anger, and anything else that would push me away. I messed up so bad. He thinks I'm the cause of everything wrong. If we weren't mated in his culture I don't know if…I don't know if he would ever talk to me again."

"Oh Honey Vegeta loves you. He will come around."

"How do you know?" Bulma asked finally looking at her mother and not at her mascara stained pillow.

"Because love always finds a way. Now, you know what you need?"

Bulma shook her head 'no'.

"You need a cup of hot chocolate along with a delicious pastry." She said kissing the top of her forehead.

Bulma lightly chuckled. "Thanks mom." She watched her mom smile and leave the room. Bulma wasn't in the mood to eat anything. All she wanted to do was find Vegeta and talk through all of this, but she couldn't. Not while he was in this state of mind. She didn't know how she could get him to see that everything she did was because she loved him.

She didn't want to spend all day crying into her pillow that was for sure. So, she got up and went to her bathroom and washed all the day's tears off of her face. She went back to her bed and pulled up her scouter. Since Vegeta was sharing his feelings she was going to share hers.

"Hi Vegeta. I know that you don't want to see me or talk to me, but I just want you to know that everything I have done is because I love you. I love you so much that all I want to do is help you and protect you. And I know that you think that you are the only one that does the protecting, but I love you too much to not try. I hope that you can understand that one day."

"Awe that's sweet."

Bulma whipped her head around to the intruding voice but was met with a blunt force and then everything went black.


Vegeta was finally able to enjoy himself as he was giving to Kakarot what he had given to him earlier. Every move, every fight was in the forefront of his mind. He was pulling tricks that he had seen and had completely forgotten. Sure, Kakarot could anticipate his original moves but not the ones he was currently doing.

After a few more maneuvers Vegeta had seen enough. "Alright, transform Kakarot. I want to try this again."

It had been a long day and Kakarot really wanted to rest and eat but the royals weren't having it. The King was impressed with his transformation and skills, but was also a bit intimidated. He wasn't satisfied until he ended back in a tank. As soon as he was able to get out of it, Vegeta was waiting.

He would give anything for a buffet right now.

With a sigh he started to power up but stopped when everyone's scouter started going off.

They all clicked their scouters to read the alert.

'Attack in the Briefs Quarters'

Vegeta immediately looked panicked and left as fast as he could with Kakarot and Bardock on his tail. Turles was already there awkwardly holding a crying Mrs. Briefs.

"What happened?" Vegeta asked.

"They took my daughter."

"What do you mean they took her."

Raditz emerged from Bulma's bedroom and tossed her scouter to Vegeta who caught it in one hand and played a recorded message that was already paused.

"Hi Vegeta. I know that you don't want to see me or talk to me, but I just want you to know that everything I have done is because I love you. I love you so much that all I want to do is help you and protect you. And I know that you think that you are the only one that does the protecting, but I love you too much to not try. I hope that you can understand that one day."

"Awe that's sweet."

Bulma looked behind her and was knocked out by 17 as he came into view. He then picked up the scouter and smirked into it. "You have my sister; I have your wife. Tell her to leave the palace and go into the city. We will find her and once we do, maybe we won't execute your wife for treason."

That was the end of the recording. Vegeta held the scouter in his hands as if he was looking for another answer. "How did this happen? How did he get close enough to her?"

Turles knew this was going to come back to him, after all he was supposed to be her guard. "This area wasn't as secure as your quarters or were the prisoners are. It was easier for the android to get by.

"So that's your excuse for not doing your job!" Vegeta yelled as he threw the scouter.

Turles was ashamed but he wasn't going to let that stop him from defending himself. "I didn't know she was coming here, I thought she was going to sleep in her own quarters. She hasn't slept here since she's been married to you."

Guilt slammed into Vegeta at that. He had pushed her away and right into the arms of his enemy. But he knew that he didn't have time to dwell on these distracting feelings. He glared at Turles and said, "It's your job to know where she is at all times and protect her. No go find my wife."

Author's Note: A lot of emotions. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed typing it. It's always fun to delve into the mysterious hidden layers of Vegeta. He's such a complex character and definitely my favorite anime character. Please leave a comment. Thank you!