This is clearly an Fem!Harry fic, so if you don`t like it you can just read another story.

I don`t do canon! So if Jamille is diffrent from Harry, you have been warned!
Most characters is going to be OOC...

I named "Harry" Jamille because it sounds a little like James and it means "Beautiful", Lily is after her mother and means "Purity and Beauty".

As the title says - Jamille is gonna be the heiress of Hogwarts, meaning she is the heir of all the founders.

Dumbledor is Manipulative, cruel, powersick and Gay in this story. (No offense to gays, I just think Dumbledor had something going with Grindewald)

I don`t gonna do the "Dumbdork leaves baby on the doorstep" chapter... We all know it by heart anyway :P

Jamille Lily Potter`s POV:

I was completly silent as I saw the body laying on the floor. My Mama. I looked her sprawled out body, than her hands which was spread out on the floor like shielding it.

Her emerald green eyes were wide open. Why were they open? She was sleeping, so why was her eyes open?

I tore my gaze away from her and stared accusingly at the pale, dark haired man before my crib.

He looked hungrily down at me while laughing the most high-pitched, evil laugh my poor baby ears ever had the unfortunate fate to hear. I placed my pudgy, baby hands over my ears as I glared at the man who got my Mama to sleep.

He stopped laughing and said something.

He pointed his stick at me like he did to Mama.
I took my hands away from my ears right as he said, "Avada Kedavra!"

There was a bright emerald green light, which had the same color as my Mamas eyes. I shrieked as the light struck my forehead as everything around me exploded.

After a while the pain subsided and I looked around seeing that the creepy man was gone - and so was half the wall and ceiling. My Mama still sleeped on the ground.

"MAMA!", I called to wake her. She woulden`t wake up!

"MAMA!", I called again without luck.
Why wouldn`t she wake up?
"DADA!" I screamed for Dada to come wake Mama up. I couldn`t hear Dada walk up the stair - in fact I couldn`t hear anything...

"DADA!... PA`FOOT... PADDY, IOURUS... M`OONY, IMEUS... DADA!... AOUNTY `LICE?, UCLE F`ANK. N`VILLE... AOUNTY M`RLENEEEE!... GAM`PA, GAM`MA!... DADA! MAMA!", I called out for every person I knew, except Wormy... I didn`t like him, he gave of the same evil feeling as the creepy man.

Nobody came.
I shrieked so my throat burnt and the tears gushed down my cheeks.

After a while I lost my hope that anybody would come or that Mama would ever wake up and began to sob.
My throat, nose and eyes hurt, nobody come when I call and my head hurts.

I was almost asleep again when I heard the door open.

I listened intently on the faint footsteps downstairs.

"MERLIN!... NO. No, no, no - PRONGS...", The person which I figured was a man began to sob.
"James, I-I-I`m so so-s-sorry, h-how could w-w-worm-t-tail... Prongs!"
I knew that voice.

"PA`FOOT, PADDY, IOURUS, PA`FOOT!", I screamed at the top of my already demaged lungs.

I heard him walk slowly up the stairs and my hope rose.


The fotsteps ran towards my nursery.

"IOURUS, PA`FOOT, PA`FOOT"- I stopped screaming as he walked into the nursery.

He stod still in the doorway and locked eyes with me.
His stormey grey-blue eyes was red and puffy and he had tear tracks down his sorrow-struck face.

"Jamille", He let out a breath.

He took a step towards me, but stopped and locked at Mama.

"Lily!", He sobbed silently, before tearing his eyes away from her and walking over to my crib.

I held up my arms as he looked down at me.

"UP!", I demanded hoarsley.
He lifted me from my crib and held me thight against his chest his face planted in my messy, black hair.

I somehow understood that I wouldn`t come home at some time.

"P`ongs, Moonie and Paddy!", I asked him and pointed strictly to my plush stag, wolf and dog.
Always when I was with Padfoot he took my stuffed animals with him in an little green scaly bag he had around his neck. He gave them to me if I couldn`t sleep or if I was crying. He had other things in his moke-skin bag too.

He shrunked my plushies as ordered before placing them inside his bag.

"You survived. You are alive.", His voice shaked a little, "It`s okay, I`m gonna keep you safe. Peter is gonna regret the day he betrayed the marauders, I promise", He said in an soothing voice, "Remus wasn`t the traitor... Moony is innocent! I`m so, so sorry... to all of you!",

I stared at Padfoot as he ranted about how sorry he was.

"Pa`foot?", I asked as i tugged at his long, shiny black hair.

"Huh?", He looked down at me.

I locked my eyes in his as I said, "No Sorry, Pa`foot not sorry - Cre-epie man sorry",

He paled as he locked down at me, "Youre right, it is the creepy mans fault. Both Voldemort and Peter`s fault. But if it wasn`t for me it wouldn`t happen!", He told me angrily.

He opened the door and walked toward his big, black motorcycle.

"No Pa`foot faou-elt", I told him seriously.

He smiled down at me through his tears.

"Thanks, Kiddo!", He whispered.

"Where Dada an Moony?", I asked him.

Before he could answer there was a popping sound and an huge, hairy man stood ten meters from us.

I stared at him before looking up at Padfoot.

"Who dat?", I asked him.

"Haggrid", Padfoot answered while I stared at the giant man.

`Haggrid` come over to us.

"James an` Lily,",- He began but Padfoot stopped him.

"Dead", said Padfoot, his voice laced with heartbreaking grief.

"An Lil `Amille here?", He asked.

"She is okay, except a cut on her forehead. What are you doing here?", Padfoot asked suspiciously.

"Erm...", Haggrid sounded nervous, "Dumbl`or told me ta take littl `Amille te `er Aunt!", He grumbled.

"WHAT!", Padfoot shouted, "I`m her godfather - her parents are dead! She is my responsibility. Dumbledoor has NO RIGHT to take her! She needs me!",

"Won`t it be better if `er could go te `er famile?", Haggrid asked.

"NO!", Padfoot exclaimed.

"Sirius, I `ave ter take`er ter `er aunt!", Haggrid said, "It was Dumbl`ors orders!",

I stared at Haggrid, finally able to understand what they were talking about.

"NOOOOO, BE WITH PA`FOOT. NOT LEAVE PA`FOOT!", I cried out in panic.

Padfoot took of his moke-bag necklace and hang it shakily around my head.

"Take my bike and get her to safety, Haggrid", he said as he handed me over.


"Padfoot, don`t leave me!", I whispered as I opened my eyes.
I rubbed away the tears with the back of my hand.

I had relived that exact dream countless times.

The man, Padfoot - he always gives me over to Haggrid and leave me.
My aunt once said my parents died in a car crash, but another time she said they died by overdose of drugs. She has also told me they were killed by mafia.

But they couldn`t die three times...

That dream - it must`ve be a memory. I`m almost certain it is the memory of my parents death... But why did the man have a stick? And why did it come green light out of said stick?

One answer - Magic.

Padfoot shrunk my plushies - Magic.

The man killed my mother with a stick - Magic.

I had dreams of flying on a bike, the bike - Magic.

I dreamed my dad telling jokes to Monny because he`s a werwolf - Magic.

What is the word that is forbidden in the Dursleys house - Magic.

It`s the only option - Magic.

But I know that can`t be true - Magic dosn`t exist!
If Padfoot and Moony realy did exist they would have rescued me from the Dursleys already, or at least they would have sent me letters!
Heck, Padfoot was my bloody godfather!
If that dream was real, my mother died when the man shot the green light at her, but I did not die when he shot it at me.

But I still hoped that it was true, that magic is real.

I touched the bag I had around my neck.
The necklace Padfoot (or Sirius) gave me.
I tried yet again to open the little bag, but it wouldn`t bunch.

How come I have the necklace, if the dreams wasn`t real?


My pig of a cousin, Dudley, ran (or walked faster than usual, since he almost never ran) down the stairs.
The dust and spiders didn`t fall at my head, something which just somehow stopped to happen when I was six years old.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DINKYKINS!", Aunt Petunia called to him from the living room.

"HEY, GIRL - MAKE SOME BACON, EGG AND TEA!", She shrieked as she knocked on the door to my cupboard.
I groaned stood up from the floor which, as my adoring uncle once said, is the best bed a freak as me could hope to wish for.

Looking through the clothes on the floor I picked the T-shirt (plain black with the word: Gameover) which smelled less sweat and picked a green knee shorts from the one tray I had in my cupboard. The clothes was old, at least 3 years, so they were only two and a half times my size.

I picked up the rope I used as a belt from the floor and tucked it inside the belt holes and knotted it.

I walked out of the cupboard and towards the toilet.

"Where are you going, girl!", Grunted Uncle Vernon.

"The toilet", I answered

"Hmph, be quick, you shouldn`t even be allowed to use the toilet!", He called after me.

"Yeah, of course - Because I can totaly decide whether I must pee or not!", I grumbled to myself.

I locked the lock without eve touching at it.

After I was finished with washing my hands I locked in the mirror.

My emerald green eyes going over my pale complexion, the long, raven-black, birds nest l call hair, my meager frame and lastly my lightning bolt scar.

I thouched my scar, it was the place the green light struck in my dream - at the right side of my forehead. The scar was red and sore from the dream. I turned on the sink and stuck my head under the water. It was refreshing and my scar started to go back to the nomal guffy green color.

"HURRY UP, GIRL", shrieked my Aunt Petunia. She sounded like a horse that had a parrot stuck up it`s throat.

"COMMING", I called back.

I looked back at the mirror and decided I didn`t bother to brush my hair, it wouldn`t do any good anyway.a

My hair always had that spikey outsticking form, no matter what was done to it.


"WHAT, BUT THAT IS TWO LESS PRESENTS THEN LAST YEAR!", Dudly threw a temper tantrum over his presents.

I rooled my eyes and ate my toast before my relative changed their mind about giving me food.

When I finished eating my toast I snuck out of the kitchen before Dudley saw a potentional punching bag to let out his anger on, the idiot.

I was on good to the front door when I heard Uncle Vernon call: "GIRL, GET IN HERE!", I sighed and looked wistfully at the door, I wanted to go to the forest and explore...

"Comming, Uncle!", I said as I walked back to the kitchen.

"Mrs. Figgs have broken her leg and nobody else can look after you. We can`t let you be on the streets since it would be suspicious if all the pepole who normaly looks after you is sick or on vacation. You are to come with us to the zoo!", Aunt Petunia said with a sigh.

I stared at her - I would see a zoo! I had never been at a zoo before, the Dursleys never took me with them when they did `Family trips`. When I thought about it I have never been anywhere except the cupboard, nr.4 privet drive, the school, Mrs. Figg`s, the forest or on the street.

When the Dursleys were on vacation that lasted longer than a day, they would drop me at the street until they come home. The longest I have been at the street is 2 moths, when the Dursleys was in Italy on visit to some relative of Uncle Vernon.

I liked to be at the street, I could do what I wanted and be free!
I even made a friend/partner once. His name was Felix Crispin, he was an orphan and lived on the street. He had elfish features, curly, dark brown hair, mischievous, dark blue eyes and a ever-lasting grin. He was middle height and slim, with small hands and feets.

He was my best and only friend. But when I was nine he was adopted against his will, and I`ve never seen him since...

I nodded to aunt Petunia, "Okay!", I said while keeping my face indiffrent, cause that was the only way to guarantee that the Dursleys would`t do anything nasty...