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So, first chapter of Book 2: A so totally original way to kick off the 6thAngel Battle and the introduction of Asuka, and how I think she would react to Shinji Curved Blade.

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Personally, I think Peter Weyland (played by Guy Pearce) would fit in this story well enough. And Prometheus is officially part of the Alien canon. For those who didn't like Prometheus, rest assured: The existence of the Engineers will be referenced, but they will not be making an actual appearance.

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He was a killer, a thing that preyed, living on the things that lived, unaided, alone, by virtue of his own strength and prowess, surviving triumphantly in a hostile environment where only the strong survive.
- Jack London, The Call of the Wild

As he trekked across the plateau away from the cave where he, his mother and her latest apprentice lived, Shinji Curved Blade felt himself continue to become used to the weight of the standard Yautja light armor suited for those Hunters who relied more on speed then on brute strength, such is the case for the ooman convert of about fourteen standard Earth years. Though his years of training have enabled him to develop a considerable amount of muscle on his formerly frail body, Curved Blade knew he wouldn't be able to physically match anything that wasn't ooman; namely the xenomorphs. He would have to rely more on his weaponry, including the nodachi he had sheathed on his back.

And his mothers' ancestors blessing; the sole reason why he made the trek about a mile away from the Hunter's settlement upon this world of desert and rock, to ask for guidance for his upcoming Kainde Amedha Chiva about to take place on, as if fate had decided to continue tormenting him, Earth. Shinji sighed into his bio mask.

He brightened up a bit when he saw the grave marker stone up ahead, lying seemingly beneath the setting sun. The grave of Gaun-ThweiNight Blood.


Or more accurately, the site where he had taken his own life a few weeks after Gaun had been born. The Young Blood could not live with the shame of being used as an item of pleasure by so-called Super Predators of the Bad Blood clan known as the Sinister Eye. He had been deemed a pariah for allowing a female to rape him and to refer to it as such. Shinji grimaced, such double standards sickened him.

He stood before the stone marker carved into a shape of a pyramid, bearing the name Gaun-Thwei – Night Blood – carved upon it. Shinji prostrated before the marker, taking his mask off and placing it to his left side. He bowed his head.

"Na'tauk, Gaun-Thwei. Thar'n-da s' yin'tekai," Shinji greeted the marker. "What you lived by, how Mother lives by, and how I live by."

He then became silent, now kneeling before the marker with his hands resting on his legs.

"Your daughter, my Mother," Shinji begun. "She sent me here to ask for your guidance towards my chiva that's going to take place…on Earth, where I came from and where…"

He sighed and looked away slightly.

"I hoped never to return. Because…bad things happened to me, and I don't think I'd be able to handle them if they decide to catch up with me. I only hope…"

He smiled lightly.

"…I've proven myself worthy of becoming part of your legacy. There were the Predators that came before you, then you, then Mother, now me. I know Mother never gave birth to me, that she found me on the planet I hoped never to return to. I know I look ooman…"

He then frowned.

"…but I am Predator. I have not been ooman for a long time, there is nothing left for me as a ooman; only one final loose end to cut and the High Elder will declare me worthy of bearing the clan mark on my flesh. If you believe I carry on your legacy, then I ask for your spirit to watch over me and guide my blades against both Kainde and Pyode Amedha."

Silence followed, Shinji kneeling there quietly; the arid winds of the planet blowing past them. He then smiled again.

"Mother, your daughter…she's a wonderful person. You'd be proud of her…"

He then suddenly heard someone snort in contempt from behind him…

"Yeah, he sure would…"

…followed by him recognizing that voice. His smile faded and he looked over his shoulder, glowering at those three Yautja Unblood bullies – Kur, Ty'rae and S'yvar - the same age as him yet now fully grown. And each of them armored and carrying an arsenal, obviously ready for the upcoming Chiva to take place on Earth. But not before they finally got rid of what they considered a grave mistake.

Namely, Shinji Curved Blade.

"…a disgrace of a Predator that let himself get 'raped' by a female," Kur continued mockingly, exhibiting double standards much to Shinji's bewilderment. "And his half-breed offspring!"

Shinji felt his left eye twitch when he heard them disgrace his grandfather, and stood up to face them, the bully trio extended wristblades and fixed targeting lasers on him. The smaller ooman Predator stood his ground, but didn't stop glaring at them.

"Why are you here?"

Kur growled, "Besides stopping our way of life from being tainted by the ooman c'jit you've pulled on the clan, you owe me an EYE…"

"And one of my BALLS!" Sy'var exclaimed. "The Healers say my line has officially ended!"

Shinji gritted his teeth. How dare these three moan about the pain he inflicted upon them when they were about inflict much worse on him? He then saw that Ty'rae was quiet.

"Do you have anything to say to me?" Shinji asked the Yautja in question.

Startled that the ooman was addressing him now, Ty'rae kept silent.

"What did I ever do to you?" Shinji was morose now. "To any of you?"

He lowered his head, and stared up at them through his bangs.

"Is my existence that bad to you?

Kur scoffed, "Heh….if you were only just the half-breed's stud we wouldn't give a pauk about your worthless Pyode existence…"

Shinji's eye twitched when he heard his Mother being referred to as a half-breed.

"…but since you've actually been given a NAME," Sy'var continued as Kur was now growling with barely contained rage. "And all the Older ones pay you attention that should be ours because you've accomplished as much as you have."

"You…you're jealous because you think I'm better than you?" Shinji was flabbergasted.

Kur screamed and punched him across the face, knocking him down. The much bigger Yautja towered above Shinji, before turning towards the grave marker. Shinji felt his breath catch in his throat when Kur's targeter than aimed down at it and his plasma caster charged.

"NO!" Shinji cried, panicking and stretching his arm forward. "DON'T…!"

He covered his eyes with his left arm to shield them from the glare as Kur's plasma destroyed the late Gaun'Thwei's grave marker. Shinji lowered his arm and was horrified seeing his Mother's Father's grave defiled so heartlessly. Kur turned to Shinji, wristblade primed.

Feeling tears well in his eyes, Shinji was shaking with rage as he looked up at Kur.

"You fucking ooman scum!" Kur growled. "No fucking ooman scum gets to be better than me…!"

Shinji's right arm was too fast for Kur's eyes to track as it went for his nodachi's scabbard, drawing the oversized blade as he tore it off his back…


Neon Genesis: Lord of Star Demons II :: Destroyer

新世紀エヴァンゲリオン: 主悪霊スター II :: 破壊者

(Shin Seiki: Joutei no Yokai Hoshi II :: Hakaisha)


Chapter 1 – Descent

A Month and a Half Later…

United Nations Pacific Fleet,
Transport Frigate

Approaching New Yokosuka coast…

Her time had finally come. Almost ten years in the making, she had finally been called upon to fulfill her destiny: To pilot Evangelion; to save the world. Years of hard work, toil, sacrifice and training becoming what she was born to be, and that was Savior of Humanity. Only one more thing stood in her way:

Shinji Kasumi, the pilot of Evangelion Unit One, the Third Child; He who had stolen her right to draw first blood in humanity's war against the Angels. Whoever this dummkopf was, she would show him how to REALLY pilot Evangelion. And if it meant knocking him down a few pegs so be it, she would show him.

In her private suite on board the massive aircraft carrier, Asuka Langley Sohryu – the Second Child, age 14, smirked as she modeled her newly designed plugsuit in front of the mirror and how it accentuated her busty adolescent figure, further enhanced by her fiery copper tinted auburn hair, blue eyes and European appearance in general. Her Interface Headset held her hair together; giving her a rather unique appearance overall.

Back in NERV-03 Germany they said he's a natural.

She turned her back to the mirror, looking over her shoulder at her reflection.

Perfect synch ratio…

She then put her hands on her hips, still smiling.

…pilots EVA almost flawlessly…

It then faded.

…raised by savages, or aliens – ALIENS- depending on the idiot telling the story, and built like a brick house! A real Übermensch – perfect candidate for Project E.

Asuka then frowned intensely, stepping away from the mirror and reaching for her suits depressurization button on her wrist.

So the schwein in Japan don't really need me, do they?

She shook her head, and growled, "No! Of course they need me!"

Asuka stared at herself in her bathroom mirror, frowning and appearing very unhappy. Not liking how her reflection looked she quickly smiled again, self-confidence returning to her.

They need me to show this idiot feral Third Child how their Number 1 pilot really handles an EVA.

Her cellphone then rang, the ringtone being the main hook from Rudimental's Not Giving In disturbing the silence she perceived as serenity. She scrunched her face up in a grimace when she guessed who the caller was, and decided to just let him hang up. Instead however the call was transferred to the answering program and the automated messaged played…

Hallo, Asuka Langley Sohryu's telefon. Nicht hier im moment, bitte mir eine Nachricht hinterlassen und ich werde zurück an Sie so bald wie ich kann. Auf Wiedersehen.



Asuka felt bitter…


…as she listened to him.

Asuka, I know you're there. Please pickup; it's important.

She looked over her shoulder towards the phone situated next to her bunk, the last time she had heard him say please to her was when she was a toddler.

look, I'm still working for Weyland-Yut…sorry…WEYLAND Corporation, and we're gonna be seeing each other sometime, there's no avoiding that. Just…just call me back, ok? Alan Langley Garber continued, tiredly. Look after yourself ok?

Asuka stepped over towards her phone and picked it up, contemplating pushing the talk button until

I…I love you…

Asuka's eyes widened at that declaration. She then looked bitter even more so before pressing CANCEL and dropping the phone onto her bed.

"Liar," Asuka whispered, a mix of contempt and sadness in her voice.

Suddenly klaxons sounded off through the ship, followed by the intercom blaring.


Asuka's eyes lit up in anticipation.


She then grinned.

About time!


Hunter Curved Blade, ooman name 'Shinji Kasumi', sat in the cockpit area of the entry plug, eyes closed and arms crossed as he quietly napped, the slight vibrations of being in transit not disturbing him in the slightest. He had been within the entry plug for about fifteen minutes, having become bored the first five minutes, and had been dozing for ten minutes after that.

A beeping was heard within the plug, followed by…


…Misato's voice.

You awake?

He opened his eyes slowly, expected to be see a holographically projected image of his superior officer/designated mate Misato Katsuragi, only to just see the other end of the plug. He sighed in quiet resignation.

"I am now."

What?! Ah…damn, Misato cursed from her end. Getting static on my end. Vidscreens still not working? I thought the techies said they got rid of all the bugs.

Shinji smiled, "Doesn't matter. I can still hear you."

There was silence over the com.

Wow, Misato sounded pleasant on the other end. Very romantic thing to say to me, Shin-chan.


Shinji's smile faded when Toji blurted out over the end as well, befuddling him.

Shouldn't give anyone hints I'm…'courting' Misato.

"Don't tease me, Misato," Shinji suddenly growled, hoping to throw Toji off.

Heh...you're too easy, Shinji, Misato replied. And you're still acting so repressed.

Damn right! Toji interrupted cheekily. You ignore all the stares the girls give you at school, Space-Man. What gives?

Shinji was unamused, "WHAT is he doing there with you?"

Moral support, Toji lowered the octave of his voice. Me, Ken and Rei thought you could use some cheering on when you start being badass again.

And I brought my camera as well! Kensuke said excitedly. We're gonna go see a real navy fleet! A REAL navy fleet.


I'm here, Shinji-san, Shinji felt relieved in hearing his fellow pilot's voice. Captain Katsuragi insisted I come with her, Aida and Suzuhara begged me to take them along as well.

For support, Ayanami, Toji sounded hushed. Just for support!

Shinji pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes, "Misato…why?"

Misato chuckled nervously, Relax…Shinji. We'll start our approach towards the fleet once the Angel, assuming it appears, is dealt with.

Shinji leaned forward from his seat and cracked his neck, "How does NERV know where an Angel is gonna strike next, anyway?"

Suddenly a holographic screen of Ritsuko Akagi appeared before Shinji. The Boy Predator repressed glaring at the doctor, who nonetheless stared back coldly at him.

Great…they finally fix the holo-screens during transit and I have to stare at her?!

MAGI predicts a 75% chance that EVA-02 in transit towards mainland Japan willface immediate attack, Pilot Kasumi, Ritsuko explained, methodically. And the more sound way to counter it will be to deploy EVA-01 alongside EVA-02, who will be piloted by the Second Child…

Shinji pursed his lips.

Still no reason given why she wasn't deployed here at the very start…like in case I decided not to pilot this piece of c'jit machine.

are you listening, Kasumi-san?

"Yes," Shinji replied. "Is making sure the fleet survives the only objective?"

Ritsuko was silent, before replying with cold indifference, You should just do what we tell you and pilot EVA. Don't ask…questions."

Shinji frowned and snarked, "Why?"

Because you're just a child. Leave the strategic thinking to the adults…

He could tell Ritsuko didn't enjoy the idea of working directly with the pilot during the logistics/planning phase of a mission. Shinji bared his neck and pointed at his clan marking, "I am an adult."

Ritsuko groaned, already exasperated, Only amongst those…

A second holo-screen, which was only static, appeared alongside Ritsuko's.

Getting back to the mission, Misato interrupted their brewing argument. You'll do a flyby over the UN Fleet, and if they're under attack by the Angel you'll drop in and neutralise it. If you fall into the ocean, your C-Type Configuration should automatically bring you back up to the surface.

Shinji remembered that EVA-01 had been fitted with the C-Type Configuration, designed for use in an aquatic environment. It was essentially a buoyancy aid that resembled a black vest with a reflective stripe that EVA-01 wore across his chest plating, where in the event that it would find itself within a certain depth of water it would expand, lift EVA-01 and keep it above water.

Good to be prepared.

"Asuka?" Shinji asked. "You mentioned her once."

yeah, Misato continued sounding awkward. Listen, could you do me a small favor?


Ritsuko looked like she was ready to roll her eyes.

Asuka is…different. Whatever she says or does to you, don't take it personally, ok?

"Ok," Shinji replied, unsure.

Suddenly RED ALERT blared across both holo-screens.


Misato's holoscreen cleared up to reveal a determined looking Misato wearing a beret sitting in the interior cabin of a VTOL transport, holding the receiver to her ear.

That's your cue Curved Blade, Misato cried, then smirked dangerously. Kick its ass, will you?!

Shinji nodded, before both holoscreens flickered off. Shinji reached to the side of his sea and pulled his Predator biomask. He put it on and took a deep breath as the entry plug filled with LCL.


High above the ocean approaching the UN Fleet the flying-wing designed EVA transport picked up speed as it approached the UN Fleet in the distance, and the smoke rising from it as one of its cruisers slowly went down. EVA-01 emerged from the exit compartment underneath it, hands automatically gripping the handles to the sides, holding itself steady as the entry plug inserted itself into EVA-01.

Inside, Shinji gripped the control reins tightly.


Shinji cracked his neck and sighed…

I'm ready.


Through his binoculars the Admiral of the UN Fleet watched the Tempest sink amidst flames dancing on the water. From the moment he was given the order to escort Evangelion Unit-02 from Hamburg to Tokyo-03 he knew he would be in for something very heavy. And NERV was nowhere to be found.

"Those egghead sons-of-bitches promised backup if we ran into trouble on the way here," he growled as he turned his vision towards the rear transport ship ferrying EVA-02, the unit itself lying beneath covers. "Is that damn robot prepped yet?"

JA! Hold your horses! Asuka exclaimed irritably over the com. Powering up now!

The Admiral felt his breath caught in his throat when the unidentified sea-based target changed and headed towards the transport.


Amidst the transport exploding as the target struck its starboard side, a gigantic 120 foot tall red-colored, large finned, quadrupled eyed cybernetic bio-weapon leapt up and off it, temporarily blocking out the sun as it dropped down onto the next ship. It followed up by leaping onto another ship, then another, then finally onto the aircraft carrier.

Inside EVA-02's entry plug, Asuka smirked as she no doubt got the Angel's attention. The compartment in EVA-02's left fin opened up and she drew her Mark 2 Progressive Blade. She then got into a fighting stance, blade at the ready.

"Come on, come on…" she muttered, excitedly. "I don't have all day!"

Asuka? the holo image of Misato appeared.

Grinning, Asuka nodded, "Misato? Picked the best time to come to see me show off how much of an ace I am!"

Misato chuckled, Heh…sorry we're keeping a safe distance until you and Shinji take care of the Angel?

"What?" Asuka's smile faded.

EVA-01 is gonna be dropping from the sky any second now, Misato explained, sounding serious. Trust me, you'll want Shinji's help.

"No way!" Asuka exclaimed, her voice slowly starting to drip with spite. "You can tell your 'Übermensch to stay up there and watch how a real pilot fights Angels!"

She could see the Angel's 'fins' emerge from the water as it jetted towards the aircraft carrier. She checked her countdown time: Four minutes and ten seconds…

'I really don't need that long,' Asuka thought arrogantly.

Then Gaghiel, the Sixth Angel, leapt up from the sea; revealing itself a massive body of fins and sharp teeth, its mouth opened and snapped shut over EVA-02's hands, catching Asuka off guard…

"Wha…? HEY!"

…a quick twist of it's head forced Asuka/EVA-02 off the flight deck and sent them both plummeting into the sea. Asuka gritted her teeth as EVA-02 managed to pull its right hand out, the one that held the Prog blade, and began stabbing the Angel in what she perceived as its face, feeling pain shoot up her left arm as Gaghiel bit into it.

"ShieBe!" she exclaimed, "LET GO OF ME, YOU MUTANT FISH FREAK!"

ASUKA! Misato cried. SHINJI! DROP NOW!



Shinji couldn't stop himself from glowering as this Asuka Langley Sohryu, pilot of Evangelion Unit Zero Two argued with Misato.


The restraints holding EVA-01 to the carrier disengaged and the EVA descended down towards the fleet, and where the red Evangelion had disappeared beneath the water. EVA-01's left shoulder fin opened and he drew his own Prog blade just as he was about to hit the water. And once he found himself beneath the waves he could see the aquatic based Angel with the red EVA.


Asuka's pained face appeared on one of the holo-screens, sweat running down the side of her face and biting her lip as if to keep from screaming. EVA-01 plunged its prog blade into Gaghiel just above Asuka's knife…


…forcing the Angel's jaws open and releasing EVA-02. Inside, Asuka breathed a sigh of relief that the pain stopped, right before she silently begun to panic that she was underwater where the Evangelion was largely inoperable, and with the much praised Übermensch that just saved her life. In her book that made her look incompetent as a pilot.

"I said I didn't need any help!" Asuka cried just as Shinji's image appeared. "You…"

She words stopped dead when saw the Third Child was wearing some kind of steel mask.

"What the hell are…?" Asuka cried as the Third Child's holo-image flickered into view.

She was silenced when he bowed his head towards her, as if glowering and for a moment making her feel very small, as if standing before a giant. Before she could react to being frowned upon, he then loudly ordered her to…


…and Asuka instinctively willed EVA-02 to extend its hand and grab EVA-01's without question, once again drawing her confusion, not to mention ire. She felt her breath catch in her throat when she saw the Angel bearing down on them, jaws opening and ready to snatch her once again. Her eyes widened…

"Third?" she said quietly, before shouting. "THIRD?!"


ACTIVATE C-TYPE EQUIPMENT NOW! Asuka recognized the shout belonging to Dr. Ritsuko Akagi of NERV's R & D.

Lights on the 'vest' EVA-01 wore suddenly flashed and it immediately ejected grey-colored spheres that quickly expanded in size. This served to act as ballasts that immediately brought both EVAs back up to the surface, Gaghiel snapping at EVA-02's heels. Just when they were about to hit the surface EVA-01 gripped EVA-02's hand tightly, Asuka sensing the feedback in her right hand.

"Hey, what are you…GAH!"

The resulting G-Forces of being lifted and thrown up and out of the water by EVA-01 pinned Asuka to her seat. Her back arched painfully when EVA-02 landed on its back on the aircraft carrier, leaving her panting as she relaxed back into her seat.

Did…did he just throw me up and out of the water one-handed?!

"T-third?" she said breathlessly. "Where are…?"


Now floating on the surface of the ocean, EVA-01 reached up towards the edge of the aircraft carrier in an attempt to pull himself up. Gaghiel redirected course and swam towards him. Shinji/EVA-01 tore the C-Type vest off its chest and sank back into the water.

"HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"Asuka cried, alarmed; more so that Shinji appeared calm and ever stoic. "DON'T KILL YOURSELF, IDIOT!"

Shinji sounded calm, "I'm not."

Gaghiel opened his jaws as if ready to swallow EVA-01 whole. Instead the EVA curved itself underwater until it was facing the Angel coming up from below. Shinji willed the EVA to stretch its hands out to push its hand against Gaghiel's lower jaw as it propelled the two of them out of the water. EVA-01 then pushed itself off the Angel's jaw, back-flipped and landed on the deck.

Asuka looked almost slack-jawed at that performance.

"H-how does he move like that?" she muttered in disbelief.

Both EVA almost slipped off their feet as Gaghiel began to drive itself into the side of the carrier.

Sohryu! Shinji exclaimed. I'm gonna catch the Angel with my AT Field and hold it. That'll give you a clear shot, alright?

"Right," Asuka nodded. She then muttered irritably. "…I'll teach you to show me up you dumb mask-wearing Rastafarian arsch…"

Shinji frowned, I can hear you.

"You're supposed to!"

YOU TWO FINISHED?! Misato holo image appeared as she shouted at them. IT'S COMING BACK!

It dies, Shinji said, the amount of steel resolve in his voice enough to make Asuka feel fluttery in the stomach.

Asuka then shook her head, then gripped the reins tightly, EVA-02 in turn gripping it's Prog-blade even tighter.

Alright…focus Sohryu! No way we're letting that tribal savage hog all the action!

EVA-02 turned towards EVA-01, the purple unit stretch its arms forward as it stood before the edge of the aircraft carrier. She could see Gaghiel's fins appear as it readied itself for another leap up, obviously believing it could snatch EVA-01 off the deck just as it did her. However, EVA-01 suddenly bent it's knee and leapt up into the air, causing the carrier to wobble.

Alarmed, Asuka shouted, "HEY! IDIOT, WHAT ARE YOU…?"

Gaghiel then leapt out of the sea, enough force put behind it to match EVA-01's altitude as it seemingly flew up and over EVA-01/Shinji. The EVA then stretched its hand and projected its hexagonal AT Field just as Gaghiel open its mouth to snap at EVA-01. It then begun to plummet…

"Oh scheiße," Asuka muttered, then cried into the com. "ALL HANDS GRAB ONTO SOME…WAAAHHHHH!"

EVA-01 landed back on the carrier, the force coupled with the combined weight of it and the Angel it was levitating above it with the AT Field almost pushing the aircraft carrier under water. EVA-02 lost its footing and almost skidded off the deck, Asuka came close to panicking as she willed EVA-02 to dig the finger on its left hand into the carrier's deck and stop it off from falling off.


Asuka snarled, "YOU CRAZY DUMB…huh?"

EVA-01 still had Gaghiel in it's grasp. Asuka's eyes widened and her mouth was agape…

Unglaublich! He…he has that much control over the AT Field?

Not fair.

Meanwhile in EVA-01, Shinji thought his head was going to explode at any given moment as he willed his AT Field to hold Gaghiel in the air, the aquatic-based Angel snapping at him. He could see that the Angel's core was in its mouth. He then gritted his teeth in exertion as EVA-01 turned and faced EVA-02, stunning it's pilot with his control over the AT-Field.

SOHRYU! Shinji shouted. The Core's in the mouth! HIT IT NOW!

"Right!" Asuka exclaimed as EVA-02 bared its Prog knife with its right hand, then began screaming joyously. "HERE I COMMMMEEEEEE!"

EVA-02 ran the entire length of the aircraft carrier, Prog knife glistening in the sunlight with purpose. Shinji felt his hold on Gaghiel weaken as the Angel struggled in his hexagonal grip, lowering it so that it would be on the same level as Asuka,

"HOLD IT STEADY!" Asuka demanded, letting out an angry sounding war cry. "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!"

"SCCCCCCRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYY!" Shinji shouted out his own war cry as he felt his grip on the Angel break.

EVA-02 then ran right past Gaghiel, its knife slashing the entire length of the Angel before sinking deep enough to tear it open from mouth to tail, blood and gore spilling all over the deck in sync to it's bellows. EVA-01 then suddenly slipped on the blood…


…Shinji feeling the impact, eyes widening as Gaghiel descended down on him. EVA-01 then extended its clenched fists up, striking Gaghiel's underside and projecting an AT Field that launched the Angel's bleeding form into the air, a trail of blood tailing underneath.

FLEET! OPEN FIRE! He heard Asuka order over the com. NOW!

Every last one of the Pacific Fleet's assorted guns, cannons and missile racks pointed up and unleashed a barrage upon Gaghiel's shattered, airborne form, piercing its broken body and hitting its internal core. It then exploded in a massive ball of blood and sinew, followed by a blinding bright light as the form of a cross marked its demise. Shinji moved his hand to shield himself from the glare as his EVA was still sprawled on it's back on the deck of the carrier.

Panting within her entry plug from the exertion of driving her blade through the Angel's entire length, Asuka remembered that it hadn't just her that had taken down the Angel. She looked out the side of the plug to see EVA-01 lying form, no doubt having just run out of power.


She couldn't keep the smile off her face remembering how he had saved her life; just throwing himself into the sea for her…

He's fantastic!

Her mood then grew sour as she suddenly became jealous that his piloting ability may actually rival hers, and that he had to save her. Her!


3…2…1…interne batterie leer…

Her EVA shut down, falling to it's knees as the entry plug became dark. She growled in annoyance before ejecting the entry plug; which immediately drained itself of LCL and she climbed out. She gazed over at EVA-01 lying prone on it's back, watching as it ejected its own entry plug. She smirked when she saw that it would be ejected upside down from the EVA's neck, the pilot bound to tumble out awkwardly, as she climbed down EVA-01 before leaping off at a reasonable height and landing on top of the deck.

Her smile faded when instead the Third Child emerged out of the plug on his own two feet rather than face first. Asuka then realised she had begun to drink in his form…


Right then she believed her eyes were blessed to see the pilot of Evangelion Unit 01 in the flesh. Try as hard she might Asuka couldn't stop herself from blushing at the sight of him, quietly drinking in his LCL soaked shiny visage…

Let's see what we have here:

Her mouth was slightly agape, as if in wonder of the boy who tore, as if in slow motion, his mask off.

Cute face topped off with even cuter-looking scars, almost as handsome as Kaji-san. Tall, exotic-looking, muscles…

She smiled lightly as he approached her.

…looks sexy in a black plugsuit and pilots EVA like an ace. Looks like a cross between a bishonen and a barbarian! Worthy enough to date NERV's number one pilot!

He smiled back at her, and Asuka felt her heart went aflutter.

No WAY I'm telling him any of that.

"Third Child, right?" Asuka asked heatedly, her hands on her hips

Shinji's smiled faded, taken back by her abrupt forwardness, "They call me that, yes?"

Asuka peered in close towards his pecks, as if she were examining him. Shinji slanted his eyebrows in response.


She smirked, rolling her eyes up at him, "Wow, with that mask and everything you're really trying to compensate for something, aren't you?"

Shinji narrowed his eyes, not liking where this was going at all, "Excuse me?"

"What's up with the hair rings, huh?" she continued, slowly mocking him. "They look gay on you if you ask me."

"I didn't," Shinji drawled, now frowning at her.

Inwardly, Asuka smiled…

Thank God, he doesn't conform to that Japanese politeness crap! Or doesn't take any crap at all!

…outwardly, however, she frowned back, unable to stop herself from appearing that she didn't like the way he talked back to her. She decided she had been friendly enough.

"What's the big idea cutting in and trying to steal the show, eh ruck?" Asuka raised her head up and poking him in the chest, now changing the subject.

Shinji felt the impulse to slap her hand away. However he glimpsed over at Misato, who tiredly sighed and shook her head. Shinji just took a step back away from her and her pointer finger

"What show?" Shinji asked, crossing his arms. "You were outmatched so I dropped in and evened the odds."

Asuka's eyes widened with Shinji telling her as it was, a serious blow to her ego.

"Outmatched?" Asuka cried. "You thought I was outmatched? Scheiße…!"

Her face slowly became red.

"…I was just getting started. I didn't need your help at all!"

She then paused waiting to see if Shinji would recoil from the harshness of her voice. To both her shock and awe he just stood there, stoic and unimpressed with her. This only riled her on, upset that Shinji wasn't behaving the way she expected a typical boy was supposed to in her presence.

"You think you're better than me?"

Shinji felt the corner of his left eye twitch as bad memories came to mind – mostly involving a certain shattered grave marker. He then crossed his arms. "I don't know. How many Angels have you killed until today?"

…Asuka's mouth was agape and her eyes were widened in shock.

He…he actually asked that!


Shinji was surprised when he realized he was losing patience fast.

Besides a month and a half ago I can't remember feeling this jilted.

Seeing the German girl just stand there shocked, Shinji raised an eyebrow, "Well? How many?"

Asuka recollected herself, gritted her teeth and got up in Shinji's face.


Misato wrestled with herself if she should intervene, but seeing Shinji just hold his ground and stand up to her, she felt it was unnecessary.

"Er…should we…do somethin', Misato-san?" Toji asked awkwardly. "Kensuke?"

The jock turned to the otaku, and sighed exasperatingly when he saw him filming the two of them with his camera.

"I think he's in control," Misato said, sounding confident. She then thought, 'She needs this.'

However that changed when he next asked…

"Why weren't you here earlier, then?"

And Misato cringed, muttering, "Oh crap."

Good question. It was just me and Rei killing the Paya Amedha and keeping them from levelling this city, and my clan. NERV had another killer robot collecting dust on the other side of the planet with this…person…driving it.…

Note to self: Ask Ikari where the logic in that was before killing him.

Asuka was once again stunned into silence by Shinji's logic, visibly struggling to make her mouth work as she seemingly appeared to have trouble breathing, from simmering rage no doubt. Misato was about to step forward and take charge when Rei beat her to it, walking serenely towards them. Asuka opened her mouth and was about to resume yelling at Shinji when she noticed the blue-haired, red-eyed girl walking towards them.

"And who the hell are you, bitte?!" she demanded, drawing a frown from Shinji; taking notice of his sudden expression towards her addressing the 1st Chid.

"1st Child Ayanami Rei," she replied calmly. "The reason why you have now been summoned to Tokyo-03 is classified. With regards to the battle with the 6th Angel, however, you would have been killed if he hadn't intervened, Second Child. And Shinji-san would take all the credit for destroying the Angel."

Asuka was taken back by the girl's emotionless blast of logic; with heel realization that she would never admit that was the truth. This only made her glare harder at the Boy Predator, that his skill with the EVA was possibly the reason for her survival.

"Whatever!" Asuka exclaimed, then got up in Shinji's face and growled. "But listen carefully Shinji-ba…"

She then paused, stopping herself from saying the word when she a noticed a twitch beginning to form in the corner of Shinji's left eye. She then reconsidered her insult, into something more fitting

"Meathead! Next time stay out of my way!"

Shinji frowned as Asuka brushed past them and stormed off towards Misato, fuming. Toji and Kensuke stepped out of the way of Asuka as they went up to him and Rei, watching her approach Misato…

"Yo Shinji, Ayanami?"

…Rei turned to face them, and realized Shinji didn't appear to notice them, instead just watching Asuka walk away. Kensuke glimpsed over at the red-head, blushing lightly at the sight of her backside. Toji however sneered at her at receding form.

"I caught most of that, Shin-man," Toji stated, frowning. "She's a real Bee Eye Tee See Ach, eh?"

Kensuke backed away from Shinji when he noticed...

"Ah…he's got that look in his eyes again!"

Shinji just narrowed his eyes.

And just after we slew the Angel, and that after I saved her life.

What a proug'nik!


Misato couldn't stop herself from staring down at Asuka with disapproval as the redhead approached her, which wiped the smile off her face, the girl's relief in seeing Misato again faded

"Nice to see you too, Misato," Asuka deadpanned, eyes narrowed as she felt jaded. "I thought you'd be glad I took that Angel out…"

"You mean you and Shinji both took that Angel out," Misato pointed out, flippantly.

Asuka looked surprised, which served to annoy Misato even more. She sighed.

"Look, could you try and get along with him?" Misato asked, which sounded more like pleading, which Asuka didn't miss. "You did read his profile, right?"

Asuka scoffed and looked over her shoulder at Shinji, chuckling, "Yeah, right up to the bullshit part with him being raised by aliens…"

Her smiled faded once again when she saw that Shinji was surrounded by Toji, Kensuke and Rei; the otaku and the jock heaping praise and adoration on a modest Third Child, who just smiled and nodded as they went, the First Child just standing there silent but nonetheless a member of his little circle of admirers. Asuka's eyes wavered when she remembered they'd yet to shower her with any attention following the battle and resumed glaring jealously at Shinji. She then felt Misato's hand on her shoulder, briefly turning her glare on Misato before settling for just looking irritated.

"What gutter did you pull this freak out from, anyway?" Asuka grumbled.

Misato just smiled reassuringly at her, "Look, Shinji's…different, I'll give him that, but he's the kind of guy you want watching your back and he's no better at piloting than you are. So just give him a chance, okay?"

She noticed Asuka's expression soften somewhat.

Alright, moment of truth…

"Get cleaned up and we'll all meet up at the commissary and I'll give the two of you a proper introduction. What do you say?" Misato continued, still smiling as she gripped her shoulder gently. "For me, Asuka?"

Asuka sighed, then appeared to pout. "Fine."


Misato and Asuka walked off away from the VTOL, unbeknownst of the stowaway that had clung to the underside for the entire duration of the trip from mainland Japan to the UN Fleet...


…Gaun let go of the VTOL and rolled out from beneath it, cloaking device activated, making sure to keep behind it for fear of early discovery. She had witnessed the exchange between Curved Blade and the redheaded ooman female pilot, then between the red head and Curved Blade's future mate, and immediately recalled the worst from a month and a half ago just before the clan's extended hunting trip begun.

All the while the red-head's obnoxious tone of voice echoed throughout the audio sensors of Gaun's biomask as she couldn't stop herself from thinking back to…


A month and half earlier…

Ty'rae wailed as he held his bloody left stump, his hand and half of his wrist-comp lying on the ground before him. Slowly he turned his head, just in time to see Kur's head slide off his neck and fall to the ground, which proceeded to roll towards Syvar's disemboweled, limbless corpse. Kur's body then dropped to its knees before keeling over onto its side.

Curved Blade stood there between Kur's remains and Gaun'Thwei's shattered grave marker, drenched in glowing green blood, dripping off him and his nodachi. The ooman's face was terrifying in that it was expressionless, save for his eyes which wavered uncontrollably in their sockets. His sword's koshirae in his right hand, he sheathed it before hanging it around his back.

Curved Blade stared down at Kur's head, the late Yautja adolescent unmasked face a permanent expression of surprise coupled with terror.

He then asked, his voice silencing Ty'rae's screams, "Do you still think I'm better than you?"

Ty'rae opened his eyes to see Gaun materialize in front of him.

"Help…me…" he croaked before passing out.

Seeing that the Huntship would leave in an hour and preparations would be needed, Gaun had grown worried when Shinji hadn't returned from paying his somewhat misplaced respects for her late father. To check up on him was to bear witness to his quick, hurricane-like slaying of two of the bullies that tormented him for much of his life as an Unblood and his maiming of the third, the cowardly one. Shinji turned his head towards his mother, worry now on his face.

"Do I…still get to take part in the chiva, Mother?" Curved Blade sounded disturbingly dissonant from the carnage he had just wrought. "This won't affect me, right?"

Gaun could only grunt.

I have no words for this…except maybe those fools brought this upon themselves.

As would anyone who would be stupid enough to provoke Curved Blade.


Na'tauk – Salute
Thar'n-da s' yin'tekai – Strength and Honour